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Finder App Security

How we keep your information secure

Finder takes security seriously. All of your information, which includes everything from your name and address to your financial information, is kept safe using best-practice security standards and procedures.

Finder has its own credit licence and financial services licence. The Finder app has end-to-end encryption using AES256-CBC which keeps your data secure as soon as you decide to share it with us.

We will never sell your information or use it in a way that you don't give us permission to.

Bank-level security

We use the same security technology as the big banks. A variety of methods are used to secure our data and servers, from the bare metal servers to the application in your browser.

Encryption end-to-end

All communications are encrypted as soon as you land on our site using a 2048bit TLS certificate. Cookies are TLS only and all details are stored in a cryptographically strong manner.

Anomaly Detection

We've gone one step further and partnered with Auth0 – provide extra layer of security to the Finder app by enabling shields that protect against different types of attacks and user access anomalies.
Learn more about Auth0

Physical security

Our servers and data are located across different data centres. Manned 24/7/365 onsite security and surveillance. Biometric security access, locked cages, motion detection and light sensors.

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