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ACCC finder.com.au health insurance update

22 November, 2017, Sydney, Australia – Today’s ACCC release highlighted that finder.com.au had misrepresented the number of health policies compared on the site earlier this year. The site was corrected as soon as we became aware of the issue. We accept responsibility for this.

The original figure of 65,000 policies* took into account policy variations including state and structure of offers, with each variation generating a different price.

We worked closely with the ACCC to review and confirm the data on our site. We’ve ensured our data is accurate, and most importantly, meets our customers’ needs.

While there was no intent to mislead our customers, we regret any confusion or inconvenience.

This issue was isolated, and no other services on finder.com.au were affected. We’ve completed a full audit of our service and have put robust measures in place to ensure this doesn’t occur again.

We compare more health funds and policies than any direct competitor and remain committed to helping millions of Australians make better informed decisions.

*How did we get to this number?

Our engine included thirty-five (35) providers (including distinct brands) and 4,062 policies. The 4,062 base policies encompassed 50,366 SIS codes and, after separating NSW and ACT policies, 68,466 structured offers. The 4,062 policies considered by our engine included 2,309 open policies and 1,753 closed policies (including 285 Corporate policies).


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The information in this release is accurate as of the date published, but rates, fees and other product features may have changed. Please see updated product information on finder.com.au's review pages for the current correct values.

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