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Leaving Netflix Australia soon: TV shows and movies on the way out

Bon voyage! These titles are about to set sail and leave Netflix indefinitely.

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This table was last updated on 01 Jul 2022.
TitleDescriptionExpires on
Little Lunch
  • Season 1
Adopting a child's perspective, this show takes a humorous look at what happens during those action-packed 15 minutes of snack time each day.2022-06-30
The Wiggles: Ready, Steady, Wiggle
  • Season 1
The top band for preschool kids, The Wiggles, entertains tots with spirited music, simple choreography and whimsical adventures.2022-06-30
  • Season 1
A team of brave underwater explorers known as the Octonauts combs the world's oceans for aquatic creatures in desperate need of assistance.2022-06-30
Peter Rabbit
  • Season 1
Beatrix Potter's classic character returns and explores new destinations, thrilling adventures and fabulous fun with a cast of furry friends.2022-06-30
Little Lunch: The Halloween Horror StoryWhen the class puts on a Halloween play about a boy who leaves behind his friends for a scary new place, it hits too close to home for one student.2022-06-30
Little Lunch: The Nightmare Before GraduationMrs. Gonsha's students are excited about the end of primary school -- until they discover that a classmate might not move on with them.2022-06-30
The Wiggles, Nursery RhymesEmma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony share some of their all-time favorite nursery rhymes, including "Wheels on the Bus" and "Old MacDonald."2022-06-30
Riaad Moosa: Life Begins"Comedy Doctor" Riaad Moosa turns 40, prescribing laughs in this special that covers how spouses argue, accents, negotiating with kids and more.2022-07-02
Eighth GradeDespite her social isolation and fears about high school, a shy eighth grader musters up optimism to make it through the last week of middle school.2022-07-02
Slaughterhouse RulezNew to town, a middle-class teen flounders at a top boarding school when a nearby sinkhole at a fracking site unleashes tremors of terror.2022-07-02
Sugar RushAfter discovering a huge sum of money, a trio of sisters swipes it for personal use until the authorities and a shady mob boss come to collect the cash.2022-07-02
The Perfect Picture: Ten Years LaterFrom flawed husbands to shaky finances, new complications test a close circle of friends who must lean on each other in a new decade of their lives.2022-07-02
The FarewellA Chinese American woman learns that her grandmother is dying but is forced to keep it a secret during an impromptu wedding organized in China.2022-07-03
CristinaIn this short documentary, 37-year-old Cristina valiantly battles cancer while doing all she can to encourage others to live in the moment.2022-07-03
I See YouAs he searches for a missing child, a small-town detective uncovers a malicious presence lurking in the crevices of his family’s already broken home.2022-07-05
The Light Between OceansA happily married but childless couple on a remote Australian island wrestle with a moral dilemma when they discover a lifeboat carrying an infant.2022-07-08
Bob the Builder
  • Season 1
Bob the Builder and his cheerful crew are able to tackle every construction project in the colorful town of Bobsville, no matter how small or big.2022-07-09
The Best of the WigglesPacked with songs for young learners, this compilation is filled with performances by one of the most popular children’s entertainment groups in the world.2022-07-09
Your ExcellencyBumbling through politics, a billionaire businessman's presidential campaign seems destined for disaster until it gets a boost from social media.2022-07-09
White Boy RickIn this fact-based drama, a blue-collar Detroit teenager becomes an FBI informant and later a drug dealer at the height of the '80s crack epidemic.2022-07-09
Hole in the WallDiagnosed with colon cancer, a free-spirited man embarks on an illuminating road trip with his son through South Africa.2022-07-09
InfamousA Florida waitress and an ex-con become a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde when they document a crime spree on social media and amass millions of followers.2022-07-10
The Hole in the GroundAfter moving to a new town, a single mother becomes convinced that her son has been replaced by something from beneath the sinkhole behind their house.2022-07-11
RominaA shocking assault inspires horrific violence when a group of teens encounters a girl from their school while camping in a remote spot.2022-07-12
Little Singham: Legend of DugabakkaAs fears rise over a ghost known for nighttime abductions, Mirchi Nagar residents look to the only person they know can save them: Little Singham!2022-07-13
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
  • Season 1
A teen haunted by the spirit of an old friend summons the other members of their childhood club to help fulfill the girl's final wish.2022-07-14
A.P. Bio
  • Season 1
  • Season 2
A former Ivy League philosophy professor returns to his hometown as a high school biology teacher, using his gifted class for his own devious goals.2022-07-14
Can't Cope, Won't Cope
  • Season 1
In Dublin, friends Aisling and Danielle must come to terms with adulthood when their millennial hijinks and hangovers begin to wear off.2022-07-14
Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeIt's the Man of Steel vs. the Caped Crusader when Batman becomes suspicious of Superman's increasing power, and Lex Luthor's happy to take advantage.2022-07-14
Blood DiamondIn war-ravaged Sierra Leone, a diamond smuggler offers to reunite a local fisherman with his family in exchange for a gigantic gem he discovered.2022-07-14
Charlie's Angels: Full ThrottleIn this reboot of the TV classic, the Angels are tasked with finding lost rings encoded with the personal information of people in witness protection.2022-07-14
InnerspaceA pilot is miniaturized for a top-secret exploratory journey inside a lab rabbit -- but is instead injected into the body of a nebbish store clerk.2022-07-14
Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandWhen a distress signal pinpoints his grandfather's location on an uncharted island, teen Sean Anderson teams with an unlikely ally: his stepfather.2022-07-14
Logan's RunIn the 23rd century, inhabitants of a domed city exist in a world filled with life's pleasures -- but no one is allowed to live past the age of 30.2022-07-14
Murder at 1600In director Dwight H. Little's crime drama, Detective Harlan Regis gets a call to investigate a homicide at the White House and soon finds himself embroiled in a mystery involving the highest echelons of political power.2022-07-14
National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1When a law-abiding detective teams up with a maverick cop to solve a murder, they uncover a grandiose scheme involving drugs and girl scout cookies.2022-07-14
RocknRollaA likeable gang of thieves in London's underworld set out to nab millions when they are clued in to a mobster's real estate deal.2022-07-14
The BraveWith entry into the European Union at stake, Albania must rely on a mash-up of elite cops to take down a slippery drug lord dominating its economy.2022-07-14
The GetawayA career criminal gets paroled from a Texas prison to execute a complicated heist with his wife, but a series of double crosses sends them on the run.2022-07-14
The Last Boy ScoutPrivate eye Joe Hallenbeck is forced to team up with a disgraced quarterback to uncover a conspiracy by a politician and a football team owner.2022-07-14
Fantastic Mr. FoxWhen Mr. Fox's raids on nearby farms raise the ire of the farmers, he must outwit the men's increasingly outrageous plans to catch him.2022-07-14
JFKA New Orleans district attorney investigates the assassination of John F. Kennedy and discovers there's more to the story than the official report.2022-07-14
Seven PoundsWeighed down by a dark secret, IRS agent Ben Thomas tries to improve the lives of seven strangers in need of a second chance.2022-07-14
The Bridges of Madison CountyWhen a vaguely discontented Iowa housewife meets a National Geographic shutterbug, what begins as a guarded friendship erupts into an intense affair.2022-07-14
100% WolfInstead of turning into a werewolf on his 13th birthday, Freddy became a poodle. Now he's out to prove he's fierce enough to keep up with the pack.2022-07-14
Sonic the HedgehogA small-town sheriff helps an alien hedgehog with supersonic speed outrun a mad doctor who wants the creature's special powers to dominate the world.2022-07-14
Big Momma's HouseTo make a key arrest, FBI agent Malcolm Turner must disguise himself convincingly as the outsized grandmother of an escaped convict's ex-girlfriend.2022-07-14
Big Time AdolescenceA chaotic 20-something becomes a mentor to a susceptible teenager. But things go awry when his influence sets the younger boy on a destructive path.2022-07-14
Epic MovieFour orphans visit a magic chocolate factory, where an enchanted wardrobe zaps them back to the land of Gnarnia in this spoof of a dozen blockbusters.2022-07-14
Gremlins 2: The New BatchIn this inventive sequel, a whole new generation of marauding monsters wreak havoc on the Big Apple, targeting a New York skyscraper.2022-07-14
How to Be SingleFrom playing the field to cracking dating-site algorithms, four fun-loving friends approach singlehood differently. But it's time to shake things up.2022-07-14
Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami BeachAfter descending upon Miami, Capt. Harris and a group of former academy misfits find themselves embroiled in a crime ring involving stolen gems.2022-07-14
The Wedding RingerA tech entrepreneur engaged to a gorgeous girl is afraid to admit he has no friends, so he hires Best Man Inc. to get him the groomsmen he needs.2022-07-14
The Wedding SingerAfter his fiancée leaves him at the altar, a wedding singer grows close to a reception hall waiter who enlists him to plan her own nuptials.2022-07-14
You've Got MailA bookshop owner and a superstore magnate fall in love online, believing they've never met. In reality, they have — and they hate each other.2022-07-14
What a Girl WantsIn search of the father she's never met, the daughter of a bohemian American woman heads to Europe and finds that her dad is an uptight politician.2022-07-14
Vampires SuckThis spoof of pop culture and teenage vampire movies stars Jenn Proske as a high schooler who must choose between two hunky boys.2022-07-14
Don't Say a WordA New York City shrink must extract the whereabouts of some hidden bank loot from the mind of a violent and catatonic mental patient.2022-07-14
Just CauseA law professor is lured back into practice to help prove the innocence of a man on death row, but what he uncovers is much darker and more dangerous.2022-07-14
BogdaAn aspiring dancer accompanies her terminally ill mother on one last road trip that alternately strains and strengthens their knotty relationship.2022-07-14
Cold FeetAt a resort getaway, the fate of two couples collides when a wife unexpectedly runs into an old flame as he hesitates to propose to his girlfriend.2022-07-14
SylviaWhen a man outgrows a childhood friendship and commits to marrying his girlfriend, obsession and spiritual warfare soon disrupt his peaceful life.2022-07-14
Escape from PretoriaAnti-apartheid activists Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee orchestrate a plan to escape from prison during 1970s South Africa. Based on a true story.2022-07-14
Criminal Justice
  • Season 1
  • Season 2
Each season of this award-winning BBC series follows a single homicide defendant through Britain's criminal justice system.2022-07-15
Scream Original
  • Season 1
  • Season 2
Memories of a town's dark past are stirred when a group of teens become suspects, targets and victims of a killer who’s out for blood.2022-07-15
War of the Worlds: GoliathThis animated version of H.G. Wells's classic novel finds the scientists of Earth building defensive weapons to confront the coming alien onslaught.2022-07-15
The MillionsTo pull off a massive heist, a charismatic con artist attempts to rob a fortified home with the help of a team he can't completely trust.2022-07-16
Uncertain GloryWhen Lluís, a disinterested Spanish soldier, meets Carlana, he falls quickly in love, but soon discovers that Carlana's true passion is power.2022-07-16
UglyDollsMoxy and her colorful friends leave Uglyville on a quest to find a kid to love. But on the way, they must confront what it means to be different.2022-07-17
Handsome DevilA self-described outsider is sent to a rugby-obsessed boarding school, where he forms an unexpected bond with the star player.2022-07-19
Triple ThreatA crew of ruthless criminals hired to kill an influential heiress meet their match in a trio of surprisingly adept fighters who come to her aid.2022-07-21
The Letter ReaderA young boy from Johannesburg arrives in KwaZulu-Natal and begins to read letters for villagers — then falls in love with one of the recipients.2022-07-21
Fathers & DaughtersAfter his wife dies, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author has a breakdown while raising his daughter. Years later, she can't shake her painful childhood.2022-07-22
BECKYA rebellious teen fights violence with violence to defend her family when their weekend getaway is interrupted by people who have fled from prison.2022-07-22
NimbeA bullied teenager gravitates toward the acceptance he finds in a street gang but soon ends up involved in a world of drug abuse and organized crime.2022-07-23
I Called Him MorganDecades after serving a prison sentence for killing jazz musician Lee Morgan, his common-law wife, Helen, reflects on their lives and his legacy.2022-07-23
Door Ke DarshanWhen a matriarch wakes from a 30-year coma, her wacky family frantically recreates a bygone era to keep her from noticing how much time has passed.2022-07-24
Project MarathwadaAfter his son’s suicide, a debt-ridden farmer seeks justice from the government. But as his pleas are mocked and rebuffed, his own will to live erodes.2022-07-24
THE WOLF HOURIn 1977 New York, an agoraphobic author struggling with writer’s block and paranoia becomes a target of an unseen tormentor during the Summer of Sam.2022-07-24
Tomorrow When the War Began
  • Season 1
A group of teens becomes guerrilla fighters after returning from a remote camping trip to find their country at war.2022-07-26
Batman: Soul of the DragonWhen a sacred artifact is stolen, Bruce Wayne suits up and sets out to bring together his former companions in martial arts training to get it back.2022-07-26
Four Kids and ItOn a blended family vacation, four kids befriend a wish-granting creature and must keep their magic hidden from a rich recluse and his devious plans.2022-07-26
Spy Kids: All the Time in the WorldTwins Rebecca and Cecil spring into action with their retired secret agent stepmother to stop a time-manipulating mastermind and his nefarious plans.2022-07-26
AccompliceTraverse the globe with the world's top riders as they pedal through rugged terrain and majestic locations in this visual homage to the bicycle.2022-07-26
It's Her DayAfter a man promises his fiancé a dream wedding, he must keep up with her outrageous requests to have the most lavish ceremony possible.2022-07-28
Like a BossTwo best friends end up putting their partnership and their beauty business on the line when they partner with a major cosmetics corporation.2022-07-28
Shine Your EyesA Nigerian musician travels to Brazil to search for his estranged brother, who is living a life very different than the one his family thought.2022-07-28
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Netflix Australia's stellar library has a massive list of TV shows and movies but all good things must come to an end. Limited streaming rights mean that sometimes one TV show or movie on your pile of shame will disappear from Netflix's catalogue without notice.

So stay on top of the comings and goings of Netflix's quality line-up with our up-to-date list of titles leaving soon.

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