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4 ways you can leverage a globally distributed team


With the right tools in place, building a global team for your business doesn't have to be a logistics headache.

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Distributed team management can be tricky. But the good news is that it doesn't have to be – and it can also offer huge benefits to your company.

So today we take a look at why you should consider building a global team, and how you can streamline the process.

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1. Faster company growth while still scaling

One of the biggest challenges facing growing businesses is the ability to expand while scaling effectively. Many small businesses take on opportunities or contracts they can't adequately service.

But with the right HR partner, scaling as you grow can be much more straightforward.

Let's look at Remote as an example. Remote offers a selection of HR-related services to assist businesses in growing a remote workforce, ranging from Employer of Record solutions to managing payroll.

Having access to multifaceted tools can help you step away from the administrative side of running a business and better focus on building the wider business.

You can pursue bigger opportunities for your organisation while knowing that you've got the right backing (and staff!) to service clients appropriately.

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2. Cut costs by consolidating your tech setup

One of the other common errors growing businesses make is taking a piecemeal approach to their internal tech. Buying software on an ad hoc basis creates a system that won't scale well as the company grows. It can even mean having different software for different staff around the world!

The Australian Government has a guide to avoiding some of these tech issues. But many companies are already stuck with a clunky system that doesn't provide a consistent user experience and needs to be at least partially replaced on a regular basis.

This ends up wasting time and money, as well as providing a less-than-ideal experience for your staff and customers.

So opting to consolidate your tech stack can be a great way to have better-integrated services across your company.

Remote offers software solutions for companies with distributed teams, including integrated HRIS solutions that allow you to manage your team centrally, no matter where they are in the world.

Remote's software solutions are designed to serve as a central source of truth, as well as preventing the siloing of information that can occur as companies expand.

Putting integrated software solutions like this in place can help you to save time, money and energy on tech issues. It's also a means of providing a better internal staff experience, which can also aid with employee retention – which also saves you on long-term costs.

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3. Alleviating compliance and legal burdens

When you're starting your own business, you won't necessarily be an expert in all of the logistics surrounding compliance and other legal matters.

This is understandable – the law is a complex beast, after all – but it is important to align yourself with HR partners who can help you navigate the process. Ensuring compliance early on will help you avoid issues and set your company up for success in the long run. It's simple risk management.

This becomes especially important once you start working with distributed teams, as employment legislation overseas can vary quite drastically from your home country.

The good news is that there are partners who can assist with the process. Tools like Remote's Contractor Management Plus allow you to automate compliance across all the countries you operate from.

In turn, you're able to focus on building the best team for your needs, rather than getting bogged down in a legal quagmire.

4. Equip your business with the right resources

Putting the right resources in place for your organisation is an ongoing process. As your company grows, enters new markets and experiments with new products or services, your needs will naturally evolve.

But one key baseline you can put in place is having the right HR partner. Being able to draw on a partner that offers expertise in hiring – both in your home country and around the world – is invaluable as your organisation continues to grow.

Additionally, your HR partner should be able to provide you with up-to-date information about best practices in your industry, and across hiring in general.

One example is Remote, who has extensive experience in hiring distributed staff across a wide range of industries. Additionally, Remote also offers regularly updated assets for employers and employees, such as a blog, research, regular webinars and much more.

Being able to leverage these types of resources can be a helpful way to set your organisation up for success as your organisation matures.

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Sponsored by Remote. Remote enables startups to hire, manage, and pay around the world with ease so they can focus on scaling and strategy. Qualified startups can also receive a 15% discount on Remote service fees for an unlimited number of hires for 12 months. Simply use the code RFS15OFF.

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