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1 in 4 Aussies don’t like gift cards

    • 65% of Baby Boomers like receiving gift cards
    • South Australians dislike them the most
    • What to do with gift card you don’t want

10 October, 2018, Sydney, Australia – Many gift cards given this Christmas will be unwanted, according to new research by, the site that compares virtually everything.

Once a foolproof present, the survey of 2,011 respondents found 23% of Aussies don’t like receiving gift cards.

A further 59% of Australians are happy to be given a gift card, while 18% are on the fence, saying it depends on which store the voucher is for.

They’re most unpopular with men as 32% turn their noses up at gift cards compared to just 15% of women.

Kate Browne, Personal Finance Expert at said gift cards are often considered impersonal, but it’s really the thought that counts.

“We all have a friend or relative who is tricky to buy for, and while some find gift cards thoughtless or lazy, the reality is most Australians are happy to receive presents of any kind.”

“It is lovely to receive a gift that shows the giver really knows you, but it’s also great to walk into a store and buy exactly what you want.”

Breaking it down by generation, Baby Boomers are the most appreciative of gift cards with 65% admitting they like them. Generation X and Generation Y aren’t as enthusiastic with 58% and 57% happy to receive gift cards.

South Australians are the most likely to dislike gift cards with 26% indicating they aren’t a fan of them.

The research found 71% of Aussies have been given a gift card in the past 12 months.

“If you do buy someone a gift card, make sure it’s from a store they regularly shop at so it doesn’t go to waste. Neither party wants to see the funds expire.”

What to do with a gift card you don’t want

          • Swap it with a friend, colleague or relative Send a message to your loved ones or let everyone in the office know you have a voucher to swap for cash.
          • Sell it There are plenty of platforms to sell or swap gift cards such as Gumtree, Facebook marketplace or your local Facebook swap sell buy group. Just be clear about when it expires.
          • Keep it intimate. You don’t need to decorate your whole home. Restricting the baby shower to just one room means you can stretch your decorating budget further.
          • Buy someone else a gift with it Christmas is around the corner, so why not pick up a gift for a friend or family member?


Would you like a gift card this Christmas?
Yes, I don’t mind them22%
Yes, I think they’re a good present20%
Yes, I like all presents14%
Yes, because I ask for them3%
Maybe, depends on the store18%
No, I’d prefer cash instead9%
No, because I’m limited with where I can spend it6%
No, because it’s a thoughtless present4%
No, because I need to spend it by a certain time3%

Who wants gift cards for Christmas?

GenerationYes please!Depends on the storeNo thanks!
Gen Y57%18%25%
Gen X58%19%23%
Baby Boomers65%15%20%
StateNo thanks!


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