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Suncorp Bank Complimentary Insurance Cover Overview

Information verified correct on April 26th, 2017

Take advantage of complimentary international travel insurance, purchase protection and more with a Suncorp Bank credit card.

Suncorp Bank offers complimentary insurances options to customers with a Suncorp Plus, Suncorp Gold, or Suncorp Platinum cards. The more premium the card, the more insurance options there are available to you.

As of 1 May 2016, Allianz Global Assistance is the issuer of insurance for Suncorp Bank. It should be noted that neither Citi (the credit provider for Suncorp) nor Suncorp issue the cover, so if you need to file a claim please contact Allianz directly. Note that prior to 1 May 2016, this insurance was issued by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited. Any claims up to 30 April 2016 should be made directly to Zurich.

This guide goes through the complimentary insurance available for different Suncorp Bank credit cards to help you get a better idea of the benefits you are entitled to, exclusions and how to make a claim. Note that this is a summary of the relevant policies. For full details, refer to the  "Description of Credit Card Complimentary Insurance" document available on the Suncorp Bank website or call Allianz on 1800 072 791.

Suncorp Bank credit cards with complimentary insurance

The different Suncorp Bank credit cards come with different levels of benefits. The Suncorp Platinum card features a higher degree of cover than the Suncorp Plus card, for example. The table below shows the types of cover available for each Suncorp card.

Suncorp Platinum CardSuncorp Gold CardSuncorp Plus Card
Purchase Cover Insurance


Guaranteed Pricing SchemeXXX
International Travel InsuranceX
Extended Warranty InsuranceX
Transit Accident InsuranceX
Interstate Flight Inconvenience InsuranceX

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International travel insurance policy

This policy offers coverage of up to 6 months for Suncorp Bank Platinum credit cardholders while on a trip abroad.

What am I covered for?

  • Medical costs if you fall ill or suffer an injury
  • Access to Allianz global assistance emergency services
  • Loss or theft of personal belongings and business items
  • Cancellation of travel arrangements due to unexpected circumstances
  • Costs of resuming travel after the unexpected death of a relative
  • Costs of getting you to a special event if your journey is unexpectedly interrupted
  • Reimbursement of a rental vehicle excess or deductible
  • Reimbursement of your additional meal and accommodation expenses due to an unexpected delay
  • Your funeral expenses
  • Your accidental death
  • Your legal liability
  • Loss of income as a result of injuries sustained on a journey

Who is eligible?

If you are a Suncorp Platinum cardholder, you become eligible for this policy if you booked your overseas ticket before you left Australia using one of the following:

  • You paid for the full price of the ticket with your credit card
  • As the cardholder, you redeemed Suncorp Bank Rewards points for the ticket in question
  • As the cardholder, you used the Take Flight Program to get your ticket

Note that costs such as taxes, airport charges or travel agent fees do not have to be covered with any of the above methods. Furthermore, please keep in mind that the International Travel Insurance policy will not apply if you obtained your ticket using any other rewards program or scheme other than the one mentioned above.

If you have activated the policy by fulfilling the above conditions, then you can also activate the policy for your spouse and any dependent children, as long as they will be travelling with you for the entire duration of the trip. To do so, you must obtain their tickets using any of the methods outlined above.

In terms of the duration of coverage, the policies available will cover the terms as follows:

  • Up to 31 days for a Platinum cardholder if the ticket is one-way
  • Up to six consecutive months for a Platinum cardholder if the ticket is return

When does the coverage start and end?

This policy becomes active from the moment you commence your trip, which means the date you leave Australia, as listed on your travel ticket. This includes the trip you make from your place of residence to the Australian airport or sea terminal from where you are supposed to leave as stated on your ticket, as long as you head straight to the said location with no detours.

Coverage ends when your trip is over, which is considered to be any of the following, whichever takes place first.

For cardholders with return tickets, coverage ends:For cardholders with one-way tickets, coverage ends:
  • When you get back to Australia, including the trip from the airport or sea terminal where you arrived in Australia to your place of residence
  • At midnight on the day when you are supposed to get back to your Australian residence as stated on your return ticket
  • Six consecutive months after the day you are scheduled to leave as per your ticket
  • When you cancel your return ticket

Note: If you are delayed getting back to the country due to events covered by the policy or because your mode of transport is delayed due to issues outside of your control, extension of the coverage is possible for up to four weeks or up until the date you return to Australia, whichever takes place first.

  • When you get back to Australia, including the trip you make from the airport or sea terminal to your Australian residence, as long as you make the trip directly
  • 31 consecutive days after the day you were scheduled to leave according to your ticket.

Note: To clarify, you only have coverage if you travel from and to your Australian residence from or to the airport or sea terminal where you are scheduled to depart or arrive without diverging, delaying or taking an indirect route.

What coverage is available?

A closer look at the different types of coverage this insurance policy provides.

  • Medical costs

Your overseas medical costs will be covered by the insurer if all of the following conditions are met:

    • You fall ill and/or suffer an injury while on your trip
    • A medical professional that is qualified as well as registered deems that you have indeed fallen ill or have been injured and need treatment
    • The medical costs for the treatment of the sickness or injury are incurred during your trip

If you cannot return to Australia due to the illness or injury, your medical costs will be covered by the insurer after the end of your trip for up to a year after the onset and diagnosis of your illness or after being injured.Note, though, that in certain situations the insurer can decide to have you returned to Australia to receive further treatment. If you are covered by Medicare, your additional medical costs within Australia may not always be covered under this policy. If you go against the insurance company's advice, any further medical costs you incur from the moment they made their decision will not be covered.On the other hand, note that you will also receive compensation for incidental costs incurred during your stay in an overseas hospital. Those incidental costs can include TV rental, purchase of newspapers, making phone calls or receiving internet connection. The amount you can claim is up to $110 per day, representing 24 consecutive hours, during which you are hospitalised as a bed care patient.

In terms of the level of compensation the insurance company is willing to pay out, both Gold and Platinum cardholders enjoy unlimited coverage for medical costs.

However, there is a limit when it comes to how much you can get for incidental expenses while you are a bed care patient. Platinum cardholders can get a maximum of $110 per day but no more than $13,000 per person or $16,500 per family, if you are travelling with your spouse and any dependent children.

  • Personal and business goods

This section of the International Insurance Policy protects you against the loss, damage or theft of certain personal or business items while you are on your trip. Items covered under this section of the policy are as follows:

What items are covered?

    • Luggage, clothes and personal valuable goods
    • Light electrical items, laptops and related items or accessories, binoculars, cameras and related items or accessories. However, scratched lenses or screens are not covered
    • Traveller's cheques, travel papers, currency notes, bank notes, postal or money orders, cash or credit cards

You will also receive compensation if you have to urgently replace essentials, such as clothing and toiletries, if all of your baggage (except carry-on items) is temporarily lost, misdirected or its arrival is postponed for more than 12 hours and you get confirmation in writing from the airline or transport company regarding the delay and its duration.

If you lose your travel papers, credit cards or traveller's cheques, or they are stolen, you will be covered for any legal liability that you might incur due to the unauthorised usage of these items as long as the following conditions are met:

    • You were in full compliance with the conditions you agreed to when your credit cards, travel papers or traveller's cheques were given to you
    • You filed a report of the loss or theft with the right authorities—such as the consulate, bank or police—as quickly as possible after realising you've lost the items and took steps to cancel them

If you lodge a claim, you will have to prove you were the owner of the items as well as providing proof of their value—generally, with receipts or valuations for jewellery.

If you are unable to provide proof of how much the items are worth, the most you can get in compensation for each item is 10% of the amount stipulated in the compensation table below.

DescriptionWhat Allianz will pay
Luggage, clothes, personal valuables, light electrical items, binoculars$5,000 per item
Cameras and related items$5,000 per camera
Laptops and related goods$5,000 in total
Travel papers, travellers' cheques, bank notes, currency notes, money orders, postal orders, cash or credit cards$600 per person and up to $1,100 for a family
Emergency replacement of personal essentials$500 per person but no more than $1,000 for a family

Note that there are also general limits that apply under this policy. For example, business items are only insured for $3,000 in total and, property left unattended in a motor vehicle is only insured up to a value of $250 per item to a maximum of A$2,500 in total.

    • Unexpected cancellation and costs

If you have to cancel your travel plans, you will be covered for these costs and any expenses you incur after you got your overseas ticket up to the time when your trip should be coming to a close, as long as the claim in question doesn't fall under any other section of this policy and is due to any of the following unforeseen situations:

What are covered of the policy?

    • You, the person travelling with you or a family member pass away, suffer a severe injury or fall seriously ill. Note that you will have provide proof from a qualified, registered doctor regarding any of the previously mentioned situations
    • You need medical treatment for a pre-existing medical problem as long as the insurer has already agreed to cover said condition and you have covered the cost of the administration fee
    • If, prior to you leaving Australia, you discover that you have a medical problem. The latter, however, will not be covered by the insurance company
    • If you are pregnant and an unforeseen and unexpected medical problem arises before you leave Australia that makes it impossible for you to travel without putting your health or the health of your unborn child at risk. Note that proof to this effect from a medical professional will have to be provided
    • The departure of your chosen transport is postponed or cancelled by the transporter due to mechanical issues, riots, civil commotion—other than terrorist acts, strikes, weather issues or natural disasters
    • A natural disaster at your home in Australia or that of your travelling companion
    • A natural disaster at the location to which you are headed
    • A special event that has been put off or called off due to reasons beyond your control
    • While you are on your trip abroad, you lose your travel papers, or those of the person travelling with you, or they are stolen
    • You or the person accompanying you end up in quarantine
    • You or the person travelling with you are unexpectedly downsized. Note that this policy does not cover voluntary retrenchment or redundancy
    • If the licensed travel company you booked your trip through becomes insolvent or collapses financially
    • You or the person travelling with you need to take an exam for any study program you are enrolled in, as long as neither of you were aware of when the exam was scheduled before you purchased your ticket
    • Your pre-authorised leave was cancelled by your employer. Note this section only applies to full-time employees of the fire, emergency, police, defence or ambulance services
    • You miss one method of transport from your trip because the previous flight was postponed or cancelled.
    • If you decide to continue with your trip as soon as possible after the unforeseen issue occurred, the insurance company will cover the cost of either of the following (at their discretion)
    • Any travel and lodging arrangements you reschedule that you already paid for and couldn't use and cannot get a refund for
    • The price of a higher ticket class on the same type of transport or higher seasonal rates if that is the only option available to get you to your destination.

Note that the insurance company will cover these expenses after any refundable portions have been deducted. If you decide not to go ahead with the trip after all, the insurer will cover the cost of any portion of your cancelled travel and lodging plans that you had already paid for but couldn't use and which are non-refundable.

Furthermore, if you wish to lodge a claim under this section and want to improve the chances of success, then you need to take steps to minimise the loss by recovering any refunds you have the right to and cancelling any other travel or lodging plans that you can no longer use.

In terms of compensation limits, coverage is unlimited for Platinum cardholders. However, exceptions apply:

Policy exclusions

    • You will not be reimbursed for more than $500 or 15% of the travel plans you booked through a travel agent to cover their cancellation fee, whichever amount is lower.
    • Accidental death of a relation living overseas is limited to $2,500 per person up to $5,000 for a cardholder travelling with their spouse and/or dependent children
    • The financial insolvency or financial collapse of a licensed travel services provider is limited to $5,000 per person up to $12,000 for a cardholder travelling with their spouse and/or dependent children, provided you have recovered the maximum amount available from any statutory fund, compensation scheme or any other source.

Furthermore, if any licensed company you are working with to book items on your itinerary goes into insolvency or collapses financially, you are limited to $5,000 per person but no more than $12,000 for a family as long as you have not been able to recover the maximum amount you can from a statutory fund, compensation scheme or other source.

  • Resuming your trip

If a family member passes away while you are abroad on your trip and you need to interrupt your trip to come back to Australia, you will be compensated for the cost of an economy airfare to Australia and an economy airfare to get you back to original destination as long as:

    • You go back within 30 days of coming back to Australia
    • You still have 25% or 14 days of your trip left, whichever is longer, at the time you decide to continue with your trip
    • The claim you lodge isn't considered an exclusion by any other section of the current policy

Despite this, if your family member's demise is owed to a pre-existing medical issue, you will only receive compensation if a medical professional had not declared your relative terminally ill before you left the country.

The maximum the insurance company is willing to pay out under this section of the policy is $6,000 per person up to $12,000 for a family travelling with an eligible Platinum cardholder.

  • Special event

If you are going on your trip to attend a special event and your trip is interrupted or delayed by circumstances outside of your control and the event in question cannot be put off, you will be covered for any extra expenses you incur by using an alternative form of transportation to get to the event on time. The most you will be eligible to receive is $2,500.

  • Rental vehicle insurance excess

This section of the International Travel Insurance policy covers you if you have to pay an excess or deductible after lodging a claim under the rental vehicle comprehensive insurance policy during the period you are renting the vehicle, as long as the following conditions are met.

    • You opted to have comprehensive motor insurance to protect against losing or damaging the rental vehicle included in the rental contract
    • You were in compliance with all the stipulations made by the rental company and the rental vehicle insurer laid out in the rental contract
    • You were not in violation of any of the terms and conditions laid out in the rental contract
    • The most you can claim for rental vehicle insurance excess is $2,750 under this policy
    • Travel delay

If the transport you are scheduled to depart on is delayed for six hours or more, you will be covered for any additional costs you incur for food and lodging. Note that you will have to submit receipts to the insurance company to prove how much you spent as well as confirmation in writing from the airline, showing how long the conveyance was delayed.The insurance company will pay out a maximum of $475 per person and no more than $1,100 for a cardholder travelling with family.

    • Funeral costs

This section of the policy covers you for funeral costs if your demise is due to an illness or injury you suffered while you were on your overseas trip. Note that a death certificate issued by a qualified medical professional must be submitted to the insurer as proof of why you passed. Platinum cardholders can get a maximum of $20,000 to cover funeral costs.

    • Accidental demise

You have coverage if you pass away within one year of suffering injuries in an accident that occurred on your trip. Note that your death certificate, which must be issued by a qualified medical professional, must confirm the cause of your demise. Furthermore, to be entitled to benefits under this section of the policy, the event must not be covered by the Transit Accident Insurance policy.If your remains cannot be discovered within one year of the accident occurring, the insurance company will consider that you passed away due to the accident and benefits will be paid out accordingly. Platinum cardholders are entitled to $50,000 for themselves, $25,000 for their spouse and $5,000 per dependent child.

  • Personal legal liability

The insurance company will provide coverage for your legal liability and any legal costs if they are incurred by the insurer in your name or you incurred them after receiving approval from the company. This coverage insures you up to $2,250,000.Note that only the insurer can agree to a settlement or defend a claim, submit or accept a payment offer or admit that you are liable in any way, shape or form. You will not be covered for legal liability that is the result of:

Policy exclusions

    • You, your spouse, any dependent children, or the person travelling with you owning, being in control or occupying a piece of land or a building. The only exception is if you, your spouse, any dependent children, or your travelling companion are merely temporary occupants, such as tenants or lessees
    • You owning, controlling or using a vehicle with an engine, a gun or any other firearm, a watercraft—other than non-motorised watercraft that are for inland waterway use—or an aircraft. The exception is if you are not in control of the conveyance or do not own it and are merely a passenger
    • Your job, occupation, company or trade, including any professional recommendations you make
    • Any event that falls under workers' compensation legislation, any industrial award or contract, or accident compensation legislation or similar laws in any country
    • Any contract unless your liability would have occurred even if the contract didn't exist

  • Lost wages

You and your spouse are covered by the insurance company for lost wages and will receive this benefit on a monthly basis in arrears under the following conditions:

    • You or your spouse cannot go back to the work you were doing before you left Australia after your trip ends solely because of injuries you suffered while on your trip
    • You can submit a medical certificate issued by a qualified, registered medical professional from Australia proving that you are unable to work
    • You or your spouse had a paying work to come back to when you returned to the country, with written evidence to support this claim.

However, note that you won't receive benefits for any income you lose during the first month after you had initially planned to go back to work.

The most the insurance company will pay out is the equivalent of your verified income for three consecutive months up to a maximum $12,000. If the cardholder and their spouse are filing a claim under this section of the policy, the maximum is $1,250 per person per week.

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Interstate flight inconvenience insurance

The Interstate Flight Inconvenience insurance policy is designed to protect you for up to two weeks while you are travelling within Australia. You are covered for the following events:

What am I covered for?

  • Losing personal and business items or having them stolen
  • Urgently replacing your luggage in the event of a delayed flight
  • Cancelling travel plans because of a situation you could not foresee or control
  • Compensation for any excess or deductible you are liable to pay for a rental vehicle
  • Compensation for any extra costs to cover food and refreshments if your flight was delayed
  • Funeral costs

We will be looking at each benefit in detail, but first let's see what you need to do to be eligible for coverage under this policy.

Who is eligible?

If you have a Suncorp Platinum credit card then you are eligible to receive benefits under the Interstate flight Inconvenience insurance policy if you meet the following conditions:

  • The full cost of the return airfare—not including taxes, airport charges and travel agent fees—have been paid for using your credit card before you left on your trip
  • Your trip does not exceed 14 consecutive days

To clarify, you will have no coverage at all under this policy if your trip is longer than 14 consecutive days.

If you have fulfilled the eligibility conditions, as the cardholder, this policy can also be extended to your spouse and any dependent children as long as they are travelling with you for the entire trip and you meet the above mentioned conditions for your spouse and each child.

When does the coverage start and end?

This policy becomes active when you begin your trip, meaning on the date your interstate flight is scheduled to leave but also includes the trip you make from your Australian residence to the airport mentioned on your ticket.

Cover ends when your trip ends. This can be either 14 days after your trip started or when you return to the airport mentioned on your ticket, including the trip back to your Australian residence, whichever of the two events occurs first.

To clarify, you only have coverage for your trip to and from the airport where you are scheduled to depart and land if you do not diverge, delay or take an indirect route.

What coverage is available?

A closer look at the individual benefits this policy offers.

  • Personal and business items

Under this section of the policy you are covered if you lose certain personal and business items or they are stolen while you are on your trip. The items that are the object of this policy are as follows:

    • Luggage, clothes and personal valuable items
    • Portable electrical items, laptops and related goods, binoculars, cameras and related products – scratched lenses and screens aren't covered, though.
    • You are entitled to receive up to a maximum of $750 per item but no more than $1,500 for your whole trip.
  • Baggage delays

If your bags are delayed, temporarily missing, or sent to the wrong location after an interstate flight by the carrier for more than 12 hours and you get written proof from the transport company regarding the issue, any expenses you incur to replace personal essentials, such as toiletries and clothes, will be reimbursed as long as you charge them to your card. Note that the maximum the insurer will pay out is limited to $150 per person and no more than $450 in total.

  • Unexpected cancellation

You will be covered for up to $3,000 for unforeseen cancellation of travel plans and related costs (except if the trip is for business purposes). After you have purchased your ticket and up until your trip ends, if the claim you lodge is not covered by any other section of this policy and is caused by any of the following unforeseen situations:

What are covered of the policy?

    • You, the person travelling with you, or a family member pass away, suffer a severe injury or fall extremely ill, as long as medical proof can be provided in writing from a qualified doctor
    • Your scheduled transport is cancelled or postponed by the carrier due to mechanical problems, riots, civil commotion – except for terrorist acts, weather issues, strikes, or natural disasters
    • The cancellation or postponement of a special event for reasons that are not in your control
    • Your quarantine or that of the person accompanying you on the trip
    • Your Australian home, or that of your travelling companion, is completely destroyed
    • You, or the person accompanying you on your trip, have to attend court after receiving a subpoena on a day that would be during your trip and you only received said subpoena after having purchased your ticket
    • You, or the person going with you, are retrenched—voluntary retrenchment or redundancy are not covered
    • You, or your travelling companion, have to take an exam for studies you are enrolled in
  • Rental vehicle insurance excess

If you have to pay an excess or a deductible as part of lodging a claim that arises due to the loss or damage of a rental vehicle, you will be reimbursed for the amount as long as:

    • The rental contract included comprehensive motor insurance against the damage or loss of the vehicle
    • You complied with all the provisions laid out in the rental contract by the rental agency and the company insuring the vehicle
    • You did not breach any of your contractual obligations as laid out in the rental agreement.

Note that the most you are entitled to is limited to a maximum of $2,250.

  • Flight delays
    • If your flight is delayed in excess of four hours and no other form of transportation is put at your disposal, you will receive up to $80 per person but no more than $300 for a family to cover the cost of food and refreshments.
    • If your flight is delayed for more than ten hours and you are not offered another means of transportation, you are entitled to another $80 per person up to $300 for your entire family for food and drink.
    • Note that in both cases you will have to submit written proof from the carrier with details regarding the duration of the delay.
  • Missed connections

If you arrive at a connecting airport late because one leg of your trip was delayed and, as a result, you are unable to catch a connecting flight and there is no alternative available within four hours, you will receive $80 per person up to $300 for a family to cover additional costs for food and drink. You will have to provide written confirmation from the carrier regarding the delay and all expenses must be covered using your credit card.

        • Funeral costs

If you pass away from injuries you sustained while on your trip, the cost of your funeral will be covered up to a maximum of $2,500 per person but no more than $7,000 for a family.

Pre-existing medical conditions

It's important to note that you might be able to get coverage for a pre-existing medical issue. To do so, you will have to contact Allianz Global Assistance. Subsequently, your medical problems will be assessed by a team of medical professionals. Based on this assessment, the insurer will decide whether or not they will provide you with coverage.

If they decide in your favour, you will have to pay an administrative fee for the pre-existing condition approval. You will then receive a confirmation letter stating that your pre-existing medical problem is covered for the duration of your trip under the policies attached to your account. Otherwise, you will not have coverage for any event that is the result of said medical problem.

Note that, under this policy, you won't be covered for any events that are the result of a relative, travelling companion or any other person having a pre-existing medical issue.

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Transit accident insurance

The Transit Accident Insurance policy is designed to provide you, your spouse and any dependent children travelling with you with protection in case you suffer certain types of injuries while you are travelling. This policy applies for any trip you have paid for using your credit card.

Who is eligible?

If you are Platinum credit cardholder, you are eligible for the Transit Accident Insurance policy if you pay for your whole trip using your credit card before your departure. Furthermore, if you are eligible for this insurance, then your spouse and any dependent children travelling with you are also eligible as long as they will be accompanying you on the entire trip and you paid for their travel expenses in full using your credit card before departure.

When does cover apply?

The Transit Accident Insurance policy provides coverage for certain injuries, as stipulated in the chart below, when said injuries were caused by an accident while you were on your trip and occurred with one year of the accident.

Accidents that occur while you are travelling as a passenger in a transport directly to or from the airport, bus depot, railway station or sea terminal to or from your Australian residence right before or after your trip as well as when you are boarding or alighting from said conveyances are also covered.

What coverage is available?

The table below specifies what types of injuries are covered as well as the compensation you can receive in each case.

CardholderSpouseDependent child
Losing both hands or both feet$500,000$250,000$125,000
Losing a hand and a foot$500,000$250,000$125,000
Total blindness of both eyes$500,000$250,000$125,000
Total blindness of one eye and losing a hand or a foot$500,000$250,000$125,000
Losing a hand or a foot$250,000$125,000$62,500
Total blindness of one eye$250,000$125,000$62,500

If you suffer multiple injuries of those mentioned in the table above, you will only be compensated for one type of injury, namely the most severe one. Furthermore, if your remains are not recovered within one year of you disappearing due to an accident covered by this policy, the insurer will assume you passed away due to injuries caused by said accident and benefits will be paid out accordingly.

Overall coverage limits

The maximum amount the insurance company will pay out under this policy for a single accident is $1,300,000, no matter how many eligible persons are injured in the accident – such as a train or plane crash.

In other words, if multiple cardholders, their spouses and dependent children pass away in the same train accident, the insurance company will only pay out a total of $1,300,000 proportionally, as follows:

          • Two cardholders: $1,000,000
          • One spouse: $250,000
          • One dependent child: $125,000
          • Total benefits: $1,375,000

Despite the fact that the total benefits payable would be $1,375,000 the insurance company will only pay out $1,300,000. To determine how much would be paid out for each death, the total aggregate exposure is divided by the total benefit amount, which results in the percentage by which each payout would be reduced proportionally. In this case, it would be:

$1,300,000 / $1,375,000 = 94.5455%

The benefits payable for each person would be as follows:

          • Cardholder: $472,727
          • Spouse: $236,364
          • Dependent child: $118,182
          • Total: $1,300,000


Purchase cover insurance policy

The Purchase Cover Insurance policy is designed to protect goods you purchase with your credit card against theft, loss or accidental damage.

Who is eligible?

All Suncorp credit cardholders benefit from the protection offered by this policy for products purchased anywhere in the world as well as for items given as gifts to anyone who is a permanent Australian resident. The only condition is that the full price of the item was covered using an eligible Suncorp credit card.

What am I covered for?

Any item that you purchase using your credit card and have already taken possession of is protected against being stolen, lost or damaged anywhere on the globe as long as you file a claim within 21 days of the event occurring.

Coverage limits

In terms of how much you can expect to receive, the insurance company will pay either the actual amount you charged to your credit card for the product or $1,000 per claim for Plus cardholders, $3,000 per claim for Gold cardholders and $5,000 per claim for Platinum cardholders for jewellery, fine art objects and watches, whichever amount is lower.

Over a one-year period, Platinum cardholders can receive a maximum of $200,000, regardless of the number of claims they file, while Gold cardholders are entitled to a maximum of $125,000 and Plus cardholders can get at most $50,000.


Guaranteed pricing scheme

The Guaranteed Pricing Scheme is designed to protect the cardholder from overpaying for a product, which means that you are entitled to receive up to $500 to cover the difference in price between a product you bought using your card and a product being sold cheaper advertised in a shop brochure or catalogue.

Who is eligible?

The Guaranteed Pricing Scheme is available to all Suncorp credit cardholders as long as the full price of the product was covered using an eligible card and the difference in price is greater than $75.

What am I covered for?

This policy ensures you are covered for a price difference up to $500 between the product you originally purchased and the price of an identical item being advertised in a shop catalogue that is published after you made the purchase as long as:

          • The item that is cheaper is new and is the exact same model number and year and is manufactured by the same company as the product that is the object of the claim
          • The cheaper item is supplied by a shop that is within 25 kilometres of the store you made the original purchase at
          • You lodge the claim within 60 days of buying the product and submit the store catalogue to the insurer as proof

Note that this policy is not applicable to purchases made via the internet or items that are advertised solely online.


Extended warranty insurance policy

The Extended Warranty Insurance policy ensures you are covered for the expense of having an item fixed or replacing it, if you have used your credit card to purchase said item and it fails or suffers a breakdown.

Who is eligible?

The Extended Warranty Insurance policy is available to Platinum credit cardholders but only for items that have been paid in full with their credit card. Note that this policy cannot be transferred.

What am I covered for?

This policy offers you coverage for the expense of replacing or fixing an item that is covered if it has experienced a breakdown that is already covered by the initial warranty after the latter has expired, as long as you:

          • Took all necessary measures to protect and maintain the product in good working order
          • Got the insurer's approval before commencing with any repair work or before replacing the item
          • Kept the item or any relevant parts for the insurance company's inspection.

When does the coverage start and end?

The Extended Warranty Insurance period begins once the initial warranty given by the manufacturer has expired. The extended period is equivalent to the initial warranty period but cannot exceed one year. For products that come with a manufacturer's warranty that exceeds five years, coverage no longer applies. The table below provides a few examples of how this policy works:

Initial warranty periodExtended warranty period
14 days14 days
21 days21 days
4 months4 months
8 months8 months
1 – 5 years1 year
More than 5 yearsCoverage doesn't apply

Coverage limits

The insurance company will pay out up to the amount you paid for the product using your credit card. However, the maximum the insurer will pay during any 12-month period is $20,000 per eligible card.

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Now that we have had a look at the coverage you are entitled to in detail, it's time we have a look at the exclusions that apply. This is important because one mistake or misunderstanding could lead to your claim being denied.

These exclusions have been categorised according to the coverage they pertain to, making it easier for you to identify the ones that might be of greater interest in your particular case. The exclusions are categorised as follows:

  • General
  • Medical
  • Pregnancy
  • Personal and business goods
  • Activities
  • Disturbances

Allianz will not provide coverage in the event of a claim being lodged as the result of any of the following:

General exclusions

          • Currency rate fluctuations
          • You not being careful enough
          • Terrorist acts
          • Epidemics or pandemics
          • War, invasion, acts perpetrated by a foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war, riots, rebellions, revolutions, military coups, the overthrow or attempted overthrow of a government
          • Damage or loss caused by normal wear and tear, deterioration, climate and atmosphere conditions, mould, fungus, mildew, animals, inherent defects, the process of fixing, restoring, changing, cleaning or servicing an item
          • Consequential loss or damage, aggravated, exemplary or punitive damages
          • Fines or penalties
          • Radioactivity
          • The utilisation, presence or leakage of nuclear fuels, nuclear materials or waste
          • Dispersal, application or release of poisonous biological or chemical materials or pathogens.

Medical exclusions

          • Any pre-existing medical problem that you, a relative, or your travelling companion have unless the insurer has already stated they will cover you and you have paid the administrative fee
          • Any trip you went on despite receiving medical advice that you should not go
          • Any trip you take solely to get medical treatment or advice
          • Any trip you go on after being told by a doctor that you suffer from a terminal illness
          • Medical costs for treatment in Australia
          • Medical costs that you can recover from Medicare or from a private medical fund or government program
          • Death, sickness, injury, disease or other medical problem of a person that does not live in Australia
          • You committing suicide, attempting to commit suicide, inflicting injury or sickness or any other form of harm upon yourself
          • Chronic use of alcohol or drugs
          • Diseases that can be transfer during the taking or giving of a drug unless the procedure is performed under the supervision of a doctor
          • Sexually transmitted diseases, infections or viruses of any type, irrespective of how you acquired the problem.

Pregnancy exclusions

Pregnancy or giving birth unless a medical complication that was unforeseen and not expected occurs up to the twenty sixth (26) week of your pregnancy. This is calculated based on when you are expected to deliver, a date that must be confirmed by your obstetrician or gynaecologist in writing.

Personal and business goods exclusions

          • Leaving personal or business items without supervision in a public area, whether you forgot them, misplaced them or simply left them behind or in a car or other vehicle unless the items are in the boot and the boot was forced open or in a vehicle throughout the night, even if left in the boot or with someone who purposely causes these items damage or steals them
          • Watches, cameras, mobiles, light electrical goods, jewellery, laptops, cash that have been left unsupervised at any point or in a vehicle or placed in luggage that will be unsupervised for any period of time
          • Stamps, manuscripts, books of account, artwork, antiques, securities
          • Sporting goods while they are being used
          • Any goods that are meant to be sold or traded
          • Goods meant for business transformation
          • Commercial samples
          • Brittle or fragile goods unless the damage or loss is caused by a thief, in a fire or an accident involving the transport you are travelling in
          • You not being in compliance with the security advice pertaining to the use of cheques, travellers' cheques, postal or money orders, or credit cards
          • Goods that you send by post or pay to have transported in any other way and aren't part of the luggage going with you
          • Electrical or mechanical problems
          • Items confiscated or destroyed by authorities or officials such as customs
          • Any item that has disappeared under conditions the insurer feels are suspicious.

Exclusions pertaining to activities

          • You taking part in any dangerous activities
          • You participating in any activity that involves a motorbike or a quad-bike unless it's a hire motorbike with an engine smaller than 200cc and you have a current motorbike licence
          • Any illegal or criminal action you, your spouse or a dependent child committee or were committed by another person in your name and with your approval
          • You being a crew member or pilot of any transport or vehicle

Exclusions pertaining to disturbances

          • You or the person accompanying you deciding not to continue your trip, cancelling it or returning early
          • Your contractual, financial, or company obligations, commitments or status or those of the person travelling with you
          • Any situation caused by your employment or that of your travelling companion, including not being able to take a holiday or having it cancelled
          • You not being able to get a visa or a passport that is valid for long enough
          • Any government interference with your travel plans, including via regulations, prohibitions, or interventions
          • Booking any portion of your trip with a service provider that doesn't have a licence
          • The travel service provider not being able to or refusing to provide the services, facilities, lodging or to deliver on any other promise they made due to insufficient numbers or negligence, or financial collapse or insolvency in the case of unlicensed providers.

The complimentary insurance offered on the various Suncorp credit cards is designed to save you money and give you peace of mind when shopping or travelling. By being aware of all the terms and conditions for each insurance option, you will be able to make the most of the perks available on your eligible Suncorp Bank credit card, whenever you need them.

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8 Responses to Suncorp Bank Complimentary Insurance Cover Overview

  1. Default Gravatar
    Colleen | February 15, 2017

    I believe that international insurance is recommended for domestic cruises. Does the platinum card cover this?

    • Staff
      May | February 16, 2017

      Hi Colleen,

      Thank you for your question and for contacting finder.com.au – we are a financial comparison website and general information service designed to help consumers make better decisions. Please note that we are not affiliated with any company we feature on our site.

      I’m afraid that the complimentary travel insurance attached to the Platinum Card holders would not be available for domestic cruises. The full and comprehensive complimentary international travel insurance is outlined in the PDS. For your reference, I emailed you the page where you can find the link to the PDS.


  2. Default Gravatar
    Mr. | October 30, 2016

    Is there an age limit for an travel insurance ?

    • Staff
      Jason | November 1, 2016

      Hi Mr. Scholz.

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      There was no age limit expressed in the credit card insurance terms and conditions. You may get in touch with Allianz Global Assistance on 1800 072 791 to confirm the age eligibility.


  3. Default Gravatar
    Richard | September 13, 2015

    what is the contact number for Zurich assistance if we need to contact them while in U.S.

    • Staff
      Jonathan | September 14, 2015

      Hi Richard, thanks for your inquiry!

      Please refer to the link I have sent to your email for the contact page and emergency contact numbers which you can contact whilst overseas.

      I hope this has helped.



  4. Default Gravatar
    leonie | July 17, 2015

    Who do we contact if we need to make a claim?

    • Staff
      Jonathan | July 20, 2015

      Hi Leonie,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      The issuer of insurance for Suncorp bank is Zurich Australian Insurance Limited. Please note that neither Citibank (which is the credit issuer for Suncorp) nor Suncorp is the issuer of insurance covers, so if you need to file a claim please contact Zurich Insurance directly.

      I hope this answers your question.



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