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We’re all going on a summer holiday: actually only 46% of us are

  • 28% of those travelling over summer booked by July
  • 15% of Aussies will be jetsetting overseas
  • How to save money on your summer holiday

22 October 2018, Sydney, Australia – The countdown to Christmas has already begun, and millions of Australians will be travelling over the festive period, new research by the site that compares virtually everything revealed.

The survey of 2,011 respondents found that almost half the nation (46%) plans to take a holiday in December or January, with many already booked and ready to go.

Of those travelling this summer, over one in four (28%) – equivalent to 2.5 million Aussies – booked their holiday by July, a whole six months beforehand.

Angus Kidman, Travel Expert at says the time you book your holiday can greatly impact cost and availability.

“So many people want holidays during December or January, so some will even book their holiday a year in advance.”

“While that kind of planning might strike you as overly hyper-organised, bargain hunters know that they'll find the lowest prices on flights and hotels by booking months in advance,” he said.

One in five (21%) Australians are still undecided on whether they’ll take a trip this holiday season but Kidman says the key is to be flexible with dates to save money.

“The countdown is on with only 64 days left till Christmas, but don’t let the stress of a last-minute booking deter you from taking a break. There are still Christmas travel deals available to help you score a cheap holiday.”

Kidman says if budget-conscious Aussies are keen on jetting-off over Christmas they might need to sacrifice some of the celebrations.

“New Year’s Day is usually when we start to see flights dip in pricing. If you’re happy to skip the New Year’s Eve festivities, you could really save.”

Of those going away over December and January, one in seven (15%) are jetting off overseas while almost a third (31%) are taking a holiday within Australia.

4 ways to save money on your summer holiday

  • Pick your dates wisely: If you have to travel in the school holidays, after New Year’s Eve and the end of January are normally cheaper than the middle of the holiday period.
  • Sign up to newsletters: There’s Jetstar’s Friday Fare Frenzy, plus Tiger has Tiger Tuesdays and Virgin has a happy hour on Thursdays. Sign up to the newsletter and keep an eye on fares. If you act quickly when specials are advertising you can make significant savings.
  • Swap your house: If you live in a desirable area and are prepared to let others stay in your house, consider a home swap with like-mind holidaymakers interstate or list it on Airbnb.
  • Get cooking: Book accommodation with a kitchen; that way, you can make plenty of meals at home.


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