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BYO babysitting: One third of parents bring a family member on holidays

  • 17% haven’t, but admit they’ve thought about it
  • Fathers more likely to call in backup on a family getaway
  • Family-friendly holiday destinations in Australia

15 January, Sydney, Australia – Holidaymakers are bringing extended family members on holidays to help have a break from their kids reveals, the site that compares virtually everything.

More than one in three Aussie parents (35%) admit they have taken a family member - such as a grandparent or aunt - on holidays to help look after their children.

The new survey of 2,005 parents shows 14% have invited a family member on holidays more than once, while 5% do it all the time.

A further 17% haven’t brought a family member along, but admit they’ve thought about doing it.

Bessie Hassan, Money Expert at, says multi-generational holidays are becoming more common and they can make holidays with kids more relaxing.

“It could be the perfect way to travel with young children,” she says.

“It’s possible that parents may be trying to have the best of both worlds: quality time with grandma or another family member, as well as time out as a couple,” she says.

Taking a family member on holiday to help with babysitting was most popular with families from New South Wales (38% admit they had done it) versus 37% of Victorians, 29% of Queenslanders and 34% of families from WA.

Ms Hassan says the high cost of childcare means many families are turning to their immediate family for extra help, and this can extend to holidays.

“Splashing out on an extra ticket for Grandpa could be money well spent.”

“Parents may be looking for a way to spend some time without the kids, without having to worry about leaving them with a stranger in a kids’ club or hotel nanny,” she says.

“The idea isn’t to limit the time you spend with your children on holiday. But rather, to have a trusted carer who you know the kids adore, freeing you up to indulge in those rare activities such as going to the gym, reading a book, or having a cocktail in peace.”

“To have an extra set of hands on the plane or at a restaurant could also make it a more peaceful holiday for other travellers.”

Fathers (40%) are most likely to have travelled with a family member to help with babysitting, compared to mothers (33%).

Have you invited a family member on holidays for extra help with your kids?
Yes, once16%
Yes, more than once14%
Yes, I do it all the time5%
No, but I've thought about it17%
No, never48%

Best family friendly destinations in Australia

  1. Kangaroo Island
  2. Great Barrier Reef
  3. Hobart
  4. Mount Hotham
  5. Surfers Paradise
  6. Coffs Harbour
  7. Rottnest Island
  8. Sydney


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