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Deck the aisles: Australians set to spend $5.8 billion on food this Christmas

        • The average Australian shopper will spend $316 on food over the holiday season
        • The cost of Christmas dinner supermarket comparison
        • How to save on your Christmas feast

17 December 2020, Sydney, Australia – The traditional Christmas dinner could make a much bigger dent in your wallet this year depending on which supermarket you shop at, according to Finder.

Finder analysed the cost of Christmas dinner across three leading supermarkets – Aldi, Coles and Woolworths.

The research found that Aldi came out on top as the cheapest, with the most expensive festive spread costing almost 30% more than the budget supermarket.

This comes as a new survey conducted by Finder shows that the average Australian shopper is planning on spending $316 on food this silly season – that equates to a national spend of $5.8 billion.

Taylor Blackburn, personal finance expert at Finder, says the financial fallout of the pandemic has left many re-evaluating their Christmas spend.

"The pressure on households is greater this Christmas and many have to make the most of sales to keep a cap on food prices," he said.

"However, there are still many Aussies spending big. If you do plan on going that extra mile make sure you shop around to get the best deal."

Finder's supermarket comparison revealed that the total price for a basket of 11 goods from Aldi to feed a family of 8 works out at $119.55, followed by Coles at $150.55 and Woolworths at $150.65.

The traditional Christmas ham is the most expensive outlay, with a 5kg triple smoked variety at Aldi costing $59.95 compared to $70 at Coles and Woolies.

Roast turkey suffered one of the highest price differences between retailers – of 45%, while vanilla custard differed by as much as 40%.

"It can be tempting to opt for convenience and do your shopping at one store, but venturing further than your go-to supermarket will help you save.

"Aldi might not stock everything you need – Coles and Woolies have a much larger range – but it's a good place to start to pick up some of the essentials.

"A saving as little as $20 still counts during the most expensive time of year. Whether it's an extra present for the kids or another bottle of wine, it's money back in your pocket."

Finder analysis shows price matching going on between Coles and Woolworths – with 36% of the "top 10" products having identical prices.

"It's easy to get carried away when it comes to Christmas, so make sure you're not overdoing it.

"Create your menu well in advance and build your shopping list around it. That way you won't be tempted by any last-minute goodies when you're doing the groceries."

Blackburn said Christmas is about quality time you spend with the people you care about, not what's under the tree or on the table.

"Many Australians will be grateful to spend time with family and friends, something that seemed unlikely at the peak of the pandemic.

"While Christmas is a special day it's important to remember it's only one meal on one day of the year, so spend within your means."

For more Christmas statistics check out Finder's Christmas Spending page:

Aldi (prices collected in-store)Coles (prices collected online)Woolworths (prices collected online)
Turkey thigh roast 2kg$19.99 $28 $29
Premium triple smoked half leg ham$59.95 ($11.99/kg) $70 ($14/kg)$70 ($14/kg)
Garlic prawns fresh 280g$9.99$12 $12.50
Pavlova base 500g$5.69 $5.70$5.70
1kg vanilla custard$2.99$4.20$3.50 (special)
Premium orange juice with pulp 2L (refrigerated)$4.49$5.25$7.15
Light fruit cake 800g$3.99$5.50$4.30 (700g)
Potato salad 600g$3.99 $6.50 $6.50
Pasta salad 600g$3.99 $6.50$6.50
Pineapple (each)$2.49$3.90$3.50
10-pack Christmas paper plates$1.99$3.00 (8-pack)$2.00
TOTAL $119.55$150.85$151.35

Source: Finder Grocery Comparison, December 2020
* Please see methodology below.

How to save on your Christmas shopping

  • Start early. If you haven't already started your Christmas shopping, now is the time. Shopping ahead of 25 December will help you avoid paying the premium. You'll also avoid missing out on sought-after items such as Christmas ham or fruit mince pies.
  • Make a list and check it twice. Creating a list not only takes the stress out of shopping but it also leaves you less likely to splurge on products you don't actually need. Go in with a game plan if you want to save.
  • Shop around. Keep an eye out for deals and avoid supermarket loyalty. While it might seem inconvenient to head to different supermarkets it could see you save a lot on your groceries over the holiday period.
  • Head online. Compare prices online before you head in-store. That way you have a better idea of what is cheaper where. If you're turned off by the idea of going to multiple shops, start with Aldi to pick up what you can, then order the remaining groceries online.


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