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63% of Aussies would fly out of their comfort zone for the right fare

  • Curiosity, cheap local prices, and word of mouth round out top four
  • Cheapest places to travel in 2018
  • Tips for saving money when booking travel

23 January, 2018, Sydney, Australia – Australians aren’t afraid of travelling to the back of beyond reveals research by, the site that compares virtually everything.

Almost nine in 10 (88%) say they could be convinced to travel somewhere that isn’t on their destination list by factors such as bargain prices, a friend’s recommendation or travelling in a group.

The survey of 2,005 respondents shows that cheap flights and package deals (63%) was the number one factor that would push Aussies to travel to an obscure destination.

Two in five (43%) can be tempted to explore beyond their comfort zone out of natural curiosity, while cheap local prices for food and shopping would convince a third (34%) of Aussies.

Angus Kidman, Travel Expert at, says that with low cost carriers, cheap travel can reach a whole new level.

“It’s not surprising that affordable fares can make travellers consider a destination that isn’t in their plans. We’ve seen bargain deals crop up to Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Portugal.”

Showing word of mouth should never be underestimated, recommendations from friends or good reviews are enough for 31% of travellers.

With the foodie culture alive and kicking, reputation for awesome food is enough to entice 19% of Aussies, and a less touristy destination would make 18% Aussies wander off the beaten track.

“It all depends on what makes you feel safer about travelling somewhere out of your comfort zone or to a destination you know little about,” says Mr Kidman.

“For some, it’s having a planned itinerary with a tour group or knowing that a friend has been there. But for others, it’s journeying to far-flung destinations to recreate images they’ve seen on Instagram or show off that they are in a city no one’s heard of.”

One in 10 Australians (12%) say there is nothing that would persuade them to travel somewhere unusual.

“Spending hundreds or more on a destination outside of a traveller's comfort zone might be too much of a risk, especially for family vacations and honeymoons.” also compared currencies worldwide to see where the Aussie dollar saw the greatest growth the past year* to determine the best bang for buck destinations to visit this year.

Coming in at number one was Argentina, which will get you 26% more per dollar, followed by Ghana at almost 15% more per dollar (see here for a full list).

Top reasons to travel off the beaten track
1Cheap flights or travel packages
2Natural curiosity
3Cheap local prices
4Friend’s recommendation or good reviews
5Reputation for awesome food
6Less or no tourists
7Travelling in a group
8None of my friends have been there
9To brag about it on social media

Tips on finding affordable flight deals

1. Take advantage of weekly sales
Domestic airlines such as Jetstar, Tigerair and Virgin Australia offer regular sales and even bargain fares. If you’re intending to fly with one of these airlines, find out when these deals are offered so that you can find the cheapest deal possible.

2. Price-match guarantees
Many travel agencies guarantee that they will beat any rate. You’ll often find cheaper prices online, so once you’ve found what you’re looking for, take advantage of these price-match guarantees.

3. Credit Card vs. PayPal
There will often be different fees depending on which payment method you use. For example, paying by PayPal and POLi will probably incur lower fees than if you use your credit card. Figure out which is cheapest and pay for you flight this way.

4. Purchase a ticket with a Y or B booking code
Economy tickets with a Y or B booking code are considered “flexible economy” and will give you a higher chance of being upgraded without the extra cost.


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