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Hola Amigos! Learn which payment methods are safe and convenient in Mexico and compare travel money cards.

Planning a trip south of the border? Preparing your travel money options beforehand is the key to a stress-free holiday. Here you can compare prepaid travel cards, debit cards and credit cards to securely and conveniently access your money overseas. We cover what money you’ll need to use in Mexico, the types of cards to take to save on fees and insider tips on bringing and spending travel money in Mexico.

Which option is right for your next trip?

At this point of time no prepaid travel cards from Australia allow you to preload the Mexican Peso. As a result travel credit cards and travel debit cards may be your ideal option for your next trip to Mexico.

Bankwest Zero Platinum Mastercard

$0 annual fee
0% foreign transaction fees

Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply

Bankwest Zero Platinum Mastercard

A platinum credit card that features 0% foreign transaction fees, complimentary travel insurance covers and no annual fee.

  • $0 p.a. annual fee.
  • 17.99% p.a. on purchases
  • Cash advance rate of 21.99% p.a.
  • Up to 55 days interest free
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Compare travel cards for Mexico

Rates last updated December 19th, 2017
Name Product Foreign Currency Conversion Fee Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee Overseas Cash Advance Fee Annual fee Product Description
Bankwest Zero Platinum Mastercard
0% of transaction value
2% of transaction amount or $4 (whichever is greater)
$0 p.a.
Offers a $0 annual fee, 0% foreign transaction fees, complimentary international travel insurance and access to a 24/7 concierge service.
Bankwest Breeze Platinum Mastercard
0% of transaction value
2% of transaction amount or $4 (whichever is greater)
$99 p.a.
Receive a 0% p.a. interest rate on balance transfers for 24 months, complimentary travel insurance and 0% foreign transaction fees.
28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard
0% of transaction value
3% of the cash advance or $4 (whichever is greater)
$0 p.a.
Designed for travel, benefit from 0% foreign transaction fees on purchases, a $0 annual fee for life and a personal concierge service.
ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card
0% of transaction value
$225 p.a.
Receive 40,000 bonus Velocity Points, 2 yearly Virgin Australia lounge passes, plus enjoy $0 overseas purchase transaction fees.
Westpac Lite Card
0% of transaction value
$108 p.a.
Keep credit card costs low with a maximum credit limit of $4,000, a 9.9% p.a. purchase interest rate and no foreign transaction fees.
Bankwest Qantas Platinum Mastercard
0% of transaction value
2% or $4, whichever is greater
$160 p.a.
Enjoy 0% foreign transaction fees, complimentary travel insurances and earn 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases.
Bankwest More Platinum Mastercard
0% of transaction value
2% of transaction amount or $4 (whichever is greater)
$160 p.a.
Earn 2 More Rewards Points per $1 spent, 75,000 bonus points when you meet the spend requirement and save with 0% foreign transaction fees.

Compare up to 4 providers

Rates last updated December 19th, 2017
Name Product Product Description Debit Card Access ATM Withdrawal Fee Monthly Account Fee Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee Overseas Eftpos Fee
Westpac Choice
Take advantage of Westpac's Global Alliance and save on overseas ATM fees at over 50,000 locations worldwide with fee-free cash withdrawals.
St.George Complete Freedom Account
Part of the Westpac Global Alliance, save on overseas ATM fees at over 50,000 locations worldwide with fee-free cash withdrawals.

Compare up to 4 providers

Rates last updated December 19th, 2017
Name Product Description Available Currencies ATM Withdrawal Fee Reload Fee Initial Load Fee
Hold up to 10 different currencies and lock in your exchange rate. No transaction fees on purchases with a backup card in case one is lost or stolen.
AUD 3.50, USD 2.50, GBP 2.00, EUR 2.20, NZD 4.50, CAD 3.00, HKD 20.00, SGD 4.00, THB 95, JPY 260
Hold up to 11 currencies on the card and get a locked-in exchange rate. Use at home and overseas to rack up Qantas Points on eligible purchases.
AUD 1.95, CAD 2.00, EUR 1.50, GBP 1.25, HKD 15.00, JPY 160, NZD 2.50, SGD 2.50, USD 1.95, THB 70.00, AED 6.50

Overseas: $0. Although, some ATM operators may charge their own fees or set their own limits

Domestic: 2.95% of the amount withdrawn

The greater of 1.1% of the initial load / reload amount or AU$15.00
The greater of 1.1% of the initial load / reload amount or AUD 15.00
Load up and lock in up to 10 currencies and benefit from no fees for reloading funds. Comes with a secondary card for added security.

Overseas: $0 per withdrawal via international ATMs

Domestic: $3.75 fee applies


Compare up to 4 providers

Travel card, credit card or debit card?

The local currency in Mexico is the Mexican Peso, and there are a few ways you can make purchases in Peso in Mexico. Here we compare prepaid travel cards, credit cards and debit cards to help you determine which one is best for your trip down Mexico way. ATM's are widely available in Mexico and are compatible with debit cards, credit cards and prepaid travel cards. You can find an ATM at every bank, supermarkets, shopping centres and at hotels.

Travel money options for Mexico at a glance

Travel money optionProsConsiderations
Debit cards for travel
  • Avoid currency conversion fees on foreign transactions
  • Emergency cash facilities
  • Ideal for managing your travel budget
  • Fees. Currency conversion and international ATM fees
  • Can't be used over the counter
  • No emergency cash
  • No backup cards
Prepaid travel money cards
  • Protected by PIN & chip
  • Pre-load and secure your exchange rate in multiple foreign currencies
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Emergency card replacement and backup cards
  • Ideal for managing your travel budget
  • Local ATM fee
  • Reloading time
  • No fee - Assuming cardholder is spending on a currency loaded onto the card
Credit cards for travel
  • Protected by PIN & chip
  • Access to funds up to your credit limit
  • Accepted worldwide
  • No currency conversion/ transaction fees
  • Benefits including rewards points on spending, 0% purchases, frequent flyer perks
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Can charge high withdrawal and cash advance fees
  • Higher spending limit (depends on your approved credit limit)
Traveller's cheques
  • Secure and can be easily replaced if lost or stolen
  • Photo I.D. needed to cash cheques
  • Can be costly with initial purchase charges
  • Not all merchants accept traveller's cheques
  • Greater payment flexibility
  • Convenience
  • More difficult to manage expenses
  • Higher risk of theft

This table is a general summary of the travel money products in the market. Features and benefits can vary between cards.

How much Mexican Pesos do I need to bring?

Mexico CityBudgetMidrangeExpensive
to-sleepHostel dorm bed
Double room
$44.55 to $89.12
Luxurious hotel double room
$89.12 to $371.32
to-eatLunch in economical restaurant
$4.46 to $5.95
Dinner with drinks
$14.88 to $22.32
Fine dinner
$22.32 to $37.20
to-seeMuseum admission
$0.74 to $5.21
Uxmal Entrance for two
Personalised day tour
$111.59 to $148.79

*Prices are approximate and are subject to change

Exchange rate history (AUD to MXN)

YearAverage annual exchange Australian Dollar (AUD) to Mexican Pesos (MXN)

*Exchange rates are accurate as of 4 September 2017

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How different travel money products work in Mexico

Using a prepaid travel card

Travel cards are generally a good way to take your funds overseas and spend in multiple currencies, but they’re not all suitable for use in Mexico:

  • Supported currencies. At the time of writing there are no prepaid travel cards you can load with Mexican Pesos. Merchants in major tourist destinations like Tijuana, Cancun and Acapulco do accept U.S Dollars; however, this may not extend to card payments.
  • Currency conversion fees. If you’re using a prepaid travel card that charges currency conversion fees and doesn’t support Mexican Pesos, you’ll be charged a currency conversion fee. Travel card currency conversion fees are among the highest in the market. This fee alone makes it more cost effective to use another type of card in Mexico.

How to compare prepaid travel cards

Using credit cards

A credit card can be a good option for financial security and emergency expenses on your trip to Mexico. There are some features and drawbacks that you’ll want to keep an eye on to ensure that you're getting the most out of the credit card you choose:

  • Currency conversion fees. Unless you have a credit card that is designed for overseas use, you’re likely to be charged currency conversion fees (of around 3%) when you make a purchase in Mexican Pesos. Some merchants may accept US dollars, which are also supported across all Australian travel money cards.
  • ATM withdrawals. Cash advance and interest charges, ATM fees and currency conversion fees can wipe about $10 off your balance for every cash withdrawal. ATM withdrawals using credit are treated as a cash advance, so the transaction accrues interest right away and a cash advance fee is charged per transaction.
  • Emergency card replacement. Most Visa, Mastercard or American Express cards can be locked and replaced if lost or stolen. For example, Visa can arrange for emergency cash from a Western Union if you’re stuck in a tight spot while you wait for a replacement credit card from your bank.
  • Acceptance. Credit cards and other forms of plastic are widely accepted in Mexico. Keep in mind Visa and Mastercard are not accepted on buses, most taxis, tour guides, corner stores and taquerías. Look for a sign saying "No Tarjetas De Credito" or ask first if you want to find out whether you can use your card.

Compare different types of travel money credit cards

Using debit cards

Like a credit card, using an Australian debit card in Mexico has both benefits and drawbacks. Consider the following when comparing your options:

  • Currency conversion fees. Some Australian debit cards are designed to be used overseas, so they don’t charge currency conversion fees on foreign transactions. If you’re using your regular debit card, it’s likely that you’ll be charged a currency conversion fee of at least 3% per transaction when you make a purchase in Mexican Pesos.
  • ATM withdrawals. Look for a card that has an international ATM presence, as you might be able to use ATMs without being charged withdrawal fees.
  • EFTPOS card. You can use your EFTPOS card to make a cash withdrawal from an ATM in Mexico. Some ATMs take EFTPOS cards without a chip, but these ATMs can be few and far between. EFTPOS cards can not be used over the counter; you need a Visa or Mastercard debit card to make purchases.

Pros and cons of using debit card overseas

Paying with cash in Mexico

Dating back to Spanish colonisation, Mexican Pesos come in denominations of 10c, 20c, 50c, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500 and $1000. $20 is the lowest value banknote. MXN is the currency code for Mexican Pesos. Mexico uses the dollar sign ($) as the currency symbol.


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Buying Mexican Pesos in Australia

1 AUD is worth approximately 13 MXN according to Google Finance, which means you will be paying approximately $46 for a double room in a midrange hotel, $22 for a good dinner including drinks and $4.60 for a taxi ride in the city. Mexican Pesos are widely available at most currency exchange offices including Travelex and major banks. Exchanging at your local/ member bank can be a good idea to avoid extra fees and charges.

Where can I get money exchanged in Mexico?

Cash, ATM's and how to exchange money in Mexico

There are a number of places you can get cash exchanged in Mexico, including Banco de Mexico (the nations national bank) and at casa de cambio's (exchange bureaus). You can visit a bank during business hours between Monday and Friday. Australian dollars are a common international currency; however, you may only be able to change Australian dollars to Pesos at larger banks. You can also get money changed at bureaux de change and casa de cambio outlets. These exchange offices are common and they can offer the same rate, if not better, than banks. Some cases de cambio offices may only exchange US Dollars, so shop around to find out where you can get Australian dollars changed to Mexican Pesos.

Locate a currency exchange/ ATM in Mexico

Using US dollars or Mexican Pesos in Mexico?

You can use $USD in Mexico, especially in the major tourist spots, where some merchants give you the option of paying in MXN or USD. The vendor can give you an "over the counter exchange rate" between USD and MXN. The price of the goods can be inflated by as much as 30% if you pay with USD in Mexico as vendors generally use an exchange rate of $10MXN to $1USD. To make your money go further use Mexican Pesos.

Using a combination of travel money options

There is no single best travel money strategy, as the right one will ultimately depend on where you’re travelling, how you’re spending your money and what you can afford. For example, if you’re going to be making a lot of cash withdrawals, consider a debit card with an ATM alliance or a prepaid card with low withdrawal fees over a credit card. If you want a backup to make emergency or large purchases, a credit card could come in handy. Plus, you’ll always need cash to make everyday purchases. Withdrawing a substantial amount of cash for when you arrive can be an ideal option to ensure a smooth transition into your destination country. Make sure to organise more than one option so you always have a backup plan should something go wrong. There are many ways you can take your cash to Mexico, but the best option will depend on how you’re spending your money and the features that you are after. Consider your financial situation, your travel plans and how you’ll be spending your money to determine which combination of travel money options is the right one for you.

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