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The best free games on Xbox One

You don't have to spend a cent to have a blast with these free games.

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If you're a budget-conscious gamer looking for a way to get hours of entertainment out of your Xbox One without reaching for your wallet, you’ve come to the right place. We've rounded up the best free games on Microsoft's popular console as rated both by the review-aggregate site Metacritic and by users on Microsoft's storefront. Check them all out below:

GameGenreDescriptionUser rating (out of 5)Metacritic rating (out of 100)Store link
RobloxAction AdventureRoblox is a lot of things to be honest. This online platform enables its millions of users to create and share their own 3D games and experiences. Though low-level griefing is apparent, Roblox offers hours and hours of playing, exploring, socialising and even earning real-life money via your creations.4.1 (from 77 reviews)NABuy now
Fable FortuneCard gameSet in the much beloved Fable universe, Fortune is basically a collectible card game. This is an addictive system of unit/spell cards that is easy to pick up but hard to master. Better yet, it offers a co-op mode that doubles the fun!6.3 (from 7 reviews)70Buy now
SkyforgeMMORPGYou're looking at a MMORPG with a rather unique setting that skillfully weaves sci-fi with fantasy. Marry that to decent visuals and an action game-esque combat system, and Skyforge is well worth a spin.NA (from 0 reviews)NABuy now
CrossoutActionSay hello to vehicular combat that has a few tricks under the hood. Namely, the building controls of Minecraft and tense sandbox warfare that's not unlike World of Tanks. Better yet, creative players often use the tools available to them to concoct weird and wonderful new modes.6.4 (from 34 reviews)68Buy now
The Awesome Adventures Of Captain SpiritAction AdventureThis is a free gift from the lovely and talented folks who brought us the Life is Strange series. Captain Spirit is a good ol' fashioned graphic adventure which, like its parent product, offers you branching moral decisions in a time-bending story.7.2 (from 100 reviews)75Buy now
DauntlessRole-playingBrought to you by a bunch of BioWare veterans, Dauntless is an Action-RPG that is surprisingly decent for the asking price of nada. The basic gist: you'll collect rewards from behemoth hunting to forge and upgrade a massive arsenal of weapons and armour (to fight even bigger behemoths).3.4 (from 481 reviews)79Buy now
Apex LegendsShooterThis battle royale masterpiece came out of nowhere to secure a large chunk of the most in vogue gaming genre today. It's essentially a 100 person kill-or-be-killed multiplayer fest that has all the class and kinetic gunplay of the Titanfall games. No mechs though.6.7 (from 978 reviews)89Buy now
Realm RoyaleAction AdventureBehold, yet another battle royale contender, and this time it's a spin-off from Paladins (a hero shooter not unlike Overwatch). That said, Realm Royale differentiates itself from the pack pretty well with a quirky fantasy theme and some class-based gunplay.5.8 (from 14 reviews)NABuy now
Path of ExileAction RPGHeavily inspired by Diablo 2, Path of Exile packs a huge variety of character classes, a sprawling skill tree and endless showers of loot to collect as you hack and slash your way through its monster-infested world.4.1 (from 41 reviews)83Buy now
Pinball ArcadeSportsThe free version of FarSight Studios' long-running pinball simulator comes with the Tales of the Arabian Nights table built by Williams and based on the book One Thousand and One Nights.3.4 (from 37 reviews)82 (PS4)Buy now
SMITEThird-person multiplayer battle arenaPick from a roster of varied heroes and unleash their unique powers in 5v5 combat. Only by defeating the opposing team's monstrous titan can you emerge victorious.4.3 (from 237 reviews)80Buy now
Pinball FX 3SportsThe free version of Zen Studios' popular pinball game comes with a single table plus the ability to import any tables you purchase in Pinball FX 2 to the new game for free.3.6 (from 13 reviews)77 (PS4)Buy now
Magic DuelsCollectible card gameA digital adaptation of Magic the Gathering, this CCG includes over 1300 unlockable cards, 60 single-player missions and an online multiplayer mode featuring seasons and leaderboards.3.7 (from 73 reviews)77 (PC)Buy now
World of TanksVehicle shooterA historically authentic representation of tank warfare, with two teams of 15 players battling it out across more than 80 maps drawn from real 20th-century conflicts.4.3 (from 461 reviews)76Buy now
Phantom DustThird-person shooterAn HD remake of the original Xbox game, Phantom Dust combines third-person arena combat with deck-building in a post-apocalyptic world.4.2 (from 31 reviews)73Buy now
Killer InstinctFighting gameA reboot of the classic 90s arcade fighting game, Killer Instinct's free version includes a single rotating character playable in all game modes, including the online multiplayer.3.9 (from 745 reviews)73Buy now
HawkenOnline shooterMassive mechs battle it out across the ruins of a dystopian world. Customise your mechs with light, agile chassis and long-range sniper rifles, or go charging in with a hulking mech armed with miniguns and rocket launchers.3.7 (from 90 reviews)73Buy now
AirMech ArenaReal-time strategyCombining strategic unit management with twin-stick shooting, AirMech Arena puts you in command of a transforming mech leading an army into battle against a similarly armed opponent.3.7 (from 67 reviews)73 (Xbox 360)Buy now
DC Universe OnlineOnline action RPGA massively multiplayer action RPG set within the DC Comics universe. Create your own superhero or supervillain by combining powers from iconic characters like Batman, Lex Luthor, The Joker and Wonder Woman, then fight against and alongside them in renowned locales like Gotham City and Metropolis.3.6 (from 155 reviews)72 (PS4)Buy now
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core FightersFighting gameA reduced version of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core Fighters includes a limited number of playable characters and no Story Mode, but it can still be played competitively online.4.4 (from 36 reviews)69 (full game)Buy now
Fortnite Battle RoyaleThird-person shooterTaking cues from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite Battle Royale drops 100 players onto a sprawling map and leaves them to scrounge for resources in a desperate attempt to be the last one standing.3.9 (from 110 reviews)69 (full game)Buy now
NeverwinterOnline action RPGAn MMORPG set in the Forgotten Realms region of Neverwinter, featuring real-time combat and a wealth of iconic Dungeons & Dragons monsters and locales.4.1 (from 380 reviews)66Buy now
Star Trek OnlineOnline RPGFeaturing on-foot and spaceship battles along with fan-favourite characters from across all series of the show, Star Trek Online places you in charge of your own ship and crew within one of three factions: the Federation, the Klingon Empire or the Romulan Republic.4.1 (from 38 reviews)66 (PC)Buy now
TroveOnline RPGA block-based massively multiplayer RPG with crafting, loot and the ability to build your own houses and equipment.4.2 (from 111 reviews)65 (PS4)Buy now
A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XVBeat 'em upA retro-inspired beat 'em up set in the world of Final Fantasy XV.4.1 (from 17 reviews)65 (PS4)Buy now
Powerstar GolfSportsThe free version of Powerstar Golf includes a single hole from every course in the full game along with the ability to earn XP and unlock new gear for your golfer.3.5 (from 198 reviews)65 (full game)Buy now
Fallout ShelterManagement simManage your own nuclear fallout shelter from the popular Fallout RPG series, training your Vault Dwellers to explore the Wasteland for precious resources and defending your shelter from bandit and monster attacks.3.4 (from 317 reviews)63 (PC)Buy now
WarframeThird-person shooterWith the ability to run on walls, bend time like Neo from The Matrix and create portal-like wormholes to traverse the environment, Warframe is like no other third-person shooter out there.4.2 (from 425 reviews)62Buy now
Happy WarsMultiplayer action RPGTwo teams of up to 15 players engage in large-scale fantasy-themed melee combat in an attempt to demolish the opposing team's castle.4.0 (from 141 reviews)61 (Xbox 360)Buy now
Stern Pinball ArcadeSportsFeaturing tables from renowned pinball manufacturer Stern, the free version of Stern Pinball Arcade comes with a single table based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.4.3 (from 6 reviews)N/ABuy now
GWENT: The Witcher Card GameCollectible card gameA fully fleshed-out version of the collectible card game from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, featuring a full single-player campaign along with online multiplayer.3.8 (from 45 reviews)N/ABuy now
PaladinsTeam-based shooterA first-person shooter set in an original fantasy world, Paladins features a deck system with collectible cards for each of the game's heroes that unlock unique abilities and change how they play.3.5 (from 93 reviews)N/ABuy now
Gems of WarPuzzle RPGFrom the makers of Puzzle Quest, this puzzle RPG hybrid tasks you with matching gems to power up spells and special abilities to unleash upon the AI and human opponents.3.4 (from 48 reviews)N/ABuy now
Prominence PokerCard gameSet in the seedy town of Prominence, this poker game features both a single-player story mode and a range of online multiplayer modes, with daily challenges and leaderboards to boot.3.1 (from 30 reviews)N/ABuy now
Battle AgesReal-time strategyA competitive strategy game where you lead your civilisation from the early ages of stone tools through to the automatic weaponry of the modern age.2.9 (from 79 reviews)N/ABuy now
Dungeon Defenders IIAction/tower defencePart hack 'n slash, part tower defence, Dungeon Defenders II tasks you and up to three friends with setting traps and levelling up your heroes to fend off the armies of the Old Ones.2.9 (from 67 reviews)N/ABuy now
Frozen Free Fall: Snowball FightPuzzle gameStyled after the hit Disney movie Frozen, this gem-matching puzzle game features a single-player mode with 195 levels plus a local multiplayer mode for competing against friends and family.2.8 (from 113 reviews)N/ABuy now
Battle Island: CommandersReal-time strategyA top-down, head-to-head strategy game between two players, the game takes place on single-screen maps where players send their forces to destroy their enemy's base.2.4 (from 19 reviews)N/ABuy now
Battle IslandsReal-time strategySet in WW2, this real-time strategy game puts you in charge of land, air and sea forces as you fight against the rest of the world for control of the South Pacific.2.2 (from 85 reviews)N/ABuy now
Destiny 2First-person ShooterIn an effort to combat freebies like Fortnite, Bungie has opted to hand out its base game for free! Honestly, Destiny 2 is quite the score for nada. It delivers some of the most tactile shooting in the genre, a fascinating space opera story that whisks you across our solar system, and some of the most addictive loot grinding since Diablo.4.587Buy now
Rocket LeagueSportsHere's a concept that's as simple as it is endlessly amusing: a 1v1 game of soccer as played by highly maneuverable, jet-powered cars. The long-term addiction here lies in climbing the Competitive Ranks, going door handle to door handle in Competitive Tournaments and smashing out Daily Challenges.8.087Buy now
EnlistedFirst-person ShooterThe best way to think of this is Battlefield done on a much smaller budget. You're basically hooking up with a squad of soldiers (other players) in large-scale assaults made up of infantry, aircraft and armoured vehicles. Expect recreations of famous WWII battles and controls/physics that have some weight to them (as opposed to the "zippiness" of CoD).N/AN/ABuy now
Hitman 3 - Starter PackAction-adventureBeing offered 2 levels for free may sound a little bit stingy as a demo. That said, for a game like Hitman -- where the main game only holds 6 because there's an insane amount of variation threaded into all of these environments -- 2 levels is crazy generous. Expect to waste hours stalking your prey in unique, clever (and sometimes comical) ways.8.087Buy now
Call of Duty: WarzoneFirst-person ShooteIn 2020, Activision walked to the edge of an oversaturated market of battle royale games and said, me too. The difference: what they brought to the table was decades of shooter experience. This thing is bristling with their most addictive "full game" mode concoctions, like Search and Destroy, Domination, Capture the Flag and more.4.479Buy now
Rogue CompanyShooterIf you're into 4v4 team-based multiplayer shooters, Rogue Company is your jam. For zero money down you (and preferably a squad of highly communicative mates) can take on a series of objective-based deathmatches. If the servers are empty, no probs! You can take your frustrations out on the game's surprisingly robust AI.N/AN/ABuy now
VigorAction-adventureVigor is a fascinating "what if" that's centred on a post-nuclear 1991.Norway has become the last bastion of habitable human society, and it's up to you to cobble together a shelter and a means to defend yourself in a very hostile landscape.Fair warning: it takes ages to "bush mechanic" together a gun. You're also going to want to roll with a group of players.7.661Buy now
WarfaceFirst-person ShooterWhat's better than war? War that's in your FACE. But seriously though, Crytek delivers a shockingly decent free FPS here that involves five unique classes with special skills, co-op missions/raids and also a bunch of PVP modes. Throw in hundreds of gats to unlock, and this will hold your attention for hours and hours.5.560Buy now
InsectsTech demoAdmittedly, this isn’t so much a game as it is a means to absolutely knock the socks off the sort of Xbox owner who values graphics above all else.Insects is a real-time, interactive demo designed to showcase the best of 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range, Spatial Audio, and the enhanced visuals of Xbox One X.N/AN/ABuy now
Darwin ProjectShooterDarwin Project takes the popular battle royale concept and makes it a little darker than most. For the pleasure of an all-seeing and mysterious Director, you must engage in an outdoor, futuristic, deathmatch centred on trapping your fellow contestants (read: other players) and crafting nasty weapons. It's top fun with the right people.6.874Buy now

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