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Youi Roadside Assistance

Need roadside assistance? Youi offer their roadside assistance at no additional cost with their comprehensive car insurance policy.


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Getting behind the wheel is a great feeling. Not going anywhere isn't. Driving is a great experience, but it has its pitfalls. Sooner or later, a tyre flattens, the tank runs dry or the engine just gives out. If you find yourself stuck, you'll be glad for a little bit of help.

Youi roadside assistance provides over-the-phone assistance, unlimited call outs and cover benefits such as emergency fuel, towing and taxi services. It's available at no additional cost with any comprehensive car insurance policy from Youi.

Get roadside assistance with any Youi Comprehensive policy

Name Product Roadside Assistance Accidental Damage Storm Choice of Repairer Agreed or Market Value
Youi Comprehensive
Agreed or Market
Emergency roadside assistance included in Comprehensive policies.

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What does Youi roadside assistance give me?

With Youi roadside assistance, you're entitled to unlimited call outs, with the first two per year completely covered. If you need more than two, you can purchase additional call outs, and depending on the situation, you can access benefits to cover certain breakdowns and common roadside issues.

What kinds of events does my policy cover?

BenefitsCover limits
Emergency fuel (petrol and diesel)Up to 10 litres
LocksmithUp to $150
Towing and caravan or trailer assistanceUp to 50km in regional areas and 20km in metropolitan areas
TaxiUp to $50
Minor breakdownUp to $20
Flat or faulty batteriesProvides a jumpstart at no charge, or can arrange a new battery or tow (cover limited to minor breakdown or towing)
Flat tyresProvides tyre change with the spare, or can arrange a tow if needed
Bogged vehicleRecovers your vehicle if it's bogged, provided there is safe and reasonable access to do so

Are there any exclusions?

Youi won't cover any unregistered or unroadworthy vehicles or trailers, nor any vehicles used for business or commercial purposes. You also won't be covered for:

  • Attempted repairs or the dismantling of your car.
  • Damage from fire, accident, theft, flood or malicious damage.
  • Financial loss or legal liability connected with a breakdown or accident.
  • Use of the vehicle by an unlicensed or disqualified driver.
  • Use of the vehicle in motorsports or competitions.

Youi can also reject roadside assistance or towing that is considered unnecessary and excessive.

Am I protected in an accident?

No. Roadside assistance only provides protection against roadside breakdowns or issues with operation (flat tyres, etc). To protect yourself against accidents and damage, you will need third party property cover or higher, depending on your needs. Happily, roadside assistance is included with comprehensive car and motorcycle cover from Youi.

Check out Youi car insurance to find out more.

What do I do if my car breaks down?

Whether your car won't start, a flat tyre has forced you off the road or the journey was a little longer than your fuel tank expected, you can contact Youi whenever you need on 131 117 to access over-the-phone assistance and to get help out to where you are.

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