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Too scared to switch: 80% of NBN users stay loyal when they connect

  • Aussies could save up to $500 by switching NBN providers
  • Only 20% changed providers when they connected to the NBN​
  • Top signs you’re paying too much

9 July 2018 – Connecting to the NBN is the perfect opportunity to consider switching providers, but many Aussies prefer to stick to what they know, revealed new research from, the site that compares virtually everything.

Surveying 1,235 NBN users, the study showed 80% stayed with the same provider when they connected to the NBN, with many not bothering to shop around for a better deal.

Only 20% changed providers when they activated their new service; this is made up of 15% who switched because they found a better deal and 5% who had to do so because their previous provider couldn’t service them on the NBN.

Angus Kidman, tech expert at, says while there can be teething issues when connecting to the NBN, it’s an opportunity switch and save.

“It seems fear of the unknown or sheer laziness means Aussies are staying with their current provider.”

“While many might think ‘better the devil you know’, the arrival of the NBN provides the ideal opportunity to compare. Not only could you save money, but you could get a better connection.”

Looking at the range of NBN plans available on the market, analysis showed Aussies could be saving up to $500 on their NBN service per year.

“You really shouldn’t be paying more than $70 a month for a plan with speeds of 50Mbps. So if you’re one of the Aussies forking out close to $100 a month for an NBN50 or 25 service, it’s definitely time to review your plan.”

“In most circumstances you’re better off checking out some of the smaller providers, who often offer better deals in order to make an impact.”

Did you change providers when you connected to the NBN?

No, I compared my options but I chose to stay with the same provider40%
No, it was easier to stay with the same provider, so I did21%
No, because there was still time left on my contract9%
No, I didn’t know I could switch providers when connecting to the NBN4%
No, I don’t understand the NBN so I stayed with same provider5%
Yes, I switched providers because I found a better deal15%
Yes, I switched because my provider couldn’t service me on the NBN5%

The survey also asked 1,073 Aussies who aren’t on the NBN whether they’ll change providers when they connect to the network. Only 18% plan to switch providers when the time comes and 33% say they’ll stay with their current provider.

A further 43% haven’t decided yet and 5% didn’t know they could switch.

“The bad news for providers is that the NBN migration doesn’t allow for as much new customer acquisition as they’d hoped. The market remains dominated by three major players, despite hopes the NBN would lead to a more competitive sector.”

Top signs you're paying too much:

  1. You’re not on unlimited data
    Most providers offer unlimited plans and if you’re a moderate to heavy user, unlimited data will generally provide better value. Having limitless bandwidth will remove the stress of tracking how much data you’ve used.
  2. You’re paying for VoIP but never make calls
    If you’re paying for a landline phone but hardly use it, it’s time to ditch it. These days smartphones include unlimited calls and texts, so there’s not point for paying for it through your broadband plan too.
  3. You haven’t compared NBN plans in the last 12 months
    NBN plan pricing has changed in the last 12 months as wholesale prices have become more affordable. If you haven’t been in contact with your provider in the last year or switched plans, chances are you could be on a better deal.


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