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Baby on board: 1 in 5 parents risk a last minute babymoon break

  • New research reveals 1 in 5 parents-to-be holiday in their third trimester
  • 5% risk travelling overseas close to their due date
  • tips for a stress-free final break before baby arrives

1 February, 2018, Sydney, Australia –One in five parents are jumping on the ‘babymoon’ trend squeezing in one last holiday before their new family member arrives, according to new research from, the site that compares virtually everything.

However, analysis of airline restrictions and travel insurance cut-off dates shows couples could be caught out by the fine print if they choose to travel in the third trimester.

The survey of 2,000 parents with children under 12 years old, shows the majority (16%) of those couples who holiday in the final trimester (post 28 weeks pregnant) do so within Australia; however 5% risk travelling internationally close to their due date. Travel Insurance Expert Bessie Hassan warns soon-to-be mums planning on hopping on a plane to check with their airline before booking a flight.

“Most airlines will require you to present a medical certificate stating you’re fit to travel after 28 weeks, regardless of the length of the flight. When travelling overseas, most airlines won’t let you fly after 36 weeks.

“Travel insurers also have cut-off dates for cover as early as 18 weeks, and some require you to take out a specific pregnancy policy, so it pays to read the fine print.

“Depending on the destination, overseas medical attention can be extremely expensive so it may be safer to stick to Australian shores,” says Ms Hassan. stress-free babymoon checklist:

  1. Check with your medical practitioner that it’s safe for you to travel before booking flights. If you’ve been given the all-clear, request a medical certificate stating you’re fit to fly before heading to the airport.
  2. If you are planning on jumping on a plane interstate or overseas, look up the airline cut-off dates and restrictions for flying while pregnant before you book. This cut-off date can change depending on the flight duration, if you have had complications, are having more than one baby (twins, triplets), or if your child was conceived via IVF.
  3. Purchase a travel insurance policy that will cover pregnancy-related issues overseas. Many insurers will cover up to 32 weeks but some cut-off at 18 weeks, so it pays to compare policy options.
  4. Consider buying flexible flights or accommodation that you can cancel 24 hours before the booking. That way you have more flexibility if you need to cancel the trip.

Check out our comprehensive guide for travelling while pregnant for more tips and information.


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