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1 in 2 Aussies ditching date night this Valentine’s Day

        • 20% of Aussies will go out for dinner to celebrate
        • 13% will buy their partner a gift for Valentine's Day
        • How to lavish your lover on the cheap

5 February 2020, Sydney, Australia – Cupid's arrow has fallen short this February according to new research by Finder, Australia's most visited comparison site.

A recent survey of 1,020 respondents revealed that over half the population (56%) don't plan on celebrating Valentine's Day this year, regardless of whether they're in a relationship.

Close to one in three (30%) Aussies say they won't be doing anything special on the day despite being in a relationship, while a quarter (26%) won't be celebrating because they're single.

One in five (20%) will dine out with their special someone, while 12% will wine and dine their lover at home.

Kate Browne, personal finance expert at Finder said that for some Aussies, the "love tax" can put a dampener on Valentine's Day celebrations.

"They say you can't put a price on love, but anyone who's ever tried to buy roses on Valentine's Day might beg to differ.

"Prices for flowers and hotels tend to skyrocket in the lead up to Valentine's Day. A hotel room in the city can be marked up by as much as $100 during this time.

"You can make your partner feel special without blowing the budget. Cook a nice meal at home, have a bubble bath or go for a picnic. This can help to take the financial pressure off," Browne said.

The research also found that over one in 10 Aussies will purchase a gift (13%) or flowers (11%) for their partner during the romantic holiday.

Men are more likely than women to pull out all the stops: 17% are planning on buying a gift for their partner on Valentine's Day, compared to just 9% of women.

Browne said Aussies should keep an eye out for deals in the lead-up to 14 February.

"Check the supermarkets for upcoming specials on chocolate. You can often find two-for-one deals on wine or champagne as well.

"At the end of the day, spending quality time with your partner is what should matter the most. You can't put a price on that," Browne said.

Finder has a list of Valentine's Day gift ideas, things to do, tips and tricks at

How do you plan on celebrating Valentine's Day this year?
I have a partner but don't plan on celebrating30%
I don't have a partner and don't plan on celebrating26%
Going out for dinner with my partner20%
Buying a gift13%
Cooking dinner for my partner12%
Buying flowers11%
I don't have a partner but plan on going out with my friends3%
I plan on attending an Anti-Valentine's Day party1%

Source: Finder survey of 1,020 Australians in January 2020

How to lavish your lover on the cheap:

  • Make gifts by hand. Not only is this thoughtful, it can help to keep costs down. Make a photo album or memory jar, pot a plant clipping or succulent, or bake up a storm in the kitchen.
  • Netflix and chill. There's a reason this is so popular. Have a romantic movie night at home rather than head out. Order takeaway, light some candles and binge watch your favourite movie or series.
  • Embrace the outdoors. Sometimes the best things in life are free. Head to the beach, go for a bushwalk or watch the sun go down from a decent vantage point in the city.


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