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Senate Voting Card Creator: 2022 Federal Election

Your own how-to-vote card for the 2022 Federal Election.

The Senate ballot paper

The Senate ballot paper is getting longer and longer each election. This year in New South Wales, the 75 candidates are crammed into a ballot. Both Queensland and Victoria has 79 Senate hopefuls to fit in. Trying to keep track of who you want to give your preferences to can be fiddly.

That is why we've built a handy Senate voting tool, to make it easier for you to vote below the line on polling day and make your vote a stronger one.

How Senate voting works in 2022

Since the 2016 election, you can decide how your preferences flow even if you vote above the line (by voting "1", "2", "3" and so on for the party groupings of your choice.

However, voting below the line allows you to choose exactly how your vote is distributed within party tickets as well. The good news is that you only need to number a minimum of 12 boxes if you vote below the line this year, rather than having to fill in every single box.

The more boxes you fill in, the longer your vote lasts. Senate voting works on a quota system, so if a candidate or group ticket you voted for has surplus quota or is unable to reach a quota, your vote is redistributed to your next preference. Once your last box is counted, your vote is exhausted.

How do I use the tool?

Rather than having to search frantically for your candidates at the polling booth, make your life easier by using our tool to generate your own "How To Vote" card and take it with you on the day.

  1. Select your state.
  2. Drag the parties you support from list on the right to the left (selecting at least 12 candidates in total).
  3. Re-order the candidates to your voting preference. You can also remove specific candidates by dragging them to the right.
  4. Review your ballot paper and print out your how-to-vote card.

Reminder: By using this tool, you are not voting. What you are doing is making a super-simple card to take with you on voting day!

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