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The tech that won’t die: 64% of NBN users hold onto landlines

  • 25% kept their landline after switching to the NBN, though they never make calls
  • Only 36% cut the cord when they switched over
  • What to consider before ditching your landline

29 August 2018, Sydney, Australia – The death of the landline phone might be a slow one yet, new research by, the site that compares virtually everything, revealed.

The survey of 1,235 NBN users found that almost two thirds (64%) held onto their landline when they switched to the network.

This 64% is made up of 39% who still use their landline phone, and 25% who simply kept it for the sake of it.

Alex Kidman, Tech Expert at believes some Aussies might be in the dark about how the NBN impacts home phones.

“The NBN was thought to be the nail in the coffin for landline phones but this research shows that that may not be the case.”

“Traditional landlines are often a godsend in an emergency or blackout. Once you swap to the NBN if there’s an Internet outage your home phone will also go down.”

Aussies who do wish to keep their home phone need to bear in mind that after they switch to the NBN their phone will become a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service.

“Unless you’re on NBN Satellite or Fixed Wireless, the NBN will replace your current landline. If you’re not ready to let go, it’s important to know when your home is ready to connect to the NBN.”

According to research by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), in 2017 64% of Aussies used a landline phone, down from 70% in 2015 and 76% in 2013.

“The landline used to be the ultimate way to connect with family and friends, but its prevalence and importance in the household has been steadily declining for a number of years.”

“Whether it’s laziness or the feelings of nostalgia associated with a home phone, some Aussies insist on holding onto their landline even if they don’t use it.”

On the other side of the spectrum 36% of NBN users no longer have a landline phone.

Who is still using their landline?
Baby Boomers72%
Gen X39%
Gen Y19%

Source: Survey of 1,235 NBN users

What to consider before ditching your landline

1. Are you connected to the NBN?
If you’re switching to the NBN there’s no better time to lose your landline. Check whether your home is NBN-ready, consider what NBN plans meet your families needs and make the switch.

2. What’s included in your mobile plan
Most phone plans include unlimited national calls and text messages, so make sure your current plan offers this before you ditch your home phone.

3. Let your friends and family know
You need to make sure your close friends and family still know how to get in contact with you, so keep them in the loop and let them know you’re switching it off.


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