Some of the tackiest houses owned by celebrities

Jodie Humphries 5 April 2017 NEWS

Liberaces house

With more money than most people will see in their lifetime, these celebrities could afford to hire a tasteful interior designer for their homes.

With modern-day celebrities often accused of having more dollars than sense, it’s not surprising that some have rather tackily decorated homes. Below are a few of the biggest celebrity homes brushed with a touch of the tacky, and not a single Kardashian made this list (although Kourtney was close).

Tommy Hilfiger

Looking for a nice, subdued 14,079-square-foot home for you and your family? Then stay away from Tommy Hilfiger’s seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom property in Golden Beach, Florida. It is currently listed for sale for just US$27 million.

According to an ad listing, the property (which featured on the cover of Architectural Digest) is an architecturally modern beauty – with beach frontage, an infinity pool and an abundance of windows to take in the views. However you may want to take a break while perusing images of the interior decor.

The home features a monochrome kitchen, a disco ball over the bar and a red theatre room that seems to have taken inspiration from a 70s go-go hall. The bedrooms are colour coded, with one featuring yellow spotted walls and another sharp blue shapes. A third bedroom seems to be inspired by a candy cane and looks like it would be better suited to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

The other living areas aren’t protected from the outlandish colour combinations either, with Hilfiger’s office branded in the clothing company's signature navy and red tones, and one bathroom wall covered in banana prints.

For any fans of Hilfiger and his brand it may comfort you to know that the designer and his wife, Dee, hired an interior designer to help design this home when they purchased it for US$17.25 million in July 2013. Despite its listing price real-estate company Zillow estimates the property to be worth US$22.8 million.


It shouldn’t be too surprising that rock’n’roll royalty and Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash has some unique home design ideas. While he is known for his iconic top hat and long, curly black hair his tacky home decor also deserves some recognition.

The house at 3307 Clerendon Road in the gated community of Sherman Oaks in Beverly Hills was purchased by Slash in 2009 for him, his then-wife Perla Hudson and their family.

The couple then redecorated the Italian villa to suit their own unique tastes, including three bars, a fully equipped nightclub, a skate ramp outside and (of course) an on-site recording studio, where Slash recorded two solo albums. On top of these additions the decor was altered to include faux-alligator wallpaper and velvet drapes in the seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom 11,000-square-foot mansion.

Slash filed for divorce from Hudson, for the second time, and they listed the property for sale for US$10,995,000 in June 2015, according to Zillow. But there was no interest and the property was subsequently removed from sale in January 2016. After another remodel to remove some of the more unique aspects, Slash listed it again in August 2016 for a reduced price of US$9.5 million. Zillow has no information on any sales of the property, but does estimate it to be valued at US$9.9million. It is currently listed for rent for US$85,000 per month.

Christina Aguilera

This property was famous in its own right as the setting of the reality-TV show The Osbournes. And although the decor was more goth rock when Aguilera and her then-husband Jordan Bratman purchased the house in 2007, they soon added their own touch.

The sprawling 10,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style property is on a half-acre gated block with privacy levels perfect for celebrities. The pink exterior, which suits the Mediterranean-style, is complemented by an interior featuring pink, pink and a bit more pink, including six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Despite sharing the property with her husband and her son, the home’s style seems to be reminiscent of Aguilera’s on-stage and red-carpet style, with burlesque boudoir decor in the bedrooms, a saloon in her expansive pink closet and an outdoor area reminiscent of a Balinese villa. The nursery/kids room includes an unhappy crescent moon that would scare even the most stable adult if seen in the middle of the night.

The mansion was put on the market in March 2011 for US$13.5 million after Aguilera’s divorce from Bratman was finalised. She had no luck selling the property, which remained listed for two years before finally selling in April 2013 for the US$11.5 million the singer purchased it for in 2007. Zillow estimates that the property would currently be worth US$15.4 million.

Gianni Versace

If you have ever seen Versace designs on the catwalk or red carpet or stayed at the opulent Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast or in Dubai you will not be surprised by designer’s home decor. Versace was known for his flamboyant and colourful style, and his home in Florida is a showcase of this.

No colour is left unused and design is gleefully over the top ‒ with mosaics in the outdoor seating area and pools, intricate murals on the walls and roofs, bedrooms with big and bold furnishings that only Versace fans could love, and a shisha room complete with a four-person shisha and pillows surrounding it.

Versace purchased the property in 1992 for US$2.95 million, as well as the property next door for US$3.7 million in order to expand the home and install a 24-carat gold lined pool. He spent another US$32 million renovating it to his tastes, adding a whole wing as well as the hand-painted walls and ceiling frescos. The designer was famously gunned down in the driveway of this mansion in July 1997 by Andrew Cunanan who was on a killing spree that stretched from Minneapolis to Miami.

After the designer's death the home sat empty for three years until 2000 when it was purchased for US$19 million. It was then used as a private hotel for 12 years until its owner had to declare bankruptcy and put it on the market for US$125 million. However it would not sell at this price, and after receiving two separate price cuts ‒ first to US$100 million then US$75 million ‒ it was put up for auction.

The auction was expected to be a star-studded affair, with the Beckham and Drake rumoured to be interested, but in the end the only celebrities in attendance were now-US President Donald Drumpf and his son Eric, who missed the winning bid of US$41.5 million by US$500,000. Florida company VM South Beach ultimately purchased the property to add to their portfolio of hotels.

Zillow currently estimates the property located at 1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach to be worth US$28.5 million, which is a lot more than Versace paid for it in 1992 but less than the money he invested in renovating it. With most of his remodeling still existing in the property it will forever be attached to the designer and his unfortunate demise.

Rod Stewart

When you think of Rod Stewart you generally conjure images of the British musician’s feathery blond hair and open shirt. The British crooner is also known for dating young models, however his design tastes are aren’t quite fit for a modern runway.

While the home’s decor may be suited to the set of Downton Abbey, it is just a little over the top for our tastes. There are the velvet drapes and naked busts, as well as the truly uncomfortable-looking ornate seating.

Each room's carpet is more intricate and eye staining than the next, the living areas have their own unique chandelier and renaissance-style artwork on the walls, and there is a mirrored wall in a green-coloured room that looks like it belongs in a saloon-style bar.

The 18,792-square-foot home is located in a gated community at 23 Beverly Park Terrace Beverly Hills, and has eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and a detached guest house out the back that Stewart has renovated for his adult children who don’t want to leave home.

The singer purchased the house in 1991 for just over US$12million with Zillow estimating it’s now worth US$27.3 million.

Mike Tyson

Former world heavyweight champion boxer “Iron” Mike Tyson has never been one to shy away from controversy. There was his 1991 arrest and imprisonment for rape, as well as accusations of spousal abuse in his first marriage.

At the height of his success in 1989 Tyson purchased the home at a sheriff's sale for US$300,000. He lived in the sprawling 25,000-square-foot mansion located on 65 acres in Southington, Ohio, for most of the 90s. It includes six bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, with an additional four bedrooms in the separate guard/guest house as well as two lakes and two helipads.

The home is nothing short of over-the-top opulence, as you would expect of a man who named himself the baddest of all time. As well as the gated entrance announcing you are entering the property of Mike Tyson (with his name in iron woven into the gate), the sprawling interiors include an indoor pool, a marble jacuzzi with a mirrored ceiling and windowed walls that look out to bushland surrounding the property.

Iron Mike had to sell the property in 1999 after his boxing comeback failed when he famously bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear. This incident came with US$3 million in fines, which Tyson didn’t have enough cash for. The IRS also came knocking, so he sold the property for US$1.3 million.

It wasn’t a huge loss for Tyson at the time as he had moved out on account of rules forbidding him from keeping pet tigers on the property. The property's new owners were also plagued by debt and abandoned it in 2005 when sent to jail for tax evasion.

It has stayed vacant for many years with an eBay posting of the property popping up in 2005, listing it for sale for US$3 million, but it ultimately went into foreclosure. Once in foreclosure the property was on the market for US$1.3 million in 2011, it was removed from sale and relisted in 2012 for US$2.1 million but eventually sold in 2013 for US$800,000.

It has since changed hands again being listed in 2014 for US$1.3 million which was reduced to US$950,000 and ultimately sold for US$750,000 in December 2014. The new owners were a church group who wanted to renovate it in order for it to be their new place of worship. Zillow currently estimates the property to be worth a mere US$167,208.

Joan Rivers

Best known as the queen of celebrity fashion critiquing, Joan Rivers was always vocal in her opinions on other people's style choices, usually on the red carpet. The comedian and fashion commentator passed away in September 2014 and left behind a very opulent Manhattan penthouse apartment.

Inspired by her favourite historical figure, the former French queen Marie Antoinette, Rivers decorated her penthouse with the same lavish feminine flair the royal was known for, with gold trimmings, grandiose chandeliers, heavy drapes and floral accents throughout.
The apartment boasts internal Roman columns, extravagant ceiling murals and a balcony with Roman-style busts and greenery. The vast 5,100-square-foot penthouse includes four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a ballroom, music room, library, dining room, two kitchens and terrace with views of Central Park. It was first listed in 2009 for US$25 million. At the time Rivers had planned to move west to be with her daughter Melissa.

The property didn’t sell, although there was some interest from former Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi to rent it out when he was in the US. He was killed before he was able to visit. It was then later removed from sale until January 2012, when Rivers re-listed the property with an increased asking price of US$29.5 million.

In March 2013 the property was again removed from sale. Rivers passed away in 2014 and the property was then relisted in February 2015 for US$28 million. It was reported that this asking price had been met as the property was removed from sale. Zillow, however, lists the final sale price as US$24 million in July 2015, with the website’s current estimate of the property being US$25.6million.


With the flamboyance and flair that American pianist and singer Liberace exhibited in his life, it should come as no surprise that his home matched this style. He had multiple properties, but his mansion in Las Vegas is famously known as The Liberace Mansion.

The outlandish singer passed away 1987, and the property has gone through a few owners since then, but it has recently been restored to its original decor, with an entrance that opens to a grand hall with marble floors, an expansive staircase and chandeliers in almost every room.

Murals, marbles and mirrors are the overarching themes throughout the sprawling 14,939-square-foot home.

Liberace had commissioned a ceiling mural in the master bedroom and bath that is an homage to Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel that, reportedly, took two years to complete, and was painted by Michelangelo’s descendent Stefano Angelo Falk.

In the master bathroom there is a ceiling mural of Liberace’s face, as well as a marble spa tub under an opulent chandelier.

Liberace also obviously enjoyed looking at his own reflection, with the extensive use of mirrors in the mansion, from mirrored ceilings, to mirrored walls and mirrored fireplaces. The bedroom also includes a mirrored floor-to-ceiling fireplace and a mirrored bar.

After the singer’s death in 1987 the property had multiple owners and was sold to a developer in 2006 for US$3.7 million. However this was not to last as the recession of the early 2000s hit, and as the Las Vegas property market suffered the home was put into foreclosure in 2010.

The bank then listed the property for US$529,000 in July 2013 and sold it for just under the asking price for US$500,000 in August the same year. It was purchased by a fan of the late singer who then spent the following three years restoring it to its former glory and finally opening it to the public in late 2016. Zillow currently estimates the property to be worth US$1.1 million.

So no matter whether it’s a flamboyant singer, a famous designer, a rock icon or a world champion boxer it seems some celebrities just can’t help but go over-the-top in the interior design of their homes.

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