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Discover Energy electricity plans and review

Discover Energy is no longer selling energy plans. Compare via Finder to switch to a different provider.

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Discover Energy
warningDiscover Energy is no longer selling energy plans. However, it will continue providing VPP services to customers with solar, battery and EV chargers. Please treat information on this page as historical only.


  • Live chat support available
  • Innovative app and software lets you track your energy usage and even trade excess solar with other households
  • Good feed-in tariffs on solar plans


  • Some plans only allow direct debit payment and online support

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Discover Energy review: Our verdict

Discover Energy's plan prices are average to below average, ranging from 0% - 1% less than the reference price, with the best prices in South Australia and New South Wales.

It launched in early 2020 with a focus on green energy, and has several initiatives to support this.

GreenPower is available for a cheaper rate than many other providers, allowing you to pay a little extra for renewable energy to be fed back into the grid.

You can also jump onto a Virtual Power Plant program (a solar energy trading scheme) details below) for higher feed-in tariffs, or get special charging prices for your electric vehicle.

Discover Energy further stands out with a big emphasis on smart tech. Not only does its app give a comprehensive energy report with several management features, but its Smart Insights technology offers household-specific advice to save you money. You can even connect the app to your smart home devices like Alexa, Siri and more to do it all hands-free.

Here's what you might like about Discover Energy:

  • Electric vehicle owners may benefit from cheaper charging prices if they apply for Discover Energy's program.
  • Special app and software makes managing your power use easy.
  • The Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program offers lower energy prices and higher feed-in tariffs for some customers with eligible solar systems and batteries. We explain this scheme in more detail further down.

What's the catch?

  • The best offers require you to agree to purely digital support and account management, plus payment by direct debit only.
  • You might not get the most out of Discover Energy if you don't have solar panels installed as most of its best incentives revolve around solar.

As usual, if you aren't happy with Discover Energy for any reason, you can switch providers at any time as it won't lock you into a contract.

Where is Discover Energy available?

Discover Energy sells electricity in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, plus natural gas in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. It's a 100% Australian-owned company.

Can I bundle gas and electricity with Discover Energy?

Yes, so long as you live in New South Wales, Queensland or South Australia. You won't receive a discount for bundling your services together, but you will get the convenience of having both utilities handled by a single provider.

What is the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program?

Discover Energy has a special energy trading scheme known as a VPP. You're eligible to join so long as you have a battery and solar panel combo that's approved by Discover Energy.

The VPP can give you access to extremely high feed-in tariffs for some of your generated power. Here's how it works:

  1. Your solar panels charge up your solar battery during the day.
  2. The inverter on your solar panel is synced to Discover Energy Specialised software. This software constantly checks your stored energy against grid demand.
  3. When demand is high, your excess solar power is automatically sold back to the grid at a high feed-in tariff.

You can track and control this entire process from your phone using the DE Insights mobile app, which lets you decide when energy can be sold and more.

Here's how much you'll get paid for exporting power under the Premium VPP scheme:

  • NSW, QLD, SA: 45c/kWh for the first 3.3kWh/day, then 25c/kWh for the next 3.3kWh, 9c/kWh beyond that (up to 300kWh per quarter)
  • VIC: 20c/kWh for the first 3.3kWh/day, then 15c/kWh for the next 3.3kWh, 6.7c/kWh beyond that (up to 300kWh per quarter)

solar energy icon

Solar Energy

Does Discover Energy offer solar plans?

Yes. Apart from the VPP plans covered in the previous section, Discover Energy has a set of dedicated solar plans with higher feed-in tariffs than their other options.

If you're looking to install a new solar system, Discover Energy can give you a quote and help you get started with the installation process.

How good is the feed-in tariff?

Discover Energy has amazing feed-in tariffs on its dedicated solar plans in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, especially if you aren't exporting more than around 7kWh per day. The tariffs in Victoria are equal to the state's minimum feed-in rate, a bit lower than other providers.

Victorian residents also don't get access to the Solar Smart plan with higher feed-in tariffs.

Here's a breakdown of Discover Energy's solar feed-in tariffs state by state:

StateSolar SmartOther
New South Wales16c/kWh for the first 3.3kWh/day, then 10c/kWh for the next 3.3kWh, 4c/kWh beyond that6.0c/kWh
Queensland16c/kWh for the first 3.3kWh/day, then 10c/kWh for the next 3.3kWh, 4c/kWh beyond that6.0c/kWh
South Australia16c/kWh for the first 3.3kWh/day, then 10c/kWh for the next 3.3kWh, 4c/kWh beyond that6.0c/kWh
green energy icon

Green Energy

How green is Discover Energy?

Green Electricity Guide Rating: 6.45/10

Discover Energy has government-accredited GreenPower plans which let customers support renewables in Australia for an extra cost on their power.

Discover Energy also has a Virtual Power Plant program where eligible customers with solar batteries can potentially access power for a lot cheaper by buying it from other Discover Energy customers.

If you have an electric vehicle, you may be able to join Discover's vehicle2grid (V2G) plans and charge your vehicle for less.

For GreenPower, you could pay an extra:

  • $6.19 per quarter - 10% GreenPower (0.50c/kWh)
  • $12.38 per quarter - 20% GreenPower (0.99c/kWh)
  • $61.88 per quarter - 100% GreenPower (4.95c/kWh)

Note: 5,000 kWh was used as an average annual power consumption figure based on data from the 2020 Residential energy consumption benchmarks report for the AER. Power consumption varies by state and household size.


Customer service

Discover Energy customer service

Discover Energy scored extremely well compared to other providers, with nearly half the expected hold time for calls plus far fewer calls abandoned.

The 2019-2020 annual market report from the Australian Energy Regulator holds valuable insights into the customer service of various energy providers. This is how Discover Energy performed

Discover EnergyMarket AverageMajor provider average
Average call wait time25 seconds53 seconds99 seconds
Calls abandoned before being answered4%9%6%
Complaints (% of total customers)1%2%2%

How can I get in touch with Discover Energy?

There are a couple of ways to reach Discover Energy, although it isn't contactable on weekends. You can:

  • Call the customer support line 9am - 5:30pm AEST, Monday to Friday.
  • Send a message on live chat on the Discover Energy website during the same hours above.
  • Email Discover Energy if you're not too worried about an immediate response.

Looking to switch to Discover Energy?

If you want to sign up to an energy plan from Discover Energy, head over to its website. There, you'll be able to input your details and select the plan that you want.

  • Once everything has been confirmed, it should take no more than 2 business days for Discover Energy to complete the switch from your old provider.

For more details, take a look at our guide on switching energy plans.

Important notes: The estimated price we show by default is based on a single rate tariff. On your bill this might be known as a "peak tariff", "peak only" or an "anytime tariff". There are other tariff types available to customers and you may need to contact your provider if you are on these tariffs:

  • Single rate with a controlled load
  • Time of use
  • Time of use with a controlled load

The price estimate should not be used as an official quote, but an indication of what your costs may be on the plan. It varies based on whether you provide us with your bill details. You can learn more here.

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