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Alex Kidman is a multi-award-winning consumer technology journalist and the Tech & Telco Editor at finder.com.au. He's been writing about consumer technology topics for more than two decades, and enjoys breaking down complex topics into their component parts. He has written for just about every major Australian technology publication, and is a former editor of Gizmodo Australia, PC Mag Australia, and CNET.com.au.

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Hi Belinda, The Fitbit Blaze doesn't have GPS; instead it uses the GPS on a smartphone to track your movement, so it might be an option if you're happy to train with your phone in an armband or similar. The Apple Watch (especially the series 2 watch, which includes embedded GPS) might be your best option there, although the Fenix is a good option as a multi-sport-capable watch. Regards, Alex

Commented on Fitbit Blaze vs Apple Watch 3 vs Samsung Gear S3 vs Garmin Fenix 3 HR

Hi Sheila, Netflix offers streaming of specific programs but no rebroadcast of any local stations, and it's not likely to become part of its offerings any time soon. Regards, Alex.

Commented on What is Netflix anyway?

Hi Jia, Netflix allows for multiple profiles within the one account in order for customers to build up viewing profiles (so if you watch different programs to your friend, you'll get better tailored recommendations each). As long as you're staying within the limit of concurrent streams on your plan, there should be no additional charge. Regards, Alex.

Commented on Netflix Australia | Price, features and content

Hi Gail, That's an odd problem to have! Unfortunately from the sounds of it, there may be something specifically wrong with your TV -- launching a smart TV app shouldn't switch it off -- so you may need to contact the manufacturer directly. It may be worth checking on another device (a laptop or desktop computer) that you can still access Netflix through your standard connection just to ensure that your subscription is still current, but it's genuinely unusual that it should act that way. Regards, Alex.

Commented on Netflix Australia | Price, features and content

Hi Anthony, As noted in the article, Asus has yet to announce formal availability of the ZenFone 3 Ultra in Australia; you may have some luck with direct importers in securing a phone that way. Regards, Alex.

Commented on Asus Zenphone 3: Specifications, pricing and Australian availability

Hi Andrea, You've come through to finder.com.au,a comparison service, and not Telstra or Stan. From the sounds of it the excess charges have to do with data use (streaming of programs) rather than access to Stan, so you'd need to contact Telstra to chase up any refunds. As a reminder, any streaming service, unless it explicitly specifies it, will use data for watching programs and that data will be charged relative to the device you're watching it on and whatever your existing allowance might be. Regards, Alex.

Commented on List of TV shows on Stan (Updated daily)

Hi Marc, At a guess, if it's stopping and starting then the issue is with the speed of the connection; it simply can't download enough to keep the stream constant. There's not too much you can do under these circumstances as it's often more to with your overall connection, but it may be worth minimising any other online activity in your home so that the SBS On Demand connection can get as much bandwidth as feasible. Regards, Alex.

Commented on SBS On Demand offers free, unlimited access to programs & films

Hi Rob, Unfortunately not every Smart TV model will have a compatible SBS On Demand app; in this case you may need to use an external box such as the Apple TV or Telstra TV to get your SBS fix. Regards, Alex.

Commented on SBS On Demand offers free, unlimited access to programs & films

Hi Lee, Unfortunately at this stage it doesn't appear that Telstra will offer that feature on the Freedom Plus prepaid packs. Telstra does allow you to buy data topups using your credit on the Beyond Talk plans, so those might be a better fit for your needs. Regards, Alex.

Commented on Telstra’s Freedom Plus prepaid goes unlimited, but there’s a catch

Hi Diane, Unfortunately Netflix doesn't offer any live sports streaming options. Regards, Alex.

Commented on What is Netflix anyway?

Hi Carole, SBS has slightly different streaming abilities per device depending on support for digital rights management, and this sometimes trips up devices when a new version of the app (or a new TV firmware) comes around. That's the most likely scenario in this case, so your best bet would be to continue watching via your laptop or BR player. Regards, Alex.

Commented on SBS On Demand offers free, unlimited access to programs & films

Hi Jennifer, If an app isn't coming up on a given Android device, it's usually a sign that it's not compatible with that device -- this is a feature built into Android so users don't accidentally install incompatible apps. So unfortunately it sounds like you might not be able to use 9Jumpin on your new tablet right now, but it may be worth periodically checking, because an update to the app could bring compatibility with it. Regards, Alex.

Commented on Nine Network 9Jumpin: Troubleshooting, installation and FAQs

Hi Matthew, Many NBN connections are catering for lower-income households (and the competition for this is likely to increase as the NBN rollout progresses), but once the NBN rollout has finished in an given area, there's a grace period where both ADSL and NBN services are offered, after which ADSL services (both ADSL and ADSL2) will no longer be offered by any ISP. So while you would have the option of not connecting, it would also leave you without fixed line services. One option there would be mobile broadband, but that's more expensive than fixed line in every circumstance. Regards, Alex.

Commented on Which politicians already have the NBN at their electorate office?

Hi Eve, Smart TV compatibility is one way to access SBS On Demand, but it's not the only way. You could opt for a set top box with the SBS On Demand app, such as Apple TV or Telstra TV to access SBS' streaming catalogue instead if your particular TV doesn't have Smart TV features. Regards, Alex.

Commented on SBS On Demand offers free, unlimited access to programs & films

Hi Sylvia, In the case of resetting, it's within the settings application of the Apple TV itself, not the Netflix app. Hold down the menu button on your Apple TV remote Select Settings (the gear shaped icon, usually to the far right on the main Apple TV display) Then General Now select Reset and Reset All Settings Select confirm Please note that this will log you out of all accounts, so you will have to perform setup anew if you do this. Regards, Alex.

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