Overwatch League Week 2 Weekend Recap: Every map and match detailed

Posted: 22 January 2018 11:22 am News


This weekend saw some huge matches for Overwatch League's second week.

Some huge match-ups this weekend saw Seoul continue its flawless winning streak.

Seoul Dynasty vs Boston Uprising

The Korean team is currently undefeated and is probably going to remain so after this match. While Boston Uprising is a good team, they are not good enough to knock Seoul off their pedestal. Seoul will have to be off their form today in order to lose, but bigger upsets have happened.

Map One: Junkertown

Using the traditional Pirate Ship and two-sniper composition, Seoul was off to a strong start, with ryujehong switching to Mei to block Boston’s attacks on the cart. Boston was trying their best to stall the payload, but thanks to tobi (Mercy), Seoul was able to bring back their team from the dead and eliminate the Boston defence from the map. Fleta was on McCree, targeting Boston’s Striker and keeping the Boston side low on damage, allowing Seoul to push through to the final section of the map.

Seoul was finally brought to a stop when Gamsu (Winston) dived onto the cart, using his Primal Rage to send the Seoul team flying. In order to reclaim the cart, Dynasty had to use some of their ultimates, bringing down Boston’s Mercy (Kellex) for a team kill. Uprising wasn’t going to let it end there though, unleashing their ultimates onto the cart and forcing Seoul to use theirs in retaliation. Despite Uprising’s best effort, Dynasty was able to edge out the Boston defence and move the cart over the finish line.

Now on the attack, Boston was still burning hot, rushing through the first point and crushing Seoul's defence. It was only in the second section that Uprising looked to be slowing down, with Seoul fighting back and bringing the payload to a stop. It was thanks to DreamKazper pulling off some clutch headshots as Widowmaker on Seoul that Boston was able to continue their push. Boston continued to beat off Seoul’s attempts with well-timed ultimates, including Striker (Tracer) zoning out the Korean team with his Pulse Bomb. On the final point, Dynasty was able to turn it around, with Wekeed and ryujehong determined to bring the Boston team to an end. Seoul stood firm against Boston’s final push, holding them off and running down the clock to win the map.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

It was Dive against Dive on Horizon, with the teams clashing in the air and high ground. Boston proved to be more formidable than Seoul first thought, sending the Korean team back to switch up and try again. The second attempt was far more successful, dividing Boston’s defence on two fronts and wearing them down. Seoul captured the first point quickly, rushing onto the second and committing their ultimates to the first fight. This was not the best choice. With Fleta’s Dragonblade brought down by DreamKazper before Fleta could get any kills, the Dynasty attack was stopped. The next attempt was also stopped by DreamKazper, who was determined not to let Seoul take point B.

Seoul was finally able to take the second point, coordinating their ultimates and scattering the Uprising defence. Dynasty was able to hunt down the remaining Uprising players and capture the point with just over three minutes remaining.

Boston was sticking to their Dive composition now, targeting Seoul’s Mercy and breaking down the Korean defence. With their support down, Seoul fell apart and scattered, allowing Boston to take point A on their first attempt. With lots of time to get the final point, Boston was more cautious in their approach. Both teams had their ultimates but held back from wasting them too quickly. In a show of superiority, Dynasty brought down the Boston side without any ultimates and outplaying them in the team fight.

Time was running out for Boston. DreamKazper rushed in with his Dragonblade, trying to make an opening for his team, but he was brought down by Seoul, who used a Valkyrie ultimate to survive his immense damage and eliminate him. Fleta used his own Dragonblade to keep Boston back, getting in their faces and driving them away from the point. Unable to regroup in time, Boston ran out of time and allowed Seoul its second match point.

Map Three: Oasis

With halftime over, Dynasty was pumped up, taking control of the point immediately. Once on the point, Seoul continued through the map, pushing deep into the Boston territory and keeping them at bay. Putting the pressure on the Boston team, Seoul was able to run down the clock, taking the first control without any opposition on the point.

The University map presented a good chance for Boston to get back in the running, using their shields to stay on the point and gain some ground. However, it wasn’t long until Seoul pushed back, zoning Boston off the point with their ultimates and taking down Boston with skilful play. Thanks to ryujehong (Zenyatta) firing off some impressive Orbs and using his Discord Orb to add extra damage, Seoul captured the point and cemented their victory, finishing Oasis 2-0.

Map Four: Numbani

On the fourth and final map, Boston still had a chance to make a dent in the Seoul team’s morale by being the first to deny them a 4-0 win. So far, Seoul had taken their matches 4-0, winning every major victory of the season. If Boston managed to win Numbani, they would have revealed a crack in the Seoul team's armour and shown that they were in fact human and could be beaten.

With Boston on the defence first, it was important that they bring the Seoul attack to an end quickly. With Fleta on Pharah and Wekeed on Genji, it proved to be difficult for Boston to gain the upper hand in the team fights. Still, Boston was not giving up, dragging out the first point for as long as they could, trickling in from their spawn room to keep the fight going.

They kept the pressure on through the second point until they were dominated by Wekeed’s Dragonblade, which took out three Boston members. Boston’s defence was not enough to stop Seoul from reaching the last point, being completely outplayed in the second half of the round and failing to regroup successfully.

Boston was running a dive composition, looking to jump onto the high ground and bring down Fleta (Widowmaker) quickly. While the dive was on target, Fleta was able to escape and retaliate with some successive headshots, sending Boston back to the start to reset. Seoul was poised and unflustered, sending Boston flying each time they attacked the point. It wasn’t until Overtime that Boston was able to take the point, carrying the momentum through to the second. DreamKazper was on fire now, dashing in and eliminating the Seoul defence by himself, not even needing to use his Dragonblade.

It seemed like Boston was going to tie up the map when zunba (D.Va) landed a devastating Self-Destruct on top of the Boston payload. They fought well but were unable to stand against the overwhelming level of play that Seoul is capable of.


Seoul is still the king, remaining undefeated in their fourth match of the season. This ends the second week for Seoul, putting them at the top of the leaderboard in a comfortable first place. They continue to perform at a high level every match, starting and finishing at 100% every time. Other teams are slow to start or drop off towards the end, but Seoul is able to consistently play at their best for the entire match, earning them their current victories.

Boston is a great team, but against the best team in the competition, they were always going to lose. If Boston had won their match against New York last week, I might have had more confidence in the Uprising side, but they were unable to match the prowess of the high-tier teams. However, it is important to remember that it is only week two. Boston may be able to turn this around, and the next time they face Seoul, it could be a very different game.

Shanghai Dragons vs Florida Mayhem

Two teams that have yet to win a single match are facing off, with one walking away with their first win at the end. It will either be a close match or one will easily outshine the other. It could go either way here as it’s anyone's game.

It is important to remember that whoever loses this match will be at the bottom of the standings, so there is a lot on the line here.


Map One: Dorado

In a nice change of pace, the teams picked Dorado to play, breaking up the trend of Junkertown opening every match this week.

Shanghai was first to attack, using Undead as Widowmaker to try and get the upper hand against the Florida defence. Logix (Soldier 76) and TviQ (Tracer) were putting the pressure on the Shanghai tanks, keeping the attack off the payload and running down the clock. Altering (Mercy) was working overtime, bringing his team back into the fight and keeping Shanghai in the game. In an intense team fight, Shanghai captured the first point, getting a second chance to score some points. Florida was able to stall the Shanghai side in the second area, knocking them off the payload in Overtime and ending the match.

Florida continued their momentum on attack, rushing through the first point and storming across the map. In no time at all, Florida ran the cart through to the finish line, smashing Shanghai’s time and taking the first map.

Map Two: Anubis

Anubis is a big map this season. It seems that whoever wins this map will take the match. Both teams seemed to know this, coming out with some early picks on each side. Undead (Widowmaker) flanked far to the left, trying to edge out the Florida shields and break down the defence. TviQ (Widowmaker) rose to the challenge, going up against Undead in a sniper fight across the first point area. Logix (Tracer) backed TviQ up, running into the team fights and taking out the Shanghai tanks. Going into Overtime, Shanghai was half dead on the point, but they survived the Florida defence and captured the point.

Florida switched their heroes on the second point, with TviQ changing to Junkrat in order to bring down Diya (Tracer) and up his team’s offensive power. A late Transcendence from Shanghai allowed them to stay in the game, resurrecting their team in the brief moment of relief. However, this wasn’t enough to beat the Florida defence, with TviQ and Logix landing some incredible kills with their ultimates that ended the Shanghai attack.

Now on the attack, Florida dived over the first choke point, bringing the fight to the point and putting the pressure on Shanghai. TviQ was covering his team from afar as Widowmaker, finding those headshots and contributing to his team capturing the point. CWoosH (Winston) was quick to reach the second point, but without the two supports to back him up, he wasn’t able to last. Regrouping, Florida was able to capitalise on Shanghai switching heroes, using their ultimates to clear the point and win the second map.

Map Three: Ilios

Undead was quick to capitalise on the first map, with Ruins being a perfect Widowmaker map, at least that's what he was hoping. Upon leaping into the map, Florida targeted Undead, bringing him down and rushing the Shanghai spawn. Diya (Tracer) was doing his best to bring his team out of danger, flanking far behind the Florida side and bringing the fight back to the point. Now able to exit their spawn, Shanghai was able to get the point. Diya continued to carry his team, dealing out the damage and kills on the point. Logix (Widowmaker) was busy trying to keep Undead out of the main fight, but thanks to TviQ (Tracer), Florida was able to retake the point and get the first point.

Lighthouse usually brings out the Pharah picks, but not this time as both teams were looking to stick close together. Logix (McCree) seemed to be harnessing his inner Pine, looking to control the map by himself and bring down the Shanghai side. Altering (Mercy) was pulling out all the punches, resurrecting his team at every chance and keeping them in the fight. It was not enough though as Florida retook the point and cemented their very first victory.

Map Four: Numbani

Undead was absolutely unstoppable out of the gates, immediately taking out five of the Florida side as McCree. Thanks to Undead, Shanghai took the first point in seconds, with Florida rushing to recover and bring them to a stop. Shanghai was winning each team fight by the skin of their teeth, pushing the payload through the second area in between team fights. Despite Undead’s best efforts, Florida overwhelmed the Dragons and brought its attack to an end. That was until Shanghai came back swinging, with Diya (Tracer) pressing forward deep into the Florida side.

Undead and Diya were collecting kills, seemingly trying to prove themselves even in defeat. The payload crawled toward the end, with Florida stalling the cart as much as possible. Diving in, Undead and Diya were doing their best but were brought down by Manneten’s (D.Va) Self-Destruct in Overtime.

Mayhem needed to capture all three points in order to take this map in a 4-0 sweep. With the match victory already under their belts, the Florida side was able to switch to what they were most comfortable playing. Without having to play too strictly, they were able to find their own pace. TviQ opting to play Widowmaker once more, showing off his manic style and getting some impressive headshots on the Shanghai defence. Logix was keen to show Undead who the better McCree was, dropping his Dead Eye onto the scattered Shanghai side. Florida continued to dominate the Shanghai defence, pushing through the second area without issue and cleaning up Shanghai in every fight.

Diya and TviQ were duelling it out as Tracer, needing to keep the other out of commission and flank deep into the opponent's areas. Diya was able to win the duel, but Logix was there to push his team across the line. MG (D.Va) was trying hard to keep the dream alive but was ripped apart by Florida as Mayhem took the final point.


Mayhem has finally found their footing, showing the world that they are not the bottom-tier team that people thought. The European team is looking to gain some big wins going forward. TviQ was the MVP of the day, showing off his ability to play both Tracer and Widowmaker at extreme levels of play. He went head to head with Undead and won, bringing Mayhem the victory they deserved.

Shanghai showed a lot of improvement today, with Diya and Undead playing at their best. Undead was outstanding in the final match, single-handedly clearing the point and taking out almost the entire team. Diya was consistently playing well all match, trying to carry his team through each map. Altering (Mercy) was also very good, keeping his team healed and resurrecting them during the fights allowed them to score a few points. If Shanghai continues to improve in this fashion, then it won’t be long until they start getting a few wins on the board.

London Spitfire vs Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel is not having a good week, after being destroyed by the Houston Outlaws yesterday and now they must face the second biggest Korean team on the roster. London Spitfire has the potential to go all the way this season. They have yet to be in the spotlight, but I am calling it now.

No one has really noticed that Seoul is not the only Korean side in the competition, London’s team is comprised of Cloud9, a big name esports organisation with a Korean roster that can shatter the OWL competition.


Map One: Junkertown

Spitfire attacked first, having Profit flanking as Reaper. Profit was able to do some extreme damage to the Fuel tanks, cleaning up the Dallas defence and running the cart straight through to the first point. EFFECT (Widowmaker) tried to take London by surprise, doubling behind them for some kills but was brought down quickly. Rejoining his team, EFFECT was able to land some headshots on the attacking London side, stopping their run. Changing up heroes allowed London to catch Dallas off guard in the next team fight, with Profit (Genji) still running circles around the Fuel players.

Gesture (Winston) was diving onto the Dallas supports, separating them from the defence and letting Profit run in to get the kills. Wiping Dallas off the point forced Dallas to switch off their three-tank composition since they needed more firepower in the fights. It seemed to work as Dallas won the next team fight, scattering the London team. Thanks to Fury (D.Va) holding the cart, London was able to get across the final line.

On the attack, Fuel was playing very carefully, trying to stay behind their shields and avoiding risky pushes. London was able to counter this, flanking and pulling Dallas out of formation and picking them off one at a time. Desperate to get some ground, Dallas brought out Bastion (HarryHook), who managed to break through the Spitfire defence and allow them to take the first two points.

Taimou was playing extra aggressively as Roadhog, trying to take as much of the damage for his team as possible and hook London out of formation again. Profit (Genji) returned the favour, using his Dragonblade to take down three of the Dallas members and halt their attack. Diving onto the payload, Dallas was losing members left and right trying to just touch the point and stay in Overtime. Just metres from the point, Dallas was brought down, unable to bring the map to a tie as London took an early lead.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

London dived right onto the point, trying to build up some capture time during the team fight. The first attempt was not successful, but thanks to Sombra flanking and hacking the Dallas defence, London was able to recover. Gesture (Winston) was all over the Dallas side, hunting them down as they scattered into the side rooms and getting the eliminations. With Dallas scattered, London took point A and rushed into the second. Dallas rose to the challenge, trading kills with London on the point before getting the upper hand.

Even with Rascal picking off some of the Dallas supports as Widowmaker, Dallas survived and overcame the first attack on the point. Taimou switched to Widowmaker in order to keep Rascal off his supports, trying to match him in a sniper battle. Dallas was decimated in the second attack by London, with Rascal switching to McCree and causing heavy damage to the Dallas tanks. An unlucky Mei iceberg fell just short of the line, allowing London to capture point B.

London set up on the high ground, sitting behind Gesture’s (Orisa) shield. Dallas ran far round the left side, trying to back capture the point and bring London’s attention away from the Dallas attack. EFFECT was dancing around on the point, distracting London as Dallas made their way onto the point. In a long drawn-out fight, London gained the advantage thanks to Rascal’s Junkrat.

Birdring (Widowmaker) was keeping Dallas at bay, landing headshots on any Fuel player who wandered too far. Time ran out for Dallas to regroup, giving London their second map of the day and putting them ahead by two.

Map Three: Oasis

City Center was the first control map for Oasis, with neither team picking a Pharah to take advantage of the high ceiling and high ground of the map. Both teams instead went with a McCree and Junkrat combination. London was first to reach the high ground, forcing Dallas to back off. EFFECT managed to get off a Dead Eye on the point, taking out some of London’s team as Dallas took the point.

Thanks to a successful dive by Gesture (Winston) and an impressive RIP-tire from Profit (Junkrat), London took back the point. EFFECT and Taimou were quick to retaliate, rushing the point and beating down Spitfire. Dallas was able to hold out and finish capturing the point, putting them back in the running.

Gardens proved to be a similar story, with the teams exchanging kills and trading possession of the point. London was the first to capture, but Dallas fought back and cut them down.

EFFECT was highly effective in taking down the attacking London side, using his stun grenades to get some clean headshots. Profit (Junkrat) managed to get another impressive RIP-tire off, with London following through on his ultimate to retake the point.

Dallas turned the match around in Overtime, mobbing London’s tanks and using Taimou’s (Roadhog) Whole Hog to hold out and win their first map, putting them back in the match.

Map Four: Numbani

London was ready to finish this match, storming out of the spawn and clashing with Dallas seconds into the round. Profit (Tracer) ran deep into the point and distracted Dallas from the advancing London team, giving them the upper hand in the first team fight and taking the payload. Birdring (Soldier 76) didn’t stop there, chasing Dallas all the way back to spawn and buying his team time to pass the second point.

Dallas was unable to find ground in the final point, with birdring (McCree) and Profit (Tracer) keeping them in their spawn. London cruised to the last point and prepared to defend their victory.

Both teams used similar compositions on the second round, with Dallas desperate to tie up the map and stay in the running. The London team lost its supports quickly but managed to hold out on the point thanks to Profit (Tracer) getting the kills.

However, Dallas was able to take the point while London was distracted by another fight. Mickie (D.Va) was running the payload on his own as his team chased down the retreating London side and took the second point.

When Dallas tried to rush through to the last checkpoint, London cut through their momentum and contested the point. Both sides were trying to edge out the other with their ultimates. London got the upper hand thanks to NUS (Mercy) resurrecting his team and turning the tables on Dallas.

Fuel was pushed back to the choke point, with Profit peppering the Dallas side and landing some impressive Pulse Bombs. Thanks to Taimou’s Tactical Visor, Dallas rose up once more, storming the payload with a second wind and crossing the final point. This brought the map to a tie and the teams prepared to play one more round.

London was on the attack, with each member taking down a Dallas player and taking the win in a flash. This ended the game and brought an exciting match to a close, the final score ending 3-1.


Rascal is a new player on the London side and had a fantastic debut. His Widowmaker was key to London’s win on Horizon Lunar Colony, cutting down the Dallas attack well before they could reach the point. This new player really seemed confident, and we may see him pulled out again for specific maps like New York Excelsior does with Pine.

Dallas seems to have worked on their communications issues. While not completely better, they were able to coordinate a lot more than in their previous matches. Perhaps it is due to having such a large roster that Dallas finds their teams and compositions not meshing or gelling as well as they would like. However, today they worked a bit better, managing to rally together in the end and getting some points. If they continue to improve and coordinate, then Dallas will be a stronger side and earn a win down the line.

The final day of week two stirred up some big matches

Sunday saw some big match-ups, with Los Angeles up against London, Los Angeles against New York and Boston toe-to-toe with San Francisco.

Los Angeles Valiant vs London Spitfire

The day started on a big one, with Los Angeles Valiant and London Spitfire having pulled out some big matches so far in the Overwatch League.


Map One: Dorado

Los Angeles started their attack with a standard dive composition, looking to not get caught in the choke point and leap over the London defence. While London had an interesting and effective defence with Torbjorn, Reaper and Widowmaker slowing down Valiant, LA regained their composure and pushed through. Point A was taken soon after that.

Moving onto the second point caused some difficulty, with an all-out brawl for the cart. London used their ultimates carelessly, wasting some much-needed resurrections too early in the fight and allowing Valiant to gain the upper hand. Through relentless attacks and some well-fought battles, Valiant climbed the hill, only to be brought to a stop by London one more time. This time, London was able to hold out, running down the clock and bringing an end to Valiant’s attack.

Applying new tactics allowed London to show off their superior attack gameplay. Thanks to Fissure and Fury chasing down the retreating Valiant all the way back to their spawn room, London cruised through the first point. Profit (Genji) was waiting in the second zone and single-handedly kept the LA team at bay. Thanks to him, London took the second point and the first map.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Valiant was running an uncommon four-tank composition, with the supports running healing. This composition can be very effective when the other team is not suspecting it, and London was not. The first point was taken in a blink of an eye, but London brought Valiant's run to a stop on point B, with Junkrat and Reaper firing out immense damage in Valiant’s weakened direction.

Valiant ran multiple attempts at the point, using their heavy-tank comp to outlast the damage London was raining down on them. Eventually, Valiant was able to turn the tide, winning a big fight on the point and holding off against London to take the second point.

On the attack, London was a bit slower to take the first point but managed nonetheless. Constantly putting the pressure on the LA team allowed them to eventually break through. Valiant were not held back so easily, with Agilities showing us all why he is the considered the best Genji player in the world. On the second point, London was able to overcome the LA defence with a Self-Destruct by Fury (D.Va), which cleared the point and tied up the game.

On LA’s second run, London was not going to let them touch the point. This time they were ready for the four-tank setup, with Rascal (Junkrat) destroying their formation and wiping out half the team. With not much time in the bank, LA was unable to recover.

London switched it up, turning the tables on Valiant with their own four-tank composition. LA was not prepared for this and took some big hits right off the bat. London was able to capitalise on this and rushed the point. Agilities (Genji) tried to fight them off but proved to be outnumbered by London. Time ran out for LA to reach the point and London captured the map to gain a big lead.

Map Three: Oasis

As we have seen recently, Oasis always has Pharahs filling the skies, with both teams picking her as their main DPS. With the first map being Gardens, the big fights were up in the sky. Agilities and Rascal were in the sky, outplaying Valiant’s Pharah and Mercy. However, Valiant was still able to beat out London on the ground, taking the first control.

University switched up the composition, with LA storming out the gates and capturing the point right off. They were a little too aggressive in their front, pushing far into the London spawn before being fought off. This allowed London to rush the point, having taken out a few of Valiant’s team at their spawn. Recovering, LA used their ultimates to retake the control point, reaching 99% before London was able to regroup. In Overtime, London tried to use a Gravital Orb/Self-Destruct combination but failed to get a single kill. This allowed the Valiant to finish the capture, in part thanks to Agilities running rampant as Roadhog on the London spawn.

Map Four: Eichenwalde

Valiant substituted in silkthread for Agilities, giving Agilities a welcome rest from the intense matches he had been playing. Lucky for LA, silkthread is just as good on Pharah, making quick work of the London defence on the payload.

Silkthread was on fire, keeping the cart moving through the second zone without issue. SoOn was running rings around London’s defence as Tracer, causing damage to the back line and disrupting their formation. This allowed Valiant to move through the second point and into the castle. During the last fight on point C, it was endurance that won out with Valiant able to survive the London defence thanks to their support ultimates and taking the final point.

Valiant targeted London’s healers straight away, weakening the London attack but were unable to recover against London’s support ultimates. The payload was then moved fairly quickly through the second zone. Profit (Genji) and NUS (Tracer) helped to keep Valiant off the payload, using Dragonblade and Pulse Bombs to take down the LA team and get to the second point.

Valiant managed to stall the cart in the third zone, with 90 seconds left on the timer. Silkthread and KariV (Mercy) fought back hard, allowing their side to stay on the cart in Overtime against the London side. Diving constantly onto the payload kept the match going as London was undone and Valiant tied up the match.

Map Five: Lijiang Tower

Command Center was a real back-and-forth battle, with both sides trading kills and control of the point. Both sides were unrelenting in their attacks, with the action too quick to follow. London was able to outlast the Valiant side and win control of the point for a final time.

Garden was a very different situation. With such close quarters, both teams were clashing face to face from the get-go. Birdring was able to get some outstanding headshots as Widowmaker, keeping the Valiants down and off the part. London was able to reach 99% before the Valiants took the point, with SoOn on Tracer getting the better of birdring, forcing him to change to Genji. London was able to get the point back in a flurry of picks, taking the final capture and winning the match in an exciting finish.


This was a tight match, with both teams giving it everything they had today.

Los Angeles Gladiators vs New York Excelsior


Map One: Dorado

The LA Gladiators were the first to attack, with Hydration rushing forward as Pharah. He needed to be cautious as New York was, surprisingly, putting in Pine early as McCree. Hydration is at a disadvantage against Pine in this composition, but Hydration still sought to bring him down. Pine proved to be the better shot as the Gladiators struggled to get the first point. In a final attempt in Overtime, both sides used their ultimates. With big kills on both sides, New York edged out the Gladiators thanks to Pine (Widowmaker) getting the important shots.

Now New York only needed to reach the first point to take Dorado, but the Gladiators weren’t going to make it easy for them. Previously, the Gladiators have held Dorado on defence, but against a powerful team like New York, they were dominated by a single push. New York bringing in Pine earlier in the match increased the team’s damage output immensely and helped them score an early match point.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Pine was put back on the bench, with Saebyeolbe brought out to fight the LA side. On the defence, Saebyeolbe was trying to repeat Pine’s Widowmaker from the last map, but the Gladiators rolled through the New York defence. Thanks to Hydration (Genji) picking off a few of the New York defence behind their shield, the Gladiators took point A on their first attempt.

The Gladiators tried to carry this momentum through to point B but were halted by the New York players who had remained back on the point after respawning. The Gladiators continued to try and attack the point but were having trouble breaking through the New York defence. Hydration (Junkrat) had to clear the point with his RIP-tire, taking some of the New York team with him, to reach the first two ticks on the point.

Regrouping, the Gladiators were running out of time. In a last-ditch effort, the Gladiators fought it out on the point. With Overtime ticking down, the New York Excelsior held out against the assault. Thanks to a Self-Destruct from MekO (D.Va), the New York team cleared the point and Overtime ran out.

Switching sides on Horizon proved to a similar story, as New York rushed the point and gained the upper hand very quickly. The Gladiators used Sombra on the defence to shut down the New York’s ultimates, barely holding onto point B on the first attack. Capturing two ticks before the Gladiators could respond allowed New York to win the second map, assisted by Zenyatta’s Transcendence keeping them alive on the point.

Map Three: Oasis

Earlier in the week, the Gladiators were able to pull off a reverse sweep, turning the match around in the second half and taking the game back. If the Gladiators were going to turn the game around once more, this was the time to do it. But it wasn’t going to be easy, with New York bringing out Pine from the bench one more time.

Hydration was trying to control the City Center as Pharah but was finding Pine (McCree) putting the pressure on. Libero was also in the air as Pharah and kept the Gladiators off the point with a barrage of rockets. In a hard push, the Gladiators were able to dethrone New York from the point and high ground, thanks in part to Hydration outplaying both Libero and Pine. In response, Pine switched to Widowmaker, looking to ground Hydration and retake the point. BigGoose was on his game, bringing back his team members and assisting Hydration in the big moments. However, the Gladiators were unable to hold out against the New York side as New York retook the centre and captured the control point.

Now over on Gardens, the Gladiators were running the same composition, looking to use the high ceilings. It worked out well for LA, getting the point from New York thanks to a Barrage from Hydration. Excelsior won the next team fight in Overtime, retaking the point from LA. A big team fight in the final moments decided the game, with Libero (Pharah) cleaning up the Gladiators and taking out three members with his Barrage. New York cemented their win on Gardens, denying the Gladiators their comeback.

Map Four: Eichenwalde

The game was set, but a fourth map was still to be played. Now both teams were a bit more relaxed, pulling out their more comfortable picks and compositions over the meta. The Gladiators were running a Pharah and Mercy combination, commonly known as a "Pharmacy", to give Surefour the best chance of surviving. New York was holding them back with their own Pharah (Libero), backed up by JJoNak (Ana) taking shots at the aloft Gladiators. Surefour and Asher were on fire as a DPS Duo, managing to claim the payload in the final seconds.

Surefour continued to rain down damage, hitting the supports back from the front line and separating the New York defence. Meanwhile, New York was keeping the Gladiators off the payload, slowing their ascent. Time ticked down as Overtime kicked in, with New York unleashing their ultimates on the desperate Gladiator side, bringing their attack to an end.

For the final time, the teams switched sides, with New York now on the attack. Libero (Pharah) was popping his rockets, hitting almost every shot and beating down the Gladiator’s defence. With five minutes left, New York took the payload, giving them plenty of time to reach the final point. As such, New York played it safe, moving in a group and coordinating their attacks. LA dived on the payload, trying to hold the cart, but was sent flying by New York. In a clean sweep, New York took the final map and finished the match 4-0.


Hydration is the Gladiator’s trump card, and while he stated he wasn’t feeling well, he still managed to do over 30% of his team’s damage for the day. Usually, a DPS will pull around 25%, but even when ill, Hydration is a big damage dealer for his team. Perhaps if he were feeling better, they could have turned the match around, or if Asher had been put in for him earlier, the match may have come out differently. Either way, Hydration played extremely well.

Pine is New York’s big hitter, and he can be brought in to turn the tide of any match. Bringing him out on the first map was a smart choice by New York. They seemed to want to edge out LA early and create a gap in the score from the beginning. This was the first time Pine was on a map that wasn’t a control point, showing that he is not just a one-hit wonder, but able to play a myriad of situations. Going forward, we should be seeing more of Pine as he is quickly becoming the core of the New York team and a key player to watch.

Boston Uprising vs San Francisco Shock

This is going to be a difficult match for Shock, going up against a high middle-tier team, when they have barely been able to get the win they have this season. Boston would have been looking forward to this match. After falling short against London, Shock is a breath of relief and a sure thing for Uprising.

While Boston has only won one match, they have proven that they are able to hold their ground against big teams like New York and London. Like Florida, Boston just needed to come up against some teams more their pace and Shock will most likely prove to be an easy win for the Uprising.

Shock has a few good players, such as babybay and Danteh, who have done some great plays, but they are nothing special in the League as a whole. While they put up a good fight against Fusion, managing to draw and take a map, they continue to play an average game. Perhaps this will amount to Shock becoming a real underdog as the season goes on, but for now, they are a lower side not to be taken too seriously.


Map One: Dorado

Danteh and Striker were set to be big rivals this match, with both playing Tracer as their main DPS character. On the attack, Boston was relying on Striker to cause chaos in the Shock defences. He was successful in his attempt, allowing his team to cruise through the first point. DreamKazper (Hanzo) was picking off the Shock players and challenging babybay’s Widowmaker. Meanwhile, the rest of the team was fighting off Shock’s attacks, pushing them back from the cart and moving through the second area without much resistance.

A big fight on the second point stalled out Boston, with babybay and Striker turning the tide of the game. Boston was not to be outdone, overcoming the DPS duo and rushing the third zone. Shock was trying to fight back, initially finding Boston too difficult to stop, but getting some lucky picks with their ultimates and ending the Boston attack metres from the final point.

Now on the attack, Shock needed to get this first map. They used a dive composition to overcome the first choke point and to avoid being stalled at the first point. Babybay was getting some great shots in as Widowmaker, but was running on his own as his team regrouped. Shock was able to use the opportunity that babybay created, taking the first point and carrying solid momentum through to the second. Kellex was forced to use his resurrections early in the fights, with Shock getting the picks thanks to babybay and Danteh (Genji).

Danteh and nomy chased down the retreating Boston side as their team took the second point before Boston was able to recover. In the final zone, Boston retaliated, cutting Shock’s momentum and getting an edge on the opposing team. Striker and DreamKazper were running their DPS mains, Tracer and Genji, wearing down the Shock attack. It wasn’t enough though as Shock was able to get the payload across the line, winning the first map and getting an early lead.

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Babybay was ready to halt the Boston attack before it began, playing Widowmaker against the diving Boston side. Striker (Tracer) was smart to avoid babybay, trying to bring the fight to the point and flank the Shock defence. This tactic seemed like a good idea, but Boston failed to follow through with the damage. Only on their second attempt did they capture the point, having knocked babybay off the high ground. Striker continued to flank, rushing the second point and clearing off the Shock defence. Boston was solid on the point now, fighting off the Shock members as they trickled out of their spawn room.

Shock was desperate to stall, trying to earn some time, but was unable to make anything happen.

On the attack, Shock was running a four-tank composition, with Roadhog, Reinhardt, Zarya and D.Va all trying to absorb the heavy Boston damage. This meant that while Shock had far less damage in team fights, they would be able to stay alive for a lot longer. While a smart idea from Shock, Boston was unfazed, sending them back to spawn each time. Unable to even reach the point caused Shock to switch to a dive composition, allowing them to start causing some damage to the Boston defence.

However, after wasting so much time on the four-tank tactic, Shock was out of time and without their ultimates for the final fight. As a result, they fell short of taking point A. Thanks to their solid defence, Boston tied up the score, putting them back in the match.

Map Three: Oasis

Control points work really well as equal opportunity maps. They are not tilted in either side’s advantage and allow teams to play purely on skill. This means that the third map will be taken by the better team, earning them the lead and maybe even the match.

Boston was first to capture the point on City Center, with DreamKazper on Pharah controlling the high ground and finding the rocket shots his team needed. Shock was trying to retaliate with their own dive composition as babybay changed to Pharah in order to distract DreamKazper in the sky. It worked out well for Shock, who managed to take the point in Overtime, beginning their own capture and catching up quickly. Boston was unable to recover and attempted to retake the point, but was held off by Shock who took the first capture in Overtime.

University was up next, mixing up the play styles for both sides. Shock continued their momentum from City Center, getting a team kill against Boston and taking the point first. Fighting back, Boston was able to scatter the Shock defence, stealing the point from Shock and starting to catch up. Shock took back the point for all of five seconds, with Boston flipping it in Overtime once more. Babybay was not going down without a fight, taking out five of Boston’s members with some outstanding McCree play and getting his team the point one more time, winning them Oasis and a second match point.

Map Four: Eichenwalde

Boston had one last shot at this match, needing to win Eichenwalde to bring the match to a fifth round. It would be a difficult feat, but Boston could pull it off.

Boston was on the attack first, with DreamKazper on fire as Pharah, landing direct hits against the Shock defence. Thanks to DreamKazper, Boston was able to immediately take down Shock and capture the payload. In response, babybay switched to Widowmaker, looking to take down DreamKazper in the sky. However, DreamKazper was already on McCree, continuing his aggressive front on the Shock defence. Babybay was not to be outdone, zoning Boston out and getting some amazing headshots that broke down the Boston offence. Thanks to a Self-Destruct by Kalios, Boston reclaimed the cart, crossed the bridge and entered the castle.

Shock changed up their tank defences by switching to Reinhardt and Zarya, but they could not stop the Boston attack. Boston pushed the cart to the final point and prepared to defend.

San Francisco was on the attack now, running a dive composition with babybay on McCree. Their first attack was halted quickly, with Striker taking out Shock’s Mercy and cutting the team off from those important heals. Danteh retaliated in the next attack, trying to find Boston’s supports but was met with an angry Striker. Shock was having a harder time on the first point, with Boston aggressively defending the payload. DreamKazper switched to Pharah, holding the payload on his own and trying to bring his team back on top, but was unable to stop Shock from capturing the payload in Overtime.

Shock seemed to be cruising through the second zone, crossing the bridge without any Boston players in sight. However, Boston descended onto the payload, unleashing their ultimates and sending the Shock side flying. Babybay tried his best as Widowmaker to clear the cart but was taken down by Neko (Zenyatta). Thanks to this comeback by Boston, the match was tied and a fifth map would be played.

Map Five: Lijiang Tower

Lijiang Market was the first map, with the teams clashing on the point and fighting it out for possession. Once babybay fell on the Shock side, Boston began destroying Shock. DreamKazper was ruling the skies as Pharah, careful not to get caught on the point due to the short ceilings and lack of escape routes. Boston continued to hold the point, pushing Shock out of the zone over and over. Shock was trying to ambush Boston in Overtime, using the multiple entrances to encircle the point. However, by splitting up, Boston could wipe out the attacking Shock with ease.

Boston was on the point first but was quickly met with some hard opposition by Shock, who was not ready to lose. Boston was pushed back to their spawn room, with Shock putting the pressure on. Thanks to some support ultimates, Boston was able to get back to the point, turning the battle around and retaking the point. Shock and Boston traded blows, using their ultimates to get the upper hand in the fight. Shock took the point thanks to a well-placed RIP-tire, but Boston regrouped quickly and pushed back hard. Overtime ran down, with Shock tying up the map, going into the final round.

The entire match rested on this final control point, with both teams thundering out of their spawn rooms and beginning to exchange blows when the game was paused. A few minutes passed with the commentators filling the dead air until gameplay resumed. Babybay resumed raining down a hail of rockets as Shock held Boston on the bridge. Boston tried to touch the point but was sent back by Danteh. At 99% and in Overtime, Shock was knocked off the point, with Boston taking control and starting to catch up. However, Shock now only needed to take the point to win. Taking their time, and boosted by a Sound Wave from Lucio, Shock reclaimed the point.

Boston was desperately trying to stall, barely reaching the point before being eliminated. Time ran out for Boston as Shock was able to end a real nail-biter.


Shock really shocked us all today, pulling out a clutch win on the final map of the fifth round. Since playing Fusion, Shock has really improved. Babybay and Danteh were not the only ones pulling off big plays today – the whole team was on fire. Shock was a formidable team, particularly with a killer tank in nomy who was key to Shock’s win today.

Boston was completely caught off guard by Shock today. They were only able to reform and find their footing in the second half of the match. It seemed like they were going to turn it around, winning the third and fourth maps, but were unable to keep this momentum on Lijiang Tower. DreamKazper was playing really well today, going head to head with babybay on every map.

The same goes for Striker and Danteh, who were challenging each other in Tracer fights during some big moments. With their two biggest players busy, Boston had no one else to carry the team and fell to Shock.

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