How to watch Wimbledon tennis men’s final live stream in Australia

Posted: 11 July 2019 11:11 am News

Watch Wimbledon LIve L

The Wimbledon tennis championship starts on 1 July 2019. You can watch every match on TV or via an online live stream in Australia. Here's your guide to Wimbledon live.

Wimbledon men's finals order of play

Date Draw Player 1 Player 2 Court Start Time AEST
July 14, 2019 Men's N. Djokovic (SRB) 7 R. Federer (SUI) 2 Centre Court 11:00 PM

Ready to tune in for this year's edition of the world's most prestigious tennis tournament? There's plenty to look forward to in the most open draw in years. The 2019 Wimbledon Championships will take place at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon starting 1 July and running for two weeks. This year marks the 133rd edition of the tournament. Wimbledon is the third Grand Slam of the year and is played on outdoor grass courts.

Novak Djokovic and Angelique Kerber are the defending champions in the singles competitions, but plenty of talented players should be on your watchlist in 2019. All eyes are on Aussie Ashleigh Barty, who comes into the tournament after a historic title win at Roland-Garros and ranked number 1 in the world by the WTA. Notable players also include Serena Williams, who has won Wimbledon seven times, reigning US Open champ Naomi Osaka and defending champion Kerber.

As for men's singles, Djokovic will deal with some serious competition in Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, as well as rising stars Dominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitspas and Nick Kyrgios who are all on the cusp of breakthrough victory.

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When does Djokovic vs Federer Wimbledon tennis men's final start in 2019?

Update: The men's final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer is scheduled to start at 11:00 PM (AEST) on Sunday, July 14, 2019. It will air live on Channel 7, with replays and on-demand content available on Foxtel and Kayo Sports on July 14.

Wimbledon, day 1, kicks off on Monday 1 July in Australia. The prestigious tennis competition will last for two weeks, until 14 July. In Australia, you'll have to stay up late to catch up with your favourites live. Coverage begins from around 8pm across Channel 7, 7TWO and FOX Sports 505, which is available through Kayo Sports and Foxtel. We compare all of these options below.

The Wimbledon women's singles final will air live on Channel 7 on Saturday 13 July from 10:45pm AEST. You can tune in for the men's singles final at the same time on Sunday 14 July. The way the Wimbledon broadcast airs into Australia is a little confusing, so here is a table that best illustrates it all.

Where to watch Start time (AEST) Start time (ACST) Start time (AWST) Run time Dates
Channel 7 and 7TWO live TV 8pm 7:30pm 6pm 8 hours Week 1 (1–7 July)
Channel 7 and 7TWO live TV 10pm 9:30pm 8pm 6 hours Week 2 (8–15 July)
Kayo Sports live TV, Foxtel live TV 7:30pm 7pm 5:30pm 10.5 hours Week 1 (1–9 July)
Kayo Sports replays, Foxtel replays 6am 5:30am 4am 10.5 hours Both weeks (1–15 July)

How to watch Wimbledon live tennis men's final in Australia

Luckily for tennis enthusiasts, there will be plenty of Wimbledon live tennis coverage available both on free-to-air and pay TV in Australia. Here are all the ways in which you can keep up with a tennis live stream of the tournament. Fans can tune in on TV or stream Wimbledon live onto a laptop, computer, TV or mobile device.

Watch Wimbledon live tennis men's final on free-to-air TV

Network 7 will provide extensive coverage of Wimbledon across Channel 7 and 7TWO. It's also the only place where you can watch the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final live, so you're in luck, you don't have to pay a cent to enjoy the biggest tournament in tennis. You can watch daily coverage on TV or tune in via 7Plus to live stream Wimbledon. However, Channel 7 does not provide on-demand replays during normal daylight hours, it suffers from ads and it doesn't have any unique viewing features, unlike Kayo. So it's not the optimal tennis live stream experience.

Kayo Sports Kayo Sports

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Stream Wimbledon men's final live online with Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports will provide live coverage of Wimbledon 2019 up until the quarter-finals and tempts viewers with some exciting exclusive features not found anywhere else. The multi-sports streaming service (which also includes most top 250 tennis tournaments live) will provide a daily wrap show with Boris Becker covering all the exciting Wimbledon action. The Fox Sports pre-show, Daily Serve, will also feature on Kayo Sports, while match commentary will be provided by former tennis champions including Becker, John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova, Tracy Austin and Tim Henman.

As for game-changing features, fans who jump in late will be able to start the match at the beginning with the "From Start" feature or stream it immediately live. A full day's replay and on-demand matches will be available all of the following day, too.

During the first week of play, Kayo Sports will have up to six additional streams you can access. This includes several side courts and a stream called Wimbledon Press Pass, which will cover players' post-match press conferences. Furthermore, Kayo's CourtView feature enables viewers to stream more than one court simultaneously, with up to four channels watchable on the same screen.

From the quarter-finals on, all matches will be available on demand. Subscribers can also get up-to date by streaming a Kayo Mini, which provides a 10- to 20-minute recap of the best bits from each match. A dedicated carousel will feature on Kayo's home page across the tournament, providing users with easy access to related documentaries and classic Wimbledon matches.

Besides tennis, Kayo Sports offers live and on-demand coverage of over 50 different sports. The service comes with a 14-day free trial. That means if you sign up on Monday 1 July, you can experience all the Wimbledon goodness completely free. After that, a Basic subscription costs $25/month (lets you watch on two screens at the same time) and a Premium one $35/month (supports three simultaneous streams).

There are no contracts, so you can try out the tennis live stream and then cancel at any time. The platform is compatible with PCs and Macs; iOS and Android smartphones and tablets; and on a TV via Android TV, Apple TV, Telstra TV or Chromecast.

Live stream Djokovic vs Federer Wimbledon men's final online with Foxtel

Foxtel IQ will provide live coverage of every Wimbledon tennis matchday up until the quarter-finals, with subsequent matches available on demand. By upgrading to the premium Sport pack ($29 per month) and optionally the HD pack ($10 per month) you can tune in on Fox Sports 505 or live stream the action with the Foxtel GO app, which is available for free with your Foxtel IQ subscription. The minimum cost for the month of July will be $68.

Alternatively, you can stream Wimbledon with Foxtel Now, the online platform that lets you watch Foxtel channels via the Internet. Fox Sports is available as part of the Sport package, which costs and additional $29/month. This is a Premium offering though, so you also need to subscribe to the Essentials pack to gain access to it. Essentials costs $25/month and offers a mix of Lifestyle and Pop channels. The minimum cost for the month of July will be $54.

Foxtel Now offers subscribers a 10-day free trial so you can simply try out its tennis live stream before committing. However, Foxtel Now offers none of the viewing features offered by Kayo. The platform works with PCs and Macs, Sony Android TVs, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, PS4 consoles, Telstra TV, Chromecast, Airplay and the Foxtel Now Box.

List of Wimbledon tennis champions

Year Men's champion Women's champion
1877 S.W. Gore na
1878 P.F. Hadow na
1879 J.T. Hartley na
1880 J.T. Hartley na
1881 W.C. Renshaw na
1882 W.C. Renshaw na
1883 W.C. Renshaw na
1884 W.C. Renshaw M.E.E. Watson
1885 W.C. Renshaw M.E.E. Watson
1886 W.C. Renshaw B. Bingley
1887 H.F. Lawford C. Dod
1888 J.E. Renshaw C. Dod
1889 W.C. Renshaw G.W. Hillyard
1890 W.J. Hamilton H.G.B. Rice
1891 W. Baddeley C. Dod
1892 W. Baddeley C. Dod
1893 J. Pim C. Dod
1894 J. Pim G.W. Hillyard
1895 W. Baddeley C.R. Cooper
1896 H.S. Mahony C.R. Cooper
1897 R.F. Doherty G.W. Hillyard
1898 R.F. Doherty C.R. Cooper
1899 R.F. Doherty G.W. Hillyard
1900 R.F. Doherty G.W. Hillyard
1901 A.W. Gore A. Sterry
1902 H.L. Doherty M.E. Robb
1903 H.L. Doherty D.K. Douglass
1904 H.L. Doherty D.K. Douglass
1905 H.L. Doherty M.G. Sutton
1906 H.L. Doherty D.K. Douglass
1907 N.E. Brookes M.G. Sutton
1908 A.W. Gore A. Sterry
1909 A.W. Gore P.D.H. Boothby
1910 A.F. Wilding R.L. Chambers
1911 A.F. Wilding R.L. Chambers
1912 A.F. Wilding D.T.R. Larcombe
1913 A.F. Wilding R.L. Chambers
1914 N.E. Brookes R.L. Chambers
1919 G.L. Patterson S.R.F. Lenglen
1920 W.T. Tilden S.R.F. Lenglen
1921 W.T. Tilden S.R.F. Lenglen
1922 G.L. Patterson S.R.F. Lenglen
1923 W. M. Johnston S.R.F. Lenglen
1924 J.R. Borotra K. McKane
1925 J.R. Lacoste S.R.F. Lenglen
1926 J.R. Borotra L.A. Godfree
1927 H.J. Cochet H.N. Wills
1928 J.R. Lacoste H.N. Wills
1929 H.J. Cochet H.N. Wills
1930 W.T. Tilden F.S. Moody
1931 S.B.B. Wood C. Aussem
1932 H.E.Vines F.S. Moody
1933 J.H. Crawford F.S. Moody
1934 F.J. Perry D.E. Round
1935 F.J. Perry F.S. Moody
1936 F.J. Perry H.H. Jacobs
1937 J.D. Budge D.E. Round
1938 J.D. Budge F.S. Moody
1939 R.L. Riggs A. Marble
1946 Y.F.M. Petra P.M. Betz
1947 J.A. Kramer M.E. Osborne
1948 R. Falkenburg A.L. Brough
1949 F.R. Schroeder A.L. Brough
1950 J.E. Patty A.L. Brough
1951 R. Savitt D.J. Hart
1952 F.A. Sedgman M.C. Connolly
1953 E.V. Seixas M.C. Connolly
1954 J. Drobny M.C. Connolly
1955 M.A. Trabert A.L. Brough
1956 L.A. Hoad S.J. Fry
1957 L.A. Hoad A. Gibson
1958 A.J. Cooper A. Gibson
1959 A.R. Olmedo M.E.A. Bueno
1960 N.A. Fraser M.E.A. Bueno
1961 R.G. Laver F.A.M. Mortimer
1962 R.G. Laver J.R. Susman
1963 C.R. McKinley M. Smith
1964 R.S. Emerson M.E.A. Bueno
1965 R.S. Emerson M. Smith
1966 M.M. Santana L.W. King
1967 J.D. Newcombe L.W. King
1968 R.G. Laver L.W. King
1969 R.G. Laver P.F. Jones
1970 J.D. Newcombe B.M. Court
1971 J.D. Newcombe E.F. Goolagong
1972 S.R. Smith L.W. King
1973 J. Kodes L.W. King
1974 J.S. Connors C.M. Evert
1975 A.R. Ashe L.W. King
1976 B.R. Borg C.M. Evert
1977 B.R. Borg S.V. Wade
1978 B.R. Borg M. Navratilova
1979 B.R. Borg M. Navratilova
1980 B.R. Borg R.A. Cawley
1981 J.P. McEnroe J.M. Lloyd
1982 J.S. Connors M. Navratilova
1983 J.P. McEnroe M. Navratilova
1984 J.P. McEnroe M. Navratilova
1985 B.F. Becker M. Navratilova
1986 B.F. Becker M. Navratilova
1987 P.H. Cash M. Navratilova
1988 S.B. Edberg S.M. Graf
1989 B.F. Becker S.M. Graf
1990 S.B. Edberg M. Navratilova
1991 M.D. Stich S.M. Graf
1992 A.K. Agassi S.M. Graf
1993 P. Sampras S.M. Graf
1994 P. Sampras I.C. Martinez
1995 P. Sampras S.M. Graf
1996 R.P.S. Krajicek S.M. Graf
1997 P. Sampras M. Hingis
1998 P. Sampras J. Novotna
1999 P. Sampras L.A. Davenport
2000 P. Sampras V.E.S. Williams
2001 G.S. Ivanisevic V.E.S. Williams
2002 L.G. Hewitt S.J. Williams
2003 R. Federer S.J. Williams
2004 R. Federer M. Sharapova
2005 R. Federer L. Davenport
2006 R. Federer A. Mauresmo
2007 R. Federer V.E.S. Williams
2008 R. Nadal V.E.S. Williams
2009 R. Federer S.J. Williams
2010 R. Nadal S.J. Williams
2011 N. Djokovic P. Kvitova
2012 R. Federer S.J. Williams
2013 A. Murray M. Bartoli
2014 N. Djokovic P. Kvitova
2015 N. Djokovic S.J. Williams
2016 A. Murray S.J. Williams
2017 R. Federer G. Muguruza
2018 N. Djokovic A. Kerber

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