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Put your own profits ahead of big biz | Savings with Sarah #16

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Disney has recently shared their profits for Disney+ in Australia and they have plenty to celebrate – a whopping 33% increase in profits!

The streaming giant reported profits of $60.1m in the 2023 financial year, a massive increase on the $46.3m profit they took home in 2022.

I don't begrudge a biz making good money. But I do think this serves as a great reminder that corporates make millions of dollars every day simply because we pay for subscriptions we don't use. And a quick audit of your habits can save you loads of money!

Spend less on mindless streaming

I did a little poll on my Instagram and at the time of writing, one-third of people admitted that they haven't done a streaming audit and they're also not planning to – because it's such a small amount of money, it doesn't matter, right?

I totally get it. We all have so much to do, and streaming is small-fry.

But also: if you take just one of the hours you spend streaming, and instead spend that time checking what you're paying for and if you really need to keep it, you'll earn a brilliant hourly rate!

I do a streaming audit every 6 months to make sure we're getting good value and not paying for things we don't use.

Personally, Disney is always firmly on our "keep" list – in my family of 5 we watch it almost daily!

When I did my last audit in July last year, I saved $50 a month on streaming (embarrassingly we were paying for a family music subscription to both Apple Music and Spotify at a cost of $20 each!).

When I revisited in July, I was able to switch a few subscriptions around (nixed Kayo and Paramount; added Amazon Prime back in) and the savings amounted to around $20 a month.

Yes, small fry. But at the risk of sounding like a broken record, that money is better in our pockets than theirs.

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