6 practical style-rules to help you nail your festival outfit

These style rules are here to help you nail your look and find the balance between comfort and style.

Festivals are one of those occasions where you want to look like a total babe, but with mud, heat, wind, rain and dropping evening temperatures sometimes it feels like dressing your in your best festival outfit just isn't possible.

When choosing an outfit, it's important to remember that festivals are long, messy days. This isn't always compatible with the high fashion clothes you want to wear. Thankfully, a big part of looking effortless and chic is dressing appropriately for the occasion. As much as you love your new shoes, you're not really going to have much fun in a pair of stilettos stuck in muddy grass for 10 hours - and you'll just look silly, not fashionable. It's better to pick a pair of appropriate festival shoes.

If you're having a trouble striking the right balance between comfort and style, read through these festival style rules to help nail your outfit. Don't forget to check out our list of the best stores to visit when shopping for your festival outfit and our coolest festival outfit ideas.

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1. Comfort comes first - so try your outfit on ahead of time

If there's only one festival fashion rule to follow, it's this one. When you're spending eight or more hours running from stage to stage in boiling hot to freezing cold conditions, your comfort needs to come first. That means high heels are out, unless they're a sturdy boot variety. Pencil skirts and thigh hugging body-con dresses are out too. You need to wear something you can walk and stand in for long periods of time.

Also consider whether you're likely to get hot or cold. Jeans might seem like a comfy option but if it's 30 degrees out and you're standing in the sun then you're going to regret wearing them. Similarly you won't be happy in a little strappy crochet dress if it's only 15 degrees.

Once you've picked your winning combo, whether it be a lacey bralette and skirt or grungy band-tee, always try it all on together to make sure you'll be comfortable in what you've chosen.

2. Dress for the weather - because jackets add to your look

You absolutely need to triple check the weather before you commit to a festival outfit. You don't want to arrive in a gorgeous pair of strappy sandals only for them to be ruined by rain. Check for the estimated temperature and for rain or shine and make sure you pick something appropriate to wear. Always bring a jacket if it's going to be cold. You'll regret it if you don't.

Besides, a shaggy faux-fur or rock-star leather jacket and absolutely add to your look. Don't underestimate the transformative power of a coat or jacket.

Like wise, don't wear jeans if it's a hot day. You'll regret it.

3. Layers are your friend

Some festivals start in the heat of the day and finish late in the evening when the temperature has dropped. Layers are the key to making sure you're comfortable no matter what temperature.

Tie a shirt or leather jacket around your hips for day time and then wear it at night. The jacket around the hips trend is back and cooler than ever so this will definitely add to your outfit.

Alternatively, stuff a scarf or wrap in your bag in case it gets cold later. Or layer singlets under your top because you can always take them off if you get too hot.

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4. Pick one style and stick with it

This is one of the most important rules when putting together an outfit. There are a few distinct festival styles like boho or rock-chic and they shouldn't be mixed together or you'll look confused.

As much as you might want to wear a hair garland with your Metallica band tee, it doesn't always look as polished as it could. If you want to wear a few boho accessories then everything else you wear should complement those pieces.

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5. Boots are always a safe bet

Boots go with everything - floral dresses, boho playsuits, jeans, band tees and more. They add style to almost any outfit whether they're complementing a grunge look or edging up a girly dress.

Plus they're enclosed, which is a major plus given the number of people that step on your feet when you're in a mosh pit. They'll also save you from mud if it starts raining. This is a no-brainer.

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6. Try going makeup free

Okay, hear me out.

Festivals are long (and often very sweaty) days and generally not compatible with a full face of makeup. Sure, you'll look amazing when you leave the house in the morning but a couple of hours later your makeup won't look that great. Oil is a very effective makeup remover so when you get hot and your face gets oily, your makeup is going to get patchy, cakey and smudged. Not a good look.

If you really, really feel you need to wear makeup, ditch your foundation and contour and just wear eye makeup. And if you really want some coverage on your face, opt for a light coverage BB cream. Sure, you might feel a bit naked but you'll feel much more comfortable than if you had layers of foundation and powder on your face. You'll look better too.

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