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Finder's 2024 Financial Figures

We've rounded up 24 of our favourite leading figures in the financial space to help you get on top of your money in 2024.

Taylor Blackburn | Published: 29 February 2024

More and more Aussies are turning to online personalities to learn about money. A Finder survey of 1,063 respondents revealed 30% of Aussies now turn to social media creators for money guidance.

With so many money personalities popping up online, it can be hard to know who's the real deal. Finder has created a list of some of our favourite financial figures and immortalised them as their own figurine.

For this list, we have considered the following:

  • Editorial judgement
  • Social following
  • Industry involvement and visibility
  • Notable successes

Alec Renehan



Alec Renehan is one half of Equity Mates Media, a leading investing brand for young Australians, with over 23,000 members in its Facebook community sharing investment tips.

Starting with investing as a "forced saving" strategy, Renehan now aims to impart his knowledge to others through Equity Mates. With co-founder Bryce Leske, he offers valuable information for investors of all levels, each bringing a unique perspective from their diverse backgrounds in the field.

Top money tip: "Everyone can be an investor. You can start from literally $1 and by spending a minute or two setting up an automated investment strategy, you can set up your investments and then get on with your life."

Aleks Nikolic



Aleks Nikolic, a Sydney-based corporate lawyer, podcast host and content creator, impresses us not only by keeping her fiddle leaf fig alive for 2 years but also by creating a space where millennials can share and learn from financial mistakes.

With her 23.5K strong Instagram community, brokegirlwealth, Nikolic addresses wealth questions spanning career advice, email etiquette, investing and superannuation, offering quick tips to boost financial confidence for all.

Top money tip: “Unless you like the idea of the government choosing who gets what when you die it is time to get a will.”

Ana Kresina



Ana Kresina is a financial educator with extensive experience in the finance industry, who aims to democratise financial literacy. Through sharing her own journey, Kresina empowers Australians to manage their finances effectively, offering insights on topics like financial planning for parenthood and investing.

Her relatable approach resonates with audiences as she addresses their challenges with practical solutions. Kresina's genuine passion and trustworthy guidance have garnered a dedicated following among Aussies seeking to enhance their financial wellbeing.

Top money tip: “Thirty years of investing can have a massive impact on your finances and your future… It’s just a matter of starting and staying on the path to growing your wealth over the long term!”

Ben Nash



Ben Nash is a financial adviser and founder of Pivot Wealth. His philosophy is that money provides options and freedom to pursue happiness and he uses Pivot Wealth to educate young professionals on making wise financial choices without sacrificing enjoyment.

Nash's balanced approach to money encourages people to find opportunities without forsaking their passions. He believes in taking action to achieve financial goals while still enjoying life's pleasures.

Top money tip: "Always be investing – there’s always a reason not to invest, but nobody ever got rich from not investing. The statistics show that even if you invest at the top of the market you’ll still make money over time, and probability is that you won’t invest at the top of the market. Sitting on the fence creates an opportunity cost you can’t get back."

Brandon van der Kolk


Brandon van der Kolk is an Australian YouTuber and co-host of the Young Investors podcast. He attracts over 800,000 subscribers to his channel, New Money, where he shares wealth-creation strategies. He openly discusses wealth, inspiring viewers with his success in generating a passive income exceeding $16,000 monthly.

Alongside providing tips, van der Kolk keeps his audience informed about the latest in finance, ensuring they stay on the front foot of industry developments.

Top money tip: “I regret early on trusting other people to do the research for me… essentially me trying to shortcut the research process and not actually doing my due diligence.”

Bryce Leske



Bryce Leske is the co-host of Equity Mates with Alec Renehan and demonstrates a lifelong interest in finance, having started saving at just 5 years old. He co-authored Don't Stress, Just Invest with Alec and contributes extensively to the resources available on the Equity Mates website.

Leske fosters a supportive investing community, making it approachable for beginners and offering valuable tips to ease the process of getting started.

Top money tip: "Anyone can invest their way to financial freedom. You just need to start now, be consistent, automate, and wait."

Canna Campbell



Canna Campbell is the founder of SugarMamma.TV. Using her platform, she fosters a community of over 125,000 subscribers on YouTube, guiding them to financial independence while enjoying treats in moderation.

Her wide-ranging tips cover budgeting, insurance, investing and more, presented in an easily understandable manner. Campbell's approach to living glamorously within financial means makes her advice achievable for everyone.

Top money tip: “I pay as many bills as I can monthly, in sync with my pay day. In particularly quarterly bills like water, rates, electricity and gas. By creating consistency plus prioritising my essential bills up front helps me ration our what is left over throughout my pay cycle, staying on control and having clarity at all times.”

Chris Kohler



Chris Kohler is the network finance editor at Nine, where he not only reports on Australian finance but also shares insights on TikTok, having amassed nearly 31K followers. He adeptly translates complex financial matters into digestible video content, blending in-depth reporting with accessible explanations.

Kohler's background in news enriches his analysis, providing crucial context to trending financial topics and making him a trusted source for understanding finance across various platforms.

Top money tip: "Pay cash whenever you can. Tapping your phone is easier but it comes with fees that add up over time and behavioural economists say those that pay with cash tend to budget more effectively."

Denise Duffield-Thomas



Denise Duffield-Thomas empowers online entrepreneurs to thrive without sacrificing time or energy. As a mother of 3 and self-proclaimed lazy introvert, she advocates for a balanced approach to success.

Duffield-Thomas champions a positive mindset for unlocking financial potential, sharing her secrets through books and a money boot camp. She challenges hustle culture, demonstrating that abundance is attainable without burnout, by sharing her refreshing perspective on achieving success.

Top money tip: "Money loves clarity so define what wealth means to you."

Emma Edwards



Emma Edwards is the founder of The Broke Generation, a community that empowers millennials to embrace financial wellness. With a social media following exceeding 50,000, Edwards connects with thousands weekly via her podcast and newsletters.

As a certified financial behaviour specialist, she bridges psychology and personal finance, offering relatable advice. Edwards' authentic blend of expertise and personal narrative humanises her financial tips, resonating with her audience and taking them on a journey of financial growth together.

Top money tip: “A $100 decision isn’t just about $100. Your $100 decisions can allow you to one day make $1,000 decisions.”

Glen James



Glen James is a former financial adviser and co-host of this is money (formerly my millennial money). He has authored the personal finance book Sort Your Money Out & Get Invested and contributes regularly to national publications.

Renowned for his candid and humorous style, James guides individuals through essential financial strategies, laying the groundwork for long-term financial security, and gaining popularity for his straightforward approach to money management.

Top money tip: “[The] 1 per cent rule: if I’m looking to spend 1 per cent of my income for a single purchase, I must sleep on it… An example could be if you have a $60,000 take-home wage, you might decide that any item not planned for over $600 needs to be slept on.”

Hamish Hodder



Hamish Hodder is a popular figure in the Australian personal finance landscape who offers insightful perspectives on investing and wealth creation. He uses his methodical approach to aid investors in analysing stocks, building a knowledgeable community capable of identifying lower-risk investment options with confidence.

Hodder's knack for simplifying the complexities of investing empowers his audience to take charge of their finances and benefit from his dedication to strategic wealth-building.

Top money tip: "What you have to do as an investor if you know one of the stocks you own is failing... You have to figure out is something fundamentally changing about the business that makes it now a bad investment or is it just a short-term problem?"

Jessica Irvine



Jessica Irvine leverages her background as an economic journalist to share invaluable money tips with Australians. With over 35K Instagram followers, Irvine simplifies financial concepts, empowering Aussies to improve their financial literacy and habits.

Her ability to distil complex financial principles into actionable plans really resonates with her audience, making it easier for them to take control of their finances and achieve their goals.

Top money tip: "I think it's so important to have some notion in your mind of the future self you are looking after when you make decisions about money…. So the next time you're looking to 'add to cart'... Ask yourself: Is the pleasure I will get from these today worth more than the pleasure I could deliver to Future Me by saving or investing the money instead?"

Joel Gibson



Joel Gibson, dubbed the "Money-saving Maven" and author of Kills Bills and Easy Money, embarked on a mission to share money-saving hacks after his own financial mishaps. He educates his audience of over 20K on TikTok by providing actionable tips to save money.

Gibson’s expertise spans various topics, including shopping, insurance and credit cards, making him a valuable resource for Australians seeking to improve their financial health.

Top money tip: “Take advantage of the more than $1,000 in energy bill relief from state and federal governments.”

John Pidgeon



John Pidgeon, part of the this is money (formerly my millennial money) duo with Glen James, shares his 20 years of property investing expertise to aid others on their investment journeys. Through Solvere Wealth – his property coaching business – and his buyer's advocacy service, Pidgeon aims to democratise property investment knowledge, helping individuals realise their investment goals without gatekeeping.

His mission of empowering aspiring property investors reflects his commitment to making property-investing dreams accessible to all.

Top money tip: “The fundamentals of property investing don't change.”

Kate Campbell



As a financial educator and member of the Rask team, Kate Campbell co-hosts The Australian Finance Podcast, drawing 80,000 monthly listeners with her mission to demystify finance.

Alongside Owen Raszkiewics, she empowers Australians through informative discussions that encourage her listeners to learn and take action. Campbell's dedication to financial education is exemplified by the way she uses her platform to equip listeners with the knowledge to manage their money effectively.

Top money tip: "Your net worth does not equal your self worth. A wonderful, well-lived life is measured by much more than dollars and cents."

Molly Benjamin



Molly Benjamin is the founder of Ladies Finance Club – a community with women’s financial fulfilment at its heart. With over 6,000 members on Facebook, the Ladies Finance Club hosts regular money events where women can get together and talk all things money.

Benjamin’s book, Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, further amplifies her mission. She demystifies personal finance in accessible and enjoyable ways, addressing the confidence gap for women in investing and leading the way for positive change in the field.

Top money tip: “Treat your goals like bills – whether it’s a home deposit, or a holiday away, contributing money each month towards your goals is a habit that will change your financial future.”

Natasha Etschmann



Natasha Etschmann, also known as tashinvests, boasts over 166K followers on social media, where she has documented her path to financial freedom to valuable insights along the way.

Admirably, she achieved homeownership at a young age, inspiring her audience to prioritise financial education for informed decision-making and to level up their lifestyle.

Top money tip: “Reflect [on your spending]: if you’re not enjoying something, why are you spending money on it? Is your spending in line with your goals? What went well? What could go better? How did you feel seeing how much you spent laid out?”

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon



Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon is a leading Australian money expert. She is the author of How to Get Mortgage Free Like Me and has a regular money column in the Sydney Morning Herald.

As someone who frequently pops up on our TV screens, Pedersen-McKinnon's advice feels relatable and attainable, drawing from her own experiences. Her authenticity and expertise make the homeowner’s dream of mortgage freedom feel within reach.

Top money tip: “The three secrets to health-cover savings: 1. Up your excess, 2. Tailor-make your cover, 3. Buy, then use, extras to combat the cost.”

Owen Raszkiewicz



Owen Raszkiewicz, founder of Rask, established a comprehensive investment research, news, education, podcast and money network to bridge the gap in financial education. With a background as an investment analyst, Raszkiewicz aims to empower Australians with accessible financial knowledge.

Rask's success is evident with 21,000 students enrolled in its online financial courses, emphasising the importance of understanding finances for making informed decisions.

Top money tip: "Good budgeting is not about sacrifice or spreadsheets. It's about knowing yourself and what brings you happiness. Once you understand yourself, there are few 'sacrifices'. It's just rearranging priorities."

Queenie Tan



Queenie Tan, also known as Invest with Queenie, is a personal finance content creator whose mission is to help people go further with their money. Recognisable from her countless media appearances, Tan crafts valuable resources spanning ebooks, online tools and educational videos to empower her audience in building wealth.

Tan's dedication to simplifying key money concepts and providing practical advice makes her a go-to source for Aussies looking to maximise their financial potential.

Top money tip: "Shopping around for the best deal on insurance or mortgage providers could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year, without having to cut back on life’s pleasures."




Sarah, known as The Budget Planner, is a Victorian mum, teacher and budgeting enthusiast who created her own successful budgeting method out of necessity. Her goals, shared by many, include achieving savings, becoming debt-free and living a stress-free financial life.

Her relatable journey and simple yet effective approach to money make her a beloved financial role model, resonating with those seeking financial stability and freedom from limitations and guilt.

Top money tip: "Ins for 2024: Saving a larger emergency fund, saving for a new car, holidays and better time management."

Scott Pape



Scott Pape, a self-described country bloke, is renowned for his bestselling book The Barefoot Investor, which sold over 2 million copies in Australia. He's dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their finances and has collaborated with various organisations and media outlets to spread financial literacy.

Scott's genuine commitment to helping others is evident through his volunteer work as a financial counsellor, providing crucial assistance and advice to those in need.

Top money tip: "...instead of fretting, focus on the things that you can control. There are things you can do right now – tonight – that will put money in your pocket, boost your confidence and set you off on a totally different path."

Vanessa Stoykov



Vanessa Stoykov leans on her 22 years of owning a financial education business to earn her spot as a trusted voice in finance. She guides Aussies in wealth creation and financial planning, challenging conventional money mindsets through her book, The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings.

Vanessa's ability to present finance entertainingly captures her audience's attention, giving complex topics an engaging and accessible spin, making her a much beloved financial figure.

Top money tip: "Stop punishing yourself for your money mistakes."

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