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Best deep fryers in Australia

We’ll help you find the best deep fryer to cook up a storm in your home kitchen.

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How did we pick this list?

Our editorial team selected the products on this list based on actual customer reviews on sites like The Good Guys, Appliances Online, Harvey Norman, Amazon and more. For each category, we identified key parameters based on our research and selected the deep fryers with the highest review score within those parameters.

Read more detail on our methodology below.

The best deep fryer in Australia

Best Deep Fryer

Best Rated Deep Fryer Brand: Russell Hobbs

If you hate cleaning and maintenance, then the Russell Hobbs deep fryer is your best bet. It also scored well for value for money.

Tefal FR8040 Oleoclean Pro Deep Fryer

Best overall deep fryer

Tefal FR8040 Oleoclean Pro Deep Fryer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • Automatic filtration
  • Easy to clean


  • Some buyers complain about oil leaks
  • Some complaints about the appliance's sharp edges

The Tefal Oleoclean Pro Deep Fryer has picked up a host of positive reviews from buyers at a wide range of Australian retailers, so it's our top pick as the best overall deep fryer.

The Oleoclean Pro has picked up tons of glowing reviews from buyers at major retailers like The Good Guys and Harvey Norman and has an average score of 4.7 out of 5 from almost 500 Google reviews. It's also the highest-rated deep fryer on productreview.com.au, earning an average of 3.6 out of 5 from over 35 reviews.

The headline feature of this deep fryer is Tefal's Oleoclean technology, which automatically filters the oil in your appliance. When you've finished cooking, move the dial to "automatic filtration" and the oil will be drained and filtered, ensuring that it's ready for when you next need to do some deep frying.

In terms of capacity, the Oleoclean Pro takes up to 3.5L of oil and can prepare up to 1.2kg of food. A simple dial lets you adjust the temperature between 150°C and 190°C, while a digital timer makes it easy to cook your meal to perfection. The cooking lid also has a viewing window so you can check on the progress of your food during cooking.

When you need to clean your deep fryer, you can easily pull it apart and the bowl, lid, frying basket and oil box are all dishwasher safe. So if you're searching for the best deep fryer for your kitchen, there are plenty of good reasons why the Tefal Oleoclean Pro is well worth checking out.

Russell Hobbs RHDF320 Cook@Home Deep Fryer

Best cheap deep fryer

Russell Hobbs RHDF320 Cook@Home Deep Fryer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • Fries up to 1.2kg of food
  • Easy to clean


  • There are other cheaper options available
  • Some complaints that basket doesn't sit flat

Shopping for a deep fryer with a maximum budget of $100? We recommend checking out this user-friendly appliance from Russell Hobbs. It's been well received by consumers, is easy to use and clean, and comes with a budget-friendly price tag.

Russell Hobbs was also named the best-rated deep fryer brand in the 2020/21 Finder Retail Awards, impressing buyers with the ease of cleaning and maintenance of its deep fryers as well as their value for money.

Before going any further, we should point out that if you're on a really tight budget, you might want to check out the Kmart Anko 4L Deep Fryer With Timer. Not only is it ridiculously cheap, with a price tag of just $29, but it has an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 150 reviews. That said, Russell Hobbs' win in the Finder Retail Awards sees it get the nod here.

The Russell Hobbs RHDF320 Cook@Home Deep Fryer features a 3.2L oil capacity and can cook up to 1.2kg of food. The variable temperature control can be adjusted between 160°C and 190°C, with 1,800W of frying power available. The frying basket, lid, oil container and stainless-steel housing are all easy to remove and clean, while the appliance is also backed by a 2-year warranty.

Best of all, the Cook@Home deep fryer retails for less than $90, so you'll have plenty of money left over to spend on whatever you plan on cooking up in your newest appliance.

DeLonghi F28313BK Rotofry Deep Fryer

Best deep fryer for using less oil

DeLonghi F28313BK Rotofry Deep Fryer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • Rotating basket
  • Easy to clean


  • Other models have larger capacity
  • Not the cheapest option

If you're searching for a deep fryer that can help you prepare deep-fried goodies without using excessive amounts of oil, we recommend checking out the DeLonghi Rotofry. Not only does this use up to 50% less oil to cook fries than a DeLonghi FS60 Series deep fryer, but it's also picked up a stack of positive customer reviews, with an average score of 4.6 out of 5 from over 130 Google reviews. That's why the Rotofry is our top pick if you want a deep fryer that uses less oil.

This DeLonghi model works a little differently to most other deep fryers. As the Rotofry name suggests, this deep fryer uses an angled rotating basket to immerse your food in and out of oil, resulting in less oil used during the cooking process.

This machine has an oil capacity of 1.3 litres and can prepare up to 1kg of deep-fried food. The adjustable thermostat lets you choose temperatures between 150°C and 190°C, while the digital timer makes it easy to keep track of your cooking schedule. Cool-touch walls are an added safety feature, plus there's a viewing window so you can keep track of your food.

When you've finished cooking and it's time to clean up, DeLonghi's patented Easy Clean System comes into its own. Essentially, this feature is designed to make it quick and simple to drain oil from the appliance without having to lift or tip it. The removable lid is dishwasher safe, and the non-stick coating on the bowl helps speed up the cleaning process.

So if you want to use less oil when you deep fry, check out the DeLonghi F28313BK Rotofry.

Tefal FF245E Oleoclean Snack Deep Fryer

Best small deep fryer

Tefal FF245E Oleoclean Snack Deep Fryer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • Oil filtration system
  • Easy to clean and store


  • Not the cheapest
  • Some buyers report that instructions could be a little clearer

If you're in the market for a small deep fryer, it's hard to go past this practical little unit from Tefal. The Oleoclean Snack Deep Fryer boasts an average score of 4.6 out of 5 on Google reviews, includes a number of clever features to ensure maximum ease of use. It's also the perfect size for cooking yourself up a quick deep-fried snack. That's why it's our choice as the best small deep fryer.

If you only ever deep fry in smaller batches, this model can prepare up to 700g of food using 1L of oil. Its compact design ensures that it won't eat up too much bench or cupboard space, and it allows you to cook up delicious deep-fried snacks at a temperature of 190°C.

When clean-up time arrives, one of the Oleoclean Snack Deep Fryer's key features is its patented Easy Clean & Store technology. This system ensures that once the oil has cooled to less than 70°C, it can be filtered into an oil box and stored for future use. The oil box is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

If cupboard space is at a premium, the oil box and lid can be stacked on top of the deep fryer to allow for compact storage. Carry handles also make moving the appliance around your kitchen as easy as possible.

So if you're searching for a small deep fryer that can cook up delicious snacks with a minimum of fuss, be sure to add the Tefal FF245E Oleoclean Snack Deep Fryer to your shopping shortlist.

Devanti 10L Commercial Electric Single Deep Fryer

Best large deep fryer

Devanti 10L Commercial Electric Single Deep Fryer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Might be overkill for some homes
  • No-frills design might not suit all kitchens

Need a big deep fryer to cook up a hearty feast? This commercial model from Devanti has got you covered. With its large capacity and a whole lot of positive reviews from buyers at eBay, Kogan.com and more, it's our number-one pick as the best large deep fryer.

First things first, let's talk about size. With its 10L tank capacity and 7L oil-fill capacity, this appliance is capable of cooking up a huge feast, making it ideal if you regularly cook for an extended family or large group of friends.

Featuring a stainless-steel body, this single-basket deep fryer includes everything you need for quick and easy cooking. Its power-saving automatic thermostat ensures that you get the cooking temperature just right, while the quick-heating function means you won't have to wait long for dinner to be ready.

Control is easy via the temperature and timer knobs, while the frying basket features a heat-proof handle. Non-slip rubber feet are an important safety inclusion, and other features include a fryer cover lid, a removable oil tank and a removable oil-heating plate.

All things considered, if you're in the market for a large deep fryer, it's not hard to see why the Devanti 10L Commercial Electric Single Deep Fryer is well worth a closer look.

It's also worth mentioning that despite the $200-plus RRP on the Devanti deep fryer, we found it selling for over $100 cheaper from multiple retailers at the time of writing. With this in mind, make sure you shop around before deciding on the best place to buy a deep fryer.

Breville the Smart Fryer

Best deep fryer for pre-set programs

Breville the Smart Fryer
Image: Supplied/Finder

Not yet rated


  • 7 pre-set programs
  • LCD control panel


  • Not the cheapest
  • Some complaints that power cord is a little too short

If you're in the market for a deep fryer that can take some of the guesswork out of cooking, we recommend checking out Breville's the Smart Fryer. Not only does this clever appliance come with 7 pre-set functions to help you cook a host of deep-fried favourites, but it also has an average buyer rating of 4.5 out of 5 from over 50 Google reviews. That's why it's our top pick as the best deep fryer for pre-set programs.

If you're not sure of the optimum temperature and cooking time when deep frying, the Smart Fryer comes with one-touch automatic settings for fries, twice-fried chips, fish, wings, calamari and doughnuts. There's also a custom setting if you want to program in the perfect settings for your own favourite dish, plus the option of specifying whether you're cooking fresh or frozen food.

The LCD control panel makes it quick and easy to program in your desired settings, while it also displays a countdown timer and the oil temperature as you cook. A 2,200W heating element delivers all the cooking power you need, while there's also a cool zone below the cooking zone to trap any debris.

The removable cooking vessel is also dishwasher safe, and the Smart Fryer has a 4L oil capacity and 1.2kg food capacity.

A recommended retail price of over $200 means the Smart Fryer certainly isn't the cheapest deep fryer going around. That said, we found it selling for around $40 cheaper from multiple retailers at the time of writing, so it's always worth shopping around to find the best deal.

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Brands considered
Products compared
Best products chosen
  • We considered deep fryers from 9 leading brands.
  • We selected the winners based on real customer reviews and key product features.
  • The products on this list are chosen by our editorial team and are not selected based on commercial relationships.

How to compare deep fryers

There are several factors you'll need to consider when choosing a deep fryer. Make sure to take the following features into account when comparing your options.


Deep fryer prices generally range from around $80 to $200. Models at the cheaper end of the price spectrum tend to be quite basic – just plug it in and go – while more expensive deep fryers offer features like multiple preset functions, timers and added safety features.

Size and capacity

The larger the capacity of a deep fryer, the more food you'll be able to cook in each batch. Approximately 3-4L is a common oil capacity for family-size home deep fryers, with most models capable of cooking between 1kg and 2kg of food in each batch. If you're only cooking for 1 or 2 people, a capacity of less than 4L will be a better choice.

You'll also need to consider the physical size of the fryer and how much room it'll take up in your kitchen. If bench or cupboard space is at a premium, you'll want to look for a smaller-capacity model.

Cooking options

Basic deep fryers come with a thermostat that allows you to choose your desired cooking temperature. High-end models come with multiple preset programs that adjust the temperature and cooking time based on the food you're frying.

Ease of use

Check how easy the deep fryer is to set up and use. Some models can be operated simply by turning a dial, while some higher-end options feature multiple buttons and an LCD to help you choose your desired settings and monitor your food. It's also worth checking how easy it is to drain oil from the deep fryer after use.

Safety features

Check what safety features a fryer has to prevent any spills or potentially nasty accidents. These features may include anti-slip feet, cool-to-touch exteriors, automatic shut-off to prevent overheating and vented lids that release steam and prevent spatter. Some models allow you to raise and lower the frying basket while the lid of the appliance is closed, while it's also a good idea to make sure the fryer basket comes with a cool-touch handle.


Check whether the deep fryer has a filter to help minimise cooking odours. Some models also come with oil filtration systems to keep oil cleaner for longer.

Ease of cleaning

Next, consider how easy it will be to clean your deep fryer after use. Dishwasher-safe parts will help simplify the cleaning process, while you might also want to check how easy the exterior of the appliance will be to wipe clean.


Many deep fryers come with a built-in digital or mechanical timer, so you can cook your food for just the right amount of time.

Customer reviews

A simple way to assess the quality of a deep fryer is to read customer reviews. You can find these on the websites of appliance retailers and independent review sites like productreview.com.au.

Additional features

Depending on the deep fryer you choose, you may also be able to take advantage of several other features, such as the following:

  • A viewing window so you can monitor cooking progress
  • Indicator lights that let you know when the desired temperature has been reached or when it's time to change the oil
  • Digital controls
  • Recipe books

Types of deep fryers

An electric deep fryer offers a simple and safe alternative to frying food in a stovetop pot. It allows you to cook food quickly and accurately, reduces odours and helps prevent any dangerous spills.

When you're ready to compare deep fryers, you'll find appliances from a range of major appliance brands, including the following:

  • Breville
  • Kambrook
  • Sunbeam
  • Tefal

Most home deep fryers have an oil capacity of 4L, but the amount of fried food they can cook varies between models. This generally ranges from 1kg to 2kg, so check the specs sheet closely to find out whether a particular deep fryer will be suitable for your needs.

Deep fryers vs air fryers

If you love fried food but you're looking for a healthier alternative, you may want to consider buying an air fryer. Air fryers don't actually fry your food – they work in a similar way to a convection oven, circulating hot air to cook your food.

Cooking with an air fryer uses much less oil compared to a deep fryer, so air fryers are often marketed as healthier alternatives to traditional frying methods. As for whether air fryers can deliver the same taste and crunchy batter as a deep fryer depends on who you ask. The choice between these 2 types of fryers will likely come down to your own personal preference and the types of fried food you like to cook.

For more information on the pros and cons of air fryers and how to choose the right appliance, check out our guide to the best air fryers or our complete guide to air fryers vs deep fryers.

3 things to consider

Before you start shopping for a new deep fryer, consider the following factors:

  1. Do you really need it? Cupboards and drawers in kitchens around Australia are filled with appliances that seemed like a must-have at the time but now rarely see any use. Particularly if your kitchen is short on space, you'll need to be sure that you'll actually use a deep fryer often enough to justify buying one.
  2. Unhealthy eating. We probably don't need to tell you that deep-fried food isn't exactly healthy – in fact, the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend limiting the intake of fried foods and other foods containing saturated fat. With this in mind, consider the health implications before you go out and buy a deep fryer.
  3. Basic vs advanced deep fryers. If you're a confident cook who likes to be hands-on when preparing meals, a basic deep fryer may be all you need. If you'd rather "set and forget", an advanced model with features like preset cooking programs and a timer might be a better choice.

If you'd like to purchase a deep fryer to whip up fried food at home, here's where you can buy deep fryers online.

Frequently asked questions

Best rated deep fryer brand award breakdown

Total Score Overall rating Value for Money Cleaning & maintenance Cooking performance Ease of use
Russell Hobbs 8.16 4.51 4.45 4.45 4.33 4.20
Other 8.11 4.46 4.50 4.00 4.42 4.38
Delonghi 7.97 4.37 4.27 4.29 4.33 4.39
Sunbeam 7.97 4.38 4.19 4.29 4.46 4.27
Tefal 7.90 4.38 4.22 4.20 4.20 4.28
Kambrook 7.74 4.24 4.10 4.02 4.10 4.24
Breville 7.53 4.10 4.06 4.00 4.08 4.06
Data: Finder Retail Brand Survey, 2020, Kantar. Metric out of 5 stars unless indicated.
Methodology and more info.
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