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Five million Australian households slash their summer bills

        • 44% of Aussies will cut down their aircon usage
        • Some households could save over $200 a year by switching
        • How to cut down your electricity bill spend this summer

10 November 2020, Sydney, Australia – Electricity customers are bracing themselves for the summer surge, according to Finder, Australia's most visited comparison site.

The new survey of 1,011 respondents found that the majority of Australians (55%) are taking action to bring down how much they spend on electricity.

That equates to five million households looking to slash power bills this summer.

Graham Cooke, energy expert at Finder, said Australians should look for ways to save on their household bills in the lead up to silly season.

"We're entering the most expensive time of year, so now is the time to look for ways to tighten the purse strings.

"When it comes to your energy bills, there's always money to be saved. Whether you cut back on bad habits or switch to a better deal, a few easy changes can help keep money in your pocket."

The most common way Australians will be reducing their electricity spend is by scaling back their aircon usage (44%).

Air conditioners cost Australians a whopping $305 to power over summer.

"You don't need to stop using your aircon altogether, but you should cut back your usage if you're concerned about your summer bill.

"Don't run your aircon overnight and make sure to close the house up to keep the cool air in and the hot air out.

"The optimal temperature to save you money and still stay comfortable is 24-25 degrees Celsius. Changing the setting should be your first option."

A small number of Aussies (3%) will be reducing the amount of time they run their pool pump.

Finder analysis shows that running a pool pump adds an extra $300 on top of your summer energy bill – that's $386 million spent on pool costs across Australia over summer.

"Putting your pool pump on a timer can help you reduce your electricity bill. There are certain pool-health standards you need to adhere to though, so make sure you're running it for at least the minimum requirement."

Almost 1 in 10 customers (9%) plan to switch electricity providers to bring bills down.

A Finder analysis of weighted energy bills across four states (NSW, SA, VIC, QLD) found that a household could save $296 a year on their electricity plan by switching to a cheaper plan.

"If you haven't switched electricity providers in the last few years, you may be paying too much.

"Use your current electricity bill to compare providers based on your usage."

Time-poor Aussies should download the Finder app, Cooke says.

"Electricity plans are notoriously hard to compare. Finder's app can alleviate the confusion and help you save both money and time."

How do you plan on saving on your electricity bill this summer?
Cut down on how much aircon I use44%
Switch electricity providers9%
Return to working from the office8%
Not run my pool pump as often3%
I don't plan to cut down my electricity usage45%

Source: Finder survey of 1,011 Australians, October 2020

How to cut down on your electricity bill this summer

  • Use a fan. You would be surprised by how effective fans can be at keeping you cool. Instead of running your aircon overnight, switch to this cheaper option.
  • Invest in insulation. If you have the time and money, investing in proper insulation will do wonders in regulating the temperature of your home. If you're after a more cost-effective option, purchase blackout curtains and use them in rooms that tend to cop a lot of afternoon sun.
  • Switch providers. Comparing energy plans can be tedious, but if you don't shop around for a better deal, you could end up falling victim to the "lazy tax". The Finder app takes the confusion out of switching your electricity provider. Download the app and connect your accounts to find a plan that'll help you save.


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