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MKR judge Manu Feildel plates up the ‘Be a Finder’ campaign

    • Finder launches its new campaign with My Kitchen Rules (MKR) partnership
    • The partnership features MKR judge Manu Feildel as brand ambassador
    • 'Be a Finder' empowers Aussies to find the best deals for them

28 January 2019, Sydney, Australia – Finder, Australia's most visited comparison site, has teamed up with MKR judge Manu Feildel (Manu) to dish up its new brand campaign, showing Aussies how easy it is to take control of their finances.

The 'Be a Finder' campaign celebrates the savvy mindset of Finder's users, and encourages Aussies to do their research and compare when making financial decisions.

Malini Sietaram, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at the comparison site, explains what it means to 'Be a Finder.'

"A Finder is someone who wants to secure the best possible deal, and won't stop until they do. It's someone who's a real go-getter and is constantly looking to improve," she said.

Sietaram said Manu was selected as a hero for the partnership because he embodied all the qualities of a Finder.

"When deciding who we'd recruit as a Finder, we instantly thought of Manu. He's a busy chef who's always searching for the best dish, or looking for 'the sauce'.

"As a judge, Manu is fair but firm. He gives credit when credit is due but he doesn't always give a 10/10 score – he challenges the teams to be their best. And that's exactly what Finder is about; encouraging Aussies to find better.

"Manu is also self-made. When he first moved to the UK, he taught himself to cook without knowing the language, and it's the same with financial products - you don't necessarily need to know the jargon to be able to educate yourself," she said.

Finder's partnership with MKR includes an integrated TVC and a series of branded play-ons, billboards and social content extensions with the MKR judge.

As part of the partnership, Manu explains how different credit cards serve different purposes, just like a good knife set.

"Behind the scenes, Manu was really engaged – not only did he use his own knives but he even clinked pots and pans together to create his own version of the Finder jingle," Sietaram said.

Manu said he was drawn to Finder because it was a brand making a real difference to everyday Aussies.

"When you whip up a hero dish, you need the right recipe and utensils at your fingertips and it's the same when you make a big purchasing decision. Whether it's using one of Finder's calculators or content guides to find the right credit card, Finder gives you all the utensils you need to find the best deal," he said.

Sietaram said it wasn't just MKR's scale and reach that set it apart from other programs.

"MKR is about cooking honest food with everyday produce, and this is something that really struck a chord with us. We knew MKR would be the right platform to deliver the 'Be a Finder' message in a way that would resonate with everyday Aussies," she said.

"With 2.2 million unique visitors every month over 1,800 brands and 100 product categories, we want people to know that Finder is the only destination for comparison," she said.

The 'Be a Finder' concept will be rolled out in a larger brand campaign from mid-February 2019.


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