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Mother’s Day: Aussies to spend $733M

  • Aussies will spend 25% less on Mother’s Day than Valentine’s Day
  • Sons are more generous than daughters
  • Best Mother’s Day gift ideas

8 May 2018, Sydney, Australia – Australians are tipped to spend a whopping $733 million on mums this Mother’s Day according to research by, the site that compares virtually everything.

Adult offspring will spend an average of $60 to celebrate their mums. By contrast, Australians spent an average of $75 on Valentine’s Day presents earlier this year – meaning they’ll spend 25% less on mum.

The survey of 2,085 people shows sons are the most generous, shelling out $66 on their mothers on average compared to $55 by daughters.

New South Wales tops the spending, forking out $68 on mothers, followed by the ACT ($65). Tasmanians will only spend $36 dollars on their mums.

Bessie Hassan, Money Expert at, is surprised the amount consumers spend on Mother’s Day trails behind Valentine’s Day.

“It’s unusual to see more emphasis on Valentine’s Day, but to some extent, wrong or right, mothers are often happy with less tangible tokens of appreciation,” she says.

“They generally don’t expect anyone to feel an obligation to buy material items for them.”

Ms Hassan says Mother’s Day is meant to be a day when children can show their appreciation for the sacrifices that mothers make.

“Motherhood is a demanding – largely thankless job – so having a dedicated day to commemorate mums is important.”

Over a quarter (28%) of Aussies don’t celebrate Mother’s Day while 8% choose to spend time or talk on their phone with their mums instead of buying gifts.

“While not everyone buys into the commercialisation of Mother’s Day, there are plenty of ways to show your gratitude.”

“From family reunions to flower bouquets - saying ‘thanks’ doesn’t have to break the bank.”

With Mother’s Day due to be celebrated on 13 May retailers are ramping up their promotions and sales. has put together the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide for all budgets.

Under $50 - Budget friendly options

Top Mother's Day gifts for mums-to-be

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