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Leaving Stan soon: Every TV show and movie expiring this month

Make sure to catch these TV shows and movies leaving Stan in the next 30 days.

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TitleContent typeDescriptionExpires on
Euphoria (2018)Movie"Matteo and Ettore are brothers with very different personalities. A dramatic event will force them to come together, bringing up the opportunity to face their differences with sympathy and tenderness, in a climax of fear and euphoria." 2023-11-28
The Last ProseccoMovie"A police inspector investigates the theatrical suicide of the dashing, opinionated Count Ancillotto, a man who was proud of his family's heritage of making the finest Prosecco." 2023-11-28
I Love You, ManMovie"When Peter Klaven gets engaged to the girl of his dreams he realises he has not got a single guy friend to be his Best Man, until he meets the ultimate dude, Sydney Fife. Their budding “bro-mance” takes male-bonding to hilarious new heights." 2023-11-29
My Psychedelic Love StoryMovie"Looks into the infamous high priest of LSD Timothy Leary, through the eyes of his lover Joanna Harcourt-Smith. Was Leary’s "perfect love" a CIA plant who helped take him down? Or was she simply out for fun with the man Nixon called "Public Enemy #1"?" 2023-11-29
Daughter of MineMovie"A 10-year-old girl living in a Sardinian village is torn between two mothers, the mother who raised her with love and her biological mother, who instinctively claims her back." 2023-11-29
BoyMovie"Boy is a dreamer who loves Michael Jackson. When Boy's other hero, his father, Alamein, returns home after seven years away, Boy is forced to confront the man he thought he remembered, and learn to get along without the hero he had been hoping for." 2023-11-30
The Polar ExpressMovie"On Christmas Eve, a doubting young boy takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole that shows him that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe." 2023-11-30
Lethal Weapon 4Movie"With personal crises and age weighing in on them, LAPD officers Riggs and Murtaugh must contend with deadly mobsters that are trying to free their former leaders out of prison and onto American soil." 2023-11-30
Godzilla: King of the MonstersMovie"A legendary monster named King Ghidorah awakens a battery of god-sized monsters – thought to be mere myths - to destroy the world. To defeat them, the crypto-zoological organisation Monarch must rely on the almighty Godzilla." 2023-11-30
LOLMovie"Starting a new year of high school, Lola works to find the right balance between family, school, friends and romance. Broken-hearted by her ex, Lola is surprised to find her best friend Kyle could possibly be the love of her life." 2023-12-01
BurlesqueMovie"Ali (Christina Aguilera) is a small-town singer who moves to L.A. for her chance at stardom. She lands a waitressing job at the Burlesque Lounge, a glamorous nightclub packed with dancers, sizzling music, and an owner (Cher) in need of a star." 2023-12-01
Bad BoysMovie"From Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer, Bad Boys follows detectives Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), who are assigned to a case involving $100 million of seized heroin that’s been stolen from the Miami Police lock-up." 2023-12-02
Bad Boys IIMovie"Martin Lawrence and Will Smith reunite as out-of-control trash-talking buddy cops. Bullets fly, cars crash, and laughs explode as they pursue a whacked-out drug lord from the streets of Miami to the barrios of Cuba." 2023-12-02
Thomas Banks' Quest for LoveMovie"Thomas Banks is a young, gay playwright with cerebral palsy on a quest to find true love; he struggles to find someone who will commit, looks for love in all the wrong places and crosses many hurdles; will he learn to love himself by opening night?" 2023-12-02
Berlin StationTV show"US CIA officer Daniel Miller's new mission puts him undercover at the agency's Berlin branch. He'll have to deal with deception, danger and moral compromises, as he sorts out cases involving damaging leaks, whistleblowers, terrorists and more." 2023-12-02
Macho: The Hector Camacho StoryMovie"A hard-hitting look at the rise, fall and death of one of boxing’s most colourful champions. The film chronicles Hector’s epic battles inside the ring, his struggles with addiction, and the mystery of the double homicide that claimed his life." 2023-12-03
Diego MaradonaMovie"Constructed from over 500 hours of never-before-seen footage, this documentary centres on the career of celebrated football player Diego Maradona, who played for S.S.C. Napoli in the 1980s." 2023-12-03
Keep GoingMovie"Sybille, a divorced mother, can't stand watching her teenage son Samuel slip into a violent and meaningless life. She is also struggling with her own demons, past and present. As a last resort, she takes Samuel on a long journey across Kyrgyzstan." 2023-12-03
The August VirginMovie"Eva realises that nothing is going right in her life, she decides to stay in Madrid over the summer, when all the other locals leave. She needs to feel things differently and the month of August offers her a chance to start from scratch." 2023-12-05
BeautyMovie"François is a South African man in his forties who lives an apparently happy life. He’s openly racist and homophobic, but at the same time he’s sexually attracted to men. WARNING: Contains High Impact Sex Scenes and Violence." 2023-12-06
Three Perfect DaughtersMovie"Three fathers refuse to believe that their 'perfect' daughters have chosen completely unsuitable partners. In a state of despair, they decide to join forces and do whatever it takes to boycott the relationships of their offspring." 2023-12-06
You, Me and the ApocalypseTV show"When the news is announced that a comet is on an unavoidable collision course with Earth, the most hilarious and unexpected chain of events imaginable is set in motion, in this adrenaline-fuelled comedy-drama featuring an A-List cast." 2023-12-06
A Most Wanted ManMovie"When a mysterious immigrant arrives in Hamburg’s Islamic community trying to recover his dead father’s fortune, he kicks off a race against U.S and German intelligence hunting him down, in this action-thriller from spymaster John Le Carré." 2023-12-07
DeliciousMovie"France, 1789, just before the Revolution. With the help of a surprising young woman, a chef who has been sacked by his noble master finds the strength to free himself from his position as a servant and opens the first ever restaurant." 2023-12-07
BrassicTV show"A group of best friends in rural Lancashire have the time of their lives smoking pot, stealing tiny horses and getting themselves into all kinds of trouble." 2023-12-08
My Little Pony: A Charming BirthdayMovie"It's birthday time for Kimono and it's really hard to surprise the wisest pony in all of Ponyville. In fact, nobody's ever done it! But Razzaroo, Minty, and all of their friends are sure going to try!" 2023-12-09
My Little Pony: Dancing in the CloudsMovie"Twinkle Twirl has to choreograph a special dance for the Friendship Ball, and she's completely uninspired! She asks Sky Wishes to make an extra-special wish so that she can come up with a great idea." 2023-12-09
My Little Pony: Friends Are Never Far AwayMovie"Nothing's as much fun as making new friends! So Sky Wishes and Star Catcher want everyone in Ponyville and butterfly island to meet and get to know each other. But there's a problem. Pegasus ponies are very, very shy!" 2023-12-09
My Little Pony: Princess PromenadeMovie"The Spring Promenade is nearly here, and the ponies are preparing for it with the help of the Breezies. But a troublesome weed lands Wysteria and Pinkie Pie in a mysterious cave where Spike the dragon has been sleeping for a thousand years." 2023-12-09
My Little Pony: Runaway RainbowMovie"The Rainbow Celebration is almost near as everyone in Ponyville prepares and awaits the first rainbow of the season." 2023-12-09
My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish AdventureMovie"All the ponies cannot wait for the Winter Wishes festival where the Wishing Star grants each pony one special wish. But when the Wishing Star disappears, they go on a journey to find it." 2023-12-09
Don't BreatheMovie"A trio of thieves break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they'll walk away with a massive fortune. Finding themselves trapped inside, they must fight for their lives after their supposedly helpless victim isn't as helpless as he seems." 2023-12-10
The CraftMovie"Sarah is the new girl at St. Benedict's Academy and immediately falls in with a trio of outcast teenage girls who practice witchcraft. With their coven now complete, they wield newfound powers against all who dare to cross them." 2023-12-10
Forgotten We'll BeMovie"An author recalls life with his father, a university professor who fought against oppression and social inequality, and the circumstances of his murder by Colombian paramilitaries." 2023-12-11
TimbuktuMovie"A cattle herder and his family who reside in the dunes of Timbuktu find their quiet lives -- which are typically free of the Jihadists determined to control their faith -- abruptly disturbed." 2023-12-13
The MuleMovie"Earl Stone (Clint Eastwood), a man in his eighties, is broke, alone, and facing foreclosure of his business when he is offered a job that simply requires him to drive. Unbeknownst to Earl, he's just signed on as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel." 2023-12-14
A Woman For A FriendMovie"Lawyer Francis and veterinarian Claudia have been good friends for a long time. There are no secrets between them--until John arrives and Claudia decides to marry him. Francis realises that friendship between a man and a woman is more complicated." 2023-12-14
Declaration Of WarMovie"The idyllic life of a French couple shatters when they learn that their young son has a brain tumour. The young parents unite in the fight for his survival." 2023-12-14
Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by InnocenceTV show"It's Christmas 1954 when wealthy philanthropist Rachel Argyll is murdered at her family estate. Her adopted son Jack is arrested for her murder, but he vehemently protests his innocence. If he's telling the truth, then who's the real culprit?" 2023-12-14
Agatha Christie’s ABC MurdersTV show"1933. Hercule Poirot, older and greyer, receives letters threatening murder. The sender signs themselves only as “A.B.C.” When he takes the letters to the police looking for help Hercule finds all his old friends have moved on." 2023-12-14
The DelinquentsMovie"A small town in Australia, in the late 1950s: Brownie and Lola are deeply in love. But because they are under-age, their parents are against their relationship and try to separate them." 2023-12-15
CampingTV show"Brace yourself for a holiday to remember. A group of old friends go on a camping holiday in Devon to celebrate a landmark birthday. However, tensions and emotions quickly start to rise." 2023-12-15
3 Days to KillMovie"A dying Secret Service agent who wants to reconnect with his estranged daughter is offered a potentially lifesaving drug in exchange for completing one final mission." 2023-12-16
Life (2017)Movie"Astronauts aboard the International Space Station discover the first evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars. As they conduct their research, the rapidly evolving life-form proves far more intelligent and terrifying than anyone could have imagined." 2023-12-16
Hanazuki: Full Of TreasuresTV show"In a far off galaxy, moons and their inhabitants are threatened by a mysterious dark force. Their only hope — a Moonflower named Hanazuki." 2023-12-16
Mighty Morphin Power RangersTV show"Alien sorceress Rita Repulsa and her army of monsters emerge from space to conquer Earth. All that stands in their way are five teenagers with attitude who draw on dinosaur powers to transform into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." 2023-12-16
The Wild Thornberrys MovieMovie"In the heart of Africa, The Thornberrys are filming their action-packed wildlife show. They’re ready for anything with a fully-equipped off-road vehicle and a daughter who has a secret gift." 2023-12-17
Sex TapeMovie"A married couple wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing. In a panic, they begin tracking down leads, and roping in friends – all to reclaim their video, their reputation, their sanity, and their marriage." 2023-12-17
Tokyo ShakingMovie"As a tsunami threatens Fukushima's power plant in Japan, a French bank employee is torn between following the company's directions and protecting her relatives, and is compelled, almost unwillingly, to defend a certain virtue of honour." 2023-12-17
Entre Dos Aguas (Between Two Waters)Movie"Isra and Cheito are two brothers living different lives. When they return home after years apart they must deal with the memory of their father's violent death. WARNING: Contains High Impact Adult Themes, Nudity, Sex and Violence." 2023-12-18
ProofMovie"The life of a blind photographer who is looked after by an obsessive housekeeper is disrupted by the arrival of an agreeable restaurant worker." 2023-12-18
FractureMovie"Successful attorney Willy Beachum finds an unlikely opponent in manipulative criminal Ted, on trial for the attempted murder of his wife. A dangerous cat-and-mouse game ensues, as Willy attempts to prosecute Ted, who acts as his own lawyer." 2023-12-18
LimboMovie"Army commander Manuela returns home after an attack, forcing her into a very different and no less insidious war: against memories and disillusionment, but also against the stereotypical role of woman and victim that society tries to impose on her." 2023-12-19
Rock 'N' Roll Nerd: The Tim Minchin StoryMovie"Pieced together from footage taken over a period of three years, Rock 'N' Roll Nerd follows the rise of comedian, actor, composer, songwriter, pianist, musical director and rock 'n' roll star Tim Minchin and his rise from obscurity to celebrity." 2023-12-19
Unclenching The FistsMovie"In a former mining town in North Ossetia, a young woman struggles to escape the stifling hold of the family she loves as much as she rejects." 2023-12-19
Easy AMovie"After a lie about losing her virginity gets out, a clean cut high school girl (Emma Stone) sees her life paralleling "The Scarlet Letter", until she decides to use the rumour mill to advance her social and financial standing." 2023-12-20
Lucia's GraceMovie"Lucia is juggling motherhood with a romance, and a career as a land surveyor. When she realises a new building poses hazards, a mysterious woman tries to convince Lucia that building a church on the troubled site is the answer." 2023-12-20
An Impossible LoveMovie"A chronicle of the unconditional love between a mother and her daughter, from 1958 to the present day, which is endangered by an unsteady and manipulative father. WARNING: Contains High Impact Sex Scenes." 2023-12-20
Once In SummerMovie"The intimate story of judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino in 1985, after being threatened by Italy's Cosa Nostra, forcing them to isolate with their families on the Asinara Island under heavy police and military escort." 2023-12-21
Tom Of FinlandMovie"Examining the life and work of artist Tom of Finland, whose homoerotic drawings made him one of the most influential and celebrated figures of 20th century gay culture. WARNING: Contains High Impact Sexualised Imagery and Nudity." 2023-12-21
BoyTownMovie"They were the hottest thing in the 80s. And with hits like "Tough Titties" and "Boytown", they cemented their reputation as the biggest boy band on the planet. Now two decades later, Boytown are back." 2023-12-21
Loving VincentMovie"In a story depicted in oil painted animation, a young man comes to the last hometown of painter Vincent van Gogh to deliver the troubled artist's final letter and ends up investigating his final days there." 2023-12-22
Wonders of the UniverseTV show"Having taken on the Wonders Of The Solar System, professor Brian Cox takes the next step – the laws of the Universe." 2023-12-23
My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)Movie"Nine years ago, freewheeling Jules (Julia Roberts) made a pact with her best friend and ex-boyfriend, Michael, to marry each other if neither had found love by the age of 28. The time has come and Michael has popped the question, but to someone else." 2023-12-24
Seven Types of AmbiguityTV show"A psychological mystery told from the shifting perspective of seven characters following an intricate chain of events triggered when a child is taken and relationships are thrown into crisis." 2023-12-25
Little WomenTV show"Set against the backdrop of a country divided, the story follows the four March sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy on their journey from childhood to adulthood while their father is away at war." 2023-12-26
The Hurt LockerMovie"Follows the new head of an elite squad of soldiers tasked with disarming bombs, who recklessly plunges his team into a deadly game of urban combat as the city explodes into chaos. Winner of six Academy Awards including Best Picture." 2023-12-26
I'm Glad My Mother Is AliveMovie"Given up for adoption as a toddler, troubled teenager Thomas becomes obsessed with tracking down his birth mother. After years of searching, he finds her living in a nearby suburb and strikes up a relationship fraught with tension and emotion." 2023-12-26
Mandela: Long Walk to FreedomMovie"Based on South African President Nelson Mandela’s autobiography of the same name, which chronicles his early life, coming of age, education and 27 years in prison before becoming President and working to rebuild the country’s once segregated society." 2023-12-26
FoxcatcherMovie"Nominated for 5 Oscars and the Palme d'Or, Foxcatcher follows impassioned but struggling Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz, who is lured by wealthy heir John du Pont to move onto his 1000 acre compound to help form the team he has dreamed of." 2023-12-26
Bad EggsMovie"Ben Kinnear and Mike Paddock are undercover detectives with the Police Force’s elite Zero Tolerance Unit. When an accident involving a dead magistrate lands them on the front page of the local paper, Ben and Mike are busted down to uniformed duties." 2023-12-26
The RoverMovie"10 years after a global economic collapse, a hardened loner pursues the men who stole his only possession, his car. Along the way, he captures one of the thieves' brother, and the duo form an uneasy bond during the dangerous journey." 2023-12-27
FelonyMovie"Driving home after the long waited bust of a major gang, a decorated police officer runs a young cyclist off the road. In a split second decision he tells a lie about the accident - a lie that will change his life and that of his fellow officers." 2023-12-27
The NuggetMovie"Three friends stumble across a huge nugget of gold worth millions of dollars. After the three friends argue over how to split their findings, they encounter even bigger problems when other prospectors come to steal it." 2023-12-27
Sorry AngelMovie"Jacques is 39-year-old writer from Paris. Arthur is a 22-year-old student in Rennes. They instantly fall in love. But they'll have to face rejection and sickness to keep it that way." 2023-12-28
La Mala Noche (The Longest Night)Movie"A sex worker with addiction and money problems must surrender her income to the leader of a human trafficking ring. She finds her life spiralling into a dark abyss, but an unexpected event gives her the opportunity to take justice into her own hands." 2023-12-28
The Peanut Butter FalconMovie"A down-on-his-luck crab fisherman embarks on a journey to get a young man with Down syndrome to a professional wrestling school in rural North Carolina, and away from the retirement home where he’s lived for the past two and a half years." 2023-12-28
Ted KMovie"A journey into the tortured mind of America’s most notorious terrorist, The Unabomber. What begins with small acts of sabotage culminates in deadly bomb attacks, national media attention, and the largest manhunt in American history." 2023-12-28

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