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Halloween hub: Which streaming service has the most horror titles?


If you're looking for a good fright, you've come to the right place.

For about as long as movies have been created, writers and directors have tried to scare us. Some of the characters created in the horror genre are among the most iconic in all of film.

But where do you turn when you feel like a good scare or you're trying to impress your friends or family with your so-called bravery? And just how many horror movies and TV shows are out there for you to stream in Australia?

This is very much an inexact science, with streaming platforms chopping and changing their titles regularly. There are also great differences in the way platforms classify their movies. But here we've done our best to list all of the shows and movies listed as "horror" across a range of different platforms.

All up we found 1,878 titles available on the providers below. In our chart, you can see which platform has the most scare titles, a list comfortably led by Amazon Prime Video. The full list is below and you can search by title or platform.

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Series/movieWhere to watch
The Walking Dead: OriginsSeriesBinge
Los EspookysSeriesBinge
American Horror Story: Double FeatureSeriesBinge
American Horror StoriesSeriesBinge
American Horror Story Murder HouseSeriesBinge
Fear the Walking DeadSeriesBinge
The Walking DeadSeriesBinge
They LiveMovieBinge
The MegMovieBinge
End of DaysMovieBinge
Deep Blue Sea 2MovieBinge
The HuntMovieBinge
Fear of RainMovieBinge
Beware the SlendermanMovieBinge
Creature From the Black LagoonMovieBinge
Mimic 2MovieBinge
Mimic 3: SentinelMovieBinge
The ThingMovieBinge
Bram Stoker's DraculaMovieBinge
Jeepers Creepers 3MovieBinge
The HowlingMovieBinge
The CallMovieBinge
Death of MeMovieBinge
Into the LabyrinthMovieBinge
Wrong TurnMovieBinge
Follow MeMovieBinge
The NunMovieBinge
The ReefMovieBinge
Big Bad WolvesMovieBinge
Day of the DeadMovieBinge
The BabadookMovieBinge
Jaws the RevengeMovieBinge
Shark NightMovieBinge
47 Meters DownMovieBinge
Prince of DarknessMovieBinge
The BirdsMovieBinge
Jeepers CreepersMovieBinge
Brahms: The Boy IIMovieBinge
Anna and the ApocalypseMovieBinge
Corporate AnimalsMovieBinge
Lake PlacidMovieBinge
Jaws 2MovieBinge
Silent HillMovieBinge
30 Days of NightMovieBinge
The WolfmanMovieBinge
Annabelle: CreationMovieBinge
Jaws 3MovieBinge
Get OutMovieBinge
Land of the DeadMovieBinge
Interview With the VampireMovieBinge
Lights OutMovieBinge
What We Do in the ShadowsSeriesBinge
The Kettering IncidentSeriesBinge
30 CoinsSeriesBinge
American Horror Story: 1984SeriesBinge
American Horror Story: ApocalypseSeriesBinge
American Horror Story: CultSeriesBinge
American Horror Story: RoanokeSeriesBinge
American Horror Story: HotelSeriesBinge
American Horror Story: Freak SeriesSeriesBinge
American Horror Story: CovenSeriesBinge
American Horror Story: AsylumSeriesBinge
The Vampire DiariesSeriesBinge
Lovecraft CountrySeriesBinge
The Secret of Skinwalker RanchSeriesBinge
Castle RockSeriesBinge
Horror NoireMovieShudder
The Autopsy of Jane DoeMovieShudder
Night of the DemonsMovieShudder
Martyrs LaneMovieShudder
Jug FaceMovieShudder
The House That Dripped BloodMovieShudder
The Dead PitMovieShudder
The TollMovieShudder
Messiah of EvilMovieShudder
Carnival of SoulsMovieShudder
An Unquiet GraveMovieShudder
City of the DeadMovieShudder
House on Haunted HillMovieShudder
Devil's GateMovieShudder
Black RosesMovieShudder
Def By TemptationMovieShudder
The BanishingMovieShudder
The McPherson TapeMovieShudder
The PowerMovieShudder
White ZombieMovieShudder
The ThompsonsMovieShudder
The HamiltonsMovieShudder
The Dark and the WickedMovieShudder
The DoorMovieShudder
The Queen of Black Magic (1981)MovieShudder
The Queen of Black MagicMovieShudder
The Pale DoorMovieShudder
Anything for JacksonMovieShudder
Hellraiser IV: BloodlineMovieShudder
Cherry TreeMovieShudder
May The Devil Take You TooMovieShudder
32 Malasana StreetMovieShudder
The Mortuary CollectionMovieShudder
The Cleansing HourMovieShudder
Beyond the GatesMovieShudder
Hellraiser III: Hell on EarthMovieShudder
The InnkeepersMovieShudder
The House on Pine StreetMovieShudder
[Rec] 4: ApocalypseMovieShudder
Last ShiftMovieShudder
It Stains the Sands RedMovieShudder
The Beach HouseMovieShudder
We Are Still HereMovieShudder
It FollowsMovieShudder
The HallowMovieShudder
Don't Knock TwiceMovieShudder
Hell House LLC III: Lake of FireMovieShudder
The Midnight SwimMovieShudder
Don't Leave HomeMovieShudder
The Witch in the WindowMovieShudder
Let Us PreyMovieShudder
Starry EyesMovieShudder
Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon HotelMovieShudder
Little DeathsMovieShudder
The CanalMovieShudder
Can't Take It BackMovieShudder
Found Footage 3D (2D VERSION)MovieShudder
We Go OnMovieShudder
[Rec] 2MovieShudder
Last Will and Testament of Rosalind LeighMovieShudder
The Boy Behind the DoorMovieShudder
Straight Edge KeggerMovieShudder
Terror TrainMovieShudder
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the LaneMovieShudder
Death Warmed UpMovieShudder
Road GamesMovieShudder
Mother's DayMovieShudder
Dead BodyMovieShudder
Puppet Master 3MovieShudder
Puppet Master 2MovieShudder
Stay Out of the F**king AtticMovieShudder
The NeighborMovieShudder
Slaughter NightMovieShudder
Plague TownMovieShudder
High LaneMovieShudder
Random Acts of ViolenceMovieShudder
Almost HumanMovieShudder
High TensionMovieShudder
Carnage ParkMovieShudder
Some Kind of HateMovieShudder
The MarshesMovieShudder
The FuriesMovieShudder
Hell NightMovieShudder
The Slumber Party MassacreMovieShudder
Slumber Party Massacre 2MovieShudder
The RangerMovieShudder
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael MyersMovieShudder
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael MyersMovieShudder
The CollectorMovieShudder
Ruin MeMovieShudder
Tourist TrapMovieShudder
Beyond Re-AnimatorMovieShudder
The MediumMovieShudder
The AntennaMovieShudder
Skull: The MaskMovieShudder
The Funeral HomeMovieShudder
Psycho RamanMovieShudder
Koko-Di Koko-DaMovieShudder
Pusher 2: With Blood on My HandsMovieShudder
Pusher 3: I'm the Angel of DeathMovieShudder
Here Comes the DevilMovieShudder
The PoolMovieShudder
Lake of DeathMovieShudder
0.0 MHzMovieShudder
Let The Right One InMovieShudder
Tigers Are Not AfraidMovieShudder
The WrathMovieShudder
Party Hard, Die YoungMovieShudder
Next of KinMovieShudder
The NightshifterMovieShudder
Satan's SlavesMovieShudder
The Noonday WitchMovieShudder
mon mon mon MONSTERSMovieShudder
Lake BodomMovieShudder
In Search of Darkness: Part IIMovieShudder
Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet SemataryMovieShudder
Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The ExorcistMovieShudder
The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: ResurrectionMovieShudder
In Search of Darkness: A Journey Into Iconic 80s HorrorMovieShudder
Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm StreetMovieShudder
Horror Noire: A History of Black HorrorMovieShudder
Lost SoulMovieShudder
Jakob's WifeMovieShudder
Mass HysteriaMovieShudder
Here Comes HellMovieShudder
Vicious FunMovieShudder
It Cuts DeepMovieShudder
Father's DayMovieShudder
Hobo with a ShotgunMovieShudder
Nasty BabyMovieShudder
The EditorMovieShudder
Scare MeMovieShudder
Summer of BloodMovieShudder
[Rec] 3: GenesisMovieShudder
Scare PackageMovieShudder
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie VernonMovieShudder
Bride of Re-AnimatorMovieShudder
One Cut of the DeadMovieShudder
Dead ShackMovieShudder
Another EvilMovieShudder
American MaryMovieShudder
A Bluebird in My HeartMovieShudder
Cold HellMovieShudder
Lawnmower Man 2MovieShudder
The Lawnmower ManMovieShudder
PG: Psycho GoremanMovieShudder
Scanners III: The TakeoverMovieShudder
Scanners II: The New OrderMovieShudder
Color Out of SpaceMovieShudder
The Mind's EyeMovieShudder
Turbo KidMovieShudder
Jessica ForeverMovieShudder
Sequence BreakMovieShudder
She's Allergic to CatsMovieShudder
Daughters of DarknessMovieShudder
Fried BarryMovieShudder
Butcher, Baker, Nightmare MakerMovieShudder
Body MeltMovieShudder
White GirlMovieShudder
Behind the MonstersSeriesShudder
The Boulet Brothers' DragulaSeriesShudder
Elvira's 40th Anniversary, Very Scary, Very Special, SpecialSeriesShudder
Slasher: Flesh & BloodSeriesShudder
Deadhouse DarkSeriesShudder
AMC Visionaries: Eli Roth's History of HorrorSeriesShudder
Blood MachinesSeriesShudder
Cursed FilmsSeriesShudder
True HorrorSeriesShudder
The Last Drive-in: Just Joe BobSeriesShudder
MuirhouseMoviePrime Video
EvidenceMoviePrime Video
RiffTrax: "MANOS" The Hands of FateMoviePrime Video
D-RailedMoviePrime Video
LifeMoviePrime Video
I Am NormanMoviePrime Video
Dawn of the BeastMoviePrime Video
There's Something in the PilligaMoviePrime Video
The FarmMoviePrime Video
The Magnetic Monster - One of the best 50's Sci-Fi MoviesMoviePrime Video
Night of FearMoviePrime Video
Prema Katha Chitram 2MoviePrime Video
In a Dark PlaceMoviePrime Video
Primal RageMoviePrime Video
Positive ApocalypseMoviePrime Video
Hatchet 2MoviePrime Video
Jack's ApocalypseMoviePrime Video
Nava MohiniMoviePrime Video
The Bloody JudgeMoviePrime Video
Zombacter: Center City ContagionMoviePrime Video
Spider in the AtticMoviePrime Video
Possession DiariesMoviePrime Video
The Beast from the Beginning of TimeMoviePrime Video
El Duende SatiroMoviePrime Video
The House GuestMoviePrime Video
Zombie ApocalypseMoviePrime Video
Man BeastMoviePrime Video
NavaratriMoviePrime Video
LillithMoviePrime Video
Bug BusterMoviePrime Video
Black CadillacMoviePrime Video
To Die ForMoviePrime Video
Death of a Ghost HunterMoviePrime Video
BhaagamathieMoviePrime Video
Bride of Re-AnimatorMoviePrime Video
Haunters: The Art of the ScareMoviePrime Video
Feeding the MassesMoviePrime Video
RiffTrax: Bloody Pit of HorrorMoviePrime Video
WekufeMoviePrime Video
Yedu Chepala KadhaMoviePrime Video
Face your Fears | Thriller shorts for AdultsMoviePrime Video
TormentedMoviePrime Video
The Last WaveMoviePrime Video
The SellingMoviePrime Video
The PurgeMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: The Werewolf Of Washington (2010)MoviePrime Video
Golmaal AgainMoviePrime Video
Dard DivorceMoviePrime Video
UnhingedMoviePrime Video
BrutalMoviePrime Video
Amityville: It's About TimeMoviePrime Video
Bound to VengeanceMoviePrime Video
Body MeltMoviePrime Video
Killer ConceptMoviePrime Video
After MidnightMoviePrime Video
Sangili Bungili Kadhava ThoraeMoviePrime Video
In the Year 2889MoviePrime Video
The Cabinet of Dr. CaligariMoviePrime Video
ScrawlMoviePrime Video
The Bleeding HouseMoviePrime Video
Anger of the DeadMoviePrime Video
Before the FireMoviePrime Video
Mandy the Haunted DollMoviePrime Video
SenderoMoviePrime Video
Evil Little ThingsMoviePrime Video
American ConjuringMoviePrime Video
Nicotine StainsMoviePrime Video
FrankensteinMoviePrime Video
The JacketMoviePrime Video
Beyond the Barrier - The Classic Sci-Fi Shocker!MoviePrime Video
Inner DemonMoviePrime Video
The VisitantMoviePrime Video
The 50 Best Horror Movies You've Never SeenMoviePrime Video
No Tell MotelMoviePrime Video
Night of the Living DeadMoviePrime Video
LilithMoviePrime Video
HomeMoviePrime Video
Entity ProjectMoviePrime Video
Head CountMoviePrime Video
Bottom FeederMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: I Eat Your SkinMoviePrime Video
The Body TreeMoviePrime Video
Behind Closed DoorsMoviePrime Video
Untitled Horror MovieMoviePrime Video
Return of the Living Dead 3MoviePrime Video
Devi 2MoviePrime Video
The Demon of the AndesMoviePrime Video
The Diary Of Jack The RipperMoviePrime Video
The GatehouseMoviePrime Video
The Pantry Ghost DocumentaryMoviePrime Video
Animal Among UsMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: The Giant Gila MonsterMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: The TerrorMoviePrime Video
Sharknado 5: Global SwarmingMoviePrime Video
Little White LiesMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: A Bucket Of BloodMoviePrime Video
PitchforkMoviePrime Video
TumbbadMoviePrime Video
Repo! The Genetic OperaMoviePrime Video
The Field Guide to EvilMoviePrime Video
BesetmentMoviePrime Video
Queen of Spades: Through The Looking GlassMoviePrime Video
Let Us PreyMoviePrime Video
I Am Not A Serial KIllerMoviePrime Video
Slaughter of the InnocentsMoviePrime Video
Paranormal Investigation AgencyMoviePrime Video
The Screaming SilentMoviePrime Video
BattledogsMoviePrime Video
As The Village SleepsMoviePrime Video
The House of Screaming DeathMoviePrime Video
TeleiosMoviePrime Video
Archaon: The Halloween SummoningMoviePrime Video
Shed of the DeadMoviePrime Video
Silent NightMoviePrime Video
BottuMoviePrime Video
Charlie's FarmMoviePrime Video
Chopping MallMoviePrime Video
Beast No MoreMoviePrime Video
Turkey ShootMoviePrime Video
PhobicMoviePrime Video
A Haunting At Silver FallsMoviePrime Video
A Haunted HouseMoviePrime Video
Blood PiMoviePrime Video
The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)MoviePrime Video
ChuzhalMoviePrime Video
Don't SpeakMoviePrime Video
Amber's DescentMoviePrime Video
ShadowplayMoviePrime Video
Room For RentMoviePrime Video
The Mummy: RebirthMoviePrime Video
Walk AwayMoviePrime Video
Punnami NaaguMoviePrime Video
Among FriendsMoviePrime Video
The Turn of the ScrewMoviePrime Video
PiggyMoviePrime Video
Found FootageMoviePrime Video
Nightmares 1980MoviePrime Video
Mr. JonesMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: Night Of The Living DeadMoviePrime Video
The Shadow SideMoviePrime Video
UnnaturalMoviePrime Video
I Am FearMoviePrime Video
SurviveMoviePrime Video
I Had a Bloody Good Time at House HarkerMoviePrime Video
ShortcutMoviePrime Video
KaashmoraMoviePrime Video
Edgar Allan Poe's "The Oval Portrait"MoviePrime Video
Infected ParadiseMoviePrime Video
Terror at Bigfoot PondMoviePrime Video
The Mothman of Point PleasantMoviePrime Video
Dead SilenceMoviePrime Video
White ChamberMoviePrime Video
BatsMoviePrime Video
Tales from the Crib: American NightmaresMoviePrime Video
AatmaMoviePrime Video
The Ice Cream TruckMoviePrime Video
Bunnyman MassacreMoviePrime Video
In A Stranger's HouseMoviePrime Video
Raju Gari Gadhi 2MoviePrime Video
Clown FearMoviePrime Video
The CovenMoviePrime Video
AbrakadabraMoviePrime Video
PaperhouseMoviePrime Video
The GrottoMoviePrime Video
The Candy WitchMoviePrime Video
DeepStar SixMoviePrime Video
The WretchedMoviePrime Video
The Amityville CurseMoviePrime Video
Chithakkotudu 2MoviePrime Video
AngulikaMoviePrime Video
Fair GameMoviePrime Video
The Cleaning LadyMoviePrime Video
Suzanne's Saturday Night Scares: Sisters Of DeathMoviePrime Video
StuffingsMoviePrime Video
Mandao Of The DeadMoviePrime Video
The MonsterMoviePrime Video
The PsychicMoviePrime Video
They RemainMoviePrime Video
ClownMoviePrime Video
KanchanaMoviePrime Video
The Haunted HotelMoviePrime Video
The HarvestersMoviePrime Video
Underworld EvolutionMoviePrime Video
Ouija HostsMoviePrime Video
BatsMoviePrime Video
Cabin FeverMoviePrime Video
AntebellumMoviePrime Video
Against the NightMoviePrime Video
Doctor CarverMoviePrime Video
The Funhouse MassacreMoviePrime Video
Savage MessiahMoviePrime Video
SpaceMoviePrime Video
DanikaMoviePrime Video
Call Girl of CthulhuMoviePrime Video
I Trapped The DevilMoviePrime Video
ClowneryMoviePrime Video
Leprechaun 5 In the HoodMoviePrime Video
They Nest (Restored)MoviePrime Video
Celebrity CrushMoviePrime Video
TrivikramanMoviePrime Video
RiffTrax Live: "Manos" the Hands of FateMoviePrime Video
The Howling 4: The Original NightmareMoviePrime Video
Motel AcaciaMoviePrime Video
Let's Not Meet in the WoodsMoviePrime Video
AbhinetriMoviePrime Video
The EndlessMoviePrime Video
InterlacedMoviePrime Video
4ClosedMoviePrime Video
Plan 9 From Outer Space (in Color)MoviePrime Video
Streets of VengeanceMoviePrime Video
The Bogus Witch ProjectMoviePrime Video
UnlockedMoviePrime Video
1st SummoningMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: TormentedMoviePrime Video
CovenMoviePrime Video
GodforsakenMoviePrime Video
FingersMoviePrime Video
Attack of the Giant LeechesMoviePrime Video
The Levenger TapesMoviePrime Video
SharknadoMoviePrime Video
Count DraculaMoviePrime Video
BleedMoviePrime Video
A Haunting on Hamilton Street 2MoviePrime Video
Garden of HedonMoviePrime Video
The House That Jack BuiltMoviePrime Video
GorgoMoviePrime Video
House on Haunted HillMoviePrime Video
The AbsentMoviePrime Video
ChandramukhiMoviePrime Video
Ghost ImageMoviePrime Video
The LullabyMoviePrime Video
Suburban NightmareMoviePrime Video
ShutterMoviePrime Video
The Mangler: RebornMoviePrime Video
Fire SerpentMoviePrime Video
Stake LandMoviePrime Video
Hollow ScreamMoviePrime Video
VanishedMoviePrime Video
12Va AnthasthuMoviePrime Video
Mummy Save MeMoviePrime Video
The CallingMoviePrime Video
Sardaar ji (Hindi)MoviePrime Video
Valentine DayZMoviePrime Video
The Angry Red Planet - Original Version Of The Sci-Fi Classic!MoviePrime Video
Nazi VengeanceMoviePrime Video
Dhilluku Dhuddu 2MoviePrime Video
The ExterminatorMoviePrime Video
The Crying DeadMoviePrime Video
The WindMoviePrime Video
Krampus: The ReckoningMoviePrime Video
Devil's IslandMoviePrime Video
GodsendMoviePrime Video
The Screaming SkullMoviePrime Video
Don't LookMoviePrime Video
VanishedMoviePrime Video
HellraiserMoviePrime Video
Echoes of FearMoviePrime Video
The LieMoviePrime Video
Scouts Guide to the Zombie ApocalypseMoviePrime Video
TentaclesMoviePrime Video
The Exorcism in AmarilloMoviePrime Video
NEURONMoviePrime Video
JessieMoviePrime Video
Demon of DesireMoviePrime Video
Road To HellMoviePrime Video
Mind GamesMoviePrime Video
Basket Case 2MoviePrime Video
Area 407MoviePrime Video
Soul to KeepMoviePrime Video
Detention of the DeadMoviePrime Video
Lurking WoodsMoviePrime Video
RiffTrax: StitchesMoviePrime Video
RiffTrax: The Hideous Sun DemonMoviePrime Video
Little Shop of HorrorsMoviePrime Video
The Shadow PeopleMoviePrime Video
Ghosts of the SouthMoviePrime Video
GeethanjaliMoviePrime Video
Evan StrawMoviePrime Video
Saw 5MoviePrime Video
SocietyMoviePrime Video
HabitualMoviePrime Video
SubmergedMoviePrime Video
Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss by Passing Through the Gateway Chosen by the Holy StorshMoviePrime Video
A Demon WithinMoviePrime Video
HypothermiaMoviePrime Video
Tooth Fairy 3: The Last ExtractionMoviePrime Video
LandsharkMoviePrime Video
The Demon's WaltzMoviePrime Video
MonstrousMoviePrime Video
Ghosts of DarknessMoviePrime Video
BacteriumMoviePrime Video
DarlingMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: Don't Look In The BasementMoviePrime Video
At Granny's HouseMoviePrime Video
Airaa (Telugu)MoviePrime Video
Cannibal TrollMoviePrime Video
DNAMoviePrime Video
The GrudgeMoviePrime Video
Dead NightMoviePrime Video
House Of The Black DeathMoviePrime Video
Crone WoodMoviePrime Video
Blood ImmortalMoviePrime Video
Bingo HellMoviePrime Video
The LotusMoviePrime Video
A Father's SonMoviePrime Video
The Last TripMoviePrime Video
HoneymoonMoviePrime Video
Dark AgeMoviePrime Video
MalevolentMoviePrime Video
Rise of the ChupacabrasMoviePrime Video
Kala (Malayalam)MoviePrime Video
SavagedMoviePrime Video
ReplaceMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: Santa Claus Conquers The MartiansMoviePrime Video
Next Door to the Velinsky'sMoviePrime Video
El AmarreMoviePrime Video
ASYLUM - Twisted Horror and Fantasy TalesMoviePrime Video
An American ZelotMoviePrime Video
The AntennaMoviePrime Video
Texas Chainsaw MassacreMoviePrime Video
St AgathaMoviePrime Video
MuckMoviePrime Video
DagonMoviePrime Video
American MaryMoviePrime Video
Huddam 2MoviePrime Video
Greetings From Tromaville!MoviePrime Video
Gates of DarknessMoviePrime Video
AppetitesMoviePrime Video
Vampire StrippersMoviePrime Video
The LightMoviePrime Video
ThirstMoviePrime Video
Ouija Death TrapMoviePrime Video
Day of the DeadMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: The Killer ShrewsMoviePrime Video
DesolationMoviePrime Video
Writer's RetreatMoviePrime Video
King CobraMoviePrime Video
NicoleMoviePrime Video
Stalking Laura (4K Restored)MoviePrime Video
The RentalMoviePrime Video
Cabin Fever 2: Spring FeverMoviePrime Video
KombuMoviePrime Video
ZombliesMoviePrime Video
EmelieMoviePrime Video
RevampedMoviePrime Video
All the Creatures Were StirringMoviePrime Video
Rage of the MummyMoviePrime Video
Milgram and the Fastwalkers 2MoviePrime Video
Fender BenderMoviePrime Video
Mermaid's SongMoviePrime Video
The Library SuicidesMoviePrime Video
StreeMoviePrime Video
The Hunchback of Notre DameMoviePrime Video
ResurrectionMoviePrime Video
Dr Terror's House of HorrorsMoviePrime Video
Making MonsterswMoviePrime Video
Violet's PreyMoviePrime Video
Durgamati - The MythMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: The MansterMoviePrime Video
Anti MatterMoviePrime Video
10/31 Part 2MoviePrime Video
White ZombieMoviePrime Video
PinwheelMoviePrime Video
The Funeral HomeMoviePrime Video
Deep DarkMoviePrime Video
Motivational GrowthMoviePrime Video
Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night IIMoviePrime Video
Pop Punk ZombiesMoviePrime Video
HellmingtonMoviePrime Video
Black As NightMoviePrime Video
Crispy's CurseMoviePrime Video
The HiveMoviePrime Video
A Haunting on Washington Avenue: The Temple TheatreMoviePrime Video
After the OutbreakMoviePrime Video
BlindMoviePrime Video
PatchworkMoviePrime Video
RaptorMoviePrime Video
ShivalingaMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: The Brain That Wouldn't DieMoviePrime Video
Cold SkinMoviePrime Video
The Deeper You DigMoviePrime Video
Milgram and the FastwalkersMoviePrime Video
Flat No. 609MoviePrime Video
The Boogeyman (2005)MoviePrime Video
BiteMoviePrime Video
PsychopathsMoviePrime Video
A Haunting on Dice Road: The Hell HouseMoviePrime Video
Dead EndMoviePrime Video
12 'o' ClockMoviePrime Video
Another WolfcopMoviePrime Video
Dark Night of the Scarecrow: Deluxe Collector's EditionMoviePrime Video
11:14MoviePrime Video
NighthawksMoviePrime Video
Devil's GateMoviePrime Video
M.O.M. Mothers of MonstersMoviePrime Video
The BoatMoviePrime Video
RiffTrax: Astro-ZombiesMoviePrime Video
The BabadookMoviePrime Video
BearryMoviePrime Video
14 CamerasMoviePrime Video
Dead BirdsMoviePrime Video
Day of the DeadMoviePrime Video
American CannibalMoviePrime Video
Long WeekendMoviePrime Video
The PactMoviePrime Video
No Through RoadMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: Hercules And The Captive WomenMoviePrime Video
Escape RoomMoviePrime Video
ROT - Only Revenge Can Rebuild HimMoviePrime Video
The HuntMoviePrime Video
The BurrowersMoviePrime Video
BloodrayneMoviePrime Video
Sounds of SilenceMoviePrime Video
A Haunting at Bourbon Street PizzaMoviePrime Video
Where is the VenkatalakshmiMoviePrime Video
The Mothman LegacyMoviePrime Video
Without NameMoviePrime Video
8aam Number VeeduMoviePrime Video
The ToyboxMoviePrime Video
Night SkiesMoviePrime Video
Black BoxMoviePrime Video
Lost Kiddy FoundMoviePrime Video
Feed the GodsMoviePrime Video
A Haunting at the Hoyt LibraryMoviePrime Video
Project D: ClassifiedMoviePrime Video
The Pumpkin KarverMoviePrime Video
VisitorsMoviePrime Video
DeyyamMoviePrime Video
Eat MeMoviePrime Video
The Caretaker MovieMoviePrime Video
MikeyMoviePrime Video
13aam Number VeeduMoviePrime Video
The CrumbsMoviePrime Video
The 6th FriendMoviePrime Video
Underworld: Blood WarsMoviePrime Video
Phantom of the GrindhouseMoviePrime Video
Amityville: The Evil Escapes (4K Restored)MoviePrime Video
1921MoviePrime Video
The Howling: New Moon RisingMoviePrime Video
The Dead Can't DanceMoviePrime Video
Da Hip Hop WitchMoviePrime Video
RiffTrax Live: House on Haunted HillMoviePrime Video
Invisible GhostMoviePrime Video
FlockingMoviePrime Video
A Good MarriageMoviePrime Video
Incident at Raven's GateMoviePrime Video
RiffTrax: The House on Sorority RowMoviePrime Video
Landmine Goes ClickMoviePrime Video
Split SecondMoviePrime Video
The WomanMoviePrime Video
RiffTrax: Frankenstein IslandMoviePrime Video
Suzanne's Saturday Night Scares: Messiah Of EvilMoviePrime Video
Demonte ColonyMoviePrime Video
Hell House LLCMoviePrime Video
Curse of the Forty-NinerMoviePrime Video
AbominableMoviePrime Video
Bad Nun 2: Deadly VowsMoviePrime Video
Bad FrankMoviePrime Video
SoloMoviePrime Video
Against the DarkMoviePrime Video
JordanMoviePrime Video
Killer QueenMoviePrime Video
Johnny GruesomeMoviePrime Video
Hellraiser 3: Hell on EarthMoviePrime Video
Terror of Hallow's EveMoviePrime Video
Alone in the DarkMoviePrime Video
Rise of the MummyMoviePrime Video
Skin WalkerMoviePrime Video
How not to make a horror filmMoviePrime Video
CountrycideMoviePrime Video
ManichithrathazhuMoviePrime Video
Axeman At Cutter's CreekMoviePrime Video
Nothing Left To FearMoviePrime Video
The Craft: LegacyMoviePrime Video
Aangila PadamMoviePrime Video
RebornMoviePrime Video
Monster ManMoviePrime Video
Dead SunriseMoviePrime Video
Ouija HouseMoviePrime Video
Slashlorette PartyMoviePrime Video
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the LaneMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: Scared To DeathMoviePrime Video
The NightmareMoviePrime Video
Valley of DitchesMoviePrime Video
Dark Prince: The True Story of DraculaMoviePrime Video
Innocent PreyMoviePrime Video
Night TideMoviePrime Video
I, PortraitMoviePrime Video
IndecencyMoviePrime Video
Evil EyeMoviePrime Video
The Last WitchMoviePrime Video
A Knife For The LadiesMoviePrime Video
Stake Land 2: The StakelanderMoviePrime Video
The UnseenMoviePrime Video
Climate Of The HunterMoviePrime Video
Boggy Creek MonsterMoviePrime Video
DeaconMoviePrime Video
A Devil's InsideMoviePrime Video
Mad at the Moon (Restored)MoviePrime Video
InheritanceMoviePrime Video
GarroterMoviePrime Video
Dead KidsMoviePrime Video
AparichithanMoviePrime Video
Juho 2405 the Movie -reason of my death-MoviePrime Video
Bride And The BeastMoviePrime Video
Rendez-vousMoviePrime Video
Golden Mistress - An Action Adventure Voodoo ThrillerMoviePrime Video
FreakyMoviePrime Video
The ShatteringMoviePrime Video
MothmanMoviePrime Video
WolfMoviePrime Video
MortuaryMoviePrime Video
Conjuring the GenieMoviePrime Video
The Faceless ManMoviePrime Video
Don't Hang UpMoviePrime Video
TicksMoviePrime Video
LifechangerMoviePrime Video
Share or DieMoviePrime Video
Haunted PlacesMoviePrime Video
Bhoot ChaturdashiMoviePrime Video
Barney Burman's Wild BoarMoviePrime Video
Dabbe 5: Zehr-i CinMoviePrime Video
StarveMoviePrime Video
SanctuaryMoviePrime Video
California ParanormalMoviePrime Video
Elvira's Movie Macabre: Manos: The Hands Of FateMoviePrime Video
The Baylock ResidenceMoviePrime Video
GehennaMoviePrime Video
The GolemMoviePrime Video
A Nun's CurseMoviePrime Video
ChocobarMoviePrime Video
The Night SitterMoviePrime Video
Let's DreamMoviePrime Video
KeepsakeMoviePrime Video
MadresMoviePrime Video
Blood WidowMoviePrime Video
The SleeperMoviePrime Video
Against The NightMoviePrime Video
Hauntings Across AmericaMoviePrime Video
BannerghattaMoviePrime Video
Lords of ChaosMoviePrime Video
Dark SeedMoviePrime Video
SmileyMoviePrime Video
Animales HumanosMoviePrime Video
ANGELMoviePrime Video
Bob Hope in "My Favorite Brunette" - Dorothy Lamour, Peter Lorre, & Lon ChaneyMoviePrime Video
The StalkerMoviePrime Video
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