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Need for speed: Perth home to Australia’s slowest Internet

        • Hobart has the fastest broadband speeds across capital cities
        • Nearly 15,000 broadband speed tests analysed
        • How to get faster Internet

2 September, 2019, Sydney, Australia – If slow Internet is a deal-breaker, moving interstate might be on the cards for some Aussies according to Finder, Australia's most visited comparison site.

Finder analysed over 14,800 broadband speed tests between July 2018 and July 2019 to find the Australian capital cities with the fastest Internet.

Hobart took out the top spot, clocking in at 44.9Mbps on average. This was followed closely by Darwin, at 42.4Mbps. Downloading a movie at this speed would take between 15 and 16 minutes.

Perth crawled in at last place, with 23.9Mbps on average. It would take Perth residents a whopping 29 minutes to download a movie at this speed.

Angus Kidman, tech expert at Finder, said there are a range of factors that can impact your speed.

"Your broadband speed will be influenced by the type of connection you have, which provider you're with and where you live.

"The NBN also plays a big role in how fast your Internet is. If your broadband is lagging, check to see if you can make the switch if you haven't already."

A recent Finder survey of over 3,000 respondents found 2 in 5 (39%) Aussies feel they aren't getting good value for money from their Internet plan.

Kidman explained there are four speed tiers on the NBN and picking the right one can improve your speed.

"If you're a home of moderate Internet users, you'll want to choose a Standard Plus plan. If you're a big family or live in a share house of five, then opt for Premium.

"The time of day you choose to go online can also impact your speed. Peak time is usually after dinner, while night owls tend to have an enjoyable streaming experience, with speeds picking up between midnight and 4am."

Which capital city comes out on top?

Capital cityDownload speed (Mbps)How long to download a movie (minutes)

Source: Finder

How to make your Internet faster

  • Stop accessing the net from other devices. Having multiple downloads going at once will slow your Internet down dramatically. Try to limit access to one device at a time.
  • Avoid peak times. Internet rush hour in Australia is generally between 7pm and 11pm. Access outside this time frame to avoid buffering issues.
  • Upgrade your plan. This will give you access to faster download speeds, smoother streaming and additional bandwidth which can accommodate multiple devices.


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