Watch Dorothy the Dinosaur online for free

Get a wiggle on and subscribe to Presto, Quickflix and Netflix to watch Dorothy the Dinosaur for free for three months.

Is your little one the type to paw at the television screen every time they see the rich green of Dorothy as she dances on her show? Or is his or her favourite toy a stuffed version of the real thing? It’s no secret that Dorothy is a hot favourite with babies and toddlers and as a parent you’ll understand just how much investment goes into keep them happy and entertainment.

And while we’ve got deals and coupons to help you save on the toys and apparel what about all the DVDs you need to buy to keep up with the Dorothys?

That’s where Internet TV providers like Netflix, Presto and Quickflix can help. They offer streaming services for as little as $8.99 per month with no fixed contract terms (and no ads). As for free? Well, they both offer trials for first-time users, meaning you can test them out with your little one to see if they’re worth their weight in dinosaurs.

Start your free trials here:

Foxtel two weeks free trial

Get free trial for two weeks now at Foxtel Play

Prime Instant - 30-day free trial

Enjoy unlimited instant streaming of movies and TV shows, free for 30 days with Amazon's trial.

Unlimited Broadband and Dodo TV with Fetch

Get Unlimited Broadband and Dodo TV with Fetch

Want all the TV shows and movies? You can get a free trial with each of the streaming internet tv providers below:

What are Presto, Netflix and Quickflix?

Internet TV or streaming services allow you to view TV shows and movies legally online via a subscription to their libraries. All you need to access them is an account, an Internet connection with enough data to download your movies and TV shows and a connection speed fast enough to allow for smooth streaming (recommended minimum 3Mbps) and a compatible device to view your shows on.

Compatible devices vary between services, but generally Smart TVs, MACs, PCs, smartphones, iPhones and tablets should be capable of streaming your entertainment. For a full list of compatible devices, contact your chosen Internet TV provider.

What Dorothy the Dinosaur TV shows and movies are available?

Each streaming service offers different movies and shows and when it comes to Dorothy, she’s a girl who likes to shop around and is available on a number of different Internet TV providers. Here’s the latest list:

On NetflixOn PrestoOn Quickflix (streaming)On Quickflix (DVD and Blu-ray)
Dorothy the Dinosaur Series 1Y (26 eps)Y
Dorothy the Dinosaur Meets Santa ClausYYY
Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Beach PartyYY
Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Memory BookYYY
Dorothy the Dinosaur’s PartyYY
Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Rockin’ ChristmasYY
Dorothy the Dinosaur - Travelling ShowYYY

Which Internet TV provider is best to watch Dorothy the Dinosaur?

At the moment it looks like Quickflix is winning this competition as they have a whole series (series 1) as well as handful of Dorothy the Dinosaur movies however they do have a wider variety if you wish to sign up to their mail subscription service - which they currently don’t offer a trial for. But if you wish to branch further than Dorothy (why not?) scroll down for a full list of children's shows available across the most popular streaming services.

How do I get my free trials?

Simple, just click on the streaming service deal you like above and you’ll be redirected to their respective website where you can sign up for your trial. All of them require your payment details to verify your account, but you won’t be charged the initial free month. In order to avoid being charged, you’ll have to cancel your subscription before the trial period is over. You can do this easily through your online account with each provider.

If you do choose to continue your subscription service however, you don’t need to lift another finger! Your chosen payment method will automatically be charged at the end of the 30 day trial, subscribing you for another month of dinosaur-infused entertainment. All these services are contract free, so whenever you wish to cancel you just have to head into your account and change your subscription settings.
You’ll still have access to that service until the end of the paid month and then it will cease.

How much does Internet TV cost?

That depends on which service you decide to subscribe to and what plan suits your needs. For a basic subscription, services can start from $8.99, while more advanced subscriptions (multiple devices/extra channels) tend toward $14.99. Here’s an overview of the more popular services and your options with them:

NameServiceContentPrice Per MonthContract TypePurchase
Presto Internet TVStreamingTV, moviesTV - $9.99, Movies - $9.99, TV & Movies - $14.99No lock-inSee content
More info
stanStreamingTV, movies$10No lock-inSee content
More info
netflix logoStreamingTV, moviesSingle - $8.99, Double - $11.99, 4 Device - $14.99No lock-inSee content
More info
itunes-subscriptionDownloadingTV, music, moviesTV - $3.50 per episode or $32.50 per season, Movies - $25 to buy and $6 to rentNo lock-inGo to site
More info
foxtelStreamingTV, movies$25 to $50No lock-inSee content
More info
ezy-flixRenting, downloadingTV, moviesRent - From $3.99, Downloads - From $8.99No lock-in

Which Internet TV provider has all the best children's shows?

Another toughie - and one that you'll have to discuss with your little 'un as each Internet TV provider has different shows available on it.

Our suggestion? Organise your monthlies to trial them all out. Remember, this isn’t a be-all-and-end-all list as all streaming services continuously add new series and movies to their lists. And if you have a kid to entertain, Dorothy the Dinosaur won’t be the be-all-and-end-all. Here’s the full list of kids’ shows across the most popular Internet TV providers.

Kids TV ShowOn Netflix?On Presto?On Stan?
64 Zoo Laneyesnono
Almost Naked Animalsyesnono
Andy's Wild Adventureyesnono
Angelina Ballerina Sets Sailyesyesno
Angelina Ballerina The Shining Star Trophynoyesno
Angelina Ballerina The Show Must Go Onyesyesno
Angelina's Princess Danceyesnono
Barbie Life in the Dreamhouseyesnono
Bo on the Goyesyesno
Bob the Builderyesyesno
Bob The Builder A Christmas To Remembernoyesno
Bob The Builder Bob's Big Plannoyesno
Bob The Builder Built To Be Wildnoyesno
Bob The Builder Knights Of Fix-a-Lotnonono
Bob The Builder On Site Green Homes And Recyclingnoyesno
Bob The Builder On Site Roads And Bridgesnoyesno
Bob The Builder On Site Skyscrapers And Car Parksnoyesno
Bob The Builder On Site Trains & Treehousesnonono
Bob The Builder On Site: Green Homes and Recyclingyesnono
Bob The Builder Race To The Finishnoyesno
Bob The Builder Scrambler To The Rescuenoyesno
Bob The Builder The Legend Of The Golden Hammernoyesno
Bob The Builder When Bob Became A Buildernonono
Bob The Builder Winter Special Snowed Undernoyesno
Bob the Builder: Roads & Bridgesyesnono
Bob the Builder: Snowed Underyesnono
Bob the Builder: The Big Dino Digyesnono
Bob the Builder: The Golden Hammeryesnono
Bob the Buildert Houses & Playgroundsnonono
Bubble Guppiesnoyesno
Caillou's Holiday Movieyesnono
Care Bearsyesnono
Care Bears: Grizzle-Ly Adventuresyesnono
Care Bears: Ups and Downsyesnono
Charlie and Lolayesnono
Christmas at Pee Wee's Playhouseyesnono
Deadly 60yesnono
Dino Danyesnono
Doctor Whononoyes
Doctor Who Dreamlandnonoyes
Dora The Explorernoyesno
Dorothy The Dinosaur Meets Santa Clausyesyesno
Dorothy the Dinosaur's Beach Partyyesyesno
Dorothy the Dinosaur's Memory Bookyesyesno
Dorothy The Dinosaur's Partynoyesno
Dorothy the Dinosaur's Rockin' Christmasyesnono
Dorothy The Dinosaur's Travelling Shownoyesno
Ever After High: Spring Unsprungyesnono
Fireman Samnoyesno
Fireman Sam Xmas Special Snow Businessnoyesno
Franny's Feetnoyesno
Go Diego Gonoyesno
Good Luck Charlieyesnono
Gurrent Lagannyesnono
H2O: Just Add Wateryesnono
Hairy Maclarynoyesno
Horrible Historiesyesnono
Horrid Henryyesnono
Hurray For Hucklenoyesno
In The Night Garden - Season 1yesnono
Inspector Gadget's Field Tripyesnono
Iron Man: Armored Adventuresyesnono
Jake & The Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Buckyyesnono
Julius Jr.yesnono
Justin Timeyesnono
Kickin ityesnono
King Julienyesnono
Lego Chimanonono
Lego Friendsnonono
Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzuyesnono
Lightning Pointyesnono
Little Princessyesnono
Littlest Pet Shopnoyesno
M.I. Highyesnono
Mako Mermaidsyesnono
Mia and Meyesnono
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (The Movie)yesnono
Mike the Knightyesnono
Mister Makeryesnono
Monster High Ghoules Ruleyesnono
Moone Boynonoyes
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magicnoyesno
My Placeyesnoyes
Ninja Turtles The Next Mutationnoyesno
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventuresyesnono
Pee-wee's Playhouseyesnono
Phineas and Ferbyesnono
Pink Panther and Palsyesnono
Pokemon: Black and Whiteyesnono
Pop Pixieyesnono
Postman Patnoyesno
Postman Pat Special Delivery Servicenoyesno
Pound Puppiesnoyesno
Power Ranger: Super Samuraiyesnono
Power Rangers Dino Thunderyesnono
Power Rangers Jungle Furyyesnono
Power Rangers Megaforcenoyesno
Power Rangers Mystic Forceyesnono
Power Rangers Samurai: Party Monstersyesnono
Power Rangers SPDyesnono
Power Rangers Super Megaforcenoyesno
Power Rangers Time Force: Force From Futureyesnono
Power Rangers: Galaxyyesnono
Power Rangers: Ninja Stormyesnono
Power Rangers: Operation Overdriveyesnono
Power Rangers: Rescueyesnono
Power Rangers: RPMyesnono
Power Rangers: Samuraiyesnono
Power Rangers: Spaceyesnono
Power Rangers: Super Samurai - Stuck on Christmasyesnono
Power Rangers: Turboyesnono
Power Rangers: Wild Forceyesnono
Power Rangers: Zeoyesnono
Ready, Steady, Wiggleyesnono
Round the Twistyesnono
Saban's BeetleBorgsyesnono
Sabrina's Secret Lifeyesnono
Sarah & Duckyesnono
Sesame Street 1 2 3 Count With Menoyesno
Sesame Street Bedtime With Elmo 2noyesno
Sesame Street Bert And Ernie S Great Adventuresnoyesno
Sesame Street Big Elmo Funnoyesno
Sesame Street Cookie Monster S Best Bites 2noyesno
Sesame Street Elmo's Alphabet Challenge 2noyesno
Sesame Street Elmo's Magic Numbersnoyesno
Sesame Street Elmo's Potty Timenoyesno
Sesame Street Elmo's Shape Adventure 2noyesno
Sesame Street Fiesta 2noyesno
Sesame Street Imagine That 2noyesno
Sesame Street Learning About Lettersnoyesno
Sesame Street Learning About Numbersnoyesno
Sesame Street Learning Letters With Elmonoyesno
Sesame Street Preschool Is Cool Counting With Elmo 2noyesno
Sesame Street Preschool Is Cool Making Friendsnoyesno
Sesame Street Quiet Timenoyesno
Sesame Street Sesame Beginnings Beginning Together 2noyesno
Sesame Street Sesame Beginnings Exploring Together 2noyesno
Sesame Street Sesame Beginnings Make Music Togethernoyesno
Sesame Street Sing Alongnoyesno
Sesame Street Sing Yourself Sillynoyesno
Sesame Street Singing With The Starsnoyesno
Sesame Street: Sing Alongyesnono
Sonic Undergroundyesnono
Space Racersyesnono
Spongebob Squarepantsnoyesno
Star Wars: Clone Warsyesnono
Strawberry Shortcakeyesyesno
Super Heroes: Maximum Overloadyesnono
Super Whynoyesno
Super Why!yesnono
The Adventures Of Chuck Friends Season 1noyesno
The Adventures of Puss in Bootsyesnono
The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3yesnono
The Best Of The Wiggles Hot Potatoesnoyesno
The Magic School Busyesnono
The Nannynonoyes
The Sarah Jane Adventuresnonoyes
The Wiggles Apples And Bananasnoyesno
The Wiggles Celebration 2noyesno
The Wiggles Cold Spaghetti Westernnoyesno
The Wiggles Here Comes The Big Red Carnoyesno
The Wiggles Hoop Dee Doo It S A Wiggly Partynoyesno
The Wiggles It's A Wiggly Wiggly Worldnoyesno
The Wiggles It's Time To Wake Up Jeff 2noyesno
The Wiggles Live Hot Potatoesnoyesno
The Wiggles Racing To The Rainbownoyesno
The Wiggles Sailing Around The Worldnoyesno
The Wiggles Splish Splash Big Red Boatnoyesno
The Wiggles Surfer Jeff 2noyesno
The Wiggles Taking Offnoyesno
The Wiggles Toot Toot 2noyesno
The Wiggles Top Of The Tots 2noyesno
The Wiggles Wiggle Baynoyesno
The Wiggles Wiggle Timenoyesno
The Wiggles Wiggly Safarinoyesno
The Wiggles Yule Be Wigglingnoyesno
The Wiggles Yummy Yummynoyesno
The Wot Wotsyesnono
Thomas & Friendsyesnono
Thomas And Friends Calling All Enginesnoyesno
Thomas And Friends The Great Discoverynoyesno
Ticketey Tockyesnono
Totally Spiesyesnono
Transformers Primenoyesno
Transformers Rescue Botsnoyesno
Turbo Fastyesnono
Veggietales in the Houseyesnono
Video Game High Schoolyesnono
VR Troopersyesnono
Why do Ghouls Fall in Loveyesnono
Wiggles Furry Talesnoyesno
Wiggles Pumpkin Facenoyesno
Wiggles Space Dancingnoyesno
Winx Clubyesnono
Yo Gabba Gabbanoyesno
Zack Quackyesnono

Time to get your Wiggles on!

Stephanie Yip

Stephanie is a journalist, avid traveller and all-round bargain hunter. If there's an online coupon code, deal or cheap flight available, she'll know about it. And she'll let you know about it, too.

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