Foxtel Now vs Foxtel Go: What’s the difference?


Foxtel's two streaming services offer two very different viewing experiences. Let us break it down for you.

Foxtel has been upping the ante when it comes to on-demand video content. Foxtel Go and Foxtel Now are two new reasons to sign-up – but which is right for you?

Before we get started, remember that Foxtel Go is included with any monthly subscription, and Foxtel Now is an extra paid service that can be used as an addition to, or instead of, your regular Foxtel service. Of course, if you're not an existing Foxtel customer you can just get Foxtel Now, and you will also get Foxtel Go as part of your subscription.

The real question is whether Foxtel Now is worth the investment for you, existing customer, or not. We’re going to try to answer that question, and of course, show you how to get the most of your Foxtel Go service.

Foxtel Now and Foxtel Go Deals

Foxtel Now two-week free trial

Try Foxtel Now free for two weeks.

What else should you know about Foxtel Now?

What is Foxtel Now?

Foxtel Now is an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) streaming service that is designed to get Foxtel in the homes of people who aren’t convinced by lock-in contracts, installation fees or the need to buy extra hardware. Like other IPTV streaming services, you’ll need a fast, steady Internet connection and a big enough data allowance to make the most of your subscription.

The recommended minimum data speed is 3.0Mbps.

The subscription starts at $10 per month and includes the mobile service, Foxtel Go, for free. From there, customers can personalise their own subscription (similar to how ‘regular’ Foxtel works) by adding genre packs, such as sport or drama.

You can watch Foxtel Now content on your Smart TV, Xbox One, computer or any Internet-enabled device.

Similar services to Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now is a streaming video-on-demand service that streams selected Foxtel content whenever you need. However, Foxtel Now's catalogue changes on a week-to-week basis and most TV series are only streamed at 2-3 episodes at a time. Content will occasionally disappear from services like Presto, Stan and Netflix, but nowhere near as often as Foxtel Now.

Foxtel Now two-week free trial

Try Foxtel Now free for two weeks.

30-day free trial with hayu

Binge over 3,000 episodes of reality TV, including Keeping up with the Kardashians, Made in Chelsea, and Real Housewives.

What is Foxtel Go?

Foxtel Go comes included with your Foxtel monthly subscription (including a Foxtel Now subscription). It is an app for mobile devices that allows you to take your Foxtel with you and watch some of your subscribed content on the go.

Foxtel Now vs Foxtel Go

While Foxtel Go comes as a free inclusion with your Foxtel subscription, not all channels are supported live. Remember that a lot of the channels that aren’t available ‘live’ on Foxtel Go are available through the ‘catch-up’ feature.
With Foxtel Now, you will only have access to the channels you subscribe to.

ChannelsFoxtel NowFoxtel Go
BBC FirstAvailableLive/Catch-up
UK TVAvailableLive/Catch-up
13th StreetAvailableLive/Catch-up
111 GreatsAvailableCatch-up Only
TVSNAvailableLive Only
TV HitsAvailableLive/Catch-up
Premiere MoviesAvailableLive/Catch-up
Disney MoviesAvailableLive/Catch-up
World MoviesAvailableLive/Catch-up
TCMAvailableCatch-up Only
The Lifestyle ChannelAvailableLive/Catch-up
Lifestyle FOODAvailableLive/Catch-up
Sky NewsAvailableLive/Catch-up
National GeographicAvailableLive/Catch-up
History ChannelAvailableLive/Catch-up
Discovery ChannelAvailableLive/Catch-up
Fox SportsAvailableLive Only
ESPNAvailableLive Only
Channel VAvailableLive/Catch-up
Cartoon NetworkAvailableLive/Catch-up
The Disney ChannelAvailableLive/Catch-up

Device compatibility: Foxtel Now vs Foxtel Go

It’s no good signing up for a new service, or spending time getting familiar with it, if you’re not absolutely sure it will be compatible with the devices you use. Remember that the Foxtel Now service is available on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) via Foxtel Go.

You can register a maximum of three devices at once with a Foxtel Now account.

You can register a maximum of three devices with a Foxtel Go account, and have two of them running at once.

Device supportedFoxtel NowFoxtel GO
iPad2 or above (iOS 6)2 or above (iOS 6)
iPhone4 or above (iOS 6)4 or above (iOS 6)
iPod5 or above (iOS 6)5 or above (iOS 6)
Samsung GALAXYS3, S4, S5, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4 Edge (Jellybean 4.1– Lollipop 5.1)S3, S4, S5, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4 Edge (Jellybean 4.1– Lollipop 5.1)
Samsung GALAXY TabletsNote 10.1, Tab2 10.1, Tab3 7", Tab3 8", Tab3 10.1, Tab Pro 10.1, Tab Pro 8.4, Tab S, Tab 4, Note 10.1 (2014), Note 4 or Note 8" (Jellybean 4.1– Lollipop 5.1)Note 10.1, Tab2 10.1, Tab3 7", Tab3 8", Tab3 10.1, Tab Pro 10.1, Tab Pro 8.4, Tab S, Tab 4, Note 10.1 (2014), Note 4 or Note 8" (Jellybean 4.1– Lollipop 5.1)
LG G3(Jellybean 4.1– Lollipop 5.1)(Jellybean 4.1– Lollipop 5.1)
HTC OneM9, M9 (Jellybean 4.1– Lollipop 5.1)M9, M9 (Jellybean 4.1– Lollipop 5.1)
Sony XperiaZ1, Z2 Phone or Z2 Tablet, Xperia C3, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact, Xperia Z3 Tablet (Jellybean 4.1 – Lollipop 5.1)Z1, Z2 Phone or Z2 Tablet, Xperia C3, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact, Xperia Z3 Tablet (Jellybean 4.1 – Lollipop 5.1)
Google NexusNexus 5, Nexus 9 (Jellybean 4.1 – Lollipop 5.1)Nexus 5, Nexus 9 (Jellybean 4.1 – Lollipop 5.1)
Mac OSX10.6, 10.7 (Snow Leopard and Lion) with Safari version 5 or above.10.6, 10.7 (Snow Leopard and Lion)
PCXP Service Pack 2 or higher (Internet Explorer 8 or above)XP Service Pack 2 or higher (Internet Explorer 8 or above)
Samsung Smart TVs & BluRay PayersAll models of 2012– 2014 TVs, any Smart Hub enabled 2012– 2013 model Blu-Ray Player / Home Theatre System.n/a
LG Smart TVSelect 2013 modelsn/a
Sony Smart TVs2014 modelsn/a
Sony PlaystationPlaystation 3 and Playstation 4n/a

Availability: Foxtel Now vs Foxtel Go

To get the most out of both Foxtel Now and Foxtel Go (and to avoid unnecessary data costs) you will need to make sure you have a sufficient monthly data allowance. Streaming video eats up a lot of data, and if you’re on a limited plan, you may find yourself spending much more than you want at the end of the month. You will also need a stable Internet connection to avoid common streaming annoyances such as buffering for long periods.

If you think you need to upgrade your data plan, or switch to a different ISP, do your research first to find the best provider.

What you’ll needFoxtel NowFoxtel Go
Connection SpeedMinimum 3.0 MbpsMinimum 3.0 Mbps
Data AllowanceDepends on your usage, but unlimited is best if you plan to watch a lot.Depends on your usage, but unlimited is best if you plan to watch a lot.
DevicesInternet enabled device (Smart TV, XBOX etc.)Mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.)
A Foxtel AccountBuild your own stand alone Now accou , or add it to your Foxtel subscription.Free with your Now or regular Foxtel subscription.

Signing Up Process: Foxtel Now vs Foxtel Go

Foxtel Now is pretty easy to sign up for – it’s meant to be Foxtel’s no-strings-attached product. To sign up (for the trial and for a subscription) visit the Foxtel website and click ‘Get Foxtel Play’. Click ‘Start your two week trial’ if you want to take it for a spin first, otherwise continue to the channel selection. You will select your preferred genre packs during the signup process which will determine your monthly cost.

When you’ve finished registration, download the app, sign in and start watching.
Foxtel Go is simple to use and even simpler to sign up for. All you need is your Foxtel ID and password to get started. Simply download the app from the Foxtel website and enter in your details when prompted. You can register up to three devices at any one time and you can change your devices over once a month.

Ease of Use: Foxtel Now vs Foxtel Go

Both Foxtel Go and Foxtel Now have been praised for the design, and the user friendly interface of their applications. Both have also been criticised for buffering issues and connection problems. It is vital to remember that, as with any other IPTV or streaming service, the quality of your connection is vital to your viewing experience. A bad connection will mean a bad service.

If you’re having problems, try out these places for tips and ideas for how to improve the service, or to see other users’ experiences in comparison to your own:

  • There is an active Foxtel troubleshoot community available via the Foxtel website. The forum covers common problems and fixes.
  • Whirlpool forums are also a good place to go for advice
  • Foxtel’s customer helpline is available 9am–7pm AEST, Monday–Friday

Value for Money: Foxtel Now vs Foxtel Go

Foxtel Go (being free and all) is pretty good value for money. Its inclusion in Foxtel’s monthly subscription bundles really keeps them in the streaming game and makes a regular Foxtel subscription better value for money.

Foxtel Now is good value for money – if it's right for you. If you’re happy with your set-top box, there's really no reason to make the switch to Foxtel Now. However, if you are looking to upgrade to a Smart TV, or you’re looking to get Foxtel for the first time, and want to skip all the installation hassle, then Foxtel Now might be a good choice.

How much does Foxtel Now cost? You can build your Foxtel Now subscription by bundling genres. Docos, Lifestyle and Kids all cost $10 each. Drama and Pop cost $15 each but can be purchased together for $25 per month. There also premium Sport and Movie packs that cost $29 and $20, respectively.

We’ve compared some costs below – but don’t forget that if you need to buy a new device to get the most out of the service then you will need to factor in its cost, too. That’s of course if you weren’t going to buy it, anyway.

Don’t forget data costs. This goes especially for mobile devices – but if you have a limited data plan at home or on your device the cost of your subscription could be much more than you expect. Do yourself a favour and double check your data allowance before you start to use the service. Excess data charges aren’t pretty.

Foxtel NowFoxtel Go
How many channelsBuild your own with genre packs (similar to the way regular Foxtel subscription works.)It depends on your current Foxtel subscription – you will only be able to view channels you are already subscribed to.
Maximum number of devicesFive (two at once)Three (two at once)
Monthly CostBuild your own genre bundle; Docos, Lifestyle, Kids at $10 each and Drama and Pop at $15 each.Free with a Foxtel subscription of any kind.
Extras available?Add premium packs on top: Sport for $29 and Movies for $20.

Free trials: Foxtel Now vs Foxtel Go

Wanna take your Internet TV for a spin before you sign up? We hear you. Technically speaking Foxtel Go’s ‘free trial’ lasts forever because it’s free with a subscription. But when it comes to Foxtel Now it might be a good idea to try before you buy to see how well your device or your Internet connection works with the service.

Foxtel NowFoxtel Go
Free Trial?Yes, a two-week free trial available.Try it out to see if you like it, but Foxtel Go is free with a subscription.

Foxtel Now Review

Foxtel Now is best for people who want in on all of Foxtel’s great content but want the flexibility of an IPTV service with no lock-in contracts.

We like the simple and user-friendly interface. Its platform and device support is comprehensive, and you can watch just as easily from your Smart TV or computer.

Of course, the quality of your experience will greatly depend on your Internet connection. This is not the right service for people who often have dropouts or spotty connections at home. Also, remember that the subscription cost doesn’t include your broadband expenses, so if you're on a pricey or limited data plan – it’s best to upgrade before you sign up.

  • No lock-in contracts
  • No installation fees
  • Build your own subscription
  • The cheapest way to legally watch Game of Thrones when it airs
  • Two week free trial available

Foxtel Go Review

There are some real advantages to Foxtel Go: it adds value to your monthly subscription and allows you to watch your favourite content wherever you are. Lots of tech reviewers have praised Foxtel Go’s intuitive and user-friendly interface and the app’s functionality.

We also like that there is no need to sign up for anything else or to take out your card. Simply download the free app and login using your Foxtel account details.

Get up-to-date with everything you’ve missed with the handy catch-up features - which includes content from channels unavailable via the live stream. Seeing as it's free, and just a download away for pre-existing Foxtel customers, we think Foxtel Go is a great addition to the service.

  • Slick App. Don't take our word for it. Try it out for free
  • Free with your Foxtel subscription
  • Catch up feature
  • Great if you’re constantly on the move

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21 Responses

  1. Default Gravatar
    JeanetteMay 8, 2017

    Hi, I have two channel packs with my subscription of Foxtel, how do I watch these on Foxtel Go ? Thanks

  2. Default Gravatar
    grantApril 11, 2017

    hi – i have a foxtel account and use foxtel go on 2 other devices. i want to use foxtel play on one other device but it wont let me add that device. i thought i could have up to 5 devices including 2 foxtel play devices?

    • Staff
      ArnoldApril 12, 2017Staff

      Hi Grant,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      With Foxtel, you can actually register 5 devices (3 devices for Foxtel Play customers) and have 2 of them running Foxtel Go at the same time (Foxtel Play devices count towards your device limit), linked to one Foxtel account. So in your case, you can register your TV device so you can directly watch Foxtel Go from it. You have the choice of switching a device out for another each calendar month. Just log in to your Foxtel account, go to the settings icon and choose “Manage My devices” and click on “De-register” if you wish to switch off that device.

      Please click here for more info about Foxtel Play.
      and click here to see the full list of compatible devices.

      Hope this information helped.


  3. Default Gravatar
    renaeDecember 14, 2016

    I have foxtel platinum package on the tv in my lounge so i watch foxtel on my foxtel go app on my phone in the kitchen i have a tv in the kitchen and was wondering how i can get the foxtel go content from my phone to that tv as foxtel doesn’t have chrome cast on screen, i have a telstra tv box on my tv and have presto stan and netflix, can get foxtel play but don’t want to pay anymore money for it, when i tried to log in with my foxtel go info it wouldn’t let me, so how can i get my go from my phone to my tv please thank you

    • Staff
      MayDecember 14, 2016Staff

      Hi Renae,

      Thanks for your question.

      With Foxtel, you can actually register 5 devices (3 devices for Foxtel Play customers), and have 2 of them running Foxtel Go at the same time (Foxtel Play devices count towards your device limit), linked to one Foxtel account. So in your case, you can register your TV device so you can directly watch Foxtel Go from it. You have the choice of switching a device out for another each calendar month. Just log in to your Foxtel account, go to the settings icon and choose “Manage My devices” and click on “De-register” if you wish to switch off that device.

      Hope this helps.


  4. Default Gravatar
    RobertOctober 18, 2016

    I am in this country for the next 3 weeks. I want to know if I can get Foxtel Play and get the Foxtel Sports channels. Your list does not include them in the basic list. I don’t care if I do not get the other channels. Is there a number I can call to talk to a representative?

    Thank you for your help,

    • Staff
      JasonOctober 18, 2016Staff

      Hi Robert,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      You can sign up with Foxtel Play through this link. They have free trial for two weeks. You have an option to add the Sports Channel Pack for an additional fee though. You can call Foxtel Play at 131 999.

      I hope this helps.


  5. Default Gravatar
    sherlockSeptember 29, 2016

    Does Foxtel Play give you access to the HD channels if your TV is a smart HD TV?

    • Staff
      AnndyOctober 5, 2016Staff

      Hi Sherlock,

      Thanks for your question.

      Unfortunately Foxtel Play is not yet in HD.


  6. Default Gravatar
    DebSeptember 20, 2016

    Hi…..I have previously been included as a family Foxtel Go add on. Unfortunately, they have now dropped their subscription after moving overseas. I really liked the service and would like to have something the same with being able to have live and catch up service. I’m an early sleeper, so would find Foxtel Play rather limiting and miss so many episodes of my favourite series.
    I’m not keen to have the Foxtel box installed at this stage because the Optus NBN plan we are on doesn’t offer many channels and the cost is silly, plus no Foxtel Go options. Isn’t there a way I can have the same Foxtel Go like I enjoyed via my family’s subscription previously? Can’t I pay Foxtel for the same service, just not being linked to a full subscription?
    Warmest regards, Deb

    • Staff
      BrodieSeptember 26, 2016Staff

      Hi Deb,

      Sounds like what you’re after is Foxtel Play. Foxtel Play has no lock-in contracts and can be trialled for a two-week period. Check it out.


  7. Default Gravatar
    BuckoJuly 1, 2016

    Can you use foxtel play with chrome box?

    • Staff
      AlexJuly 4, 2016Staff

      Hi Bucko,

      There’s no official client for Foxtel Play on Chrome OS as yet, although it may be feasible when Google makes Android apps available across Chrome that you may get Foxtel Play accessibility that way.



  8. Default Gravatar
    AnnetteJune 20, 2016

    Does Foxtel play via a smart hub DVD player have Foxtel on demand ? Would like to know before I purchase one. Thank you

    • Staff
      BrodieJune 20, 2016Staff

      Hi Annette,

      Can I ask what DVD player you are using?


  9. Default Gravatar
    ChuckFebruary 8, 2016

    Hi, I have Foxtel Go on my laptop, but when I try and hook my laptop up to my TV to watch on the bigger screen the Foxtel Go stops working. Is there a “block” on doing this so that I am restricted to watching it on my laptop screen rather than the larger TV screen?

    • Staff
      BrodieFebruary 9, 2016Staff

      Hi Chuck,

      Unfortunately, Foxtel Play does not support HDMI adapters (or AirPlay/Mirroring). I’d recommend shopping for another service that suits your needs.


    • Default Gravatar
      ClintAugust 11, 2016

      If you have chromecast you can configure either your android phone or chrome browser to cast full screen a/v, as it not actually casting the app I’m pretty sure you can get away with this.
      I use this method for casting catch up tv which does not have its own built in casting code.

  10. Default Gravatar
    stephenJuly 15, 2015

    is the rugby world cup live on foxtel play

    • Staff
      AlexJuly 16, 2015Staff

      Hi Stephen,

      You’re in luck. The Rugby World Cup will be available on Foxtel Play.

      If you’d like to check out all of the sports content available on Foxtel Play, check out this page here.


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