The scariest Halloween costumes 2019

These Halloween costumes will give you the fright of your life!

Although many people like to dress up as fairies and heros, traditionally Halloween costumes are supposed to be spooky and dark. So stick to the roots of All Hallows Eve and dress to scare!

Finder is here to help push your costume ideas to the limits. We've got all the inspiration for the top Halloween costumes that are spooky as hell.

And the best part is, we’ve not only gathered a range of costume for both men and women, but we've also found the best places to buy Halloween costumes online.

Best scary Halloween costumes

1. Scarecrow

If you want to achieve level 10 creepy, then a scarecrow is the way to go. While the outfit may be a bit of effort, the fright you'll give your friends will make it worth it.

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2. Clown/Pennywise

Pennywise made his debut last year and caused the popularity of clown costumes to skyrocket, so you shouldn't be surprised to see some scary clown costumes around on Halloween.

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3. Zombie nurse

Is it really Halloween without a good old zombie costume? Recycle your nurse costume from years past and give it a twist with this zombie nurse look that will give your friends a fright.

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4. The Purge

If you're after something that's still a little frightening but easy to execute, look no further than The Purge. Really the only two necessary parts of this outfit are a (fake) weapon and the mask.

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5. Demon

Now if you're really out to scare this Halloween, then embrace your inner demon. This look really requires no costume, but you will need some great makeup effects and contact lenses. Simple yet scary as hell.

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6. Sugar skull

A sugar skull is an incredibly popular costume for Halloween, however, this twist gives the fun flowery look a bit of creepy and a whole lot of frightening.

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7. Dead little girl

Every Halloween sees someone dressed as the standard dead girl with her blood-stained teddy. Why? Because it just works and because I never want to see anyone dressed like this on any other night of the year.

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8. Nun

With the recent release of the movie The Nun, you can bet this will be a popular scary Halloween costume this year. You can go ahead and say your prayers now.

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9. Doll costume

Speaking of The Nun, the same movie franchise also created Anabelle. This movie sparked a lot of hype around doll costumes. They're simple, easy to pull off, and of course creeeeeepy.

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10. Spider

If there is one thing that everyone hates, it's spiders. Make everyone quiver with fear this Halloween with this ultra-gruesome spider costume.

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