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Style edit: 30+ winter coats for 2018

See our picks for the coolest winter coats this year. We've included hot under $100 picks, plus some designer options too.

As the weather gets cooler it's time to layer up. And what's better for layering than a warm, woolen, winter coat. When it's freezing outside but warm inside, a winter coat that you can peel off with ease is an absolute essential.

Not only are coats necessary for the frosty weather, but winter coats are a key element of winter style. If you get the right style and shape to suit you, a winter coat can very effortlessly take your fashion to the next level.

So to help you in your search for the perfect one, we've found a stack of coats for every taste and price range. From dusters, pea-coats, biker style, cheapies and most afterpay friendly options, here are our favourite winter coats for this season! Or head to our teddy coats guide to shop the best teddy coats in store right now.

Under $100

Stylish and affordable, have a look at our top under $100 picks.

Veronica Dusty Pink Oversized Waterfall Belt Coat
Veronica Dusty Pink Oversized Waterfall Belt Coat



You can never go wrong with a basic black.


A staple that still goes with everything and every skintone.


This high-fashion colour never goes out of style.

Veronica Camel Oversized Waterfall Belt Coat
Veronica Camel Oversized Waterfall Belt Coat


Faux fur

This is one of the hottest trends this season.


Add a pop to your outfit with a coloured coat.

Stone Classic A Line Belted Trench Coat
Stone Classic A Line Belted Trench Coat



For the lady that loves luxe.

Bianca Spender Black Crepe Marlene Short Coat
Bianca Spender Black Crepe Marlene Short Coat

David Jones

Things to remember when choosing a coat

Fabric is everything: If you really need warmth, then you'll need to choose wool. Polyester will not keep the cold out. But if you're in a warmer part of the country and your coat is more for show, then choosing a polyester or duster coat would be a better option. Also, if you pick something very fluffy, the fabric will be more prone to pilling. Make sure you choose a fabric without too many loose or fluffy fibres on the surface to avoid this. It is also important to keep in mind that nylons and polyesters pill more than nature fibres like wool, cotton or cashmere.

Invest in something timeless: If you're planning on investing big money in a coat, pick a timeless style. While biker-style jackets and printed coats might be hot right now, they may not be next year. You don't want to spend big money on something you can only wear for one season. Stick to classic shapes and styles like wraps or double-breasted.

What does the rest of your wardrobe look like?: Many people think that buying a coloured coat is impractical, but this is not necessarily the case. Take a look at your winter clothes and look at the existing colours you have in your closet. If you find that your current collection of winter pieces are primarily black and grey then a coloured coat is probably a better option than adding another black piece of clothing to your wardrobe. But if you're big on colour already, black or camel is probably the way to go.

friend in fashion - edited

Friend in Fashion aka Jasmin Howell pictured here in Forever New.

Editor's Tip: I love the coats at Forever New. They're typically less than $250 and many of them are made from wool - something which is rare if you're shopping on the high street.

If you see something lists as a "wool-blend" always check the percentages on the product listing or tag. You don't want to spend big bucks on something that is only 10% wool.

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