finder Cryptocurrency Predictions – February 2018

Since bitcoin set sail in 2009, cryptocurrencies have been making waves in the finance industry. We’ve asked fintech leaders to give us their 2018 cryptocurrency predictions and we'll release a new survey of insights every month.

For our February report below, nine panelists have thrown their hats into the ring to predict the movements of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap as well as the 3 top-trending coins in the coming year: bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), EOS (EOS), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), NEM (XEM), NEO (NEO), Ripple (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Vertcoin (VRT).

Read on for's expert cryptocurrency predictions for 2018.

Please note: This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrencies or a recommendation to invest. Historic performance is no guarantee of future returns. As an investment class, cryptocurrencies are speculative investments and investing in cryptocurrencies involves significant risks – they are highly volatile, vulnerable to hacking and capital loss and sensitive to secondary activity. Before investing you should obtain advice and decide whether the potential return outweighs the risks.

In February 2018, our panellists have forecast that Cardano will see the greatest increase on average, both over the month of February (+132.60%) and throughout the year to 31 December (+1,669.52%). Last month, our panellists predicted that Stellar Lumens would have the second-greatest increase in price, but this is no longer the case.

By the end of the year, bitcoin is now expected to have the second-greatest increase price (+292.07%). Vertcoin and Dogecoin are both predicted to drop from their current value by -19.94% and -4.89% respectively by 31 December.

Cryptocurrency average price predictions (USD)

CryptocurrencyCurrent price per unit (as of 30 Jan 2018) (USD)Price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)Price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)% change to 1 Mar 2018% change to 31 Dec 2018
Bitcoin Cash$1,625.43$2,167$3,08333.30%89.69%
Stellar Lumens$0.56$0.67$0.6617.75%17.31%


Market capitalisation

Comparing the forecast market capitalisations for bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum (the only 3 of the 13 coins with the reported number of coins available), bitcoin is predicted to have the greatest increase in market cap by the end of the year, at 309%. This was followed by Ethereum with a 219% increase.

Market cap was calculated by using the number of coins expected to be in circulation by the end of the year and our panellists’ forecasts of each coin’s value by the end of the year.

Cryptocurrency average market capitalisation predictions (USD)

CryptocurrencyCurrent market cap (as of 30 Jan 2018) (USD)Predicted market cap for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)% change to 31 Dec 2018
Bitcoin$185.1 billion$758.0 billion309%
Bitcoin Cash$27.3 billion$54.1 billion98%
Ethereum$110.6 billion$352.4 billion219%


What about the other coins, you ask? Our panellists gave their opinions on what they believe to be the most up-and-coming coins of 2018. 33% of our panellists backed 0x (ZRX), with the second most popular coin being MakerDAO (MKR). You can check out their comments at the end of this report.

Meet our panellists


Clayton Daniel,
fintech founder

Based in Australia, Clayton Daniel is a former tax accountant and financial adviser turned fintech investor and entrepreneur, author of the No. 1 Amazon Bestseller Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle and founder of


Martin Davidson,
CEO and global director

Blockchain Centre

Martin Davidson has successfully exited a bitcoin business, helped raise US$5.9 million for a blockchain mining company and is CEO and global director of the world's first blockchain knowledge hub and co-working space, Blockchain Centre.


Michael Dunworth,
CEO and co-founder

Wyre Inc.

Australian-born entrepreneur Michael Dunworth is CEO and co-founder of Wyre Inc., an international money transfer service built on the blockchain. Based in San Francisco, Dunworth has worked in the fintech space since 2010.


Skye Dunworth,


Skye Dunworth is the founder of bitcoin investing platform Spendher. Passionate about helping women invest, she developed the app as a simple way to buy, sell and store bitcoin instantly. The fintech founder has previously worked at Bluesky and Deloitte as a management consultant.


Jen Greyson,


Named one of the Top 8 Women in Crypto, Jen Greyson of the Neureal Network and CEO of Powered by Neureal℠ brings decades of executive leadership to the blockchain/crypto space. Her stance on empowering women, lifting global issues and education over regulation has set her team apart in the frenzy that is the current crypto space.


Alisa Gus,


Alisa Gus is CEO of WishKnish, a blockchain gamified social market network aimed at helping communities grow and stay engaged through gamification features, machine-learning-enabled user discovery and the transparency and resilience of blockchain technology. She is one of the founding members of the DC Digital Economy Hub and associate producer of one of the first crowdsourced web serials.


Adam Poulton,

Get Paid In Bitcoin

Adam Poulton is CEO of Get Paid In Bitcoin, which educates people and companies about the opportunities of this technology. He has been involved in several bitcoin projects dating back to 2012 and has recently worked with the Bitcoin Association of Australia and with the Federal Government and its agencies in getting bitcoin treated in a fair and equitable manner.


Fred Schebesta,

Fred Schebesta is co-founder of the global comparison website and Crypto Finder. He's an award-winning entrepreneur, author and mentor and a regular on the startup speaker circuit.


Joseph Raczynski,
technologist/futurist, Reuters

An experienced technology consultant and manager specialising in blockchain technology, Joseph Raczynski helps clients innovate and become forward thinkers in their space. He also specialises in AI, cybersecurity and legal technology.

Top 10 coins by market cap

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin’s price, as of 30 January 2018, was US$11,087.80. The highest prediction for bitcoin’s value on 1 March 2018 came from Adam Poulton at US$22,000. Michael Dunworth, on the other hand, is predicting that bitcoin’s price will drop by March to US$8,800, then pick back up again to US$50,000 by the end of the year.

Almost all the panellists believe that bitcoin will strengthen by the end of the year, with the highest prediction of US$75,000 coming from Skye Dunworth. Clayton Daniel sees bitcoin closing out the year at US$10,000.

The number of bitcoins expected to be circulating by the end of the year is 17,437,037 (based on 1,800 coins mined per day). From here we can work out the estimated market capitalisation for 31 December. Based on our panellists’ forecasts of value per coin by 31 December, the predicted market cap for bitcoin will range from US$174.4 billion at the lowest, to US$1.3 trillion at the highest.

NameBitcoin price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)Bitcoin price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Market cap prediction (calculated) (USD)Comments
Alisa Gus$16,500$55,000$959.0 billion"To be frank, I think it is quite fairly priced right now for what it's worth. However, due to increased adoption and bullish futures, I can see it growing – although not as quickly as some optimists predict."
Michael Dunworth$8,800$50,000$871.9 billion"I flipped a coin. But seriously, I think it'll show promise from scaling solutions, and ETF's platforms integrating the buying/selling component will provide broader reach for market adoption."
Joseph Raczynski$14,050$22,250$388.0 billion"Bitcoin has seen its most bullish run over the 2017 end-of-year holidays, but there may be more of that to come. In the beginning of 2018 it will consolidate a bit while people understand its scope and try to determine how many forks may be produced. The more forks we see with bitcoin, the more of a threat there will be for the original to succeed."
Fred Schebesta$15,000$50,000$871.9 billion"Bitcoin is experiencing a lot of influence from the hedge fund and other money adjusting its prices as they get used to the market."
Adam Poulton$22,000$65,000$1,133.4 billion"A year is a long time for a currency following a parabolic move in adoption and price."
Martin Davidson$15,000$30,000$523.1 billion"Bitcoin has been steadily increasing in value over the past 18 months and the price is consolidating as the market takes into consideration the CBOE and CME Future markets effects. I expect bitcoin ETFs will be the next regulated tradable financial product available this year, which will be good news for investors wanting exposure to bitcoin. Lightning Network and layer 2 scaling solutions will add to bitcoin's viability as a means of exchange, in addition to being a great store of value."
Jen Greyson$15,000$34,000$592.9 billion"As adoption in the space continues, we'll see a rise in bitcoin, along with other altcoins. The usability of this new asset class continues to be a hurdle. As we find more opportunities to use crypto to pay for burgers and rent, we'll see a continual uptick in the values across the board. We're really still at the beginning stages."
Skye Dunworth$14,500$75,000$1,307.8 billion"It might be a slow start to the year. I think a lot of people cashed out after huge earnings in 2017, and that money will slowly be reinvested plus new inflow of late adopters and institutional money should push the prices up as the year progresses."
Clayton Daniel$13,500$10,000$174.4 billion"Bitcoin has the major advantage of being a first mover and I don't think it will fade away, but there are continuing problems with the ETF. As such, I'm sticking with last month's prediction."


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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

As of 30 January 2018, Bitcoin Cash’s price was at US$1,625.43. By 1 March 2018, Bitcoin Cash’s price per unit (BCH) is expected to range from US$1,300 to US$3,500, according to our panellists.

At the end of 2018, Alisa Gus predicts that the price of Bitcoin Cash will increase by 269.13% to US$6,000. In contrast, Martin Davidson predicts the biggest dive of -69.24% to US$500.

The number of Bitcoin Cash coins expected to be circulating by the end of the year is 17,541,975. This allows us to work out the market capitalisation for 31 December. The highest market capitalisation prediction for Bitcoin Cash for the end of the year is US$105.3 billion, based on Gus’s price prediction. This is compared to the lowest prediction of US$8.8 billion by Davidson. The average prediction of all the panellists comes in at US$54.1 billion.

NameBitcoin Cash price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)Bitcoin Cash price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Market cap prediction (calculated) (USD)Comments
Alisa Gus$3,500$6,000$105.3 billion"Some are saying that this is the 'real' bitcoin, which I disagree with. But there are definite pluses to it, and the healthy model of incentivisation in mining was instituted by Roger Ver, so I'm pretty sure the value will only go up."
Michael Dunworth$1,300$800$14.0 billion"Hard to tell, but I'd guess the stronger scaling becomes outside of Bitcoin Cash, the harder time the market will give it."
Joseph Raczynski$1,700$2,200$38.6 billion"Bitcoin Cash is a wait-and-see currency. It has some real potential. However, with the chance for more forks ahead from its biggest brother, it could weigh on its performance."
Fred Schebesta---"I think its very unclear where Bitcoin Cash will go and what its long-term potential is."
Martin Davidson$1,500$500$8.8 billion"I view Bitcoin Cash as an altcoin without any additional value over the original bitcoin. Simply increasing the block size to 8MB will still not accommodate a global transactional network and will only lead to more centralisation of the network. I much prefer the route Bitcoin Core development is taking by keeping the block size at 1MB, implementing Segwit which fixes transaction malleability and allows for layer 2 scaling solutions."
Skye Dunworth$3,000$5,000$87.7 billion-
Clayton Daniel$2,000$4,000$70.2 billion"In the last month, Bitcoin Cash has been dumped along with everything else. But importantly, it has not been adopted as the crypto 'second coming' it was meant to be. I still think crypto has some legs this year and the jury is out on whether this faster cousin of bitcoin will be preferable over the lightning network."


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Cardano (ADA)

Cardano’s price, as of 30 January 2018, sat at US$0.60 per ADA. It's is expected to see a 1,669.52% increase in price over the coming year, according to the six panellists who shared their predictions. Skye Dunworth predicts the highest value of our panellists, at US$50.00 by the end of the year. Martin Davidson has the lowest prediction at US$1.00.

Fred Schebesta acknowledges that “the developers of Cardano are committing code and this project is actually moving forward”, predicting it to reach US$5.00 by the end of 2018. Alisa Gus also predicts US$5.00, telling us that by December she expects Cardano to “prove its worth and the value to keep rising on the strength of the actual tech, rather than buoyancy of bitcoin.”

NameCardano price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)Cardano price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Comments
Alisa Gus$1.00$5.00"Most cryptocurrencies will rebound to their previous or near-previous heights, along with bitcoin, by March. But towards December, I expect Cardano to prove its worth and the value to keep rising on the strength of the actual tech rather than the buoyancy of bitcoin."
Joseph Raczynski$0.75$1.25"Smart contracts will be king in the early days of blockchain development. Using a chess metaphor, clearly Ethereum is the Grandmaster for the time being, but there are several "Candidate Masters" which fall just below the highest Grandmaster level, all competing for this space. Several of the smart contract platforms will succeed in the beginning and I believe this should be one of them."
Fred Schebesta$1.00$5.00"The developers of Cardano are committing code and this project is actually moving forward. I am keen to see where this goes."
Martin Davidson$0.63$1.00"There are always new altcoins hitting the market with claims to solve the hardest computer science problems that distributed systems face. The jury is still out on the viability of the proof of stake consensus mechanism for a decentralised global network. The team looks solid but time will tell with Cardano. Ethereum has been wanting to move to POS for some time now. Let's see how Ethereum's Casper FFG (Friendly Finality Gadget) hybrid POW/POS system gets on."
Skye Dunworth$4.00$50.00"The scalability and interoperability of Cardano has huge potential. If they can get moving on wider spread implementation, we will see some substantial if not exponential upward movement this year."
Clayton Daniel$1.00$1.50"They have some of the best research basis of any crypto and appear to take itself quite seriously. With that said, two years preparation is only worth their execution set for June. It's speculative till then."


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Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum’s price was at US$1,154.61 as of 30 January 2018. The panellists predict the price to reach between US$950 and US$1,600 by 1 March 2018. By the end of the year, Ethereum’s price is predicted to increase by 192%. The lowest prediction is US$500 from Clayton Daniel and the highest prediction is $10,000 from Skye Dunworth.

The number of Ethereum coins expected to be circulating by the end of the year is 104,528,055. Therefore, the market capitalisation by the end of the year is predicted to range from US$52.3 billion to US$1.05 trillion.
NameEthereum price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)Ethereum price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Market cap prediction (calculated) (USD)Comments
Michael Dunworth$1,300$1,500$156.8 billion"I think Ethereum will grow into its present value over this year. It can take a hit if the execution of a lot of the ERC-20 tokens aren't living up to expectations, as it may shake the tree with new investors who decide that crypto is too shaky and not their cup of tea!"
Joseph Raczynski$1,200$2,100$219.5 billion"Ethereum has ballooned recently, which was long overdue. It is still one of the most powerful of all the tokens. It has an incredible framework and support network from developers. Vitalik Buterin is outlining the next several years of coding, which will increase the nimbleness of the platform, the speed of transactions, and increase privacy. Loads of potential with this one; only time will tell if the market approves."
Fred Schebesta$1,100$1,500$156.8 billion"Ethereum is continuing to commit code and move forward. More and more coins are launching on its network. Although I am worried that Stellar, EOS and NEO will become serious challengers for tokens."
Martin Davidson$1,400$2,000$209.1 billion"Ethereum continues to garner much attention and use as an ICO token for new projects. Although it has scalability issues (as all blockchains have) and has suffered from numerous attacks, it is still the second-most used and trusted crypto platform with a decent global network of developers working on the protocol. The new release of Casper POW/POS should keep people interested to support its development for the coming year."
Jen Greyson$1,600$6,000$627.2 billion"Vitalik's recent statements about Ethereum 2.0 are encouraging and will continue to drive the value of the platform and usability of the token. With the flood of new ICOs using ERC20 tokens and Ethereum becoming a standard for ICO/TGE raises, Ethereum's value is solidifying. Scalability and gas limits are still factors."
Skye Dunworth$1,300$10,000$1,045.3 billion-
Clayton Daniel$950$500$52.3 billion"Unlike bitcoin, which has a strong legacy, the Ethereum community is far less loyal. With new technologies circling, I can't see Ethereum maintaining its position as number two for much longer."


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The price of EOS, as of 30 January 2018, was US$13.54 per unit. EOS is expected to see a 103.10% increase in price over the coming year, according to the four panellists who made forecasts. Joseph Raczynski predicts the highest value at US$55 by the end of the year. Martin Davidson has the lowest prediction of US$10.

Fred Schebesta thinks that “the founders and backers are very experienced and we are going to see some other projects launch on it”.

NameEOS price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)EOS price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Comments
Joseph Raczynski$19$55"One of my favourite platforms to watch these days. Their developers seem to be pushing forward with their goals. Recently, they opened their EOS.IO Testnet. It allows for scalable decentralised applications to be built and tested in a public environment. I am very positive about EOS."
Fred Schebesta$16$25"EOS is committing code and driving their project forward. I think the founders and backers are very experienced and we are going to see some other projects launch on it."
Martin Davidson$15$10"EOS, for now, is an Ethereum token. Another project from Dan Larimer who created Bitshares and Steemit. His projects always bring a big community of supporters with them regardless of how much utility or added efficiency they bring to the market."
Clayton Daniel$15$20"EOS has had a lot of momentum since its ICO, but has yet to actually produce. They have a lot of ambition, and suggest some exciting tech opportunities – but let's see it."


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Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin’s LTC value was US$177.91 per unit as of 30 January 2018. There were four panellists who gave predictions for this coin and they believe the price will be worth between US$170 and US$280 by 1 March 2018.

The coin is expected to see a 5.39% increase in price over the coming year. Joseph Raczynski predicts that it will be worth the most by 31 December, at US$350, while both Martin Davidson and Clayton Daniel predict a drop to US$100. “I see Litecoin as redundant these days,” says Daniel. “The founder has sold out, and with bitcoin moving to the lightning network, it seals Litecoin’s fate even further.”

NameLitecoin price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)Litecoin price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Comments
Joseph Raczynski$280$350"Litecoin's transaction speed is its key in the short-term. As some of the other platforms attempt to ramp up, Litecoin may have the edge with this angle. I still see this as the silver compared to bitcoin's gold, and there is no shame in that for the mimic coin."
Fred Schebesta$200$200"I think later in the year, atomic swaps will help Litecoin but many other coins are starting to eat away at Litecoin's awareness and use cases."
Martin Davidson$170$100"If bitcoin layer 2 scaling solutions such as Lightning Network prove to be successful, I believe Litecoin along with many other altcoins will lose much of their value proposition."
Clayton Daniel$190$100"Haven't changed my opinion from last month. I see Litecoin as redundant these days. The founder has sold out and with bitcoin moving to the Lightning Network, it seals Litecoin's fate even further."


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NEM’s value was US$0.89 per unit, as of 30 January 2018. The two panellists who gave predictions for this coin expect the price to be worth between US$0.90 and US$1 by the end of the month.

NEM is expected to see a 69.68% increase in price over the coming year. Joseph Raczynski predicts the highest value by 31 December, at US$1.51, followed closely by Martin Davidson at US$1.50.

NameNEM price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)NEM price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Comments
Joseph Raczynski$0.90$1.51"The focus here is on them creating a permissioned private blockchain, where various groups can leverage fast transaction rates for internal ledgers. Most companies that I have spoken with are going to be looking at this space to build out their own blockchains. They are preparing a platform for success and currently are one of the market leaders, which should continue to propel this token."
Martin Davidson$1.00$1.50"NEM has been working on growing the blockchain ecosystem, with its community funding program being awarded to businesses who want to integrate NEM. They are also opening a flagship NEM Blockchain Centre in Kuala Lumpur this year, which will increase adoption and awareness of their tech."


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As of 30 January 2018, NEO’s price was at US$168.84. By 1 March 2018, each of the five panellists for this coin predicts a drop, with NEO’s price per unit expected to range from US$20 to US$150.

Skye Dunworth is the most optimistic about NEO, predicting an increase in value to US$500 by the end of 2018. Fred Schebesta predicts the biggest dive, sitting at US$100.

NameNEO price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)NEO price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Comments
Joseph Raczynski$150.00$320.00"Another token with loads of potential. They use the Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus and should be able to support thousands of transactions per second. Being based in China makes this token a bit tough to predict the outcome of, because, while the Chinese people may support this in droves, regulation by the state ebbs and flows. So you never know what may happen. I get the sense that this one could really take off over the next year."
Fred Schebetsa$20.00$100.00"I think NEO has some incredible projects coming out and ICOs are considering it as a valid option to launch on because its transaction speeds are so fast."
Martin Davidson$150.00$250.00"NEO is big in China and has the potential to be a strong competitor or alternative to Ethereum. NEO will be very active this year touring the globe. They are promoting compliance of their network to ease government concerns over anonymity, which will appeal to non-crypto anarchists."
Skye Dunworth$130.00$500.00-
Clayton Daniel$150.00$300.00"Put simply, NEO is the Ethereum of China. We know when China backs a company, they do better than most Western companies. NEO has the best chance of becoming the crypto of choice for China, and it's worth keeping an eye out."


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Ripple (XRP)

The price of Ripple was US$1.28 per XRP, as of 30 January 2018. By 1 March 2018, the lowest prediction for this coin out of the four panellists that commented is US$0.50 by Fred Schebesta. This is compared to the highest prediction by Clayton Daniel of US$1.80.

By the end of the year, the coin's value is expected to increase by 9.37%, with an average forecast of US$1.40. However, Schebesta expects it to decrease to US$0.10 by 31 December. The highest prediction comes from Daniel, who sees it increasing to US$3.00 by the end of the year. Daniel says, “The company itself is very well run, and has many partners, with great use cases.”

NameRipple price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)Ripple price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Comments
Joseph Raczynski$1.40$2.00"Ripple has two faces. The media darling side shows them receiving more press than most of the tokens because they have aligned themselves with known mega-companies who are testing with their platform. Some countries are doing the same as a new Swift system to exchange money. Turning the other cheek, some say that those companies that are testing may just come up with their own system to supplant Ripple. That all said, I think Ripple has a real shot. If Coinbase were to pick this one up like a few of the others I have written about here, $4-$5 could be feasible, even given their huge tokens outstanding. Coinbase has denied they are going to take it on, for the moment."
Fred Schebesta$0.50$0.10"I am not sure if the hype is turning into reality for Ripple. I think they have a great company and a great team, although I am yet to see a solid implementation of the technology."
Martin Davidson$1.00$0.50"Ripple isn't a true cryptocurrency. It isn't decentralised, it doesn't have a wallet and it can't be used peer-to-peer. Ripple is a private company and is not interesting to me."
Clayton Daniel$1.80$3.00"Ripple is an interesting one. The company itself is very well run, and has many partners, with great use cases. The company Ripple will do well in the future, and XRP will be used in the long-term, but whether this equals more value for the coin is up for debate."


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Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Stellar Lumens’ price was US$0.56 per XLM, as of 30 January 2018. All four panellists who gave forecasts for Stellar predicted that the coin's value will increase this month, with the lowest prediction by Martin Davidson at US$0.59. The mid-range predictions come from Fred Schebesta at US$0.60 and Joseph Raczynski at US$0.72. Clayton Daniel predicts it will reach US$0.75 by 1 March 2018.

Over the course of the year, Stellar is predicted to see a 17.31% increase in value. Raczynski is the most optimistic, predicting it to be worth US$1.10 and telling us that, “People seem to be really opening their eyes to Stellar. You are starting to see some ICOs being moved from Ethereum over to Stellar.”

NameStellar Lumens price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)Stellar Lumens price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Comments
Joseph Raczynski$0.72$1.10"People seem to be really opening their eyes to Stellar. You are starting to see some ICOs being moved from Ethereum over to Stellar. Is this just a momentary move or will it be a trend? I am not sure. I am fairly bullish on XLM, but still in a wait and see mode."
Fred Schebesta$0.60$0.60"I find the inflation rate concerning and unclear with Stellar."
Martin Davidson$0.59$0.20"Stellar is the consumer-friendly version of Ripple which, as we know, is targeted at being an intermediary for the banks. Like many altcoins vying to be the currency of choice for medium of exchange, I believe if Lightning Network using bitcoin is rolled out successfully, Stellar will lose its value proposition."
Clayton Daniel$0.75$0.75"No difference from last month. It's a new(ish) coin with some marginal differences from XRP. I have no opinion either way."


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Trending coins

Dogecoin (DOGE)

As of 30 January 2018, Dogecoin’s price was at US$0.007. By 1 March, our four panellists who gave forecasts for this coin expect that Dogecoin’s price per unit will range from US$0.006 to US$0.01.

Our panellists are split in their predictions for the end of 2018. Clayton Daniel and Fred Schebesta both predict an increase to US$0.01 and US$0.008, respectively. Joseph Raczynski and Martin Davidson both predict a dive of 43% to US$0.004.

Each panellist agrees that there is a joke surrounding the coin. As noted by Raczynski, “Even according to its creator, this is a bit of a joke coin. It actually makes me a little unnerved that it has been pushed up as high as it has recently.”

NameDogecoin price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)Dogecoin price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Comments
Joseph Raczynski$0.006$0.004"Even according to its creator, this is a bit of a joke coin. It actually makes me a little unnerved that it has been pushed up as high as it has recently. It is one of the early digital currencies, but I believe in time it will likely go away."
Fred Schebesta$0.008$0.008"This project was started as a joke, although it seems to be a weather meter of the overall interest in crypto. I see it almost as the currency of jokes."
Martin Davidson$0.007$0.004"Although a fun meme, Dogecoin is not a coin I am interested in."
Clayton Daniel$0.010$0.010"Started as a joke and has a big Reddit community. I'm sure there is some new spin on it these days, but to me, I can't take this coin seriously."


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Monero (XMR)

As of 30 January 2018, Monero’s XMR price was at US$310.68. By 1 March, its price per unit is expected to range from US$300 to US$420, according to the four panellists who gave predictions.

At the end of 2018, Joseph Raczynski predicts that the price of Monero will increase by 109.22% to US$650. In contrast, Martin Davidson predicts a dive of 51.72%, to US$150.

NameMonero price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)Monero price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Comments
Joseph Raczynski$420$650"This is the newer darling of the dark web and those who are high on privacy. Besides Zcash, this one seems to have the most legs in this space. When you often hear stories about hackers pilfering the processing power of random users’ machines to mine for Monero, you know this will be more popular in the future."
Fred Schebesta$350$500"The Monero privacy feature is super solid and has kind of taken the place of bitcoin for this. The upcoming merger with Litecoin could be super interesting."
Martin Davidson$300$150"Monero has a different code base from bitcoin so is not 'just another altcoin'. It also has features which make it appealing to many in the crypto community. The open source dev community is strong for Monero. If bitcoin layer 2 solutions develop strong privacy and anonymity features, Monero's use case will be diminished."
Clayton Daniel$350$500"Monero is a coin that's benefited from the major trend of privacy and has been the new coin of choice for the dark web. It has been wrapped up in the McAfee cash for comments problem though, so we will see."


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Vertcoin (VTC)

As of 30 January 2018, Vertcoin’s VTC price was at US$4.33. By 1 March, VTC is expected to range from US$4.00 to US$5.00, according to the three panellists who gave forecasts.

Two out of three of these panellists predict a decrease in price for VTC by the end of 2018, while Joseph Raczynski predicts that it will increase slightly to US$4.40. Davidson predicts the biggest price dive at US$2.00, a decrease of 53.81%.

NameVertcoin price prediction for 1 Mar 2018 (USD)Vertcoin price prediction for 31 Dec 2018 (USD)Comments
Joseph Raczynski$4.40$4.40-
Martin Davidson$4.00$2.00"Vertcoin has been around since 2018 and, like most other altcoins, other than experimentation for the potential future integration into bitcoin, it offers little benefit in my opinion."
Clayton Daniel$5.00$4.00"I don't hold much wait for Vertcoin. Their big selling point is that it's easy to mine. The community is full of young kids hoping it will go up in value, which does not really bode well for a good future."


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What's next?

We asked our panellists for the coins they think will be the most up-and-coming this year, and why. Here’s what they had to say.

Michael Dunworth
“0x and MakerDAO. Decentralised Exchanges ("DEXs") are going to become a larger theme this year. With Coincheck unfortunately getting hacked for around US$400 million-plus, the market sentiment will shift towards a way of mitigating that counter-party risk. 0x is a DEX protocol, which will enable this to become a larger liquidity source.

“MakerDAO is the creator of DAI, a stablecoin that is aimed to hover around parity with US$1. It's done in a decentralised manner, which will be the primary version of a 'USD equivalent' for these decentralised exchanges as they start to scale. Logic could be off here, but given the market size and how big some of these exchanges are getting in terms of AUM (Assets Under Management, meaning how many coins they're holding on behalf of users), this trend seems really logical to me.”

Joseph Raczynski
“0x is one of the tokens that I believe will be successful. They are really well positioned for creating a decentralised exchange. Currently, there are about 140 cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, but those actually defeat the purpose of this new distributed network and central points of failure. Even Coinbase can now be a central point of failure if attacked. 0x will leverage a torrent-like platform which will change the game. We shall see.”

Fred Schebesta
“Ethereum: Huge advances are proposed. ZRX: Decentralised exchanges are coming and are going to be a big part of the future. EOS: It's going to launch.”

Martin Davidson
“Projects like SALT and other peer-to-peer, crypto-backed, collateral, lending platform tokens could do well.”

Jen Greyson
“We haven't seen it yet. There are still some stellar products coming to market.”

Skye Dunworth
“MakerDAO is solving the unique problem of the price volatility we see in cryptocurrencies (primarily bitcoin) through a genius interest rate system that stabilises its value against the USD, running on the Ethereum blockchain. A stable coin will succeed, I believe, as a transactional currency, and this has huge potential.”

Clayton Daniel
“NEO: It's the crypto version of the China story. Enigma: It has the potential to fix problems for other cryptos.”

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Methodology and disclaimer


The number of bitcoins expected to be circulating was calculated by:

  • 12.5 bitcoins are reportedly mined every block, with each block taking an average of 10 minutes to be mined.
  • Therefore, approximately 1,800 bitcoins are produced each day.
  • We then worked out the predicted market cap using the panellists’ forecasts of value per coin.
  • This was only calculated for bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, where the number of coins was available.

The 13 coins were chosen by the top 10 coins with the largest market capitalisation (as per CoinMarketCap), plus the 3 coins with the highest social volume (source: as of 22 January 2018.

Please note, our panellists have holdings in the following cryptocurrencies:

PanellistCryptocurrency holdings
Michael DunworthZRX, MKR
Joseph RaczynskiBTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, XLM, EOS, XMR
Fred SchebestaBTC, ETH, ADA, EOS, NEO
Martin DavidsonBTC, ETH
Jen GreysonETH
Clayton DanielNEO

Past predictions

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