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Jetset roulette: Aussies book travel insurance at the last minute

        • 39% of Aussie travellers book cover at the eleventh hour
        • Gen Y most likely to leave it to the last minute
        • What to look out for when choosing travel insurance

13 June, 2019, Sydney, Australia - Aussies are leaving themselves exposed by booking travel insurance at the last minute, according to new research by Finder, Australia's most visited comparison site.

An analysis of over 180,000 travel insurance enquiries made on Finder revealed that 39% of Australian travellers who take out cover, do so just in the nick of time.

Of those who take out last minute travel insurance, a risky 18% book less than three days out, while a further 10% book less than a week out. Just 8% of Aussie travellers book six months in advance.

Sophie Walsh, insurance specialist at Finder, said people often forget that travel insurance covers you from the day you book your holiday.
"A lot can go wrong between booking your trip and the time you actually leave. If you have a sudden death in the family and you need to stay home, your insurance will generally cover you for anything you've already paid.

"With winter on our doorstep now is the time many Australians will be heading to warmer climates, potentially uninsured."

Finder analysis of ABS data revealed that winter is one of the busiest periods for travel, with roughly 2.7 million Aussies flocking overseas between June and August each year.

Generation Y are the riskiest travellers, with over half (53%) booking cover a few days out from their trip. In comparison, just 31% of Baby Boomers leave it to the last minute.

Walsh said it's easy to get swept into the holiday excitement and book activities and tours over travel insurance.
"Don't sign up for that white water rafting tour until you've taken out travel insurance. If you end up needing to go to hospital and you're without cover, it will be man overboard for your finances."

"Make sure to consider your options based on your travel plans. If you're planning to surf or jetski, double check watersports are included on your policy.

"If you can't afford cover, then you can't afford to go."

How far in advance do you book travel insurance?

Booking time frameBaby BoomersGeneration XGeneration Y
Last minute31%47%53%
2 - 4 weeks26%29%29%
2 months17%14%14%
3 months10%7%7%
6+ months11%6%3%

Finder, ABS data, 2019

What to look out for in a travel insurance policy:

  • Cancellation cover: This isn't always automatically included. Work out how much you can claim in different circumstances if something goes wrong and you need to cancel your trip. Look for a policy that covers the trip expenses you've already paid upfront.
  • Extensive medical coverage: Hospital fees can vary hugely between countries depending on your injury. Knowing your insurer will foot the bill can take the headache out of your medical bill.
  • Things that aren't covered: Your insurance can be voided if something goes wrong after you've you've had a few drinks, been on a motorbike without the appropriate license or helmet, or waited too long before lodging a claim. Make sure you're aware of what is and isn't covered so you don't get caught out.


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