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We spend A LOT of time online working away at Credit Card Finder - there's always a new product, a new article idea, or some breaking news that keeps us busy - and hungry! I personally enjoy cooking, and have been following some of the finest food bloggers there is to put together our list of the Top* Food Bloggers - and now, it's complete and ready for your consumption :)

Adam LiawBlogger: Adam Liaw


Blogger Facts: Winner of MasterChef 2010. Adam's been blogging since August 2008 but his stint in the MasterChef house forced a media blackout (well...if you don't count all that other media he was in) which meant that he couldn't blog for almost 10 months. He also used to work as a Media Lawyer in Japan before coming back to Australia to compete in the hugely popular second season of MasterChef.

What you'll find on the blog: More than a few nostalgic references to MasterChef - including the recipes, the chefs, the invention tests, the challenges and so on. Some of the older posts include wonderful recipes for Butter Baked Cabbage, dumplings and more, and there are also a lot of Adam's experiences living in Japan. A definite plus - the man is funny.


  • What I've Learned from the Chefs I've Met - Missing a regular fix of MasterChef? Never fear. Adam shares some of the lessons he learned from Australia's top* chefs - including a few little gems you didn't see on the air.
  • The Missing Dish! - Did it ever bother you how in invention tests, you only got to see a few of the dishes being tasted? And sometimes only the terrible ones? Well in this post, Adam rectifies the problem by revealing the recipe and an appetising picture of a dish that didn't make it to air. It's called 'Angry Bird' and if you've been hunting around for a good Korean-inspired triple-cooked chicken recipe...hunt no longer.
  • Dumpling Day! - Adam declares a new national holiday, Dumpling Day, where we all stay home and cook up masses of fresh dumplings in various flavours, to be eaten, savoured and frozen for another day. And really, I'm all for it. Especially with the simple and sumptuous dumpling recipe he provides.

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Callums KitchenBlogger: Callum Hann

Blog: Callum's Kitchen

Blogger Facts: 2010 MasterChef runner-up. I'll leave it to Callum for this one. He says, "I came into Masterchef to change my life and I now feel like I'm well on the way to doing that. So much has changed already and I'm really looking forward to keeping on learning and improving and building a career in the food industry. I far exceeded my own expectations in this competition and I really do feel like a winner.

What you'll find on the blog: Tips to help you buy seasonal produce, cheese tips, MasterChef reminiscences, recipes including one for a PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIE...enough said.


  • You say potato I say potata! - Callum shares his favourite potato recipes. Really, who doesn't love potato? Learn how to make your own fresh Gnocchi and delicious, crispy, crunchy hot chips - as good as you'd get in a restaurant.
  • The Macaroon - revisited - If you still can't get your head around the macaroon craze, Callum is here to help. He provides a recipe that allows you to customise your macaroons many different ways, including with a violent looking amount of food colouring. Next time you're ready for some serious or impressive procrasti-baking, why not attempt the holy grail of a multi-flavour macaroon tower?
  • Thrice cooked pork -Mmm pork belly recipe cooked in the Master stock that every single MasterChef contestant seemed to be able to whip up at the drop of a hat. Now you can master this simple and delicious way of cooking, and turn out a fantastic pork at the same time! Call up the guests, there's some impressing to be done with this one.

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Cinnamon PigBlogger: Alvin Quah

Blog: Cinnamon Pig

Blogger Facts: Alvin on the name: "The name 'Cinnamon Pig' hit us late one night like a bite from a Bhut Jolokia chilli (aka 'ghost' chilli). The two ingredients are almost universal and found in a range of diverse and colourful cultures. Cinnamon gives itself generously to both savoury and sweet dishes and really echoes the flexibility and generous worldwide appeal of the pig. It also brings a smile to my face and rolls off the tongue like a limerick."

What you'll find on the blog: Very short posts of restaurant reviews, recipes (a lot of which are pork based-with a hearty appreciation for crackling I can hear some of you cheering!) A bit of a strange one to navigate around, but wiggle your way through and you'll be pleased.


  • Roast pork belly with pickled red cabbage -As Alvin says: "My ode to pork continues with this dish. Start this dish a day ahead. A guaranteed crowd pleaser, if you get the crackling right." You have been warned.
  • Malaysian Hawker-Style Hokkien Noodles - If you've ever tried and loved hawker food whilst travelling in Asia, Alvin reveals a little gem of a restaurant that you will love, provided you're in Melbourne!
  • Drunken and bruised - This is all about chicken and salad, I swear! Alvin puts a few fresh twists on some classic staples and makes them exciting and moorish again. Read these recipes. Your mouth will thank you.

You can follow Alvin on Twitter here.

Aaron HarvieBlogger: Aaron Harvie

Blog: Food that Rocks

Blogger Facts: Aaron postponed his wedding to former Young Talent Time start Natalie Miller so that he could go into the MasterChef competition. Aaron also spent most of his career as a band manager before pursuing his passion for cooking and food.

What you'll find on the blog: A bit light on the pictures, but as Aaron says: "Photos get posted on blogs, when the idiots that write them figure out how to do it!" A lot of random thoughts, quotes, song lyrics, and the occasional recipe posted here.

posts (Scroll down to the posts as they don't have individual links)

  • Fear and Loathing in the Kitchen - A recording of a three course French themed dinner that Aaron and fellow MasterChef contestant Matthew cooked for themselves and Adam Liaw. Includes recipes for Pan Seared Scallops with Carrot Mouse Roe and Blackberry Caviar, Pan Seared Duck Breast with Red Wine and Duck Jus and White Truffle Pomme Puree, and a delicious chocolate Moelleux.
  • Purple Rain...The Dish, not the song! -This ingeniously named dish is actually a Beetroot Risotto with Thyme, White Truffle Pecorino and Mascarpone. Got a date to impress? This'll blow 'em right out of the water, guaranteed.
  • Hangover Food Part 1 - Recipe for The Three Little Pigs. I hope you like pork three ways with garlic, lemon and lime juice, English mustard, Swiss cheese and a loaf of Turkish bread. This is the ultimate hangover cure, which would even please the partner.

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Matthew CaldicottBlogger: Matthew Caldicott

Blog: Makes you Scream for Ice Cream

Blogger Facts: Based in Sydney Matthew used to be an auditor, but his true passion is for cooking, especially using French techniques. Since being on MasterChef he's been working at Neil Perry's Spice Temple and he's learned a plethora of Chinese cuisine skills, and loves Thai flavours too.

What you'll find on the blog: Reviews, recipes, and hints and tips that Matthew has learned on his cooking adventures and would like to share with you. Matthew is a fiend for deserts so you'll find a few pictures and recipes for delectable treats on his blog,


  • Friends, Food and Farmers Union Iced Coffee: One Man's Journey Around Adelaide -Matthew flies off for a sneaky weekend with fellow MasterChef contestant Callum Hann. You won't believe how much they're able to cram into a weekend - trip to Adelaide Central Markets, Central Market Lunch at Charlie's Shack, Macaroon recipe testing, a degustation dinner including ethical Foie Gras (!) and Feast! Fine Foods cooking demonstrations, Farmers Markets, wine tasting at a cellar door, Andre's new restaurant (from season one of MasterChef) and more...
  • Neil Perry's Chocolate Bonanza -If you like dark chocolate, this cake will blow your mind. It's made with 400 grams Lindt dark chocolate (70%, though you could probably substitute it for the 85% if you're a hardcore dark chocolate fan) and no flour! Like a soufflé, it's rich and light and delicious.
  • A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow - a delicious looking recipe for Caramelised Dark Chocolate Pots. Like a chocolate crème caramel but with a crème brûlée top* - and it's chocolate! Desert win.

You can follow Matt on Twitter by clicking the link.

Skye CraigBlogger: Skye Craig

Blogger Facts: Based in BrisbaneSkye's desert business Wild Sugar creates deserts from organic and raw ingredients. Her deserts use Australian native fruits, spices and organic raw ingredients that function as a natural medicine for you, as well as a delicious sweet treat.

What you'll find on the blog: Updates on the progress of Skye's desert business Wild Sugar, posts about buying locally, guest foodies such as Jared Ingersol and Alvin Quah, photos from a MasterChef catch up dinner! Not too many recipes and not much content, but if you're interested in what Skye's been doing since she left the show, it's worth a sneaky peek.


  • Wild Sugar Guest Foodie Alvin Quah shares a favourite recipe - Includes a Q&A with everyone's favourite MasterChef contestant and strong arms a delectable looking recipe out of him too! Learn about Alvin's cooking inspiration and gain some for yourself in the process.
  • Better Late Than Never // MasterChef Dinner - In case you're having withdrawals from season two still, here's a little bit more MasterChef action, featuring all your favourite contestants doing what they do best - eating and enjoying themselves.
  • Wild Sugar desert yumminess!!! - A bit light on content, but if you thought desert was getting a bit boring, this should perk you up a bit and offer a few fresh ideas.

Skye used to sell her deserts at Northey Street Organic Markets in Windsor, Brisbane. But now she's currently working fulltime to make her Wild Sugar deserts available in stores nationwide.

Follow her @Susan on Twitter

Blogger: Ellie

Blog: Almost Bourdain

Blogger Facts: Ellie is Malaysian, with a Dutch husband, living in Sydney's North Shore, and loves visiting Paris.

What you'll find on the blog: She shares a wealth of Dutch, Malaysian, Australian and Parisian recipes in her blog and more! Fantastic cake and desert recipes, made with really fresh and imaginative ideas. Multitudes of mouth-watering recipes for dinners, lunches, brunches, and more. Her food photography is also very beautiful. This award winning blog will have you poring through the archives for long into the night and early morning. Kitchen's beware - you will cook, and cook well, as a result of this blog.


  • Come dine with me (4) - Chicken, Almond and Olive Tagine; Brisket Stew with Winter Vegetables; Rosemary Lamb Shanks Braised in Red Wine - The title says it all. This lady is a prolific delicious recipe provider, complete with beautiful pictures, often providing three or four recipes in just one post. If you're missing winter and the hearty, warming food that makes it so special to many of us - get stuck into this post. It'll have you craving cosy, comforting dinners instantly. The recipes are dreamy!
  • Rainbow Swirl Cake - You will never have been as instantly inspired by a cake as you will be once you click onto this post. Did you even dream they could make a cake with such a wow factor without having ten layers? Satisfy your inner child and make yourself a beautiful rainbow cake today, though this recipe would certainly go down a treat for kids or adults alike.
  • Pistachio and Lemon Syrup Cake - If you're a sucker for pistachios or lemon flavoured cakes, this one will knock your socks off. It includes the line: "Slowly spoon the hot pistachio syrup evenly over the top*, then leave it to cool completely." Get ready, tastebuds.

You can follow @Ellie on Twitter

Billy LawBlogger: Billy Law

Blog: A Table for Two

Blogger Facts: A Malaysian Chinese who resides in Sydney. He believes in FOFO (Food and Fotos) and started posting photos on flickr with friends under that name. He is one of those people you see in a restaurant with a bulky DSLR camera, madly taking photos of the food from all different angles.

What you'll find on the blog: A lot of good restaurant reviews with beautiful pictures, recipes, travel food experiences - it's all here. His photos are simply magical and he reviews a wide range of dishes from diverse restaurants from just about all over the place, really.


  • Kansai - Sydney CBD (All you can eat!) - All you can eat sushi isn't something you usually hear, nor something that typically sounds very fresh or appealing, but Billy proves that sometimes you can't judge a book by it's cover. He goes deep into the depths of Hunter Connection across from Wynyard station (if you've never been there before it's a bit of an underground bunker meets shopping mall food court) to uncover a little Japanese food jem, right in the heart of Sydney's CBD. If you're a Japanese food fan, after reading this post you might just have to arrange a little trip to Wynyard...
  • Pecan Pie, how I love thee! - Billy waxes lyrical about the Pecan Pie at South restaurant in Sydney's Neutral Bay, and decides to whip up his own adults only version of the sticky, delicious treat. If you're craving desert, this one might be tough to go past. It's actually easier to prepare than he anticipated, so that's always a plus. This is definitely one to impress your dinner guests, and probably a little out of the ordinary for most Australians. Why not give it a try sometime?
  • Wellington on a Plate - Chronicles a visit to Wellington's fortnight long food festival where the whole city comes alive finest restaurants offering deals, exciting culinary events are held, stalls are set up and good meals are to be had by all. The photos will transport you to a land of bountiful, beautiful food, tasteful restaurants, gourmet morsels and pure enjoyment.

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Lorraine ElliottBlogger: Lorraine Elliott

Blog: Not Quite Nigella

Blogger Facts:A cake and food enthusiast who believes cakes belong in an art gallery. She has a weakness for Chanel nail polish and she can put on at least twenty different accents.

What you'll find on the blog: Recipes, gourmet travel adventures, inside scoops on restaurants and Planet Cake, beautiful food photography, giveaways here and there, and deserts, deserts, deserts galore!


  • Thousand layered apple cake - "There are some dishes that are so fiddly to prepare and are simply not really worth it. And this thousand layered apple cake is one of them. I lost three hours of my life to this baby and I have to admit I'm slightly resentful of that fact." If you've ever had a cooking disaster, or been overly ambitious in the kitchen (then bin), you'll appreciate this post.
  • A step by step guide to make your own designer handbag cake! - did you know you can make a cake look like a handbag, a handbag into a cake? You can make anything apparently at Sydney's Planet Cake. Highly impressive if your kitchen skills are lacking or even if you're a whiz at the hotplate. Cake decorating is an art. Note - do not read if you are on a diet.
  • Chew Chew dog restaurant, Wollstonecraft - take your dog to lunch. Dog mains start at $3.80, a dog cupcake is only $2.20 and a doggie cappuccino is $2.. You have no excuse not to go! A good place for dogs to socialise and gossip.

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Grab your ForkBlogger: Helen Yee

Blog: Grab your fork

Blogger Facts:Helen is an eater rather than a cook, and considers her blog a "personal photo album of gastronomic memories".

What you'll find on the blog: Pictures of meals to whet your appetite, enliven your tastebuds and get you hungry to seek out all that's delicious in your corner of the world. Documented restaurant experiences abound for your viewing pleasure. You'll also find chances to win some gastronomic treats of your own.


  • Chophouse, Sydney: Suckling Pig - Warning: dedicated meat lovers only. Vegetarians and vegans - you are warned. Which is too bad really, because there are some seriously amazing deserts later on in this post...such as caramelised banana cheesecake with butterscotch and peanut brittle (pictured above) and a dangerous looking chocolate tart with sugared salted macadamias and crème fraiche.
  • Mizuya, Sydney - want to learn about "deep-fried on a stick" (Kushiage). Hello deliciousness! Goodbye waistline. In this post Helen reviews Mizuya, where the food is ordered via touch screen minutes, and the food magically arrives within minutes. Ever wanted to try lotus root chips? Here, you can! Finally! The Japanese cheesecake is to die for.
  • Kopi Luwak at Olio, St Leonards, Sydney - a restaurant review to take all your blues away, and get you eager to get out the door and sample the best that Sydney has to offer. The crispy pork hock with seared scallops, fennel, rocket and ruby grapefruit will enthral your senses.

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The Food PornographerBlogger: TFP (The Food Pornographer)

Blog: The Food Pornographer

Blogger Facts: She uses a Panasonic Lumix G2 to document all the food you're not supposed to have that often but can't stop craving.

What you'll find on the blog: A few family and cat pictures, but far outweighed by the sheer number of snaps of FAST FOOD! I can't believe someone didn't think of this earlier. This is true, unadulterated, salivation-inspiring food porn. NB: no real porn available on this site. It's safe for work but not for your cholesterol. Ok, there are posts about non-fast food too. If you're a bit camera nerdy you'll also appreciate her detailed photographic info. Also, she occasionally cooks with SPAM.


  • Junk food photos using the Lumix G2 camera - Want to stare at a Hungry Jacks burger, appreciate the crispiness of onion rings, or contemplate the meltiness of McDonald's supremely plastic cheese? WHO DOESN'T? Just looking at the stuff won't break your diet...
  • Thursday night junk food - for when you're craving McDonalds. Enough said.
  • Portraits of donuts - "Sometimes strawberry flavour can taste medicinal, but this was nice". She also reviews a rhubarb and apple crumble donut, a chocolate marbled iced donut, a white chocolate marbled iced donut, a cookies and cream donut and of course an old favourite - a classic chocolate iced donut. She also recounts a donut story from her childhood...sweet memories.

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Limes & LycopeneBlogger: Kathryn Elliot

Blog: Limes & Lycopene

Blogger Facts:She is a nutritionist and herbalist from Sydney. She writes about how to eat well and healthily in a busy life. She focuses on how to make your diet better than it is.She has an amazingly cute, but slightly dumb cat Trilby and she also sees clients privately at a clinic in Gladesville.

What you'll find on the blog: Lots of recipes which solve the dilemma of 'I want to eat more healthily but just don't know what to do'. She also posts about nutritional concepts such as what five serves of vegetables actually looks like, treats in your diet, whether middle-aged weight gain is inevitable, what a wholegrain is, and more. She explains a lot of misunderstood notions about diet, food, health and nutrition in easy to understand ways, and provides practical solutions and recipes to help you care for your body as well as your tastebuds. This is blog is a must read!


  • What actually is five serves? - Vegetables are a crucial part of a healthy diet, yet most of us don't know what five serves actually looks like. Most of us overestimate how much you actually have to eat in order to get your five serves. In this post, Kathryn explains and then provides 5 images of different ways to get the required vegetable serves each day. This is practical and valuable advice everyone should read.
  • Diet strategies you can use to improve your mental health - Do you know what impact your diet can have on mental health? I'd say most of us don't. This post provides complex info made clear and concise. Kathryn explains the top* five food and diet strategies you can use to nurture your mental health and body at the same time.
  • Q & A Thursday: vegetarians and iron - Even if you're not a vegetarian, it's a good idea to check out this post. Meat eaters, did you know that chicken and fish contain virtually no iron? This post provides a number of vegetable sources of iron and explains how much iron men and women need. It also explains quantities of vegetables, pulses, eggs, breads etc you will need to eat in order to meet your daily iron intake. Very practical and easy to apply info.

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Tara Austen WeaverBlogger: Tara Austen Weaver

Blog: Tea & Cookies

Blogger Facts: Also known as Tea, Tara knows that cooking dangerously can be the spice of life. A professional writer from San Francisco (who also takes beautiful photos), Tara's blog will inspire you to get back in the kitchen and rediscover your love of food and life.Tea & Cookies has been recommended by the Food Network and selected by the Times of London as one of the top* 50 food blogs in the world. Tara has lived in five countries on three continents.

What you'll find on the blog:

Fantastic recipes, including numerous inventive and delicious vegetarian ones. Musings on the greatness of summertime and ideas to make the most of it.


  • Zucchini Noodles with Pesto - if you find yourself lacking inspiration in the kitchen, especially when it comes to vegetables, have a look at this post (and this entire blog, really). If 'diet' is the most disliked word in your vocabulary, check out this recipe for an easy, delicious and low calorie meal that doesn't make you feel as if you're denying yourself anything. Zucchini noodles reminds you that you can do different things with food, there are always new recipes to try food is exciting once more.
  • Clean out the fridge frittata - Want a quick, easy and delicious recipe that you can make in a flash? An especially good one if you grow your own veggies and have too many greens, or overbuy at the store, or about to go on a holiday and need to empty your fridge? This is the recipe for you.
  • Summer Fest: A Farro Corn Salad Conversion - Salads can be interesting! And often are simple and tasty if you know a few tricks. In this post Tara shows how a few simple ingredients, such as corn, tomato and herbs can make an easy, delicious addition to any table. Beautiful food photographs as always she really stands out of the pack when it comes to her images.

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Molly WizenbergBlogger: MollyWizenberg

Blog: Orangette

Blogger Facts: Molly is rom Seattle, grew up in Oklahoma City, studied in San Francisco Bay area and spent a decent amount of time in Paris. Started Orangette in 2004 after quitting a PhD in cultural anthropology.She likes peanut butter, meatballs, sausage, chaussons aux pommes, chocolate, ice cream, and nectarines, although preferably not all at once. She writes a monthly column in Bon Appétit, and she and her husband run a restaurant called Delancey.

What you'll find on the blog: Meditations on summer and seasonal fruit and vegetables. Stories and recipes galore, updates on her restaurant, a new way to make toast special again, the occasional cocktail recipe and some slightly arty photos. All very refreshing.


  • Better living through slow-roasting - This post provides an amazing alternative to oil slathered sundried tomatoes - Slow oven roasted tomatoes, and they're "rubies in fruit form", that shoot "thick vermilion juice onto the tabletop." Not one to be missed if you'd like to discover a whole new dimension, universe really, to the humble old tomato.
  • Peas without apology - Peas done the Italian way. Serious peas, gutsy peas, peas without apology and with prosciutto and garlic and butter. In this post Molly reveals what happens when you cook peas for a long time, slowly, to unexpected and delicious consequences. Try peas with a whole new flavour and intensity, with a little sophistication. Perfectly pleasing peas. (Try saying that three times fast.)
  • It's my duty - Three words: FENNEL ICE CREAM! Oh yes she did. Molly states: "even if you don't like fennel, and even if you absolutely despise it, there's still a good chance that you'll like this ice cream. I'm not making promises, but there's something sort of magical, something surprising and bewitching, that happens when you steep fennel seeds in hot cream." Why not satisfy your curiosity...for fennel?

Cake WrecksBlogger: Jen

Blog: Cake Wrecks

Blogger Facts: From Orlando, Jen started Cake Wrecks in 2008 and thought no one would read it. How very wrong she was. She now has a New York Times best seller under her belt with her book Cake Wrecks.

She enjoys dessert first, quoting Ghostbusters, and flaunting her flaming geekiness on her other blog, Epbot.

What you'll find on the blog: When professional cake decorating goes terribly, terribly wrong. The key to this blog is not only the pictures of the woeful cakes, but also Jen's wit. Warning: do not read this blog at work. This is unapologetically the most eye-wateringly, stop breathing because you're laughing so hard, high pitched only dogs can hear you laugh, funny blog on the internet. Big call, you might be thinking. But if you've tinkered around this site you'll know I'm 100% right. Seriously, read this at home, preferably when you have a lot of time and could use series of big belly laughs.


  • Taking the Mickey Out of 'Em - This post details professionally made cakes that are meant to look like Mickey Mouse and fail in spectacular, amazing and unpredictable ways. Your insides will hurt from laughter.
  • This One's For the Ladies - Slightly crass but also kind of amazing that a cake like this could be produced, for NASA no less, and look so odd and distinctly like what it's not supposed to look like in the slightest. Guaranteed for a chuckle if not embarrassingly more.
  • What's this? - Cakes that fail in wonderful ways to compare to any kind of recognisable form in the real world. I dare not open the post to summarise it as it is a quiet office and I am no good at silent laughter, but really, this must be seen to be believed. Seriously, by now you should have a stitch from this blog.

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JeniusBlogger: Jennifer (Jen) Lam


Blogger Facts: Gen-Y extraordinaire. She's been blogging since 2006, telling the gourmet tales of an Australian-born Chinese. Follow her on twitter here. Jen's blog has been mentioned by 9 to 5, Sunrise, mX, Cleo, c!ao. She's a former senior digital producer turned freelance food/travel writer and entrepreneur.

What you'll find on the blog: More than just food, you'll also find restaurant reviews, travel stories and kitchen adventures. Jen visits a lot of restaurants in and around Sydney's limits, not just CBD, and travels quite a bit. She also includes the prices of dishes to give you an idea of what you might need in terms of budget if you plan on visiting somewhere she's reviewed. Very handy for a good dining recommendation for Sydneysiders. If you're interested in starting up a food blog and wonder how people monetise - have a look through Jen's site and make some notes.


  • Ten Things I Loved About Japan - If you've ever been to Japan you'll recognise a host of your favourite things about one of the most magical countries on earth. If you're keen to go, this is a great taster of many of the wonderful and appealing little differences you'll notice as you travel around the cities. Food reviews and pictures abound, as this is culinary traveller writing, so your cravings for armchair travel and food snaps will both be assuaged.
  • Sushi Bar Rashai - This post is guaranteed to get your mouth watering. If you love Japanese food, or even have a passing interest, your stomach will be growling as you scroll down the page. Jen reviews an inordinate amount of food here: Takoyaki - a fried ball kind of food, Cha Soba Salad with green tea noodles, the oddly named Ninja balls, Seaweed delight, Agedashi tofu, beef tataki, Nasu miso steak (eggplant steaks with a miso sauce), Kaki fry (deep-fried oysters), Soft shell crab karaage, king prawn tempura, tori karaage, AND a sushi and sashimi platter that will get your heart racing. Japanese food lovers delight!
  • Aussie Bob's Fish and Chips - Aussie Bob's is an unassuming little fish and chip shop just off Shoal Bay Not only that, but they serve local oysters, salad, lobster mornay, calamari, mussels - and the orders are enormous. They aren't the cheapest in town, but they do have a little pocket rocket up their sleave. Desert. In the mouth watering, artery clogging, heaven inducing deep-fried Oreo to 'arouse all the senses'. If you're more health conscious, don't worry. They'll deep-fry you a banana.

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Susan Thye Chocolate SuzeBlogger: Susan Thye

Blog: Chocolatesuze

Blogger Facts: Susan's blog details some quirky food experiences, like a 32 cm soft serve icecream, or a 2kg ramen challenge. She also did a Bachelor of Applied Science Food & Nutrition, and while she doesn't exactly eat healthily, she can tell you WHY the food she's eating isn't healthy. But don't worry. She doesn't waste time with that.

What you'll find on the blog: Disclaimer: "Be warned health nuts this post is gonna be full of heart cloggingly, cholesterol laden deep fried goodness!" This is not a 'vegetable and water' friendly site. In fact, it's a champion site for 7-Eleven $1 day food binges - she went at least three times and bought enough Mother energy drinks to last her right through to a post-apocalyptic landscape where cannibals and zombies roam. But if you like chocolate, and junk food, and know what a cheese burger tower is, you're in the right place. Mmm...cheese burger tower... It also occasionally has recipes and restaurant (non-chocolate related) reviews.


  • Deep Fried Candy - This has to be seen to be believed. If obesity horrifies you, steer clear. Ever wanted to know what things you could deep fry, and the step by step process how? You'll wish you didn't know because it'll be in the back of your mind the next few times you're in the kitchen. Susan deep fries: Oreos, Snickers, Picnic, Crunchie, Bounty, brie, tasty cheese, jam rolls, lamingtons, icecream, pound cake and pop-tarts. As one reader commented: "omg, my stomach hurts thinking about this!"
  • Easy bastardised recipe of Momofuku's Crack Pie - Susan bakes for a living at her business The Biscuit Tree, so when she gets home from a long day of being up to her elbows in dough, the last thing she wants is a long involved recipe. But she does want the tasty desert - so, she's come up with this simplified recipe for a pie that would have cost US$44 per pie at the New York eatery the recipe originated from.
  • Chocolatesuze & Noods' Lollipop Wedding - Susan had a candy themed wedding! If you're a Man that probably doesn't mean anything to you, but everything else will probably enjoy this post. The level of detail here is pretty impressive - a gummy bear pendant necklace, lollipop bouquets instead of fresh flowers, some beautiful, food related vows, and fairy floss for all. If you are looking for some different wedding ideas, or just a candy fantasy, have a look here.

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Steph CookieBlogger: Steph Cookie

Blog: Raspberri Cupcakes

Blogger Facts: Steph's allergic to nuts. Her twitter is stephcookie if you want to find out more about her.

What you'll find on the blog: Desert recipes galore! Aspirational recipes, including everyone's bugbear - The Macaroon. Steph concentrates on fantastic deserts using quality ingredients that really command the wow factor. Fancy some pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon butter, sweet corn icecream, baked cinnamon donuts, or some apple crumble or any other manner of delicious, deliriously wonderful desert? Visit this blog.


  • Monkey Magic's Black Sesame Crème Caramel - For some of us, the silky, creamy, smooth texture of a crème caramel, and the delicious, moorish taste, are tantamount to heaven on earth. A heaven better than any other heaven could possibly be. This post details a new way to enjoy this old favourite - with a black sesame twist.
  • Sesame Crisps - Do you like to snack? No matter how satisfied you are with lunch or dinner, do you still feel the urge to crunch? If so, then this recipe is for you. Learn how to make home-made toasted sesame crisps, a deliciously light and crisp biscuit to satisfy your urge for that perfect crunch.
  • Rhubarb and Vanilla Crème Brulee - I don't care what anybody says, I still say that death by Crème Brulee would be the ultimate way to go. This post details a bit of what happens when food blogging and recipe experimentation goes terribly, terribly wrong. What better pick-me-up could you think of that a silky crème brulee with that glassy, snap and crack with the side of your spoon, browned caramel top*?

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Penguin Says Feed Me!Blogger: Jacqueline

Blog: Penguin says feed me!

Blogger Facts: Jacqueline is rom Sydney, who after a long-term love affair with other Sydney food blogs, she decided to start her own blog and document amazing cooking and eating adventures. Follow her on twitter here."I love sashimi, scallops, noodles, macarons and chocolate, but am still trying to get a taste for coriander, olives and liquorice. For some reason I keep continuing to try these foods in the hope that one day I will magically acquire a taste for them."

What you'll find on the blog: Café, restaurant, patisserie and chocolate store reviews. This is a fantastic one for Sydneysiders who live near the CBD or north of it, or even those just willing to drive - she visits and reviews a wide range of restaurants and locations. Jacq also documents some spectacular recipes she's attempted, and some wonderful family meals.


  • Pilu Kiosk, Freshwater - Here is the breakfast at a café by the beach experience without you even having to step out the door. It'll get you excited to get out and enjoy the spring and summertime while it blossoms with amazing weather. Two paninis, the most beautiful mocha, a surprisingly appealing Nutella pastry and the laidback, relaxed beach atmosphere - you'll wish this post never ends...but at least you've got some motivation to get outside once it does.
  • Adriano Zumbo Patisserie, Balmain and Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates, Rozelle - In this post Jacq visits Adriano Zumbo's patisserie, oh he of MasterChef macaroon tower world of pain fame...and for his amazing and delicious desert creations. The 'I'll get back to you Barry' cake contains four of the most beautiful words in the English language, together at last - Chocolate yogo crème brulee. Also you can purchase 'I heart Zumbo' shirts - who knew? She also dips into a chocolate shop and samples some pretty strange and interesting tastes, such as The Sesame - chocolate and tahini, anyone?
  • Coast, Darling Harbour - Restaurant review of Coast in Darling Harbour. Ideal for dinner before a movie at the Imax or some cocktails on Cockle Bay Wharf. If you like lamb, you're in for a treat. The pictures will make you salivate on a whole new level. Chunky chips! (Though called by the slightly more fancy title of Pont-Neuf chips.)

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being HungryBlogger: Lee Tran Lam

Blog: The unbearable lightness of being hungry

Blogger Facts: From Sydney, Lee is a radio host and food blogger too! Some people have all the talents. Lee Tran Lam hosts the Local Fidelity show on Sydney's FBI 94.5 radio station. You can visit her other blog Local Fidelity, detailing all things radio host related.

What you'll find on the blog: Reviews of quite a few trendy little café spots in inner Sydney, which are all good for a lazy weekend breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch hour, afternoon snack or a tasty dinner. Discover some of Sydney's hidden gems.


  • Bruschetteria 102, Surry Hills - If you love toast and want to experience it on a whole new level, this is the post for you. Experience the many different varieties of bruschetta - that deceptively simple combination of grilled bread, immaculate extra virgin olive oil, and toppings such as tomato cubes and oregano - or a more advanced version, such as one topped with scrambled eggs and bacon, or a 'yogurt-garlic' pow, or Italian pork sausage with radicchio salad and tzatziki. A beautiful spot for a chilled out breakfast with some crunch.
  • Variety is the confusion of life - Leemuses on two perennial innovators of the Sydney culinary landscape - Kakawa Chocolates and Gelato Messina - both located in Darlinghurst, and well worth a visit. Maybe you might like to sample the Peanut Butter & Gingerbread or Blueberry Jelly and Yogurt flavoured gelatos?
  • Teriyaki Boy, Balmain - If you're peckish for some Japanese in Balmain and are not sure where to head, this post could be useful to you. A nice review which describes not only the food but also the attentive staff, the cute decorative details, and this particularly nice quirk: "when you ask for the bill, the waiter actually draws a big anime-style grinning cat that says 'Thank you!' on the back of the total!"

Abstract GourmetBlogger: Matt

Blog: Abstract Gourmet

Blogger Facts: 30 something living in Perth. You can follow him on twitter here. At Perth's recent Slow Food festival, Matt personally stirred 24kg of truffle risotto into existence, and now has the right arm the size of Popeye to prove it.

What you'll find on the blog: Insider info for the Perth food scene. Ways to use delicious and obscure ingredients, barista competition updates, a few dishes you might be too intimidated to try, restaurant reviews and quite nice pictures.


  • The trouble with Truffles - ever fancied trying the most expensive arancini recipe on earth? Why not try one with black truffles included. At $3000 a kilo for truffles, you can't go wrong. And really, who doesn't love arancini?
  • Rabbit ragu with pappardelle - I won't lie to you. This recipe looks like the most complicated thing ever. It includes homemade pasta, freshly killed rabbit and the sentence: "The basics of the dish are really very simple. Take one rabbit, separate the legs from the body, remove and debone the saddle, and cut it into pieces." I'll let you be the judge of how simple it is, but if you're a gamey kind of person, this might just be right up your alley.
  • Greenhouse Perth - a detailed review "the most interesting place to hit Perth in quite a while". The Greenhouse concept first started in Melbourne's Fed Square as a temporary installation, but has relocated on a more permanent basis to the west coast. It's constructed out of recycled materials such as former milk crates, recycled timber and so on. And as well as being eco-friendly the food is also good. Win!

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Blogger: Deb

Blog: Smitten Kitchen.

Blogger Facts: New-Yorker, 'Writer, Cook, Photographer and Occasional Dishwasher'. Deb likes bourbon, artichokes, things that taste like burnt sugar and baked goods with funny names.

What you'll find on the blog: Recipes for amazing birthday cakes,


  • Monkey Cake - This is officially the best cake anyone could ever receive for their birthday (If you don't believe me, see the picture). She helpfully includes options in the recipe, such as the quantities and steps to make a three layer version of this cake or a two layer one, and bigger or smaller batches of frosting. She even includes a helpful diagram so that the assemblage doesn't overwhelm.
  • Skirt Steak Salad with Blue Cheese - This post details the recipe, with beautiful pictures, of a scrumptious steak salad. It looks fresh and tasty, the perfect lunch or dinner that will leave you feeling satisfied. Deb's food photography is pretty impressive to boot.
  • Linguine with tomato-almond pesto - a fairly simple and delicious looking recipe for a linguine with a fresh take on pesto - it doesn't have to be plain old basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan cheese. The fresh herbs and nuts combination works well here once again. Plus this includes some pretty vacation photos for your viewing pleasure. So thoughtful.
  • The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is on it's way, being published by Knopf.

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A Girl who Loves to CookBlogger: Su

Blog: The journal of a girl who loves to cook

Blogger Facts: Su is based in Kuala Lumpur she runs her own boutique cake store and has a weak spot for sexy shoes, peanut butter and piping hot potato wedges.

What you'll find on the blog: Su says she blogs about her "cooking experiences, food adventures and her life's musings", but you will certainly also find a lot about cake decorating. A lot, as her passion is the art of Cake Decorating. Su has even graduated from a 24 week European pastry program from the Notter School of Pastry Arts in Orlando, Florida. If you like cakes, you'll like this blog.


  • How much do our material things define us - this girl can make anything edible! Here she shows how she created an iPad, a hardhat, an architectural textbook, a mobile, blackberry, a diploma and even hundred dollar notes out of edible materials. Unbelievable.
  • And just like that...They fell in love - the cutest cupcake decorations you ever saw. Includes, bunnies, fish, teddy bears, ducks and you'll 'aww' so many times that you'll be a pool of cute goo by the time you finish reading.
  • When I'm quiet - a day in the life...Warning: contains delicious food. A scenic tour of Hong Kong, complete with pictures of delicious local biscuits, takeaway, noodle soups, street food, snacks, and all manner of goodies. As close to a holiday experience as you're likely to get without stepping foot in an airport.

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Victoria HansenBlogger: Victoria Hansen

Blog: Black Book Cooking

Victoria fact: Between 2003 and 2007 she was a regular presenter on Sydney's Radio 2GB, with two weekly segments, 'Victoria's Kitchen' and 'The Radio Kitchen'.

What you'll find on the blog: On Victoria's blog you can search recipes, learn about ingredients, watch videos, listen to podcasts and tune into the Bitesize cooking online show. Victoria also writes Kitchngirl where she offers heaps of cooking hints and tips for delectable goodies.

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