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Aussies prepared to spend $268M for better broadband

  • Some Aussies would pay an extra $19 per month for a better connection
  • 26% wouldn’t pay more and think NBN Co should improve the service
  • How to check you’re getting what you pay for

5 April 2018, Sydney, Australia – Many Aussies are prepared to fork out for a better broadband connection, according to, the site that compares virtually everything.

The survey of 2,085 people finds that almost one in seven (14%) of respondents are willing to pay more for a steadier service - free of buffering and dropouts.

These Aussies are prepared to pay an extra $19 per month on top of an average monthly bill of $65. Over 12 months this would represent an extra $228 - a total annual spend of $1,008 on broadband connectivity.

Extrapolated across the number of Australian households with Internet access, that equates to an extra $267.5 million per year which providers could earn - but only if they actually delivered.

Angus Kidman, Tech Expert at, says broadband all too easily falls into the ‘set and forget’ basket.

“As long as our broadband connection works well enough most of the time, we don’t think about changing providers or making sure we’re getting what we pay for.”

“It’s no surprise that some people are willing to pay more for a better service, especially if it comes with a guarantee and minimises Netflix buffering or patchy connections. But in order to achieve better Internet, consumers need more reliable information on how well each provider actually performs.”

“The ACCC’s Broadband Measuring Report gives us some insights into how well providers perform, and that could drive more of us to compare and switch in the future. Most people stick with big-name providers but they're often not the source of the best deals."

The majority of Aussies (80%) wouldn’t pay more for better broadband. This is made up of 14% who believe the onus is on telcos to improve their service, while one in four (26%) say NBN Co is responsible. A further 40% are satisfied with their connection and wouldn’t pay more.

"Getting problems fixed remains a big issue. Consumers shouldn't have to worry about whether an issue is the fault of NBN or their ISP, but they're often caught up in that discussion."

Western Australians would pay the most for guaranteed reliability, followed by New South Wales and Victoria.

How to check you’re getting what you pay for

  1. Check your speed
    There are many factors that can influence the Internet speed you receive. These range from the type of Internet connection to the plan you’re on and the number of people trying to connect at the one time.

Although the ACCC has introduced mandatory speed testing for all Internet Service Providers, this does not tell you the speeds you are personally receiving. That’s why it’s important to use a broadband speed test to check that you’re receiving what you’re actually paying for. If you find yourself unimpressed with your speed, try a different modem and check all your hardware, if that still doesn’t work, it’s time to call your ISP.

2. Shop around and compare
If your home is NBN-ready it’s a good idea to jump online and compare your options rather than stick with the same provider. You might find a cheaper plan with a better service. There’s often new providers entering the market, and with that comes new plans to consider.

3. Check user reviews
Before you switch providers, check out some user reviews to see what others are saying about them. You might think you’re getting a great deal but if the provider has a deluge of bad reviews that mention poor customer service or not the greatest value for money, you might consider another provider.

4. Ask the people you know
Your neighbours and people within your community will have the best idea of what providers work best in your area. If you’ve been with an ISP for a number of years but are experiencing frequent dropouts, and your neighbours are with another provider but are quite satisfied with their connection perhaps it’s time to make the switch.


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