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Fred Schebesta

Fred Schebesta is the CEO and co-founder of Finder. He's an international speaker, serial entrepreneur, award-winning digital marketer, author, media commentator, mentor and active member of the startup, crypto and small business communities.

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Hi Abbey, Thank you for asking your questions about the business and how it was built. Firstly, there are 120 great people at finder that have built it to what it is, I didn't built it myself ;-) . I applaud your tenacity as a young entrepreneur to get out there and give it a go. I hope your HASS course is going well. To answer your questions: " What is 3 of Fred Schebesta’s problems that he faced in the growing of his business and how did he solve them. " My 3 problems I faced in growing the business: Finding great people to work at finder - To solve it I built a great machine that sorts and tests to find the best people. Getting lots of people to see finder - To solve it we worked out some really great ways to get people's attention and invite them to visit the finder website. "Internet Marketing"! Getting lots of clients onto the website - We went out to their offices and we showed them with pictures and words why they should put their businesses on finder. I too have a 7 year old daughter her name is Portia. Maybe you guys might be friends? I admire your courage to ask your questions and encourage you to always keep asking questions to other people all your life. Most of the time, they will help you achieve what you are trying to do. I am inspired to see such a great little entrepreneur starting out and asking for help. If you ever need any more questions answered, please send me more emails I would be delighted to help. At your service, Fred Schebesta

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Could these also be contenders? BenBry Burgers Manly Charlie & Co Burgers Garage Bar & Diner (Bridge st)

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Thanks for your support Mitch!

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Wow, legal recourse and physical addresses that is a great tip. Got any others? Do you have any stories about that Adrian?

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Great to hear that Goran. Tell us more about your idea?

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For sure brother. Anything you need just ask!

Commented on Celebrity Net Worth – Notable facts on the World’s Famous Earners

@MoneyFunk - Very tricky one. Everyone was getting them too easily last weeks so we decided to up the ante.

Commented on PF Comic #4 – From Blog to Book featuring J.D. from Get Rich Slowly

@J.Money - Yes this one is hard... if you look very closely and read the hints you just might find it.

Commented on PF Comic #4 – From Blog to Book featuring J.D. from Get Rich Slowly

Love a bit of under-panting Phil! JD preferred the pants on.

Commented on PF Comic #4 – From Blog to Book featuring J.D. from Get Rich Slowly

@Ninja - I like your ninja egg skills! @Finance Samurai - Thanks dude. Brian and Baker are big into comics. I think JD is too? Anyone else a bit of a buff? @Money Funk - Thanks for the ups dude. They are there,.. promise ;-)

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@Baker - Your welcome bro. Hope this gives people some laughs and teaches some financial tips along the way! @Tom - Like your thinking, your close! @Peter - Great pickup there but a couple more to boot! @J.Money - Thanks dude appreciate your support. Yeah, teleported on over to Brian's place from Sydney and back in my badass pimp mobile. @Brian - Love your insights there Brian, the interpretation ones are sending me totally out there with ideas. You and Baker were talking up the comics so we had to Comicify you first. @FFB - Thanks dude, appreciate your support. @Craig - Big ups to you bro for the support.

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@Craig - Appreciate the feedback dude, next one is got a bit of comedy in it. There are gonna be some serious funnies coming up.

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