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84% of Australian drivers are anxious behind the wheel

  • New research reveals that four in five Australian drivers worry on our roads
  • One in five (20%) are concerned about the financial impact of an accident
  • urges drivers to consider protecting themselves from the cost of a crash

12 February, 2018, Sydney, Australia – New research from, the site that compares virtually everything, has revealed that most Australian drivers are fearful when they’re behind the wheel.

The survey of over 2,100 drivers found that 84% of Australians – the equivalent of 14.7 million people – have concerns on the road, particularly when it comes to factors outside of their control, including the potential financial impact of an accident.

Other drivers being reckless is the biggest fear in the nation, with over half of those surveyed (58%) citing this as a worry.

Second and third in the list of driving fears were running over a pedestrian (27%) followed by driving in bad weather (25%).

Bessie Hassan, Insurance Expert at, says it’s not surprising that motorists feel anxious following the number of crashes during the Christmas period.

“With yet another large road toll over the summer holidays, it’s no wonder so many Australians are worried when they’re behind the wheel. You’d be feeling more concerned about those who are overconfident drivers.”

The research found that the financial impact of having an accident (20%) is also amidst our top driving fears.

Ms Hassan says that this shows that even while driving, money worries are top of mind for Australians.

“Finances are a big cause of stress to many Aussies, and the reality is that drivers without comprehensive insurance cover could end up spending thousands to repair unexpected damage to their vehicle or others.”

Receiving a traffic infringement, driving next to a truck, having to reverse park, and teaching someone else to drive are also big fears when on the road.

3% of respondents submitted separate phobias, including the car catching on fire, other drivers using their high beam, hitting a cyclist, and tailgaters.

Ms Hassan encourages Australians to consider investing in further protection if they’re worried.

“Those concerned about the financial impact of an accident should look to comprehensive car insurance as a safety net,” she said.

The top 10 fears of Australian drivers:

#FearPercentage of Australian drivers
1Other drivers being reckless58%
2Running over a pedestrian27%
3Driving in bad weather25%
4Hitting an animal20%
5The financial impact of an accident20%
6Receiving a traffic infringement / fine18%
7Driving next to a truck18%
8Reverse or parallel parking10%
9Teaching someone else how to drive4%


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