Amazon Prime Video Australia TV shows: Over 1000 titles to stream

Since Prime Video's paltry launch offering in Australia, its TV show catalogue has grown immensely.

Amazon Prime Video launched with a very small offering back in 2016, and spent a large part of 2017 adding its popular originals, like The Grand Tour, to the service.

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With Amazon Prime officially launched in Australia, Prime Video houses the majority of its original content Down Under.

This development still hasn't impacted Stan which currently licenses Amazon Originals Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle and can count them as two of its biggest television series. Time will tell if Prime Video plans to bump Stan out of its Prime position.

To get an idea of how the Amazon service compares, you can see our list of TV shows on Stan and our Netflix TV show list.

Amazon Prime Video Australia Streaming TV Shows

This table was last updated on 18 Jan 2019. There are 1305 TV shows in the PrimeVideo library.
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TV Show NameYear of releaseGenres
/DRIVE2017Unscripted, Sports, Documentary, Special Interest
1 Million Motorcycles2006Sports, Action, Documentary
100 Years of British Trains, Buses, Ships & Trams Collection2007Documentary, Special Interest
100 Years of Horror1997Horror, Documentary
15 Years of Terror: Radical Islam from Al Qaeda to ISIS2016Documentary
1st & Ten1985Comedy, Sports, Action
2nd Generation2016Drama
3 Rabbits2017Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
4 Blocks2018Drama
4 Cars2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
5ive Days To Midnight2004Drama, Suspense, Action
5th Dimension2006Science Fiction, Documentary, Faith and Spirituality
72 Hours2018Suspense, Documentary
73 Questions Answered By Your Favorite Celebs2015Special Interest
A Billion to One2018Drama, Suspense, Adventure
A Bite of Shunde2016Special Interest
A Century of Science Fiction1996Science Fiction, Documentary
A Long Strange Trip2017Documentary, Music Videos and Concerts
A Taste of History2018Documentary, Special Interest
A Taste of South Africa2017Documentary, Special Interest
A Thousand Skies1985Drama, Adventure
A gURLs wURLd2011Young Adult Audience
A.T.O.M. Alpha Teens On Machines2006Action, Animation, Adult Interest
AU's Dream2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Absentia2018Drama, Suspense
Academy Award Winners: Thirty Years of Winners2003Documentary
Acting With James Franco2008Comedy
After the Rain2018Anime
Against All Odds2005Documentary, Kids
Agent Raghav - Crime Branch2015Suspense, Action
Air Ambulance ER2016Documentary, Special Interest
Albert & Junior: Journey of discovery for babies2015Animation, Adult Interest
Alexander the Great2014Documentary
Alien Monkeys2015Kids
Aliens Love Underpants And...2017Kids
All Or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks2018Unscripted, Sports
All or Nothing2016Unscripted, Sports, Documentary
All or Nothing: Manchester City2018Unscripted, Sports
All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines2018Unscripted, Sports
Almost Perfect Crimes2013Documentary
Altair: A Record of Battles2017Anime
Amazon Riders2018Action, International
Amber the Ambulance2018Kids
America Before Columbus2010Documentary
America's Greatest Motorcycle Rallies2018Sports, Action, Documentary
America's Monsters2013Horror, Documentary
America's Most Smartest Model2007Unscripted
America's Serial Killers: Portraits in Evil2009Documentary
America's Treasures2018Documentary, Special Interest, Faith and Spirituality
American Bikini2018Drama, Comedy
American Contestant2009Comedy
American Core2015Talk Show and Variety
American Experience: JFK2013Documentary, Special Interest
American Experience: Walt Disney2015Documentary, Special Interest
American Gods2017Drama, Suspense, Science Fiction
American Guns: A History of US Firearms2017Documentary
American Hunter2018Documentary
American Muscle Car1998Documentary, Special Interest
American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story2017Drama, Documentary
Amethyst - Princess of Gem World2016Fantasy, Kids, Anime
An American Girl Story2016Drama, Kids
An Evening at the Improv1988Comedy, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
Ancestral Land2017Drama, Military and War
Ancient Civilizations2007Documentary, Special Interest
Ancient Discoveries2005Documentary
Ancient Megastructures2011Documentary, Special Interest
Ancient Warriors1995Documentary
Andromeda2001Science Fiction, Action, Adventure
Animal Attractions TV2006Special Interest, Kids
Animal Favorites2003Music Videos and Concerts, Kids
Animal Fun With Tillie the Duck Series2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Animal Park2009Unscripted, Documentary
Animal Party Collection2011Comedy, Documentary, Special Interest
Animal Songs From Mother Goose Club Playhouse2016Kids
Animals Did It First2000Special Interest
Animation All Stars Television Specials Collection1985Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Anna Karenina2017Drama
Anna's Wild Life2011Special Interest
Anthony Bourdain Explains Everything2016Documentary, Special Interest
Aqua Kids2017Kids
Archangel (BBC Series)2006Drama, Suspense, Action
Architects of Darkness2014Documentary
Arnhem 1944 Collection2016Documentary
Around The World In 80 Trades2009Documentary, Special Interest
Around the Next Bend2012Documentary, Special Interest
Attackers: The Last Flight2015Drama, Military and War
Australian Druglords2010Documentary
Avatar: The Legend of Aang2005Kids
Avenue 132014Suspense, Adventure, Young Adult Audience
BATTERY the animation2016Sports, Anime
BFFs Play2016Comedy, Sports, Action
Babies in Car City2018Kids
Baby Bao Panda2018Music Videos and Concerts, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Baby Class Series2012Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Baby Class: First Words, Numbers, Shapes and More2018Special Interest, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Baby Einstein Classics2017Kids
Baby Einstein Classics - Art Shorts2003Kids
Baby Einstein Classics - Music Shorts2000Kids
Baby Einstein's Holiday Special2009Kids
Baby Leah - Minecraft Videos2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Back to Back Chef2018Comedy, Special Interest
Banged Up2008Documentary, Special Interest
Bare Feet With Mickela Mallozzi2016Documentary, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture, Special Interest
Basic Colors: Primary Colors and Art for Babies2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Basic Witch2017Comedy
Battlezone WWII: America's Greatest Generals2015Documentary
Battlezone WWII: Arnhem and Over the Rhine2015Documentary
Battlezone WWII: Battle of Midway to Victory in the Pacific2015Documentary
Battlezone WWII: Defeating Rommel and The Afrika Korps2015Documentary
Battlezone WWII: Dunkirk and the Battle for Britain2015Documentary
Battlezone WWII: Marines in Combat2015Documentary
Battlezone WWII: Nazi Blitzkrieg-The Battle For France2015Action, Documentary
Battlezone WWII: Nazi Storm Rising2015Documentary
Battlezone WWII: The Burma Road Campaign2015Documentary
Battlezone WWII: The Gustav and Gothic Lines- Battle for Italy2015Action, Documentary
Battlezone WWII: The Nazis Strike2015Documentary
Bear Shark2013Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest
Beat2018Drama, International
Beat Girl2013Drama
Because of You2016Drama, Kids
Bedford Wives2018Drama
Beetle Bailey1970Kids
Before You Were Funny2015Comedy
Behind the Scenes2015Fitness
Ben & Hairy2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Beo n' Peno2018Kids
Best Motorcycle Movies (Biker Documentary Anthology)2017Sports, Action, Documentary
Best of BabyFirst Art Music Language And More2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Best of British Heritage Railways2016Documentary, Special Interest
Betrayal!2004Drama, Documentary
Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures2009Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Between Two Ferns2018Comedy, Talk Show and Variety
Bible Songs for Kids2015Kids
Bieber Or Die2010Comedy, Young Adult Audience
Big Time Rush2010Comedy, Young Adult Audience
Bike World2017Sports, Documentary, Special Interest
Bike and Builder2018Sports, Action, Documentary
Bikini Destinations2014Special Interest
Bino and Fino2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Black Harbour1997Drama
Black Scorpion2001Action
Black Spot2017Drama, Suspense, International
Blackbeard2006Drama, Comedy, Adventure
Blake Griffin's Internship2011Comedy
Bloody Romance2018Drama
Blue Bloods2015Drama
Blue Water High2005Young Adult Audience
Boarding School Juliet2018Anime
Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting1986Special Interest
Bob the Builder2000Kids
Boing: The Play Ranger2011Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Boston's Finest2013Documentary, Special Interest
Bounty Hamster2003Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business2010Unscripted
Breakfast With Granny2018Comedy, Unscripted
Breathe2018Drama, Suspense, International
Bret Michaels Life As I Know It2010Unscripted
Brick By Brick: Rebuilding Our Past2012Documentary
Brindiamo! A Toast to the Finest Italian Restaurants2018Special Interest
Britain's Railways Then & Now2010Documentary, Special Interest
British Bouncers: Boozed Brits vs. the Velvet Rope2013Unscripted, Documentary
British Railway Journeys2012Documentary, Special Interest
British Railways2016Documentary, Special Interest, Kids
Broken Arrows: The Lost Bombs of the Cold War2016Documentary
Brothers by Choice1989Drama
Bubble Guppies2010Kids
Bud Empire2017Documentary, Special Interest
Build A New Life In The Country2010Unscripted, Special Interest
Bully2018Animation, Adult Interest
Bump! The Ultimate Gay Travel Companion2008LGBTQ, Special Interest
Business Revolution2016Documentary, Special Interest
Businessmen vs. Aliens2018Comedy, Science Fiction, International
Buy It, Fix It, Sell It2014Special Interest
BuzzFeed & NBCUniversal's Mom In Progress2018Comedy, Unscripted
BuzzFeed Unsolved: Sports Conspiracies2018Suspense, Comedy, Special Interest
BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural2017Horror, Suspense
BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime2017Horror, Suspense, Documentary
BuzzFeed's Ruining History2018Comedy, Documentary
Byways of Steam2016Documentary, Special Interest
CRISPR Test 22018Action
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation2010Drama, Suspense
Caesar2012Drama, Suspense
Cake Walk2011Unscripted, Special Interest
Caligula2018Comedy, Unscripted, International
Can You Even Sport?2017Comedy
Cape Town2018Drama, Action
Captain Planet with Don Cheadle2012Comedy
Captain Scarlet2005Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Animation, Adult Interest
Car Collectors2013Special Interest
Car Patrol of Car City2019Kids
Cardfight!! Vanguard2018Action, Adventure, Anime
Caribbean Thunder2011Action, Adventure
Carl's Car Wash - Super Simple2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Carlawood2009Comedy, Unscripted
Cars, Cars2017Documentary, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Casanova: PBS Masterpiece Theatre - The Complete Series2005Drama, Comedy
Cash and Company1975Drama, Action
Castle Builders2015Documentary, Special Interest
Cat & Keet2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Catherine The Great2015Drama, Action
Caught on Camera2016Documentary, Special Interest
Celebrity Paranormal Project2006Unscripted
Celebrity Scandals From Funny Or Die2017Comedy
Celebrity Style Story2018Documentary, Special Interest
Chad's World2011Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Chai Chai2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Character Builders2009Kids, Faith and Spirituality
Charlie's Angels (2011)2011Drama, Action
Charm School2009Unscripted
Chasing Bigfoot: The Quest For Truth2017Documentary, Special Interest
Cheerleader U2007Action, Documentary, Special Interest
Chef Dog Maymo2018Adventure, Kids
Chi's Sweet Adventure2017International, Kids, Anime
Chickenwatch2018Comedy, Special Interest
Chico Chica Boumba Pepper School2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Chloe's Closet2013Kids
Chop Cut Rebuild (Mustang, Camaro, Corvette)2018Sports, Action, Documentary
Choppahead Vol. 1-42012Sports, Action, Documentary
Christmas It's The Donnellys2015Adventure, Kids
Christmas in Car City2018Kids
Christopher Walkenthrough2012Comedy, Sports, Action
City Guides of Italy2015Sports, Special Interest
City Slickers In Westworld featuring Billy Crystal2017Comedy
Clase de bebé2017Kids
Classic British Steam Engines2015Documentary, Special Interest
Classic Cars2011Documentary
Classic Popeye1960Kids
Classic Tales2008Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Clever Cars2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Clifford the Big Red Dog2000Kids
Clip: BFFs2017Sports, Action, Animation, Adult Interest
Clip: Celebrities Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions2018Special Interest
Clip: Last Thing On Your Phone2017Special Interest
Clip: Let's Play Roblox2018Sports, Adventure
Clip: Mine Block: Adventures2018Sports, Kids
Clip: Mine Block: Survival2018Animation, Adult Interest
Clip: Roblox Adventures (Funny Moments)2017Sports, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Clip: Roblox Funny Moments (PairOfDucks)2017Sports, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Clip: Roblox Funny Moments (TwiistedPandora)2017Sports, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Clip: Wildthorne Academy (Minecraft School Roleplay)2017Sports, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Clue2017Suspense, Sports, Action, Adventure
Collider2014Suspense, Science Fiction, Action
Collision2009Drama, Suspense
Colonel March of Scotland Yard1956Drama, Suspense, Science Fiction, Action
Colour of Magic2009Comedy, Adventure, Kids
Comedy Brew2017Comedy, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture, Special Interest
Comedy Dynamics Classics: Full Frontal Comedy1996Comedy, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture, Special Interest
Comicstaan2018Unscripted, International, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
Coming To The Stage2015Comedy, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture, Special Interest
Comrade Detective2017Comedy
Construction Squad of Car City2018Kids
Contact2014Documentary, Special Interest
Conversations with a Serial Killer2008Documentary
Conviction2009Suspense, Action
Cool McCool1967Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest
Corner Gas2008Comedy
Cosmic Quantum Ray Season 12010Science Fiction, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Cosmic Quantum Ray Series2002Science Fiction, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Cosmic Vistas2036Documentary
Counter Play2016Drama
Countries Less Travelled2009Documentary, Adventure, Special Interest
Covert Affairs2013Drama, Action
Crash Test Mummies And Daddies2014Unscripted
Crawford the Cat2003Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Crazy in the Caribbean2018Special Interest
Creative Galaxy2014Kids
Crime Inc.2008Documentary
Crime Scene Rescue2013Documentary
Crime Scene Solvers2018Documentary
Crimes of the Century2013Documentary
Crimes that Made History2017Documentary
Crisis in Six Scenes2016Comedy
Croissant Man2015Suspense, Comedy
Cucina Amore1995Documentary, Special Interest
Cuisine Culture2013Special Interest
Curious George2007Kids
Curious Traveler2015Special Interest
Cut the Rope - Om Nom Stories2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Cute Dogs Maymo & Penny2015Adventure, Kids
Cute Puppy Potpie2018Adventure, Kids
DINOSAUCERS1987Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Dana Carvey Show, The1996Comedy, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
Dance Academy2012Kids
Danger & Eggs2017Kids
Daring & Grace: Teen Detectives2000Suspense, Kids, Young Adult Audience
Dark Shadows1968Horror, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction
Dark Shadows: The Beginning1966Drama, Science Fiction
Date my Dad2017Drama, Comedy, Young Adult Audience
Davey & Goliath2010Kids, Faith and Spirituality
David and Olivia? - Naked in Scotland2018Comedy, Adventure
Dawson's Creek1998Drama, Young Adult Audience
Deadliest Journeys2008Sports, Documentary, Special Interest
Death Row Stories2014Documentary, Special Interest
Death Row: A History of Capital Punishment in America2016Documentary
Death Unexplained2012Suspense, Documentary
Death: A Series About Life2014Documentary, Special Interest
Decoding The Ancients2004Documentary
Decoy1958Drama, Suspense
Defenders of the Earth1986Kids
Defiance2013Drama, Science Fiction
Delhi Cops2018Documentary
Department2013Drama, Action
Der Lack ist ab2015Comedy
Desperate Widows2016Comedy
Detective Anna2016Drama, Suspense
Devil's Brigade2006Action, Documentary
Diablo Guardián2018Drama
Dicing with Death Series 12018Action, Adventure, Special Interest
Dick Cavett's Watergate2014Documentary, Special Interest
Didi & Boodi2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Dietland2018Drama, Comedy
Dilbert1999Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest
Dino The Dinosaur2019Kids
Dinosaur Britain2015Documentary
Dinotopia2002Fantasy, Adventure, Kids
Direct Flight2011Drama, Adventure
Disasters in Space2016Documentary
Distorting Mirror of the Soul2014Drama, Suspense
Dive Olly Dive2008Kids
Doctor MacWheelie2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Doctor's Diaries2002Documentary
Dogs on the Job2019Documentary, Special Interest, Kids
Dogs with Jobs2000Documentary, Special Interest, Kids
Don't Blame the Koalas2003Comedy, Young Adult Audience
Donut the Dog - Minecraft Video Shorts2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Dora the Explorer2010Kids
Doug Jones Travelogue Collection2007Documentary, Special Interest
Dr. Baby2013Drama
Dr. Qin2018Drama
Dream of Italy2014Documentary, Special Interest
Dreamwrecks2006Documentary, Special Interest
Dropkick on my Devil!2018Anime
DweebCast2013Comedy, Special Interest, Talk Show and Variety
ER Doctors2017Drama
Eat Yourself Sexy2009Unscripted, Documentary, Special Interest
Eat Yourself Sexy Australia2010Documentary, Special Interest
Eat. Race. Win.2018Sports, Special Interest
Eddie is a Yeti2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Edebits2007Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Egypt New Discoveries, Ancient Mysteries2015Documentary, Special Interest
Ekaterina: The Rise of Catherine the Great2015Drama, Romance
El tiempo entre costuras2014Drama
Emancipation Road2014Documentary
Emerald City2017Fantasy
Ethan The Dump Truck2018Kids
Exotic Worlds2013Documentary, Adventure, Special Interest
Expeditions With Patrick McMillan2012Documentary, Special Interest
Explore the Lancong-Mekong River Basin - Nourished by the RIver2012Documentary, Special Interest
Extraño Enemigo2018Drama, International
Extreme A&E2012Documentary, Special Interest
Extreme Constructions2017Documentary, Special Interest
Extreme Ghostbusters1997Action, Adventure, Animation, Adult Interest
FUKUYADOU HONPO –KYOTO LOVE STORY-2018Drama, Romance, International
Faireez2006Comedy, Kids
Fairytale Couples Therapy2018Comedy
Fairytale Fallout (Minecraft Roleplay)2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Falling Water2016Drama, Science Fiction
Family Affair1967Comedy
Family Pictures1993Drama
Famous Food2011Unscripted
Farmees - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs2017Music Videos and Concerts, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Fast Track1998Drama, Action
Ferdie the Elf2017Kids
Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout with Taylor Lautner2011Comedy
Finley's Factory - Super Simple2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Fireman Sam2008Kids
First Flights with Neil Armstrong1992Drama, Action, Documentary
Fix Her Up2018Comedy
Flash Gordon1997Science Fiction, Animation, Adult Interest
Flavor of Love2006Unscripted
Flesh and Bone2015Drama, LGBTQ, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
Flipper & Lopaka2000Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Flippin' Fun!2017Adventure, Kids
Fluffy Gardens2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Flying Through Time2004Documentary
For My Love2018Drama
For The Love Of Ray J2009Unscripted, Talk Show and Variety
Foreign Exchange2004Drama, Young Adult Audience
Forensic Files2016Suspense, Unscripted, Action, Documentary
Forensic Investigators2006Documentary
Fortitude2018Drama, Suspense
Four More Shots Please!2019Drama, Comedy
Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair2010Unscripted
Franklin & Bash2013Comedy
Fred Dinenage Murder Casebook2010Suspense, Documentary
Frederick Forsyth's Icon2005Suspense
Frenemies with Eliza Coupe2015Comedy
Friday Night Lights2010Drama, Sports
Fright Nights2017Horror, Sports, Adventure
Full Disclosure2015Suspense, Action
Funny Fairy Tales2018Adventure, Kids
Funny Or Die Test Tube2015Comedy
Fury2013Drama, Action
Future Earth2010Documentary
G2G2008Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Galaxy Kids2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Game of Souls2017Fantasy, Action, Adventure
GameHQ: Roblox2017Animation, Adult Interest
Gangster Empire - Rise of the Mob2013Documentary
Gangsters: Faces of The Underworld2012Documentary
Gay Of Thrones2015Comedy
Gazoon2007Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Germany at War2006Documentary
Get Loud with Slink Johnson2016Comedy, Special Interest
Get Signed With Paul Scheer2014Comedy
Ghost Hunters1996Suspense, Documentary, Special Interest
Ghost Stories1998Horror, Special Interest
Gidget (1965)1966Comedy, Adventure
Glam God2008Unscripted
Glenn Martin DDS2010Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest
Glenwood Prep: Minecraft School (Minecraft Roleplay) - AviatorGaming2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Global Child2017Documentary, Special Interest
Glumpers2011Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Gods & Monsters with Tony Robinson2036Horror, Documentary
Going Deep With David Rees2015Documentary
Gold Rush: The Discovery of America2016Documentary
Gold: Movies of the Week1991Drama, Action
Golden Fiddles1991Drama
Good God! with God2016Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest
Good Omens2018Comedy, Fantasy
Gordon the Garden Gnome2006Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Gourmet Makes2018Special Interest
Grand Blue Dreaming2018Anime
Grand Prix Driver2018Sports, Documentary
Great Cars: British Elegance2018Documentary
Great Cars: German Engineering2018Documentary
Great Cars: Hot Rods, Classics & Vintage Autos2018Documentary
Great Cars: Italian Beauty2018Documentary
Great Cars: Sports Cars, Dream Cars and Exotics2018Documentary
Great Escapes2017Special Interest
Great Tank Battles of WWII2014Documentary
Great Taste No Money2017Unscripted, Special Interest
Grenadine and Peppermint2011Kids
Grey Wolves: German U-Boats in WWII2014Documentary, Military and War
Grimm2012Horror, Drama, Fantasy
Gumby's Original Adventures1960Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Gummy Bear & Friends2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
H.G. Wells: The Invisible Man2012Drama, Suspense, Science Fiction, Action
HITOSHI MATSUMOTO Presents Documental2018Unscripted, International
Halloween Maymo: Dogs in Costumes2015Adventure, Kids
Halloween With Funny Or Die2013Horror, Comedy
Halloween of Car City2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn2012Science Fiction, Action, Adventure
Hand Of God2015Drama
Hanna2018Drama, Action
Happily Divorced2013Comedy
Happy Hour Saloon2014Sports, Adventure, Animation, Adult Interest
Happy Marriage!?2018Drama, Romance, International
Happy Rhymes for Kids2015Kids
Happy Sugar Life2018Anime
Happy Valentine's Day From Funny Or Die2016Comedy
Harold And The Purple Crayon (2001)2002Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Harry & Bip2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Harts of The West1994Drama, Comedy, Western
Haunted2005Drama, Suspense
Haunting Australia2015Horror, Special Interest
Hawaii Five-02011Drama, Action
Helicopter ER2017Unscripted, Documentary
Henry's Kitchen with Henry Phillips2017Comedy
Hermitage Masterpieces2013Documentary, Special Interest
Hero 1082010Action, Animation, Adult Interest
Hero Dogs2016Drama, Comedy, Action
Heroes2007Drama, Science Fiction
Heroes Reborn2016Drama, Science Fiction
Heroes: Made in the USA1988Documentary, Special Interest, Kids
High Profits2015Drama
Highlander1993Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Highlander - The Raven1999Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Hip Hop Harry2008Kids
History's Verdict2013Documentary
Hitler In His Own Words2002Documentary
Hitler's Eastern Front: Army Group North, Army Group Center, & Army Group South2009Documentary, Military and War
Hitler's Last Secrets2015Documentary
Hogfather2007Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure
Holidays Special2036Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Hollywood Idols2015Documentary
Hollywood Rivals2001Documentary
Holy Wars2017Documentary
Hop Hop the Owl2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Hot Date: The Web Series2017Comedy
Hot Girl2016Drama, Action
Hot Rod Havoc2009Sports, Action, Documentary
Hot in Cleveland2011Comedy
How Climate Made History2015Documentary
How Tech Works2016Documentary, Special Interest
How to Command a Nuclear Submarine2011Documentary
Hug me2017Kids
Human Prey2009Drama, Documentary
Hutos: The Flying House2011Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
I Cannot Hug You2018Drama
I Draw, You Cook2018Unscripted, Special Interest, Kids
I Hate California2013Comedy, Special Interest
I Love Dick2017Drama
I Love Money2009Unscripted
I Love Toy Trains - All About Trains for Kids2007Kids
I Love Toy Trains - I Love Big Trains2005Special Interest, Kids
I Was Murdered2013Suspense
I Witness - Wilderness Quest1999Documentary
I Witness: Medical Interns1999Documentary
I Witness: The Birth Of A Militia1999Documentary
I'm a Creepy Crawly2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
I'm a Fish2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
I'm a Monster2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
I, Caesar: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire1997Documentary
I, Superbiker2019Sports, Action, Documentary
INUYASHIKI LAST HERO2017International, Anime
IRODUKU : The World in Colors2018Anime
Ice Pilots2014Documentary, Special Interest
Idris Elba: King of Speed2013Documentary, Special Interest
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie2017Kids
Impastor2015Drama, Comedy
Improv Tonite1988Comedy, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
In Control With Kelsey2018Comedy, Sports
In The Night Garden2007Kids
In Your Dreams2013Young Adult Audience
Injustice2011Drama, Suspense
Innovations of War2015Documentary, Special Interest
Insectibles2016Science Fiction, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Inside Edge2017Sports, International
Inside Jokes2018Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
Inside the Storm: Lessons from the Boardroom2018Documentary, Special Interest
Inspector Gadget1983Kids
Inui2018Special Interest, Kids
Irredeemables2017Drama, Suspense, Action
It Takes a Killer2017Documentary
It's Alive with Brad2017Comedy, Special Interest
JASH Presents Tim & Eric2017Comedy
JFK: A New World Order-Commemorative Documentary2013Documentary
JPod2008Drama, Comedy
Jack and Alex Save The Arctic2015Comedy
Jake and Amir2012Comedy
James Joyce's (Actual) Love Letters (That He Actually Wrote)2014Comedy
James May's Toy Stories2009Documentary, Special Interest
Jared & Ivanka2017Comedy
Jay Leno's Garage2018Drama, Unscripted, Sports
Jean Claude Van Johnson2017Comedy
Jesse James Austin Speed Shop2012Sports, Documentary, Special Interest
Jesse James Off Road Racing2018Sports, Documentary
Jews On Bikes2013Unscripted
John Wayne Colorized Collection1936Romance, Action, Western
Johnny Test2006Kids
Jongo2017Suspense, Action
Journey with Dylan Dryer2017Documentary, Adventure
Juan Happy Love Story2018Comedy
Juanito Jones2002Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home1999Documentary, Special Interest
Jumanji - The Animated Series1997Action, Adventure, Animation, Adult Interest
Junior League2018Drama
Junior Squad2018Music Videos and Concerts, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Junior's Giants2008Kids, Anime
Junk'd2004Comedy, Unscripted, Documentary, Special Interest
Just Add Magic2019Kids
Just Living: The Series2017Comedy
Justified2010Drama, Action, Western
K32015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS2016Science Fiction, International, Anime
Karakuri Circus2019Anime
Karate Kid, The (Animated)1989Action, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Karl2015Action, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Kassem Show2018Comedy, Talk Show and Variety
Kemy Sing Along2015Music Videos and Concerts, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Kickstart or Die2013Comedy
Kid Superheroes2017Adventure, Kids
Kid's Town2014Comedy
Kidsongs1988Documentary, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture, Kids
Killing Bites2018Anime
KinToons2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
King Bach: Parody2012Comedy
King Solomon's Mines2004Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Kingdom Under the Sea2003Animation, Adult Interest, Kids, Faith and Spirituality
Kit n Kate2016Kids
Kitchen Little2018Special Interest, Kids
Klondike: Quest For Gold2003Documentary
Kongsuni & Friends2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Kung Fu Bunny2017Kids
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness2011Kids
Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny2018Kids
Kustom Cars, Lead Sleds: Back from Dead with Ian Roussel2018Sports, Action, Documentary
L.A. Heat1999Drama, Action
LEGO Nexo Knights2016Kids
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu2015Kids
LOL: Last One Laughing2018Unscripted, International
La La's Full Court Life2011Unscripted
Lady Time2013Comedy
Ladyboys2013Documentary, Special Interest
Larry King Now2013Documentary, Talk Show and Variety
Last Chance Surgery2009Documentary, Special Interest
Last Resort2013Drama, Suspense
Last Rights2015Horror, Drama, Science Fiction
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit2005Drama, Action
Lazoo2017Adventure, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Le Mans2017Sports, Documentary
Legacy of Ancient Civilizations - The People, Their Legends and Myths2012Documentary, Special Interest
Legends of Power with Tony Robinson2003Documentary
Leo The Wildlife Ranger2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Leo the Truck2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Les Bleus 2018, The Russian Epic2018Unscripted, Sports
Let's Fall in Love2018Drama, Comedy
Let's Play with FGTeeV2014Comedy, Sports, Adventure, Kids
Lexx2002Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Life of Adolf Hitler2014Documentary
Limon and Oli2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Limon&Oli2013Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Little Big Awesome2018Kids
Little Carly Minecraft Adventures2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Little Donny: Prince of Minecraft - Videos for Kids2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Little Eddie - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs2018Special Interest, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Little Kelly - Minecraft School2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Little Lizard Gaming - Minecraft Mods!2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Little People2016Kids
Little RoPo - Minecraft Videos2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Little Treehouse: Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs2018Music Videos and Concerts, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Livin' 'Neath The Law with Jack McBrayer2008Comedy
Living the Ride2017Sports, Documentary
Lodge 492018Drama, Comedy
Lofty Dreams2017Comedy
Londongrad2018Drama, Comedy, Adventure
Long Haired Businessmen2018Comedy
Looi2014Music Videos and Concerts, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Lost In Oz2018Action, Kids
Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks2004Special Interest, Kids
Loudermilk [Ultra HD]2017Comedy
Louie draw me !2018Kids
Love Forever2018Drama, Comedy
Love In Han Yuan2017Drama, Action
Love Me, If You Dare2018Drama
Love Mr Right2017Drama, Comedy
Low Life2014Comedy
Lowbrow Customs Five Full-Length Motorcycle Films2018Sports, Action, Documentary
Lucas the Monster Truck2019Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Luchien2013Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Luis, el sabio del éxito2018Documentary
Lulu's Islands2009Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Lyndey Milan's Baking Secrets2013Special Interest
Lyndey Milan's Summer Baking Secrets2015Special Interest
MAGI The Tensho Boys’ Embassy2019Drama
Madam President2015Drama
Mafia Undercover2018Drama, Action
Magic Pik2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Magic and Beyond1999Documentary, Kids
Magnificent Three: Cities that Shaped History2017Documentary
Mahmut & Meryem2013Drama
Man Made Marvels: Asia2013Documentary
Manhunt2004Suspense, Documentary
Marco Polo2007Drama, Adventure
Mariah Carey's Holiday Sketchtacular2015Comedy
Marine Machines2005Documentary
Marine Recon2005Drama, Documentary
Married...With Children1991Comedy
Marrying The Game2012Comedy, Unscripted
Mars: The Pheonix Lands2008Documentary
Massage Detective Joe2017Drama, International
Max the Monkey: Minecraft Video Series2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Maya the Bee1976Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Maymo Gets Pranked2016Adventure, Kids
Maymo The Dog vs. Zombies2016Adventure, Kids
Maymo the Dog Christmas2015Adventure, Kids
McMafia2018Drama, Suspense
Medical Anomalies2010Documentary
Meerkat Manor2006Documentary
Mega Transports2018Documentary
MegaSpeed2016Sports, Documentary, Special Interest
MegaWorld2011Documentary, Special Interest
Merlin's Apprentice2006Fantasy, Adventure
Merry Christmas From Funny Or Die2016Comedy
Miaomiao2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Mickey's Farm2009Comedy, Special Interest, Kids
Miffy and Friends2004Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Million Dollar Auctions2013Unscripted, Special Interest
Million Pound Properties2018Documentary, Special Interest
Mine Block: Dinos2016Kids
Mine Block: Epic Mods2017Kids
Mine Block: EpicCraft2016Kids
Mine Block: Hide and Seek2015Kids
Mine Block: HuskyMUDKIPZ2016Kids
Mine Block: Mods2014Sports, Kids
Mine Block: Pixelmon2016Kids
Mine Block: Roleplay2016Comedy, Sports, Kids
Minecraft - Survival Madness Adventures2017Sports, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Minecraft: Mother Goose Club2017Kids
Miracles - The Power of Faith2014Faith and Spirituality
Miracles: The Power of Faith2014Documentary
Mirzapur2018Drama, International
Misha the Purple Cat2014Kids
Missing Persons Unit2006Suspense, Documentary, Special Interest
Mob Squad2013Action, Animation, Adult Interest
Modern Traveler2016Action, Documentary
Mom P.I.1991Drama, Suspense, Kids
Money Hungry2010Unscripted
Monster Hunters2002Drama, Documentary
Monster Town - The City of Monster Trucks2019Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Monsters Among Us2016Documentary
Monty Halls' Dive Mysteries2013Documentary
Monument Men: The Road To Rushmore2015Documentary
Moonshine and the Dixie Mafia2014Documentary
Moonzy2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Mopar or No Car!2018Sports, Action, Documentary
Mother Goose Club: Español2014Music Videos and Concerts, Kids
Mouk2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Mount Royal1988Drama
Mozart in the Jungle2014Drama, Comedy
Mr Swimmer2018Drama, Comedy
Mr. Bean1995Comedy
Mr. Bean: The Animated Series2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Mr. Lucky1960Drama, Action, Adventure
Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic - Super Simple2017Kids
Munchies with Toni Charline2016Comedy, Special Interest
Murderous Minds: Inside Serial Killers2018Documentary, Special Interest
Museum Access2018Documentary
Museum Diaries2014Drama, Documentary
Music & Murder2017Drama
Music Machine1990Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Musti2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Mutant X2002Science Fiction, Action, Adventure
My Fair Brady2005Unscripted
My Family Starring Me2016Kids
My Goldfish Is Evil2008Kids
My Kinda Country2016Documentary, Music Videos and Concerts
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic2012Kids
My Play Pals: Educational toys and games for babies2018Special Interest, Kids
My Secret Past2012Documentary, Special Interest
Mysteries2009Documentary, Special Interest
Mystery Hotel (Minecraft Roleplay Minigames)2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
NASA: A Journey Through Space2016Documentary
NCIS2015Drama, Action
Nancy Wake1997Drama, Action
Natural Genius2018Documentary, Special Interest
Navy Seals2000Drama, Action, Documentary
Neanderthal Apocalypse2015Documentary
Neon Rider1990Drama
Nerve Center2018Documentary, Special Interest
Never Let Me Go2014Drama
Neverland2011Adventure, Kids
New Words with Joey's Toy Box Series2015Kids
New Worlds2014Drama, Action
New York Goes To Hollywood2008Unscripted
New Zealand from Above2014Documentary, Special Interest
Nick & Perry2000Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Niko and the Sword of Light2018Kids
No Easy Days2018Drama, Suspense, Action
Noksu - Shows for Children2011Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Norman Gunston Collection2017Comedy
North Pole Ice Airport2012Documentary, Special Interest
Nothing Gold Can Stay2017Drama, Adventure
Numbers Around the Globe Series2012Kids
O.G. Rider (Complete)2018Sports, Documentary
ONIHEI2017International, Anime
Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch2010Unscripted
Oggy And The Cockroaches2012Kids
On the Yorkshire Buses2014Documentary, Special Interest
Once Upon a Hamster1995Adventure, Kids
Once Upon a Time... Planet Earth2008Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Once Upon a Time... The Explorers1995Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Onyx Kids2018Special Interest, Kids
Operation Ouch2014Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Otto's Walk2017Documentary, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Our House2010Kids, Faith and Spirituality
Outopus2012Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal1999Drama, Suspense, Science Fiction
Package Deal2014Comedy, Unscripted
Pahappahooey Island2005Kids, Anime, Faith and Spirituality
Paper Puppet Playhouse - Super Simple2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Parables of Jesus for Kids2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids, Faith and Spirituality
Paranormal Encounters2016Horror, Unscripted
Paranormal Investigators UnCut2016Horror, Documentary
Parenthood2015Drama, Comedy
Parks And Recreation2010Comedy
Passport to Adventure2009Adventure, Special Interest
Pat Paulsen's Half a Comedy Hour1970Comedy
Pat and Stan2012Kids
Patriot2018Drama, Suspense
Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour2003Unscripted, Documentary
People Behaving Badly2016Comedy, Special Interest
Pepee2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Persons of Interest2014Documentary
Pet Alien Season 22005Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest
Pete the Cat2017Kids
Peter Gunn1959Drama, Suspense, Action
Petticoat Junction2016Comedy
Phonics School2017Special Interest, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Pigasso's Place1994Kids
Pigs Next Door2000Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Pikkuli2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Pioneer Quest2000Documentary, Western
Pixel Crossing (Minecraft Roleplay)2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Please Tell Me I'm Adopted!2017Comedy
Pocoyo & friends2018Kids
Pocoyo Christmas2017Kids
Pocoyo Halloween2012Kids
Poetry in America2018Documentary
Pokémon the Series: Ruby & Sapphire2006Kids, Anime
Pokémon: Johto League Champions2002Kids
Pokémon: Master Quest2002Kids
Pokémon: The Johto Journeys2000Kids
Poochini2000Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Popeye and Son1987Kids
Popeye: The Continuing Adventures1978Kids
Pound House2017Comedy
Pound Puppies2012Kids
President Obama Speaks with Jordan Peele2010Comedy
Pride: The Series2016Drama, Romance, LGBTQ
Prince Valiant1994Science Fiction, Action, Animation, Adult Interest
Private Jets Revealed2004Documentary, Special Interest
Private Sales2016Drama
Private Viewing: The Art of Collecting2018Documentary, Special Interest
Pro-Semitism with Elon Gold2011Comedy
Professor Balthazar1968Kids
Project Geeker1997Action, Adventure, Animation, Adult Interest
Psych2010Drama, Comedy
Punky2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Puppy Prep2018Unscripted, Kids
Puppy in My Pocket2010Adventure, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Quark Science2018Documentary
Quest For The Bay2002Action, Documentary
Qumi Qumi2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
RAF Bomber Command2018Documentary
RAGE OF BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL2017International, Anime
Raaaaaaaandy2010Comedy, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
Rabbit and Friends2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Rampage: Killing Without Reason2009Documentary
Rat-A-Tat2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Real Chance of Love2009Unscripted
Real Life 1012017Documentary, Special Interest
Real Love Stories from Around the World: United States - Love Stories TV2018Special Interest, Kids
Real Prison Breaks2008Documentary, Special Interest
Recruits2017International, Documentary
Red Oaks2015Drama, Comedy
Religions of the World2004Documentary
Renaissance Unchained2015Documentary, Special Interest
Repo Man Uncut2015Unscripted, Documentary
Republic of Doyle2010Drama, Comedy, Action
Rescue Warriors2005Documentary, Special Interest
Rich Africans2018Comedy
Rich Bride, Poor Bride2007Unscripted, Special Interest
Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections2011Documentary, Special Interest
Richie Pan's America2018Sports, Action, Documentary
Rick Steves' Europe2014Special Interest
Ride or Wrong2016Unscripted, Kids
Road Rage2018Sports, Action, Documentary
Rob the Robot2013Kids
Roba2012Drama, Action
Robbery Under Arms1985Action, Adventure
Rock of Love2007Unscripted
Rocka-Bye Island2017Animation, Adult Interest
Roleplay Underfell2017Sports, Adventure
Rome: Empire Without Limit2016Documentary
Rome: The World's First Superpower2014Documentary
Ronald Reagan: The Life and Legacy2014Documentary
Rosewood High School (Minecraft Roleplay)2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Ross Kemp Return to Afghanistan2009Documentary, Special Interest
Ross Kemp: Battle for the Amazon2010Documentary
Ross Kemp: In Search Of Pirates2009Special Interest
Ross Kemp: Middle East2010Special Interest
Route 661963Drama, Adventure
Run2013Drama, Suspense
Ruyi's Royal Love in The Palace2018Drama
Ryan Does Places2018Comedy, Special Interest
SCP Foundation2018Horror, Comedy, Sports, Adventure
SENTOSHA: Battle Wheels2018Unscripted, International
Sabrina the Animated Series2001Kids
Saekano♭ How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.flat2017International, Anime
Saints & Sinners: The History of the Popes1997Documentary, Faith and Spirituality
Salvage Hunters2012Documentary, Special Interest
Same Name2011Comedy, Unscripted
Same but Different2014Documentary, Kids
Sand Box with JeromeASF2017Kids
Sanjay and Craig2013Kids
Santa Claus Affect2018Unscripted, Kids
Santa's Apprentice2006Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Sara Dane1982Drama
Scandalous Overtures2015Drama, Documentary
School2015Suspense, Sports, Adventure
Science And Islam2009Documentary, Special Interest, Faith and Spirituality
Scum's Wish2017Anime
Sea Princesses2007Kids
Secret Diary of a Call Girl2007Drama
Secret Ingredient Slime2017Special Interest, Kids
Secret Nature2004Documentary, Special Interest
Secrets Of The Universe2015Documentary
Secrets of Archeology2014Documentary, Special Interest
Secrets of the Stones2016Documentary, Special Interest
Seven Senses of the Re’Union2018Anime
Sex Diaries2018Documentary
Shadow of Justice2018Drama, Action
Shadows of the Heart1990Drama
Shapes - Stories for Children2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Shark Gordon2000Documentary, Adventure
Shark Man with Riley Elliott2014Documentary, Adventure
Sharky and Scuba Steve Minecraft Adventures2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Shaun the Sheep2009Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
She Is Beautiful2018Drama, Comedy, Kids
She's Got Game2015Unscripted
Sherlock Jr2018Drama, Adventure
Shifting Gears2014Sports, Documentary
Shilpa's Yoga2008Fitness
Shin chan Spin-off vol.1 Aliens vs. Shinnosuke2016Kids, Anime
Shocking Lives2015Documentary, Special Interest
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters2017Kids
Sigue La Risa2018Comedy, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
Silver and Gold2017Drama
Simon's Cat - Classic Collection2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Sing-Along-Songs for Kids: Rhyme Time2015Kids
Six Dreams2018Unscripted, Sports
Slam Dunk1994Comedy, Anime
Sleepover Club2004Unscripted, Young Adult Audience
Smarta and Her Magic Bag2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Smiley's People1982Drama, Suspense
Snake Boss2016Documentary
Sneaky Pete2018Drama
Sniper: The Unseen Warrior2009Documentary
Snog Marry Avoid?2008Unscripted
Snow Queen2002Fantasy
So You Want to Be2012Unscripted, Kids
Soccer Shrines2018Sports, Documentary, Special Interest
Songs with Stories for Children2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Sonic X2003Animation, Adult Interest, Kids, Anime
Sophie la Girafe2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Space Precinct: Complete Series1995Science Fiction, Action
Space Spring Break2014Comedy, Science Fiction
Space: The New Frontier2036Documentary
Spacefiles2004Documentary, Special Interest
Spades2018Drama, Suspense
Special Forces - The Fight Against Terror2017Documentary
Spid the racing car2016Kids
Spider2018Drama, Suspense
Spies Must Die: The Crimea2008Drama, Military and War
Spike Team2011Sports, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Spongebob Squarepants2001Kids
Spring 1986 TV Line-Up2012Comedy
Square Pegs1983Comedy, Young Adult Audience
Srugim2014Drama, Romance
St. Bear's Doll's Hospital1998Kids
Stable Wars: Del Mar2014Unscripted, Sports, Adventure
Stalked By Pumpkins2018Adventure, Kids
StarHyke2009Comedy, Science Fiction
Startup2018Drama, Suspense
Stephen Tompkinson's Australian Balloon Adventure2010Documentary
Steps to the Future2010Documentary
Steve Austin's Broken Skull Ranch Challenge2014Sports, Action, Fitness
Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle: Series 32014Comedy, Special Interest
Stoned Debates2012Comedy, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
Stories of Saints for Kids2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids, Faith and Spirituality
Strange Events2017Horror
Strange Love2005Unscripted
Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Adventures2012Kids
Strike Force2014Action
Super Best Friends Play2017Comedy, Sports, Action
Super Cool Carnival2018Adventure, Kids
Super Ma'am2018Drama, Fantasy, Action
Super Truck of Car City2019Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Super Why2012Kids
Supersize Structures2016Documentary
Surprise! It's Edible! Incredible!2004Documentary, Kids
Swiss Family Robinson1989Kids
Sword of Honour1986Drama, Action
THE IDOLM@STER.KR2017Young Adult Audience
Taka & Maka2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Takat the Dog2010Kids
Tales Of Little Women1987Kids
Talkin' Treehouse2017Special Interest, Kids
Talking To Heaven2002Drama, Science Fiction
Tao the Little Wizard2009Action, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Tara Duncan2010Science Fiction, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Tasty's Made By Hand2018Documentary, Special Interest
Tea Time with Tayla - Learn Colors2017Special Interest, Kids
Team Umizoomi2010Kids
Teen Wolf1987Comedy, Action, Animation, Adult Interest
Teletubbies (Classic)1997Kids
Ten Commandments2006Action, Adventure
That Girl1967Comedy
The 2018 Rose Parade Hosted by Cord & Tish [UHD]2018Comedy
The Aces' War2017Drama, Documentary
The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill2007Kids
The Adventures of Chuck & Friends2012Kids
The Adventures of Robin Hood1957Drama, Action, Adventure, Kids
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot1957Adventure
The Adventures of Skippy1992Adventure, Kids
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer1980Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The Alien Files: UFOs Under Investigation2004Suspense, Science Fiction, Documentary
The Altered Adventure2016Sports, Fantasy, Adventure
The Amazing Bible Series1991Animation, Adult Interest, Kids, Faith and Spirituality
The Amazing World of Automobiles2010Sports, Documentary
The Apollo Experience: Apollo 172015Documentary
The Attackers2013Drama, Military and War
The Aviators2010Documentary, Special Interest
The Back Pages2018Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy
The Baker and the Beauty2017Drama, Romance, International
The Barkers2015Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The Beatles: A Long and Winding Road2003Documentary
The Best of Groucho1957Comedy, Special Interest
The Best of The Three Stooges in Color!1936Comedy
The Beverly Hillbillies1964Comedy
The Big Flip2018Unscripted, Documentary, Special Interest
The Big Garage1995Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The Border2008Drama, Action
The Breakup List2017Drama, Comedy
The Buccaneers1957Drama, Suspense, Action
The Bumble Nums - Super Simple2017Kids
The Burrowers: Animals Underground2013Documentary
The Cadillac Bill Show2014Unscripted
The Cardsharp2013Drama, Action
The Cecil B. DeMille Classics Collection1926Drama, Suspense
The Circle of Gentlemen:2018Documentary
The Complete History of Air Combat2000Documentary, Military and War
The Complete History of the Second World War2017Documentary
The Concise History of WWII2007Documentary
The Cowboy Way2018Unscripted, Documentary, Kids
The DaVincibles2014Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The Dancing Detective Dekadance2016Drama
The Danny Thomas Show1958Drama, Comedy, Documentary
The Dawns Here Are Quiet2015Drama, Action, Military and War
The Dog2015Drama, Suspense, Action
The Doris Day Show1969Comedy
The Dr. Binocs Show2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The Dreamstone1990Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The Earth's Furies2017Documentary, Special Interest
The Ed Hardy Boyz2010Comedy
The Exes2012Comedy
The Exorcist2016Horror, Drama, Suspense
The F.B.I. Files Specials2018Drama, Documentary, Special Interest
The Fairies, Season 1, Volume 12005Fantasy, Kids, Fitness
The Fall of Great Empires2004Documentary
The Fatal Conflict - Judea and Rome2018Documentary, Special Interest
The Final 242006Documentary
The First2018Drama
The Flizbins2011Animation, Adult Interest, Kids, Faith and Spirituality
The Forest Princess2017Adventure, Kids
The Forks with Spiky Hands2015Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The Frank Sinatra Show Collection2016Documentary
The Golden Age of Toy Trains2012Documentary, Special Interest, Kids
The Good Fight2017Drama
The Good Wife2016Drama, Suspense
The Grand Tour2018Unscripted, Sports
The Great Indian Wars2009Documentary
The Great Passage2016Anime
The Great War: 1914-19182007Documentary, Special Interest
The Green Room2017Comedy
The Gymkhana Files2018Sports, Documentary
The Harbor2015Action, Documentary
The Haunted Hathaways2013Kids
The Heiresses2009Drama
The Hitler Youth2017Documentary
The Honeymooners Lost Episodes1953Comedy
The Impressionists2015Documentary, Special Interest
The Indian Doctor2013Drama, Comedy
The Indian Wars: A Change of Worlds2016Documentary
The Indigenous Flowers of Southern California2010Comedy
The Invaders: Angie's Logs2016Science Fiction, Kids
The Irish Mob2016Documentary
The Jerry Lewis Show1968Comedy
The Jim Gaffigan Show2015Comedy
The Jungle Book1988Adventure, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The Kellyanne Conway Story2017Comedy
The Kicks2016Young Adult Audience
The King's Messengers2017Drama, Action, Faith and Spirituality
The Last Tycoon2017Drama
The Legend of Korra2014Kids
The Life and Times of Roger Rogerson2011Documentary, Special Interest
The Little Rascals Best of Our Gang in Color!1936Comedy, Kids
The Lives of the Saints2007Drama
The Looming Tower2018Drama
The Loser Takes It All2018Unscripted, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
The Lost World2001Science Fiction, Action, Adventure
The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo1996Science Fiction, Action, Animation, Adult Interest
The Magicians2016Drama, Fantasy
The Man In the High Castle2015Drama, Suspense
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel2017Drama, Comedy
The Missing2014Drama
The Mojave Sisters2018Drama, Action, Adventure
The Mojicons2016Comedy, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The Most Ridiculous Things From The Walking Dead2018Comedy
The Naked Archaeologist2006Documentary, Faith and Spirituality
The Nanny1995Comedy
The Neighbors2016Drama, Suspense
The New Adventures of Flash Gordon1979Action, Animation, Adult Interest
The Night Manager2016Drama, Suspense
The Night Shift2015Drama
The Office2010Comedy
The Optimists2017Drama
The Path2018Drama
The Penguins of Madagascar2008Kids
The Poseidon Adventure2005Drama, Action, Adventure
The Presidents: From Politics to Power2014Documentary
The Prime Radicals2013Comedy
The Purge2018Horror, Drama, Suspense
The R.I.P. Files2018Horror, Unscripted
The Ray Bradbury Theater1988Drama, Science Fiction
The Reagans2003Drama
The Real McCoys1958Comedy
The Real Stephen Blatt2017Comedy
The Really Big Flip2017Unscripted, Special Interest
The Reaping2017Drama, Suspense
The Remix2018Unscripted, International, Music Videos and Concerts
The Road To Pearl Harbor, 1919-19411996Documentary, Special Interest
The Road to Rushmore2015Documentary, Special Interest
The Romanoffs2018Drama
The Romanovs2013Drama, Documentary
The Royals2014Documentary
The Secrets of Borgo Larici2014Drama
The Secrets of Good Health2018Special Interest
The Seduction of Smoking2014Documentary, Special Interest
The Shield2006Drama, Suspense
The Shirley Temple Storybook Show in Color1960Fantasy, Kids
The Shirtless Painter2017Comedy
The Snowy Day2016Kids
The Stinky & Dirty Show2016Kids
The Story of Egypt2016Documentary
The Sugar Creek Gang2009Kids
The Surreal Life2003Unscripted
The Terror2018Horror, Drama, Historical
The Three Drinkers Do Scotch Whisky2019Unscripted, Special Interest
The Tick2018Comedy, Action
The Timeline2015Sports
The Toothbrush Family1999Kids
The Trial: A Murder In The Family2017Drama, Suspense
The Triplets2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The Tudors2007Drama, Romance
The Ultimate Civil War Series2012Documentary
The United States Military - A History of Heroes2013Documentary
The Very Best Of James Franco2007Comedy
The Very Best Of Kristen Bell2017Comedy, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
The Very Best of Will Ferrell2013Comedy
The Vietnam War Collection2014Documentary, Military and War
The Wheels on the Bus2006Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The White Guard2012Drama
The Widow2019Drama, Action
The Winnipeg Comedy Festival2011Comedy, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
The World of Tosh2002Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
The sCHining2017Horror, Comedy
Then There Were Giants1994Drama
This Is Us2017Drama
Tiger Tank2014Documentary
Til Death2007Comedy, Action, Adventure
Til Debt Do Us Part2005Unscripted, Documentary, Special Interest
Timmy Time2010Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Tin Man2007Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy1979Drama, Suspense
Tiny Plastic Men2014Comedy
Tiny Tiny Talk Show2015Comedy, Special Interest, Talk Show and Variety
Tiny Town2019Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Tiny Trucks2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Tip Top - Shows for Children2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
To The Ends of the Earth (BBC Series)2005Drama
Tobot2018Action, Adventure, Kids, Anime
Tokyo Girl2018Drama, International
Tokyo Vampire Hotel2018Horror, Fantasy, International
Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan2018Drama, Suspense
Tom The Tow Truck's Paint Shop2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Tom the Tow Truck of Car City2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Tom the Tow Truck's Car Wash2018Kids
Tomorrow's World2018Documentary, Special Interest
Toon Marty2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Topp Country2015Special Interest
Tornado Chasers2014Documentary, Special Interest
Total Wipeout2012Unscripted
Totally Amp'd2016Comedy, Kids
Totally Random2016Comedy, Kids
Totally Real Movies Coming Soon2010Comedy
Tough Nuts - Australia's Hardest Criminals2010Action, Documentary
Toy Hotel2018Adventure, Kids
Toy Scientist2018Adventure, Kids
Toy Spy2018Adventure, Kids
Tracey McBean2001Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Traders1996Drama, Suspense
Trail of Tears2008Documentary, Special Interest
Train 482003Drama, Romance, Comedy, International, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
Trains2014Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Transformers Rescue Bots2014Kids
Transparent2014Drama, Comedy, LGBTQ
Transylvania TV2007Comedy, Science Fiction, Young Adult Audience
Travel Oz2012Special Interest
Travelista TV2014Special Interest
Trawlers, Rigs & Rescues: The North Sea2015Action, Documentary
Treasure Detectives2013Unscripted
Treasure Island2012Adventure
Treetop Family - Super Simple2017Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Trial Watch1991Drama, Documentary
Trial of Midnight Rider: Railroaded In The Deep South2018Drama, Documentary
Tribal Odyssey: Rites of Passage at the Edge of Civilization2018Drama, Documentary
Tribes2018Documentary, Special Interest
Tropical Heat1991Suspense, Comedy, Action
Troy The Train of Car City2019Kids
Troy in Train Town2018Kids
True Nordic Crimes2018Documentary
True.Health for the Body2017Documentary, Special Interest
Trump Vs. Bernie2016Comedy
Try Guys2017Comedy, Adventure, Special Interest
Tumble Leaf2014Kids
TwinToys Review Play-Doh2015Adventure, Kids
Twipsy1999Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Twisted Pandora: Roblox - Funny Moments2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Two Wheel Terrors2008Sports, Action, Documentary
Two and a Half Men2006Comedy
U.S. Bounty Hunters2013Unscripted, Action, Documentary
U.S. Cavalry: History of America's Mounted Forces2015Documentary
Uchimura Summers2018International, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture
Ultimate Survival Everest2018Documentary
Under Capricorn1984Drama
Under Correction2016Drama, Action
Undercover Asia: Black Markets and Slave Trade2016Documentary, Special Interest
Underworld Wrestling2018Sports
Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina2009Documentary
Unsolved Mysteries: Original Robert Stack Episodes1991Suspense, Documentary
Up North2017Comedy
Urban Conversion2016Unscripted, Special Interest
Urban Legends2006Suspense, Unscripted, Special Interest
Very Mary-Kate2013Comedy
ViVid Strike!2016Anime
Vicky the Viking1974Fantasy, Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Vietnam: 50 Years Remembered2015Documentary
Violet Moon2018Sports, Adventure
Vipo - Adventures of the Flying Dog2012Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Vocabularry: Learn new words for babies2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Voyage of the Continents2013Documentary
WWII War Diaries2016Documentary, Special Interest
WWII: The Road To Victory1995Action, Documentary
War Trains1970Documentary
War in the Pacific2017Documentary
War in the Pacific - Eagle Against the Sun2015Action, Documentary
Warbirds Over the Trenches2014Action, Documentary
Warriors of the Night1998Documentary
Watch Around the Clock B&W2017Drama, Comedy, Kids
Wayward Nation2014Comedy, Action, Documentary
Wedding Island2013Unscripted
Welcome to Bric-a-Broc1980Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
Welcome to the Ballroom2017Anime
What If2018Documentary
What Went Down2014Comedy, Action
What's Happening!!1976Drama, Comedy
When We Go To War2015Drama, Documentary, Military and War
Whites2010Drama, Comedy
Why Are We Fat?2017Documentary, Special Interest
Wide World of Kids2013Documentary, Special Interest, Kids
William Shatner's Brown Bag Tasting2015Comedy, Special Interest, Talk Show and Variety
Women Behind Bars2011Documentary
Wonder Balls2015Kids
Worth It2018Unscripted, Special Interest
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku2018Anime
Would You Believe It2017Documentary
Wreck Trek2011Unscripted, Sports, Documentary, Special Interest
Yancy Derringer1959Action, Western
Yo Gabba Gabba!2010Kids
You Are Wanted2017Drama, Suspense
You Bet Your Ass2006Comedy, Special Interest
Young, Rich and Househunting2011Unscripted, Special Interest
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's2010Fantasy, Animation, Adult Interest, Anime
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V2016Animation, Adult Interest, Kids, Anime
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX2006Animation, Adult Interest, Anime
Yuki Yuna is a Hero:The Washio Sumi Chapter/Hero Chapter2017Anime
Z: The Beginning of Everything2017Comedy
Zabaan Sambhalke1993Comedy
Zack Morris Is Trash2017Comedy
Zig & Sharko2010Kids
Zoo Babies2008Documentary, Special Interest, Kids
Zoo Juniors S22012Documentary, Special Interest
Zoomix2018Animation, Adult Interest, Kids

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4 Responses

  1. Default Gravatar
    AlisonNovember 16, 2018

    I see law and order special victims unit seasons 1-4. I see seasons 14-17 but i can’t watch them. Is there a reason why?

    • finder Customer Care
      NikkiNovember 20, 2018Staff

      Hi Alison,

      Thanks for reaching out. Season 14-17 is currently not yet available in Australia. They don’t have any estimated time of release for that as it depends upon the content owners choice.

      Hope this was helpful. Don’t hesitate to message us back if you have more questions.


  2. Default Gravatar
    RayMarch 23, 2017

    Does Amazon Prime offers a good range of older movies in its streaming service?

    • finder Customer Care
      JasonMarch 24, 2017Staff

      Hi Ray,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Amazon Prime offers a wide selection of older and some classic films. Please check out this link for a list of movies available in Australia on Amazon Prime Video.

      Kind regards,

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