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Finder Retail Awards: Australia’s favourite brands revealed in time for Christmas

        • Winners of the inaugural Finder Retail Awards revealed across 69 product categories
        • Australian households to spend $350 million on whitegoods this Christmas
        • Exclusive discounts on household appliances; what you should buy this Christmas

22 November, 2019, Sydney, Australia – The most popular brands on the market have been revealed in the inaugural Finder Retail Awards, as voted by Australian consumers.

The Awards include 69 categories across home appliances, travel and transport, baby and kids, electronics, health and beauty, home and garden, and outdoor appliances – just in time for the festive season.

Finder worked with Australia's leading market research firm, Roy Morgan, to collate more than 34,000 reviews from 4,000 Australians on purchases made in the past 24 months – the most comprehensive retail customer satisfaction survey in Australia.

Australians were asked to rate the brands of everyday products on a range of factors including value, quality and safety. They were also asked whether they'd recommend the product to others.

From small kitchen appliances to big-ticket electronics, these are the brands that have outperformed the competition and are most loved by Australians.

Samsung took out the TV, microwave and top-mounted fridge categories while Fisher & Paykel won the clothes dryer and top-loading washing machine categories. Other popular brands to make the list multiple times included Breville and Philips.

Check out the full list of winners in the Finder Retail Awards 2019/20 here

Kate Browne, Managing Editor at Finder, said not all household products are created equal.

"These are some of the most used items in a house, so you want to get it right the first time," she said.

"Many product features are now industry standard, so we wanted to uncover which brands were going above and beyond.

"Our awards are about the brands everyday Australians are using and recommending in their daily lives. We're not reviewing them out of the box or in a lab, this is how these brands hold up in real life."

Browne said the aim of the Finder Retail Awards was to help consumers get great value for money.

"Finder is committed to helping millions of Australians make more informed decisions – whether it's purchasing a TV or sourcing the best robot vacuum cleaner.

"We've done the legwork for you, so if you're in the market for new home appliances or electronics, check out which brand won your category of interest," she said.

Finder has also teamed up with online retailers including eBay and Kogan to offer discounts of up to 15% off the winning brands on a range of products purchased through the Finder website.

"We're practicing what we preach. At Finder we live by the rule you don't pay full price for anything - even top quality brands."

New Finder research shows Australian households say they will spend $350 million on whitegoods this Christmas.

Browne said Christmas is coming and it's never too early to start planning.

"Historically, November to January has been a great time to go shopping for bargains. From

Black Friday through to the post-holiday period, retailers are launching huge sales over the next few months so don't pay full price for anything," she said.

"Get ahead of the sales, and start your Christmas shopping list now by checking out all the winning brands and exclusive discount offers at"



** The Finder Retail Awards is a consumer awards program based on opinions of brands provided by real Australian consumers. Our awards are based on a tabulation of survey data from more than 34,000 submissions on a range of products bought in the past 24 months.

To maximise trust and reliability, we worked with Australia's leading market research company, Roy Morgan. Using its vast research experience and audience network, Roy Morgan surveyed more than 4,000 Australians about their recent purchases. The Finder Insights & Analytics team then applied a unique scoring methodology from the collected data to determine a winning brand for each award category.

To help Australians make better purchasing decisions, we want to ensure that we can provide statistical confidence with each award.

We based our awards data on an aggregated brand level, as opposed to a product or model level. There may be hundreds (or even thousands) of models within a single brand, which dilutes even large survey data sets such as ours. We believe that an aggregated brand level provides the best analytical balance in conducting our retail awards program.

The Finder Retail Awards is an independent awards program. We conduct the survey independently of any brands. Commercial partnerships do not influence the results in any way.


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