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Visioneers2008ComedyDramaSci-FiWatch now
Black Mountain Side2015HorrorThrillerWatch now
Housebound2014HorrorComedyIndependentWatch now
Black Death2010ActionAdventureHorrorWatch now
Wildlike2015DramaAdventureIndependentWatch now
Alice in Wonderland1966Kids & FamilyAnimationFantasyWatch now
The New Adventures of Heidi1978Kids & FamilyMusicalsComedyDramaWatch now
Mr. Christmas2005HolidayDramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Lassie: The Painted Hills0WesternKids & FamilyWatch now
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians1964Kids & FamilyComedyFantasyHolidayWatch now
Here's Looking At You Kid2002ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
6teen - Snow Job0AnimationComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Babar King Of The Elephants0AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Babar The Movie0AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Little Bear Movie0Kids & FamilyAnimationFantasyWatch now
Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Kids0AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Wayside Special0AnimationComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Sox: A Family's Best Friend0ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Gordon Family Tree2014Kids & FamilyAdventureComedyWatch now
Falcon Song2014WesternKids & FamilyFantasyDramaWatch now
Inspector Gadget's Last Case2012AnimationComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Attack of the Monsters1969Sci-FiActionAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
6Teen: Dude of the Living Dead2005AnimationComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure2006AnimationKids & FamilyFantasyWatch now
Franklin Back to School Special2003AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
All I Want For Christmas2007Kids & FamilyRomanceHolidayWatch now
The Maldonado Miracle2003DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Getting to the Nutcracker2014DocumentaryKids & FamilyMusicalsHolidayWatch now
Coloring Books with Om Nom0AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
The making of… Episodes (Cut the Rope)0Kids & FamilyAnimationDocumentaryWatch now
Druid Peak2015AdventureKids & FamilyDramaWatch now
How to Beat a Bully2014ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Tales of the First People2015Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
The Wizard's Christmas: Return of the Snow King2016Kids & FamilyAnimationFantasyWatch now
The Wizard’s Christmas2016Kids & FamilyAnimationFantasyHolidayWatch now
The World Famous Kid Detective2015Kids & FamilyMysteryIndependentWatch now
1 Chance 2 Dance2014DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
3 Times A Charm2012ComedyKids & FamilyFantasyWatch now
My Dad is Scrooge2014HolidayKids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Pants on Fire2014ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
The Soccer Nanny2011ComedyDramaWatch now
Zapped2014Kids & FamilyComedyFantasyWatch now
Ally Cat the Ballet Cat2013Kids & FamilyWatch now
The Gift of Winter1974AnimationKids & FamilyFantasyHolidayWatch now
Horse Crazy Too2010Kids & FamilyAdventureMysteryWatch now
JK's House2013Kids & FamilyMusicalsDramaWatch now
Cleaver Family Reunion2013ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
If I Had Wings2014DramaKids & FamilySportWatch now
Greener Mountains2004DramaRomanceWatch now
The Wiggles, Wiggle House2013Kids & FamilyMusicalsWatch now
The Wiggles, Furry Tales2012Kids & FamilyWatch now
Adventures of Jojo2017AdventureComedyWatch now
Air Buddies2006Kids & FamilyAdventureComedyWatch now
Air Bud: Spikes Back2003Kids & FamilyComedySportWatch now
Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch2002Kids & FamilySportComedyDramaWatch now
Air Bud: World Pup2000Kids & FamilySportComedyDramaWatch now
Air Bud: Golden Receiver1998Kids & FamilyComedySportWatch now
Spymate2006Kids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
The Duke1999Kids & FamilyComedyDramaWatch now
MXP: Most Extreme Primate2004Kids & FamilyComedySportWatch now
MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate2001ComedyKids & FamilySportWatch now
MVP: Most Valuable Primate2000ComedyKids & FamilySportWatch now
Horseplay2016Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Luna: Spirit of the Whale2006DramaWatch now
A Magic Christmas2014ComedyKids & FamilyHolidayWatch now
A Christmas Eve Miracle2015HolidayKids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Millionaire Dog2013Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Baby Geniuses and the Space Baby2014Kids & FamilyComedySci-FiWatch now
Baby Geniuses and the Treasures of Egypt2013Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels2012ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Amazing Ape2015DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Wishes2014FantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Who's Watching the Kids?2012ComedyAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
The Adventures of Chris Fable2010AdventureActionKids & FamilyWatch now
The Side Show Christmas2008Kids & FamilyHolidayAnimationWatch now
The Gold Retrievers2009Kids & FamilyAdventureComedyWatch now
Excalibur Kid1999FantasyKids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
Josh Kirby: Time Warrior! Chap. 1: Planet of the Dino-Knights1995Sci-FiKids & FamilyActionAdventureWatch now
Ernie and Cerbie2017Kids & FamilyWatch now
Mask Masters2013AnimationActionKids & FamilyWatch now
The Little Unicorn2002AdventureFantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Trailer Made2015Kids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
Hopeville2015DramaWatch now
A Horse Story2016DramaKids & FamilyFantasyWatch now
Sign of the Beaver1999DramaWatch now
Ms. Bear1998DramaWatch now
Bear With Me2000AdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Ernest Rides Again1993ComedyWatch now
The Unearthing2015AdventureMysteryDramaWatch now
Kayla1996DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Santa Claws2013Kids & FamilyFantasyHolidayWatch now
Princess and the Pony2010Kids & FamilyWatch now
All-Stars2015ComedyKids & FamilySportWatch now
Thrill Ride2017AdventureIndependentFantasyWatch now
Trolland2015AnimationAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
The Teacher From the Black Lagoon2017AnimationKids & FamilyComedyWatch now
The Gym Teacher From the Black Lagoon2017AnimationComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?2017AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?2017AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Logan2010DramaComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
The Man Who Walked Between the Two Towers2005Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
T Is for Terrible2017Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
The Amazing Adventure of Marchello the Cat2017ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Treasure State2013AdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Amazing Racer2013DramaKids & FamilySportWatch now
Sherlock Bones: Undercover Dog1994ComedyAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
The Stream2013ComedyAdventureKids & FamilySci-FiWatch now
Aladdin1990FantasyKids & FamilyMusicalsAdventureComedyRomanceWatch now
Return to Treasure Island1995AdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
The Secret Handshake0Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Goonie-Boys: Curse of the Mayan Coin2017Kids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
Winslow the Christmas Bear1995AdventureKids & FamilyMysteryHolidayWatch now
The Wild Stallion2009Kids & FamilyAdventureDramaWatch now
A Christmas Tail1999ComedyHolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
Pet Shop1994ComedySci-FiKids & FamilyHorrorWatch now
This Is Our Christmas2018HolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
Our Wild Hearts2013AdventureDramaWatch now
Magic Gift of the Snowman2018AnimationHolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
Christmas Dreams2015HolidayFantasyWatch now
Beverly Hills Christmas2015HolidayFantasyDramaWatch now
An Evergreen Christmas2014DramaKids & FamilyRomanceHolidayWatch now
An Angel for Christmas2018HolidayAnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
The Nutcracker2018AnimationHolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
The Widow's Might2009AdventureComedyWatch now
Funny Pets 22018Kids & FamilyComedyAnimationWatch now
Camp New: Act One2014Kids & FamilyComedyMusicWatch now
Crimes and Mister Meanors2015Kids & FamilyMysteryDramaWatch now
Camp New: Dollar Days2017Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Camp New: Humble Pie2017Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
The Current2014Kids & FamilyDramaWatch now
Where the Red Fern Grows Part 11974DramaAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Uphill Battle2013DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
The Great Bear2014AnimationAdventureWatch now
Second Chances1998DramaWatch now
Angels in Our Midst2007DramaWatch now
Natalie’s Rose1998DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
A Perfect Chord2015DramaMusicWatch now
Doggy Daycare2015ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Pretty Outrageoous2017ComedyMusicWatch now
The Storyteller2018Kids & FamilyFantasyDramaMusicWatch now
The Point1971AnimationKids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
Headed South for Christmas2013HolidayDramaWatch now
The Mighty Kong1998AnimationMusicalsKids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
Prince Brat and the Whipping Boy1994Kids & FamilyFantasyWatch now
The Lamp2011DramaWatch now
Warrior Pride2018DramaSportWatch now
God With Us2017AnimationDramaKids & FamilyWatch now
To Every Nation2017AnimationDramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Hope Dances2017Kids & FamilyDramaWatch now
A Doggone Hollywood2017Kids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
A Doggone Christmas2016HolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
Magic in the Mirror1996Kids & FamilyAdventureComedyWatch now
Prehysteria 21994Kids & FamilyAdventureComedyWatch now
Blue Fire Lady1977DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
The Fix It Boys2017ComedyDramaWatch now
Kids From 62-F2016AdventureDramaKids & FamilySci-FiWatch now
A Doggone Adventure2018Kids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
Super Sentai Madness Live 20192019ActionKids & FamilyWatch now
Breaking Legs2017ComedyKids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Love Finds You in Sugarcreek2014MysteryDramaRomanceWatch now
Sherlock Holmes: Sign of Four - an Animated Classic2013Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Valentina2015ComedyAnimationWatch now
Take Peace! a Corgi Cottage Christmas2018Kids & FamilyHolidayWatch now
Casper & Wendy1962Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Woody Woodpecker1957AnimationComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Harriet and Herbert's Day at the Beach2018Kids & FamilyAdventureAnimationRomanceWatch now
Doubting Thomas2008ComedyAdventureWatch now
Gulliver's Travel2006Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Two for the Show1998DramaWatch now
Two Friends: Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass2019AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Trumpet Video Visits Mem Fox2019Kids & FamilyWatch now
Kidsongs: Let's Play Ball1987Kids & FamilyMusicSportWatch now
Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland: Billy's Birthday1998Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Kidsongs: Play Along Songs1993Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Kidsongs: A Day at Camp1990Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Dot and the Bunny1983Kids & FamilyAnimationFantasyWatch now
Popeye Classic Cartoons1937Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Tom & Jerry and Friends1931Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Dot and the Kangaroo1977Kids & FamilyAnimationFantasyWatch now
Mr. Piper1960Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Paws to the Rescue1999Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
The Best of I Love Toy Trains, Parts 7-122013Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
The Best of I Love Toy Trains, Parts 1-62013Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
A Norman Rockwell Christmas Story1995HolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
The Snow Queen1957Kids & FamilyAnimationFantasyAdventureComedyWatch now
A Light in the Forest2003HolidayKids & FamilyFantasyWatch now
Kidsongs: What I Want to Be1987Kids & FamilyWatch now
Kidsongs: I Can Dance1997Kids & FamilyWatch now
Kidsongs: My Favorite Songs2018Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Kidsongs: If We Could Talk to the Animals1993Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Kidsongs: I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing1986Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Kidsongs: We Wish You a Merry Christmas1992Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Fortnite: Battle, Build, Survive!2018Kids & FamilyWatch now
Kidsongs: Boppin' With the Biggles1995Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Kidsongs: Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes1986Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Kidsongs: Yankee Doodle Dandy1986Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
The Substitute Spy2016Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Hercules Houdini Holmes2019Kids & FamilyAdventureFantasyWatch now
By the Grace of Bob2016ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Homerun Showdown2015Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Just Peck2009ComedyWatch now
Twelve2019DramaKids & FamilySportWatch now
Friends for Life2008DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Bigfoot2009Kids & FamilyWatch now
Kidsongs: A Day at the Circus1987Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
John Henry2019Kids & FamilyIndependentWatch now
Kidsongs: A Day at Old Macdonald's Farm1985Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Kidsongs: A Day With the Animals1986Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Kidsongs: Good Night, Sleep Tight1986Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland: Meet the Biggles1998Kids & FamilyMusicAdventureWatch now
Kidsongs: Baby Animal Songs1995Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Jumbo2019Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
A Little Princess1996Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Madeline: Lost in Paris1999Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Sing-a-Long With Madeline and Her Friends2001Kids & FamilyMusicAnimationWatch now
Sing-a-Long Around the World with Madeline2002Kids & FamilyMusicAnimationWatch now
To Catch a Yeti1995ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
I Believe in Santa Claus1984HolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
The Perfect Game2011ComedyDramaSportKids & FamilyWatch now
Curly: The Littlest Puppy1995Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Puss in Boots: A Furry Tail2011Kids & FamilyAnimationAdventureWatch now
Gabe the Cupid Dog2012ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
The Magic Christmas Tree1964Kids & FamilyHolidayFantasyWatch now
Holiday Spectacular2018HolidayDramaWatch now
Deal of a Lifetime2000ComedyRomanceFantasyWatch now
Owd Bob1998DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Treasure of Bengal1953AdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
A Christmas Dream1946AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
The Runner From Ravenshead2010AdventureComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Quigley2003ComedyFantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Remote1993ComedyKids & FamilyAdventureActionIndependentCrimeWatch now
The Legend of King Solomon2017AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Yamasong: March of the Hollows2018FantasyAdventureSci-FiWatch now
Joseph: Beloved Son, Rejected Salve, Exalted Ruler2015Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Treasure Island1996Kids & FamilyAnimationMusicalsAdventureWatch now
Gulliver's Travels1996Kids & FamilyMusicalsAnimationWatch now
The Prince and the Pauper1995Kids & FamilyAnimationAdventureMusicalsWatch now
The Jungle King1994Kids & FamilyMusicalsAnimationWatch now
The Legend of Su-Ling1998Kids & FamilyMusicalsAnimationWatch now
The Hunchback of Notre Dame1996Kids & FamilyMusicalsAnimationWatch now
Tarzan of the Apes1999Kids & FamilyAnimationAdventureWatch now
The Jungle Book1990Kids & FamilyAnimationAdventureWatch now
A Tale of Egypt1998Kids & FamilyMusicalsAnimationWatch now
Jack and the Beanstalk1990Kids & FamilyMusicalsAnimationWatch now
Hercules1997Kids & FamilyAnimationAdventureWatch now
Danny1977Kids & FamilyDramaWatch now
Tugger: The Jeep Who Wanted to Fly2005Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
The Ride (1997)1997WesternDramaWatch now
Once Upon a Time1976AdventureAnimationKids & FamilyRomanceWatch now
The Magic Pudding2000Kids & FamilyAnimationMusicWatch now
A Minecraft Ninja Turtle Movie2018Kids & FamilyAnimationAdventureWatch now
Little Lizard - The Unofficial Fortnite Skit2018AnimationActionCrimeAdventureWatch now
Roblox Jailbreak Funny Moments Movie (PairOfDucks)2018AnimationAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Rat a Tat: Ocean Attack2016AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Rat a Tat: Doggie Don vs Catman2016AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Deck the Halls1994HolidayAnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
O Christmas Tree1994HolidayAnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
The Hunting of the Snark2015AnimationWatch now
Always Will2006Kids & FamilyComedyDramaWatch now
We Wish You a Merry Christmas1994AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
The Salted Egg 32019AnimationKids & FamilyComedySportWatch now
Stagecoach Santa2010HolidayDramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Witches in Stitches1997AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Roxanne's Best Christmas Ever1999HolidayAnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
The 12 Dogs of Christmas2005HolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
Exodus: A Brickfilm2019Kids & FamilyDramaAnimationWatch now
Ava's Magical Adventure1994Kids & FamilyComedyAdventureWatch now
Charlie's Ghost Story1995FantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Next Level2019DramaMusicKids & FamilyWatch now
Christmas in Palm Springs2014Kids & FamilyComedyRomanceHolidayWatch now
The Lost Treasure of Sawtooth Island1999Kids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
The Life of Trees2012Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Wicked!2001Kids & FamilyAnimationHorrorWatch now
Toys in the Attic2012Kids & FamilyAdventureAnimationFantasyWatch now
The Mighty Macs2011DramaKids & FamilySportWatch now
Call of the Wild1972AdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Cry Wilderness1987Kids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
Huck & the King of Hearts1994AdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Catch Your Mind2009DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Standing Ovation2010MusicalsComedyKids & FamilyDramaWatch now
A Summer to Remember1985DramaComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Sam and Elvis2018DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
EZ Money2007Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
587: The Great Train Robbery2000Kids & FamilyDramaComedyWatch now
Lil Treasure Hunters2003Kids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
The Funny World of Pets2019Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Nico the Unicorn1999Kids & FamilyFantasyWatch now
Fairyland Tales2018Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
The Rocket2018DramaSportWatch now
Teen Knight1999FantasyAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Dragon World: The Legend Continues1999AdventureFantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Mysterious Museum: Search for the Jewel of Polaris1999FantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
The Jungle Book: Search for the Lost Treasure1998AdventureActionFantasyWatch now
Little Ghost1997FantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Teenage Space Vampires1999Sci-FiKids & FamilyWatch now
The Secret Kingdom1998Kids & FamilyFantasyWatch now
The Christmas Stallion1992DramaHolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
The Shrunken City1998AdventureFantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Phantom Town1999WesternKids & FamilyHorrorWatch now
Guardian of the Highlands2012AnimationAdventureComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Dex Hamilton and the Doomsday Swarm2018AnimationAdventureComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Twice the Dream2019DramaMusicWatch now
Rolling Elvis2020ComedyAdventureForeign/InternationalKids & FamilyWatch now
Wild Bunch on Ice2020DramaKids & FamilySportWatch now
Guard Dog2015Kids & FamilyFantasyWatch now
In the Dog House2014ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Crowning Jules2017ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Stay Home, Stay Safe2020Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
The Ash Lad: In Search of the Golden Castle2017FantasyAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
All Roads Lead Home2008DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Oddbods: Halloween2018AnimationComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
The Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters1972AnimationComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Singing With Angels2016DramaWatch now
The Incredible Genie1999FantasyKids & FamilyComedyWatch now
X-Treme Teens1999Kids & FamilyAdventureComedyWatch now
Train Quest2001AdventureFantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
The Sorcerer's Apprentice2001FantasyAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
The Meeksville Ghost2001FantasyAdventureWesternWatch now
Clockmaker1998Sci-FiAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
City Boy1994AdventureDramaKids & FamilyWatch now
The Blue Light2004AdventureFantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Stargames1998AdventureKids & FamilySci-FiWatch now
Mystery Monsters1997HorrorFantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Dazzle1999FantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
The Last Leprechaun1998AdventureFantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Oddbods: Unforgettable Weekend2020Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Oddbods: Odds Gone Wild2020Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Oddbods: So Yummy!2020Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Oddbods: Fun, Fun & Funnier2020Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Yolanda: The Secret of the Black Rose2000AnimationAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
The Midas Touch1997FantasyDramaComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
The Adventures of Mark Twain1985AnimationAdventureFantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Diamond Dog Caper2008ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Spirit Riders2015DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
King of the Camp2008ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
F.R.E.D.I.2018AdventureKids & FamilySci-FiWatch now
Smart Cookies2012ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
A Gift Horse2015Kids & FamilyDramaWatch now
I Think My Babysitter Is an Alien2015Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Nessie & Me2016Kids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
Kong: King of Atlantis2005AnimationAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Kong: Return to the Jungle2007AnimationAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
The Bears Who Saved Christmas1994HolidayAnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Nick & Noel1993HolidayAnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale2010RomanceDramaWatch now
The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens2009FantasyAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
March of the Wooden Soldiers (In Color)1934Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
The Valentine's Day That Almost Wasn't1982ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Pat Boone and Family Springtime Special1978MusicDramaMusicalsKids & FamilyWatch now
Wild Witch2018FantasyAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Oddbods: A Crazy Summer2020Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Oddbods: An Odd Vacation2020Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Elijah and the Rock Creature2018Sci-FiKids & FamilyWatch now
Mrs. McCutcheon2017ComedyDramaLGBTWatch now
Lots & Lots of Really Big Steam Trains: Smokin' Down the Tracks2019DocumentaryKids & FamilyWatch now
Antiks: Volume 12020AnimationComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Antiks: Volume 22020AnimationComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Antiks: Volume 32020AnimationComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Dot & Spot's Magical Christmas Adventure1996AnimationHolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
Teenage Ghost Punk2014ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Roblox Tycoon Movie (PairofDucks)2018Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Little Kelly vs. the Tsunami - Minecraft2018Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Little Lizard Gaming: Minecraft Day of the Dragons2017Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
The Five2010FantasyAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Kids TV Cartoon Shows2019Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Cupid's Proxy2017ComedyKids & FamilyDramaWatch now
Princess Mia2019Kids & FamilyFantasyAnimationWatch now
Crazycraft Superhero Minecraft Challenge: Little Lizard2018Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Fantastic Journey to Oz2017Kids & FamilyAnimationAdventureWatch now
Jack Frost1979AnimationFantasyKids & FamilyMusicalsWatch now
Charles Dickens: The Pickwick Papers1985AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Charles Dickens: The Old Curiosity Shop1984AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist1982AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Charles Dickens: Great Expectations1983AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Charles Dickens: Nicholas Nickleby1985AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities1984AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol1982AnimationKids & FamilyHolidayWatch now
Alice Through the Looking Glass1987AnimationKids & FamilyFantasyWatch now
Sherlock Holmes: Valley of Fear: An Animated Classic1983AnimationKids & FamilyMysteryWatch now
Sherlock Holmes: The Baskerville Curse: An Animated Classic1983AnimationKids & FamilyMysteryWatch now
Sherlock Holmes: Study in Scarlet: An Animated Classic1983AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
The History of Christmas & Santa Claus: Santa's Sleigh Ride2005DocumentaryHolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
The Corsican Brothers: An Animated Classic1989AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
The Black Tulip: An Animated Classic1988AnimationKids & FamilyIndependentWatch now
Around the Christmas Tree: Instant Holiday Decor - Your No Muss, No Fuss Christmas Tree2003HolidayLifestyleWatch now
Dragonblade2013AnimationKids & FamilyActionFantasyWatch now
Cinderella on Ice: Michelle Kwan in China2012SportFantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Alice Through the Looking Glass1996SportFantasyKids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Wizard Quest: Learn Magic2002Kids & FamilyWatch now
Johnny Johnny and More Kids Songs2020Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Halloween Songs for Kids2020Kids & FamilyWatch now
Born & Raised2013DramaWatch now
The Cascadia Treasure2020AdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes2010Kids & FamilyAdventureFantasyWatch now
Oddbods Christmas - Jolly Holidays2020Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyHolidayWatch now
Romeo and Juliet2013DramaAnimationRomanceKids & FamilyWatch now
Santa's Christmas Circus1966Kids & FamilyDramaWatch now
Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny1972Kids & FamilyComedyFantasyHolidayWatch now
Prehysteria! 31995AdventureComedySci-FiKids & FamilyWatch now
Super Bear2020Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Dance Together2017DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Storybook1994Kids & FamilyAnimationFantasyWatch now
Jack and the Beanstalk: 4k Restoration Special Edition1952ComedyKids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
Hoopla Halloween: Part 42020Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
Hoopla Halloween: Part 52020Kids & FamilyMusicWatch now
The Adventures of Little Herbert in Mushroom Land2008FantasyAdventureAnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: The Gypsy Moon1954ActionAdventureKids & FamilySci-FiWatch now
Crawford the Cat's Christmas2018Kids & FamilyAnimationHolidayWatch now
Roblox Military Simulator2018Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Roblox Movie Funny Moments (PairofDucks)2018Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Russell Madness2015Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Kid West2017WesternKids & FamilyWatch now
Jean2018DramaAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?2020MysteryComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
Useless2020DramaWatch now
Funny Little Cars: Adventures in the Little Oaza2013Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Valley of the Lanterns2019Kids & FamilyAnimationAdventureWatch now
Konrad1985FantasyComedySci-FiKids & FamilyWatch now
The Lone Star Kid1986DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Bridge to Terabithia1985FantasyAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
The Adventures of Ociee Nash2019DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Different Drummers2013DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure2010DramaKids & FamilyAdventureWatch now
Mandie and the Secret Tunnel2009DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
The Mysterious Note2019AdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Funny Little Cars 2: Fun at Oasis City2020Kids & FamilyAnimationAdventureWatch now
My Mother's Future Husband2014ComedyKids & FamilyWatch now
A Wrestling Christmas Miracle2020ComedyHolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
Jacob Have I Loved1989DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Home at Last1988DramaKids & FamilyWatch now
We Three Kings2020DramaHolidayKids & FamilyWatch now
Snow 2: Brain Freeze2008Kids & FamilyFantasyHolidayWatch now
The Alpha-Bots Christmas2004Kids & FamilyAnimationHolidayWatch now
Scrooge (1970)1970MusicalsDramaKids & FamilyHolidayWatch now
The Littlest Angel1969FantasyKids & FamilyWatch now
Stanley and the Dinosaurs1990Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
The Mouse and the Motorcycle1986Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Uncle Elephant1991Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Commander Toad in Space1993Kids & FamilyAdventureSci-FiWatch now
Ralph S. Mouse1991Kids & FamilyAdventureComedyWatch now
Roblox Bloxburg Funny Moments (PairOfDucks)2018AnimationKids & FamilyWatch now
The Secret of Mulan1997Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Snow White & the Magic Mirror1994Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
The Secret of Anastasia1997Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Young Pocahontas1997Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Bugville1941Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
Christmas Cartoon Extravaganza2018Kids & FamilyHolidayAnimationWatch now
Christmas Cartoon Wonderland2018Kids & FamilyHolidayAnimationWatch now
A World Away2019AdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Camp Cool Kids2017Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Lenny the Wonder Dog2005Kids & FamilyAdventureComedyWatch now
To the Beat!2018ComedyDramaKids & FamilyWatch now
Girl, Wired!2018Kids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Carl's Car Wash 22019Kids & FamilyAdventureAnimationWatch now
Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic - Season 12017Kids & FamilyAdventureAnimationWatch now
Sunny Bunnies - More Magic2020Kids & FamilyAnimationComedyWatch now
The Fixies: Top Secret2017Kids & FamilyAdventureAnimationWatch now
Fixies vs. Crabots2019Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Royal High - Little Carly Roblox Adventure2019Kids & FamilyAnimationWatch now
Little Kelly vs. Sharky - Don't Choose the Wrong Ranger in Minecraft2019ActionAnimationAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Insanely Secure Haunted Minecraft Maze - Tiny Turtle2017ActionAnimationAdventureKids & FamilyWatch now
Eco-Teens Save the World2018AdventureKids & FamilyComedyWatch now
Zoo Songs2020Kids & FamilyAnimationMusicWatch now

With the streaming market getting more crowded, Tubi stands out by doing things differently. The service is completely free to use, boasting a generous catalogue of movies available to Aussie users who aren’t keen on paying for a monthly subscription.

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The only catch is that the service is ad-supported. In other words, if you want to watch movies for free, you’ll have to endure the occasional ad. Not a steep price to pay for the convenience of having quite the collection of flicks only a few clicks away, no registration required.

You’ll notice that some of the titles in Tubi's library aren’t particularly well-known, as a whole chunk of the catalogue consists of B movies of the straight-to-DVD category. Still, the platform offers a solid selection of classic films, as well as more recent titles you might recognise.

Eager to expand your entertainment horizons? There are plenty of other services available in Australia that live up to the hype. Check out the complete list of Netflix Australia content, all the movies available on Stan or our list of Amazon Prime Video movies to see what else is out there. Or look into fresh services like Disney+ and Apple TV+ – maybe these will be more up your alley.

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