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Best cookware in Australia

We’ve read hundreds of reviews to find the 9 best cookware products available right now in Australia.

The best cookware in Australia

How did we pick this list?

For this list, we picked products based on actual customer reviews and ratings on Amazon, Kitchen Warehouse and Myer. For every category, we carefully chose parameters based on our research and determined products with the highest review score within those parameters.

Read more detail on our methodology below.

Tefal Ingenio 13pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Best overall cookware

Tefal Ingenio 13pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Comes with removable handles that can carry up to 10kg
  • Suitable for small kitchens


  • Difficult to clean
  • Expensive

Why we chose it

For the best overall cookware, we picked the Tefal Ingenio 13pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set. It has an average rating of 4.73 out of 5 stars on Amazon, Kitchen Warehouse and Myer.

This cookware set from Tefal features 13 pieces, including 2 removable handles, 5 cooking pans, 3 uncoated saucepans and 2 non-stick coated frying pans. It also comes with 3 glass lids and 3 storage lids for storing leftovers. The set can be used as cookware, bakeware and kitchenware. Additionally, it has Thermo-Spot, which the company claims helps indicate temperature for perfectly cooked food.

Customers gave positive feedback on the cookware's sleek design, compact size and durability. The handles can carry up to 10kg, while the included lids make storing leftovers a lot easier. Reviewers added that the non-stick frying pans help evenly cook fried food, such as fried chicken and bread pork chops. But because this set is made of stainless steel, the cookware darkens easily, making clean-up a bit more time-consuming.

Cuisinart Chef iA+ 6pc Cookware Set

Best induction cookware

Cuisinart Chef iA+ 6pc Cookware Set
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Evenly distributes heat for tastier dishes
  • Suitable for oven cooking and all stove tops


  • Stockpot is too small for some
  • Handles tend to get hot

Why we chose it

For the best induction option, we selected Cuisinart's Chef iA+ 6pc Cookware Set. It has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Kitchen Warehouse.

The Cuisinart Chef iA+ 6pc Cookware Set includes a 24cm stockpot, a 20cm saucepan and a 20cm frying pan. It also features a 16cm saucepan and a 30cm sauté pan with a helper handle. All pots and pans are made of anodised aluminium for even heat distribution and retention. Additionally, the cookware features an induction-compatible base for energy efficiency and heat conductivity.

This 6-piece set is a fantastic option for both home cooks and pros. Each piece can be used for oven cooking and all stove tops, including induction. Customers loved that they are non-stick, which makes cleaning a lot easier. The stainless handles are also durable, but a few reviewers said these tend to get hot.

The Cooks Collective Classic Non-Stick 10 Piece Cook Set

Best non-stick cookware

The Cooks Collective Classic Non-Stick 10 Piece Cook Set
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good value for money


  • Not suitable for oven cooking over 180°C
  • Some customers said it’s heavy and clunky

Why we chose it

The Cooks Collective's Classic Non-Stick 10 Piece Cook Set is our choice for the best non-stick cookware. On Myer, it has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Featuring the latest in bearing-shot technology, each piece in this cookware set has a multi-layer super durable non-stick surface for excellent food release. The set comes with 2 saucepans, a casserole, stockpot, multi-pan and steamer. Additionally, it features a wok, frypans and griddle. The cookware is dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 180°C. It works for all stove tops as well.

At a bit under $300, you'll get 10 durable pieces for this cookware set. Customers said they are durable, easy to clean and help evenly distribute heat, which makes home cooking a lot easier. The set also comes with clear view glass lids with steam vent and heat-resistant handles. There were complaints about the cookware being heavier than other models, but this seems to be a minor concern.

Scanpan Impact 5 Piece Cookware Set

Best stainless steel cookware

Scanpan Impact 5 Piece Cookware Set
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Features tempered glass lids for safe viewing


  • Some customers reported that the handles aren’t heatproof
  • No steam vents on lids

Why we chose it

With an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and Kitchen Warehouse, we recommend the Scanpan Impact 5 Piece Cookware Set as the best stainless steel option.

The Scanpan Impact 5 Piece Cookware Set includes a saucepan, a Dutch oven, a frypan, a stock pan and a sauté pan. The lids are made of tempered glass for safe and easy viewing. These pieces are designed in Denmark and made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel. The company claims that the cookware comes with drip-free rims and durable handles that stay cool for longer. It comes with a 10-year warranty as well.

Customers gave positive feedback on the cookware's versatility, ease of use and reasonable price. The pots are made of thick, durable stainless steel that is easy to clean and can be used in most stove tops, including induction. Reviewers added that this is a great option for oven cooking as well. But it is worth noting that the lids do not have steam vents, which may be a con for some buyers.

Jim Beam 3 Piece Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Set

Best cast iron cookware

Jim Beam 3 Piece Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Set
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Suitable for cooking and searing meat
  • Won’t break the bank


  • Difficult to clean
  • Not as versatile as pricier options

Why we chose it

Our pick for the best cast iron cookware is the Jim Beam 3 Piece Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Set. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 900 Amazon reviews.

This Jim Beam cookware set features 3 cast iron skillets pre-seasoned with vegetable oil for even heat distribution. This set can be used to pan fry, sauté and grill your favourite dishes. The 10" piece is suitable for cooking larger meals or a chunk of meat, while the 8" one is great for oven cooking or over a campfire. Each skillet also has a durable handle with a hole for hanging.

At just $116.50, this set is the perfect option for those new to cast iron cooking. They come pre-seasoned and ready to use out of the box. Customers said the 10" skillet is the ideal size for cooking steak to perfection, while others mentioned that the cookware holds heat well. There were complaints about the set being difficult to clean, but most buyers said this is typical of any cast iron cookware.

Stanley Rogers Quartz Stone Advanced 5pc Cookware Set

Best stone cookware

Stanley Rogers Quartz Stone Advanced 5pc Cookware Set
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Non-stick and lightweight
  • Compatible with most stove tops including induction


  • Some customers found the handles slippery
  • Not suitable for high heat

Why we chose it

For the best stone cookware, we recommend the Stanley Rogers Quartz Stone Advanced 5pc Cookware Set. It has an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon and Kitchen Warehouse.

This stone cookware set comes with 2 saucepans, a casserole and 2 frypans. The pieces come with tempered glass lids with steam vents for safe and easy viewing. Additionally, these are reinforced with quartz stone coating for even heat distribution and easy clean-up. They also have riveted ergonomic soft-touch handles that the company claims to be comfy to hold.

Apart from its sleek design and ease of use, customers praised the product's durable construction, versatility and value for money. This stoneware set is non-stick, which helps to make your favourite meal a lot easier. Several others loved that they are quite lightweight but still thick enough to retain heat for longer. But just like most stone cookware pieces, this set may not be suitable for high heat. Some customers also found the handles slippery, but this seems to be a minor issue.

GreenLife Soft Grip 16pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

Best ceramic cookware

GreenLife Soft Grip 16pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Comes with heaps of accessories
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Included utensils are flimsy according to some
  • Not suitable for induction stove tops

Why we chose it

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, we suggest GreenLife's Soft Grip 16pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set as the best ceramic option.

This GreenLife ceramic set comes with 3 frying pans, 2 saucepans with lids, a stockpot, a sauté pan and a stainless-steel steamer. You'll also get 4 kitchen utensils. The ceramic pots have non-stick coating derived from sand. According to the company, they are free of PFAS, lead, PFOA and cadmium. Additionally, the handles are made from recycled aluminium and reinforced with a wobble-free base for durability.

Customers gave positive feedback on the set's affordable price tag, sleek design and ease of cleaning. At under $190, you also get heaps of accessories, making this set a great choice for beginners and as a gift. Customers said that this is non-stick and evenly distributes heat at low to medium settings. The pots are also dishwasher safe. However, they are not suitable for induction stove tops.

Lagostina Martellata Tri-ply Hammered Copper Cookware Set

Best copper cookware

Lagostina Martellata Tri-ply Hammered Copper Cookware Set
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Oven and broiler safe up to 260°C
  • Designed with heat-radiating core for even heat distribution


  • Not non-stick
  • There are more affordable options in the market

Why we chose it

We selected the Lagostina Martellata Tri-ply Hammered Copper Cookware Set as the best copper cookware available online. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

This cookware set is made for tri-ply hammered stainless steel copper that is dishwasher and oven safe. It features 2 skillets, 2 saucepans, a deep sauté pan and a stockpot. The pieces' interiors are made of premium stainless steel with a thick heat-radiating aluminium core for efficient heat distribution. The handles are built to be durable and stable, while the lids are made of stainless steel to seal in the flavour of your favourite dishes.

Apart from the set's durability, customers praised the product's heat retention, comfortable handles and versatility. The pieces are oven and broiler safe up to 260°C. Their copper exterior also enhances heat control. The handles are heat resistant as well. Despite being non-stick, the set is easy to clean, according to reviewers.

Stanley Adventure Even-Heat Camp Pro Cook Set

Best camping cookware

Stanley Adventure Even-Heat Camp Pro Cook Set
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Durable and rust-proof


  • Not for hiking or day packers
  • Too bulky for some

Why we chose it

For camping, we chose the Stanley Adventure Even-Heat Camp Pro Cook Set as the best cookware. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

This 11-piece set from Stanley is made of 18/8 stainless steel that is durable and rust-proof. It features a stockpot, saucepan, frying pan and vented lids. You also get a cutting board, spatula, locking bungee and 2 trivets. The pots' handles are welded for strength as well. Additionally, the set comes with a lifetime warranty.

The general sentiment is that this is a solid choice for camp cooking for 4 to 6 people. The cookware pieces are quite thick and heavy, which may be a con if you're hiking or a day packer. Customers loved that the pots help with heat distribution, allowing for easier cooking outdoors. Others liked that you get extra accessories, which makes the set a worthy investment for adventures.

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Brands considered
Products compared
Best products chosen
  • We compared 76 products from 24 cookware brands.
  • We then assessed hundreds of customer reviews and ratings on Amazon, Kitchen Warehouse and Myer.
  • The products on this list are chosen by our editorial team and are not selected based on commercial relationships.

Why you can trust our picks

We considered the following brands of cookware:

  • Anolon
  • Bulin
  • Circulon
  • Cuisinart
  • Essteele
  • Fissler
  • GreenLife
  • Greenpan
  • Jamie Oliver
  • Jim Beam
  • KitchenAid
  • Lagostina
  • Le Creuset
  • Odoland
  • Pyrolux
  • Redcamp
  • Scanpan
  • Stanley
  • Tefal
  • The Cooks Collective
  • Tramontina
  • Wolstead

For this list, we carefully picked products with the highest customer ratings on Amazon, Kitchen Warehouse and Myer. We ended up with a total of 76 cookware products to compare.

We then researched each product and its features. We also considered ratings and customer reviews on Amazon, Kitchen Warehouse and Myer (as of September 2021). We came up with what we believe are the 9 best cookware products you can get right now in Australia.

We value our editorial independence, basing our comparison results, content and reviews on objective analysis without bias. However, Finder may receive compensation when you click some links on our site. Learn more about how we make money from our partners and why you can trust our guides.

What is cookware?

Cookware is a term that encompasses all the different types of pots and pans, skillets and steamers that you might use in the kitchen to cook a meal. You can purchase cookware either individually, or in sets.

Cookware sets include different types of pots and pans for cooking a number of different styles of meals, and typically offer more value for money than buying each piece by itself. However, it's worth noting that there is also the chance that buying a cookware set will see you end up with items that you may not use, which can take up precious storage space in your kitchen cupboards.

Types of cookware

While most home chefs are comfortable handling a frypan or a saucepan, there is quite a range of different cookware types that you can add to your collection to help you cook up different types of meals. Some examples include:

  • Saucepan. With high sides, a long handle that enables you to grab the pot without burning yourself and a lid, saucepans are ideal for boiling water or making sauces or any other type of food that requires larger quantities of liquid. Learn more about choosing the right saucepan here.
  • Stockpot. Also known as a stewpot, these are large saucepans with high sides and a lid. Because of their size, they will typically have two side handles rather than one long handle, and they're ideal for making soups, stews or stocks, or anything that requires a large volume of cooking space.
  • Steamer insert. If you prefer your food steamed rather than boiled or fried, then a steamer insert will help. More an attachment to a saucepan than a dedicated piece of cookware, steamers sit above the water in a saucepan and cook the food by using the steam from the boiling water below.
  • Pasta insert. Another piece of cookware that sits inside a saucepan or stockpot, a pasta insert is full of holes that will drain out the water when you remove it while still holding the pasta (or other food) that you've cooked.
  • Frying pan. Frying pans typically have shallower, sloped walls and a longer handle, along with a flat base that makes them great for frying (as the name suggests). They are also known as skillets and can come either with or without a lid.
  • Grill pan. This is a small shallow frypan that features ridges along the base rather than a flat cooking surface. These ridges allow fat to drain from the meat being cooked, giving you a nice texture and flavour.
  • Sauté pan. This is a variation of a frying pan, typically a little bit deeper than a traditional frying pan and with a well-fitting lid. The walls of a sauté pan are vertical as well, so you're less likely to spill what you're cooking.
  • Chef's pan. Also known as a pot roast pan, these round dishes have medium-height walls and a larger diameter than a typical saucepan. They usually come with two side handles for more even weight distribution, and they can be used both on the stovetop and in the oven, making them great for roasting meats and vegetables.
  • Wok. With a narrow base, a wide top and rounded sides, woks are designed for high-temperature cooking, offering plenty of surface area to quickly fry meat and vegetables.
  • Casserole dish. You may know this piece of cookware by its variants, the French oven and the Dutch oven, but they all act in the same way. They are heavy dishes – usually made of cast iron or enamelled cast iron – which can be used both on the stove and in the oven. They feature a heavy, well-fitting lid to keep the moisture in the dish and your meal tasting great.
  • Roasting pan. Throw in some meat, fish or vegetables (or all three), stick this pan in the oven and use the oven's heat to cook your dinner for you. A roasting pan may also come with a rack to keep your food above any fat drippings that come from your meat while it cooks.

How to compare cookware

To find your next cookware set you'll need to consider a range of factors. But beyond anything, you should consider the types of meals that you want to cook. If you eat a lot of pasta, then a large saucepan or stockpot and a pasta insert should be at the top of your list. If you eat a lot of steak, a grill pan will go a long way.

While that will get you started, there are also some fundamental questions that you should ask yourself before you hand over your credit card to buy any new cookware.


You can find cheap frypans and saucepans for a bargain at discount stores, but you can also spend hundreds of dollars on premium sets at department stores. Unless you cook a lot, finding the right balance of price vs quality is important.


What the cookware is made out of matters. Different types of metals absorb and hold heat differently, and non-stick pots and pans can't be used with metal utensils without being scratched and worn. Consider how you are likely to use the cookware to decide what material is best for your needs. See our detailed breakdown below.

Cooking surface

Depending on your stovetop, you may need a particular type of cookware to use on top of it. Not all pots and pans can be used on a gas flame, while induction cooktops require specific types of cookware. Also be mindful of whether you want to also be able to put your cookware into the oven.

Ease of cleaning

Having the most delicious roast ever isn't as nice if you have to spend an hour scrubbing it off the roasting pan you cooked it on. Check whether your cookware is dishwasher safe, or if it has a non-stick surface that makes it easier to clean.

Cookware materials

It's important to double-check that your new cookware will suit your cooktop, particularly if you use induction cooking. But once that's confirmed, most cookware will be made out of one of these materials:

Cast iron

Big, heavy cast iron cookware does an incredible job of retaining heat, making it great for searing or roasting. But while it retains heat, cast iron takes time to heat up, it's not easy to heat evenly, and without the proper care, iron is susceptible to rust. Cast iron can be a great piece of cookware for meals that start on the stovetop and end in the oven (or fire pit), but that versatility comes at the expense of not being easy to clean. Some considerations need to be made with acidic food types, particularly with cookware that hasn't been properly seasoned.

Enamelled cast iron

Take cast iron cookware and coat it in enamel and you have enamelled cast iron cookware. This extra layer often has the benefit of making the cookware dishwasher-safe, and it allows you to cook acidic foods without worrying about the iron reacting and the flavour changing. The extra enamel layer does make it more expensive than regular cast iron cookware though.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is hard, it doesn't rust and it's typically more affordable than many other types of cookware. But that affordability comes at the expense of heating ability – stainless steel doesn't conduct heat as well as other metals. You can find some stainless steel cookware that tries to work around this by adding a copper core inside the steel, but this will typically drive up the price. On the upside, stainless steel cookware is typically dishwasher safe, which makes it ideal for busy families.


As a metal, copper is a fantastic conductor of heat, which makes it a great option for cookware, as it can be heated and cooled quickly. It doesn't retain the heat as well as cast iron, but it is durable. It's also somewhat expensive. It does require regular seasoning to prevent rust and corrosion, or it often comes coated with another material like stainless steel to prevent reaction with different food types.


Most aluminium cookware is anodised, which hardens the metal and makes it so that it doesn't react with different types of food. Aluminium cookware conducts heat well, doesn't rust and is relatively lightweight, making it easier to move about the kitchen.


Clay-based cookware is perfect for cooking in the oven, but can't be used on a stovetop, which makes it less versatile than metal cookware. But the upside is that it is non-reactive to acidic or basic food types, and it can be used to store food in the fridge as well as cooking it. Ceramic cookware heats up slowly, so it's better suited to longer cooking meals.

3 things to consider

  1. If you use an induction cooktop, make sure you check that your cookware is compatible.
  2. Cookware sets will typically offer better value for money than buying individual pots and pans, but make sure you take into account your own needs before buying one. Oftentimes they will include pans that you may not actually need.
  3. Carefully consider the weight of the pan. Cast iron cookware, in particular, can be extremely heavy when it's empty, so once it's being used to cook a meal it will be even heavier. If you don't think you can manage lifting it out of the oven, consider something lighter.

Frequently asked questions

Best rated cookware brand award breakdown

Total Score Overall rating Value for Money Cleaning & maintenance Cooking performance Design
Le Creuset 8.38 4.67 3.56 4.44 4.67 4.61
Jamie Oliver 8.33 4.52 4.30 4.44 4.59 4.52
Baccarat 8.13 4.45 4.26 4.18 4.37 4.45
Scanpan 8.01 4.36 4.18 4.42 4.32 4.40
Tefal 8.01 4.36 4.04 4.32 4.38 4.34
Other 7.99 4.30 4.38 4.32 4.38 4.28
Circulon 7.80 4.25 3.95 4.10 4.25 4.25
Raco 7.78 4.24 4.10 4.14 4.38 4.10
Smith + Nobel 7.68 4.17 3.92 3.75 4.42 4.00
Kmart 7.46 3.98 4.39 3.98 3.96 3.96
IKEA 7.35 3.88 4.06 3.80 4.06 4.18
Data: Finder Retail Brand Survey, 2020, Kantar. Metric out of 5 stars unless indicated. Methodology and more info. Kantar logo

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