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Best streaming services: Australian Streaming TV Charts I November 2023

Each month, Finder’s streaming app algorithm provides the definitive ranked list of the best TV services in Australia.

It's hard to make a sweeping statement about a definitive best streaming service in Australia as people sign up to them for different reasons. But the constants are price and content. It's these 2 pillars we've used to bring you our best picks for the month.

  • Good to know: Finder has partnered with Parrot Analytics to rank the best streaming services in Australia based on the quality of programming and their cost. This means the results are based purely on numbers – no personal bias included.

November 2023 charts

Best TV app November 2023 chart analysis

Let's take a closer look at the top stories to emerge from this month's charts.


  • In the most hotly contested month since the Australian Streaming TV Charts launched, it was Prime Video that narrowly took top spot. The service saw 33% growth in value score, posting 60 and taking top spot for the first time since December 2022. Although back then in it did so with a value score of 81. The debut of Gen V at 6th in the top 100 most in-demand shows played a big role. While Good Omens, The Wheel of Time and The Boys all landed in the top 20. The Continental – a John Wick spin-off - had a slow start, coming in at 42, while Deadloch dropped out.
  • It will be a reasonably happy month for Disney Plus. The service did lose top spot, but was only just pipped and remained a strong second with a value score of 58. The arrival of Loki in the top 5 will be heralded as a big success. Meanwhile Star Wars spin-off Ahsoka stayed in the top 10 and Only Murders in the Building did well.
  • The upwards trend of Apple TV Plus through 2023 continued this month. Rebounding from a slight decline last month, it was up 24% once again. New seasons of Morning Wars and For All Mankind found demand. These were supported by Ted Lasso, Foundation and Invasion.
  • With a value score of 57 – up 12% - Binge also had a strong month. Our Flag Means Death landed in the top 5 on the back of its latest season. A fourth season of Broken Lizard's comedy series Tacoma FD also made a splash. It was Adventure Time, however, which was the big surprise, taking the number 1 spot in the 100 most in-demand shows of Australia.
  • If you're looking for the biggest range of shows in the top 100, then Foxtel Now is home to 19% of demand this month. Although, due to its price, it doesn't present great value. It's worth noting that spin-off Adventure Time: Fionna And Cake is the only show released this year to contribute to that figure.


  • After 9 consecutive weeks at number one, the fall of Paramount Plus continued on from last month. In truth, it held steady with a value score of 52, but with others on the improve, it was only enough for the service to land in fourth spot. In fact, it only had one show in the top 20, and that was Paw Patrol. Most of its big success stories from earlier in 2023 have dropped out of the top 100.
  • Both Stan and Netflix have both failed to register any meaningful change this month.
  • It was one of the worst months of the year for new 2023 releases polling in the top 100 most in-demand TV shows of Australia. Only 13 made it, with no new debuts. Potentially a result of the writer's strike.


  • There wasn't much doing with the free TV services this month. ABC iView managed to hold onto top spot, despite a 38% drop. Possibly because 9Now also went south by 36%.
  • Rising to second spot with 9% growth was 7Plus. Kitchen Nightmares and When Comes the Heart giving it a little boost.

TV charts market share explained

We've also provided a look at the market share for each month. This purely looks at the number of shows each TV service provider has in the top 100 in any given month relative to the demand of each of those shows.

The TV service in first place would be the app with the biggest percentage of shows based on consumer demand for that month. But it does not take into account the price of accessing those shows.

Note: Each month's chart reflects the previous month's data. So, April 2023 charts reflect data collected from 1–31 March.

Best streaming service for top TV shows

  • Foxtel Now keeps its stranglehold at the top of category with 28 shows in the top 100.
  • BINGE also remains unmoved, still only being behind Foxtel.
  • Paramount Plus has made its podium debut in this category. It has been able to knock off Netflix thanks to some of its new releases like Yellowjackets and longstanding favourites such as NCIS.
  • Disney Plus came in at 4th place not far off Paramount Plus. However, the drop off to 5th was substantial with Netflix, Stan and Prime Video grouped closely together.
Top pick:
Best shows

from $25 /month
  • Features the most in-demand shows (33)
  • Has the second highest ranked in-demand show in Succession
  • Offers premium HBO series
Top pick:

from $18 /month
  • Has the second highest ranked in-demand show in Succession
  • Has second highest number of in-demand shows (32)

Parrot Analytics

Finder was given access to the top 100 TV series popularity data from Parrot Analytics' enterprise audience analytics dataset. Parrot Analytics compares the demand that exists for each series in Australia against the average TV show. To access a "Lite" version of Parrot Analytics' audience demand measurement system for TV shows, movies and talent, check out DEMAND360 Lite.

Best streaming service for HD content value

Our selection for the best streaming service in Australia for HD content value uses Parrot Analytics' Global TV Demand data plus the cost of each streaming service where you can view in HD and features at least 2 simultaneous streams. As cost was a determining factor in this, free-to-air streaming services are excluded from the results.

  • Paramount Plus is perched at the top of our rankings for content value, finally knocking off Prime Video.
  • Disney Plus is another service that benefits from having only 1 plan that automatically offers HD and a high number of in-demand shows. This saw it jump Prime Video in April's data.
  • Prime Video is now the number 3 streaming service regarding content value in HD. It's worth noting that for this calculation we still used Prime Video's $6.99 a month price point. With the
    Prime Video price going up in May it could drop down the rankings next month.
Top pick:
Best value

from $9.99 /month
  • High number of in-demand shows compared to library size
  • Lower cost compared to a lot of streaming services
  • Has 3 of top 10 most in-demand shows
Top pick:

from $18 /month
  • Second-highest number of in-demand shows (27)
  • HD plan specifically needed
  • Second-highest cost for HD plans
Top pick:

from $13.99 /month
  • Buzzy Star Wars and Marvel shows
  • 1 plan only, with HD included
  • Fourth-highest cost for HD plans

Best streaming service for overall quality of TV shows

Our selection for the best service for overall quality of shows is based on the percentage of the top 100 in-demand shows a streaming service has had in relation to the total number of shows in its catalogue.

So while a streaming service could have a higher overall number of titles, they're not all going to be winners. That's why the best in this instance is not based on the number of titles in a streaming service's library but on the quality of these shows.

  • Thanks to its popularity in April, Paramount Plus has been able to make it 3 from 3. Despite it not being the biggest streaming service on the market, it still packs a punch. It has been boosted up our rankings leapfrogging both Apple TV and Disney Plus thanks to the success of new Australian original Last King of the Cross, South Park and lesser-known shows like Mayor of Kingstown and Yellowjackets.
  • Apple TV Plus's mantra is quality over quantity and it has paid off as it's ranked the best streaming service for the quality of its TV shows. However, this is because of only the small number of shows on the service, with only 98 in total. The number of in-demand shows is only 2 for April: Ted Lasso and Shrinking. The likes of For All Mankind, Shantaram, See and Slow Horses are no longer on the list.
  • Disney Plus is still sitting inside the top 3. It has a constant stream of shows that people are loving. However, Andor is the only recent release. Shows like Station 19, Grey's Anatomy, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and 9-1-1 are helping prop it up. With news that Disney might start getting rid of old shows off its service, it may jump further up for this category, by trimming the fat.
  • It may be shocking rather than surprising but Netflix came in dead last in April for quality of shows. Original series Stranger Things is still adored by Aussies, but no other Netflix originals made the top 100 which punished Netflix this month.
  • We were very surprised Beef didn't crack the list. Netflix can expect more positive May results with the likes of Queen Charlotte.
Top pick:
Best quality

from $9.99 /month
  • High number of in-demand shows compared to library size
  • Lower cost compared to a lot of streaming services
  • Has 3 of top 10 most in-demand shows
Top pick:

from $12.99 /month
  • Highest percentage of quality shows in catalogue
  • Maximum of 5 in-demand shows in total
  • Small library of TV shows (98 in total)
Top pick:

from $13.99 /month
  • High number of in-demand shows (19)
  • Good-sized TV show library (797)

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