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January jitters: 70% of Aussies stressed by the new year

        • 13% feeling the pressure of back-to-school expenses
        • Bills and debt are some of the biggest burdens
        • How to save on school supplies

22 January 2020, Sydney, Australia – Burgeoning bills, debt and back-to-school expenses are putting pressure on millions of Aussie households according to Finder, Australia’s most visited comparison site.

A recent survey of 1,020 respondents revealed that 70% of Australians – equivalent to 13.6 million people – are experiencing stress just three weeks into the new year.

Almost one in four (24%) have been unsettled by big annual bills like their car registration or home insurance policy.

One in five (21%) are stressed about going back to work, while 13% cite the back-to-school shopping list as their biggest bugbear.

Bessie Hassan, money expert at Finder, said January is a pricey time of year for most Aussies.

“The post-festive dust has barely settled before we’re hit with yet another onslaught of expenses. Back-to-school costs are unavoidable for parents, and they can really hurt the hip pocket. Not only do you have to fork out for uniforms, bags, stationery and books, you also have to contend with ongoing costs like transport and school lunches.”

The research found that Aussies are also stressed by post-festive debt (20%), the cost of keeping kids entertained (12%) and trying to keep their New Year's resolutions (12%).

Hassan said that it’s important Aussies are proactive about dealing with financial stress.

“Audit your statement, switch to a cheaper financial product or consider a balance transfer credit card to consolidate your debt. It can also be worth opening a back-to-school savings account and gradually adding to it over the coming year. This can take some of the financial strain out of next year,” Hassan said.

What stresses you out in January?Proportion
Losing weight/staying fit27%
Paying for annual bills (car registration/insurance etc)24%
Going back to work21%
Post-Christmas debt20%
Back-to-school costs13%
Cost of entertaining kids during school holidays12%
Keeping New Year's resolutions12%
Post-holiday debt6%

Source: Finder, Jan 2020

How to save on school supplies

  • Do a stationery audit. Chances are you have more than enough pens and pencils lying around the house to fulfil your child's needs. Check what supplies you have at home before heading to the shops.
  • Shop the sales. Uniforms, school shoes and lunchboxes can all be purchased at a discount during sale periods. Consider stocking up during the post-Christmas sales.
  • Purchase second-hand. Hand-me-down uniforms can save you a small fortune. Ask around among family and friends, or keep an eye on school notice boards, Facebook Marketplace or the uniform shop.
  • Be school lunch-savvy. Look for supermarket deals on food and snacks. It's also a good idea to make cheap and healthy meals in bulk so the kids can have leftovers throughout the week.


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