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Aussies take 742 million selfies each year

  • 2 million selfies are taken each day across Australia
  • 2.3 million Aussies have taken a selfie naked, during sex or on the toilet
  • NSW takes the most selfies in the country

21 June 2018, Sydney, Australia –
There’s no denying Australia is selfie-obsessed nation and there’s bound to be more than usual today to celebrate Selfie Day.

A new study by, the site that compares virtually everything, reveals more than two million selfies a day are snapped nationally, with an estimated 742 million taken each year.

But it also shows that selfies aren’t for everyone. The survey of 2,033 people finds only one in two (48%) Aussies take part in the practice.

These Aussies confess to taking a selfie about 80 times a year on average or more than one a fortnight.

Alex Kidman, Tech Expert at, says love it or hate it, most of us indulge in selfies.

“Until recently selfie wasn’t even a word, but now Aussies are generating fourteen million of them every single week. You’d be hard-pressed to go a day without seeing one in your social media feed ,” he says.

“Many phones even have a selfie mode to enhance, erase or perfect facial features, plus there are dozens of apps and accessories such as selfie sticks and fisheye lenses.”

It also shows nothing is sacred anymore with one in five (23%) Aussies admitting they’d snapped one at an inappropriate time.

From inside surgery theatres to behind the wheel, selfies range from poor taste to down right dangerous.

One in eight Australians (12%) admitted to snapping a selfie while having sex, while they were naked or on the toilet - that’s equivalent to 2.3 million adults.

Slightly fewer (7%) had taken a selfie while doing something illegal or stopped by police.

“While there should be rather obvious etiquette for specific situations such as funerals or memorial, for many nothing is off limits when it comes to selfies.”

“Be mindful of where you are and remember that safety comes first. It’s not worth putting your life in danger for a bunch of likes.”

A staggering 77% of Generation Y respondents take selfies, 84 times a year on average. This compares with 18% of Baby Boomers who take selfies for an average of 3 a year.

StateNumber of selfies taken per year
WA 73,419,451

Selfie facts:

  • ‘Selfie’ was added and named word of the year by the Oxford Dictionary in 2013
  • Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a celebrity selfie at the Oscars in 2014, that was liked 2,369,507 times and retweeted 3,367,181 times*
  • The hashtag #selfie has been used on Instagram 348,678,197 times*
  • The first patented selfie stick was invented in 1984 by Hiroshi Ueda and Yujiro Mima, but it was actually called a “telescopic extender for supporting compact camera” and held the camera in place with a tripod screw


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